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"Clubhouse" Review by Eva 9/27/04

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I was really looking forward to this show when I saw it advertised on TV, and it didn't disappoint me. It has an exceptional cast and superior writing. The show revolves around a sixteen-year-old boy named Pete Young, played by Jeremy Sumpter. Pete has always dreamed of being a bat boy for the New York Empires baseball team. Pete's dream finally comes true after writing 14 interviews with the team and 22 follow-up phone calls. Pete is being raised by his single mom, played by Mare Winningham, and has a sister who is always getting into trouble, played by former "Days of Our lives" star Kirsten Storms.

The show deals with many issues that are relevant both in the sports world and with teenagers today. I know what some of you non-baseball fans are thinking, "It's going to be about baseball all the time" but there are surprisingly very few baseball game scenes. Most of the show's stories take place before or after the baseball games. The show has an outstanding supporting cast, headed by Christopher Lloyd, who plays Lou, and Dean Cain, who plays Conrad Dean. Dean is a baseball player who is beloved and admired by any true New York Empires fan.

The only problem I see for this wonderful show is its day and time slot. The show airs on CBS on Tuesday at 8 ET 7 Central, where it could suffer because of tough competition from ABC's Tuesday night of mostly-established fan favorite comedies. If CBS decides to move this show to a new day and time, or it survives where it is, it will probably be hitting home runs for a long time. From 1 to 5, I give this show a 5.

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Updated 7/1/05  


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