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"Desperate Housewives" Review by Eva 10/4/04

Desperate Houswives cast picture from smh.comI wasn't that excited to see this show and wasn't planning to watch it at all, but I must admit it surprised me. The premise of the show is simple: 6 housewives who live in what seems like a picture perfect neighborhood in the suburbs; the ladies are shocked to discover their lives may not be so perfect when their friend and neighbor Mary Alice Young takes her own life one morning after doing her chores. ABC calls this a drama, but I consider it an hour long dark comedy series, which is a parody of prime time soaps.

The cast is full of former daytime and prime time soap opera actors. The characters are one-dimensional with not much depth to them at all, but after you watch the show for five or ten minutes you get the idea that the writers meant for them to be that way. The characters include the town tramp, played by Nicollette Sheridan. The single mother who has been divorced for a year and hasn't dated anyone since her divorce. The Stepford wife, as her husband and her children describe her, is played wonderfully by Marcia Cross in a radical departure from her days playing the evil Kimberly on Melrose Place. The former career woman who is now a stay-at-home mom of three rowdy boys is played by Felicity Huffman The last is the wife who is neglected by her husband and starts having an affair with the young man who mows her lawn because she feels like she missed out on life. Mary Alice Young, the dead woman who narrates the show and is seen in flashbacks, is played by Brenda Strong.

Let's be honest here, this show is for women with the few men in the show mostly being supporting players.  However, if you are a man who likes dark humor, you will love this show. It has great dark humor in it like in the first episode when Eva Longoria's character Gabrielle is told by her husband Carlos that he is going to fire the young man who mows the lawn because he isn't doing his job well, Gabrielle sneaks out in the middle of her husband's business cocktail party and goes home to mow the lawn with a push mower in high heels and an evening dress. Gabrielle then returns to the party, takes out a a few blades of grass that are in her hair, and then takes her place by her husband's side.

This show is very quirky and different and should be a rating winner for ABC because it has no real competition on Sunday nights. If ABC should make the mistake of changing the show's day and time, it could suffer against competition from more established shows on other networks. One tends to wonder, though, how many years it can last and how long the writers can keep the writing interesting, as has been the case with shows like Ally Mcbeal, Ed, and Twin peaks which had their own style but the writing quickly became over-the-top or stale after a few years. My advice, enjoy this show as long as it lasts because it is fun to watch.

On a scale from 1 to 5, my rating is 4.

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Updated 7/2/05  


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