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"Blind Justice" Review by Suzanne 3/21/05

At first I thought this was a stupid premise for a show.  How can a cop be blind?  It sounds like a bad joke.

Somehow, they make it work.  I guess if you have great acting and writing, almost anything is possible.  Ron Eldard stars as Jim Dunbar, a police detective who loses his sight.  He relearns how to live with his disability but then gets his job back.  He is such a good detective that he doesn't need to see to solve the cases.  He uses his brain, as well as his other senses, to help him.  Having a good partner doesn't hurt, either.

Eldard has been one of my favorite actors for many years, ever since he starred in a quirky short-lived sitcom "Bakersfield, PD".  He went on to do many dramas and movies that proved what a great actor he is.  The show is created by Steven Bochco of "NYPD Blue" fame, so you know it's well-written.  The other actors in the show, especially Rena Sofer as Dunbar's wife, are also top-notch.  Dunbar may be a great cop, but he still has to struggle with martial problems and disrespect from some of his fellow cops, who are skeptical about a blind cop, as well as his own doubts.

I will be interested in seeing how the series progresses and keeps our interest.  Check it out!

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Updated 7/1/05  


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