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"Joey" Review by Eva 9/27/04

Joey cast picture from metronews.caI was really looking forward to this one because I am really missing "Friends"; I thought, well, if I can't have all the friends together, at least I can still see Joey on TV. The show revolves around Matt Leblanc's wonderful character, Joey, who decides to move to Hollywood to really concentrate on his acting career. Joey moves in with his nephew, Michael, who is a genius. Joey's sister, Gina, Michael's mother, also lives in the same apartment building. Matt Leblanc does a wonderful job and delivers most of the laughs on the show. Drea de Matteo, this year's Emmy winner for her work on "The Sopranos", also does a great job as Gina. The two actors have great chemistry together as a brother and sister.

The weak points in the show are the supporting cast; none of them have any comic timing at all. Now, it could be because they are young, or maybe because the writers are concentrating on writing great jokes for Leblanc, so they are just not writing funny jokes for the supporting cast at all. It is fun to watch Joey's sister, Gina, who appears to be as good with the opposite sex as her brother Joey always has been.

I think that unless the show concentrates on writing funny material for the entire cast, it will struggle but still survive its first year. I hope that in the second season some changes are made, either in the supporting cast, or in the writing. I think the burden of carrying the entire show will get very heavy for Matt LeBlanc if he doesn't get a better supporting cast to back him up. I have to admit that I hope I am wrong and that the show's writers and producers realize where the show is weak and work quickly to improve it. I really do want to see "Joey" become the classic that "Friends" has become.

On a scale of 1 to 5, My score is 3. Joey airs on NBC at a familiar day and time Thursdays 8 PM ET 7 Central time.

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