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"Clubhouse" Review by Suzanne 9/27/04

Clubhouse cast photo from zap2it.comI'd seen many ads for this show and knew I would probably like it before I watched it. I also read a lot of bad reviews, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that it's an enjoyable drama.

Dean Cain, formerly of "Lois and Clark: the Adventures of Superman", is one of the stars of the show, along with movie/TV star Christopher Lloyd and former "Days of Our Lives" star Kirsten Storms.  The real star of the show is a teenager named Jeremy Sumpter.  He plays Pete, a kid who idolizes a New York baseball team (based on the Yankees but called here The Empires) and gets to be a batboy for the team.

There isn't a false note from any of the actors.  I have read a lot of bad things about the writing, but I did not find it bad.  Maybe it's because I watch soap operas, so I am used to things being a little on the melodramatic side.  I found it to be a heart-warming show with likable characters.  The end tugged at my heart in that way that good dramas do.

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