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"Huff!" Review by Suzanne 1/2/05

Huff! cast picture from epguides.comHank Azaria stars in this Showtime series about a psychiatrist and the trials he goes through.  The first show began with one of his patients, a gay teen, shooting himself in Huff's office.  Huff also has a schizophrenic brother in a mental hospital, a pushy mother, a father whom he hardly ever sees, and a best friend who is a self-destructive lawyer.  Huff's wife and son are interesting but seemingly normal; there are other odd characters, such as his patients or people he runs into.

Despite the heavy-sounding melodrama, the show is often quite funny.  Azaria, probably best known for the sitcom "Mad About You" and his voice work on "The Simpsons", does a superb job as the often-bewildered or just plain pissed-off Huff.  Blythe Danner shines as his mother, and Oliver Platt has been great as his lawyer friend.  All of the actors do a great job.The writing is very good; occasionally the show gets a little maudlin, but not too often.  I have really been enjoying it. I can hardly wait until it comes out on DVD.  I hope this one lasts longer than "Dead Like Me".

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Updated 7/2/05  


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