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"Hell's Kitchen" Review by Boo 6/7/05

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Fox’s new ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ is a bit rough to watch. Chef Gordon Ramsay has a staff of three helping him on this new reality show. Twelve contestants compete for the ultimate prize: their very own restaurant. Each week, one contestant is booted, until there is only one left.

Ramsay tested all the contestants' abilities, even spitting out a few bites of food and commenting that they tasted like something from a cow’s behind. Once he had appraised how good each contestant was, he split them into two teams and opened the doors of the restaurant. The contestants do the cooking, while Ramsay inspects each dish before it is served. After almost four hours of showing that none of the dishes are good enough to be served, Ramsay orders the restaurant shut down and the customers sent home. Ramsay chooses one of the contestants to nominate two fellow contestants for elimination. Ramsay fires one of the two, and the remaining contestants prepare for the next day.

The concept behind the show is good, but I think Fox made a big mistake by putting Ramsay in charge. He is too hot-headed and intimidating. His criticism is much harsher than Simon Cowell's, with way too much colorful language being bleeped. He is very rude, even to the customers of the restaurant. After waiting for over two hours for their food, a couple of women approach him to ask when their food will be served. Ramsay tells them to shut up and return to their seats. When they complain about his rudeness, he tells them to go back to the plastic surgeon. One contestant gets his food shoved into his chest when it isn’t good enough for Ramsay.

I did not enjoy this show at all. I felt humiliated for the contestants and angry for the customers. There is always a place for constructive criticism, but I didn’t see anything constructive at all in the things Ramsay was saying. I will be surprised if this show lasts past this first season.

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Updated 7/2/05  


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