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"Dr. Vegas" Review by Suzanne 10/14/04

Dr. Vegas cast picture from http://www.nursingadvocacy.orgLike the other new show LAX, this show is trying to imitate the show "Las Vegas", and a little bit of "CSI".  It comes a lot closer than LAX does, however.  It has that snazzy feeling down that shows you what life is like (or at least TV life) in Vegas.

The show is about a Las Vegas doctor that has an office in a casino; he is played by Rob Lowe.  The guy who runs the casino has a shady past.  It's revealed that they met when the casino owner (played by Joe Pantoliano) was shot and the doctor saved his life.  They bonded over this and now they work together.  Sometimes this puts them at odds, since the casino owner is mainly looking at the bottom line, and the doctor wants to save lives.

The doctor has a gambling problem, so he understands when his patients have addictions. I have seen guys like this in Vegas.  They come to Vegas for a vacation and never leave.  They drive a cab or do some other job, but mainly they live for the gambling.  I didn't know a doctor could be affected the same way, and I wonder if any of the casinos really have doctors who have offices in their casinos.  The doctor also has a daughter in another state, so we know that he has problems with relationships, too.

I have read a lot of bad reviews of the show, but frankly I did find it interesting. I have always liked Rob Lowe, but I don't think I'd keep watching the show if the stories were bad. So far they have been compelling. I want to learn more about the doctor, his boss, and the other people who work in the casino.  The show is on Friday nights, so I don't know if it will do well in the ratings.  I hope CBS gives it a chance.

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Updated 7/2/05  


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