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Review by Suzanne 3/21/05

Battlestar Galactica cast picture from http://www.newswire.cThe miniseries for the show was very good and I enjoyed it.  However, the series is even better.  It is a true ensemble show with many interesting characters, excellent writing, and awesome special effects.  It is one of the best scifi shows out there, if not THE best.  It may be one of the best ever.

Even though the show is set mostly in outer space, it strives to be gritty and realistic.  The characters behave in a realistic manner, the same way they would if they were on any good drama.

Most people know the premise: robots called Cylons destroy most of the humans and the rest get away on the ship Battlestar Galactica and a few other ships in a "rag tag fleet".  The ships try to keep away from the Cylons, as well as look for the mythical Earth.

The old Battlestar: Galactica was not well-written. I enjoyed it because it was scifi, it had great special effects, and I enjoyed the characters (mostly Apollo and Starbuck).  The show could frequently be silly or completely unbelievable.  The new show does not center on Apollo and Starbuck (in fact, we hardly have seen them together).  The time is evenly divided between all of the main characters, especially Adama, the president, Apollo, Starbuck, Gaius, Boomer, and a few others.  Women are completely equal in the show; they work and live (and shower) side-by-side with the men.  Even the president is a woman.  This is a great contrast to the old show, where women were mostly wives, mothers, girlfriends, and prostitutes.

The tales have largely been about how the people survive from the Cylon attacks, how they find resources such as water and fuel, and cope with personal losses from death.  The cylons are often one step ahead of them because they have spies on their ships.  Some of the spies don't even know they are Cylons, which adds to the suspense.

If you liked quality scifi shows like Babylon 5, you will probably like the new Battlestar Galactica.  Just don't expect it to be much like the old show (and that's a good thing).

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Updated 6/30/05  


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