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"Listen Up" Review by Suzanne 9/23/04

Listen Up cast picture from cbs.comThis is a sitcom based loosely on the life of syndicated columnist and sports talk show-host Tony Kornheiser.  I have seen Kornheiser's show on ESPN because it is one of my husband's favorite shows. I don't know what they're talking about half of the time, but it is still a funny show.  Even though it's not fiction and I don't know much about sports, his show is MUCH funnier than this sitcom!  So I don't really see the point to it.

Jason Alexander is playing Kornheiser, and as you may have read in many other reviews, he is not very likable (Kornheiser is).  He is playing George Costanza again, but imagine George trying to be liked...yeah, that's the problem.  But what does that matter? This is a sitcom.  The point is to be funny.  And it's not.  There were maybe two times in the first episode that I laughed.  I will try to catch subsequent shows, if the show is not already canceled by next week, to see if it gets any funnier.  After all, I didn't think Seinfeld was very funny at first, either.  But...then again I didn't want to turn Seinfeld off after 7 minutes, either.

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