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"Law & Order: Trial by Jury" Review by Suzanne 5/15/05

Law & Order: Trial by Jury cast photo from nbc.comThis is the latest L&O show.  They seem to be multiplying like crazy. I'm really not sure that another one was needed.  This one is about what happens behind-the-scenes with juries, but it is also about some of the wheeling and dealing and investigating that police do.  Frankly I would rather see more about what goes on with the defense lawyers, but like all of the L&O franchise, the show is very pro-police/D.A. and anti-defendant.

This is more of a "female" show than the other L&O shows, so maybe that's the demographic they are going for.  The leads are Bebe Neuwirth (best known as Lilith on Cheers) and Amy Carlson (previously on Third Watch, I think).  It was also supposed to star Jerry Orbach, but he passed away. Peter Coyote is in a few episodes, Scott Cohen plays a detective, and Kirk Acevedo stars as their investigator.

So far the shows have been interesting. They have been doing a lot of crossovers with the other Law & Order shows, to expose everyone to the new show.  Friday nights were where Law & Order: SVU became a hit, so maybe it will work with this new one as well.

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