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"Eyes" Review by Suzanne 5/15/05

Eyes cast picture from chron.comI have to admit that at first, I was not too impressed by this new show.  I love Tim Daly (the star), and he always does a great job.  The rest of the cast is interesting and seems capable.  The show seemed a bit "lightweight" (I did miss the premiere episode, however, so that may have been more interesting) and not worth watching against its considerable competition (opposite CSI: NY and Law & Order).

However, after watching a few episodes, it definitely grew on me.  Daly and crew are very engaging.  The episodes are a little more interwoven than I first thought.  There is more depth in the writing than I first thought.  At the end of the last show that aired, there were two big shockers: The boss found out that one of his main people is a spy, and one of his other people revealed himself to us to be gay (and starting a relationship with a very cute guy).  BAM!  I will definitely tune in now.  Good show! 

If "Eyes" can survive its competition, it will gain an audience.  I urge you to watch it if it's on this summer!

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Updated 7/2/05  


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