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"Listen Up" Review by Eva 9/26/04

Listen Up cast picture from had high hopes for this show because I was so happy to see Jason Alexander back on television. The show revolves around Tony Kleinman, played by Alexander, a former sports writer who now writes a newspaper column with funny observations about his life. Tony also co-hosts a sports talk show on television with former football player Bernie Widmer, played by Malcolm Jamal Warner.

Klienman has a wife and two kids. The kids ignore their father, and when he tries to get involved in their lives, they reject his involvement every time. This show had very few funny moments at all and it isn't as well written as, for example, Dave's world (another CBS situation comedy that was based on a real-life writer). The few times I laughed were at jokes delivered by Malcolm Jamal Warner. Jason Alexander and Wendy Machine, who plays his wife, have absolutely no chemistry together and are not believable as a married couple. I hate to say it, but unless the writing of the show improves and casting changes are made, "Listen up" will not be seen or heard for too long this season.

My rating: from 1 to 5, is a 2 because I like Jason Alexander and Malcolm Jammy Warner's characters and their love-hate relationship
Listen up airs on CBS on Monday nights at 8:30 ET 7:30 central time.

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