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"Grey's Anatomy" Review by Suzanne 5/15/05

Grey's Anatomy cast picture from yahoo.comThis is a very successful show already, even though it's only been around a few months.  I think of the show as a combination of Desperate Housewives and ER.  It's a medical show that revolves around interns, so in that sense it's very much like ER (with all the graphic stuff and how tough the lives of the new doctors is).  It reminds me of Desperate Housewives because the focus is on the female interns (particular Dr. Grey, who also narrates the show at the beginning and end) and because of the narration.  The interns are surgical interns, though, not ER doctors, although they do spend some time in the ER as well.

The show has its darker moments, but it also has a lot of humor.  The interns are frequently lacking in sleep, but they find time to have sex with the senior doctors.  They fight hard to get a chance to do surgeries with the senior doctors.  Each of the interns has its own secrets and agendas, yet they remain friends.  It is a fun and interesting show. 

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