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"LAX" Review by Suzanne 9/14/04

LAX cast picture by darkhorizons.comI had low expectations before I watched this show because both TV Guide and USA Today panned it.  They weren't entirely wrong to do so.  It's not the worse show ever, though.  It's just a little bland and tries really hard.  I pretty much hate it when shows try really hard.

I watched it because I like Heather Locklear and Blair Underwood, and I really like Paul Leyden (who used to play Simon on As The World Turns).  In the show, the person who runs the airport commits suicide (off-screen), so his two underlings, Locklear and Underwood, are vying for his job.  It's kind of ghoulish, really...they should have shown a funeral or something at least.  I don't know why we're supposed to like either of these people.  The actors do a good job of conveying that they are competitive with each other and also that there is a sexual tension.  Underwood is always likable so he still is here.  Locklear is playing a combination of the characters she played on Melrose Place and Spin City.  I saw her name in the credits as producer, as well.  I don't know if she actually contributed anything to the creation of the show, or this was just part of the deal she brokered to star in it. 

The rest of the characters are far more likable and interesting. Leyden is the pretty-boy who supervises, um, something or other.  I was not paying that close attention to their titles.  The pace of the show was very quick so it was hard to catch everything.  Also, maybe I'm just getting old, but I had a hard time understanding what some of them were saying, so I had to turn on the closed-captioning on my TV.  They spoke very fast and some had accents, so it was difficult for me.  Really, I'm not deaf and I'm not a geezer!

One of the interesting stories was about this guy who, um, does something in the airport...anyway, there was this immigrant lady from The Phillipines who had come to this country looking for the man she was engaged to (a tourist who had invited her over).  Customs had pulled her out as being suspicious and so they were worried that the tourist guy didn't really want her there and they were going to have to send her back.  The guy who was focused on her is new to his job, so he felt sorry for her and was also attracted to her.  But in the end, the tourist guy does pick her up and we learn that she is probably not the innocent flower he thought her to be.  Okay, it was a little predictable but it was sweet the way they handled it.

In the same hour they had: meetings with the mayor to determine who the new head of the airport was going to be; the governor's landing; a possible bomb; a suspicious guy that they chased around the airport; a dog that they chased around the airport; and some drunken Serbian pilots who tried to fly a plane.  So, they did cram a lot into an hour.  I find it hard to believe that so many things happen at LAX in one afternoon.  But I guess that's TV for you.

I was pleased to see Dylan Neal, one of my favorite soap actors, also in a minor role as Locklear's boyfriend.  Will I watch the show again?  Maybe, depending on what is up against it.  I don't think I'll be very surprised if they cancel it, though.  It needs to have better writing with more realistic stories. Most of all, it needs to make me care.

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Updated 7/2/05  


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