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"Beauty and the Geek" Review by Boo 6/7/05

This new WB show has really caught my attention. It pairs up seven very intelligent men (that have no social skills) with seven beautiful women that are not very intelligent at all (but know the social scene very well). Once the teams have been picked, they compete in various competitions. Each week, one team is eliminated, until the final team wins $250,000.00.

The competitions are geared to let the men give some of their intelligence to the women, and let the women pull the geeks out of their shells. They have spelling bees for the women and dance contests for the men.

I like the show because they arenít trying to pair the contestants up into a romantic competition. This show could actually do some good for the contestants. It will be interesting to see if they reach their goals. I donít really care which team wins. I am just interested to see if the contestants actually learn anything from each other. This show is a very interesting social experiment, but it doesn't degrade the contestants or the audience.

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Updated 6/30/05  


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