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"The Apprentice 2" Review by Elizabeth 9/15/04

The Apprentice picture from http://www.lewrockwell.comSeason 2 of The Apprentice brings back some of the basics and adds a few new twists. Carolyn Kepcher and George Ross are back as Trump's right hand man and woman, there is also talk that last year's winner, Bill Rancic will be back (though he wasn't mentioned in the first episode). This season there are 18 contestants instead of 16 and they seem older, the youngest one being 23.

Another twist that was presented in the first episode was that a female contestant becomes the project manager of the male team and vice versa. The project manager whose team won would also be ineligible to be voted off the next week. This new twist immediately set the tension levels just a wee bit higher.

Then there are the candidates - Raj, who wore bright red pants, a bow tie and black and white wingtips to meet the big boss. Then there's Stacie J., a New Yorker who had a near meltdown while waiting for the results of the first task.

Once again Trump had comments on the names the teams chose and again, similar to this season it was obvious that he thought the women’s team had a better name. The men opted for 'Mosaic' while the women's team went for the less feminine name of 'Apex.'

There was no lemonade stand for the first task; instead the candidates are challenged to design a new toy for Mattel. During the brainstorming the men came up with several different ideas, most of them mainly focusing around water & animals. Rob pitched an idea about an eel that was immediately shot down and he then remained fairly quiet, claiming that he was trying to do the best thing for the team.

Meanwhile, Bradford, the man leading the ladies team, went with his idea ofwhat he thought would work out best for a boy toy, and made the executive decision to forget most of the ideas that the women brought to the table.

When all was said and done according to the Mattel executives the winner was obvious - Apex. The winners got to have dinner with the Donald himself as well as his fiancée in his apartment while the losers spent the evening in the suite.

In the boardroom Pamela was criticized for some rude comments she made in front of Mattel executives about the focus group as well as placing part of Mosaic's loss on the toy designers. When Trump asked the team who they thought should be fired the majority of them all voiced the fact that they thought Rob should be fire for not doing more. Rob countered by saying he was underutilized. In a final twist Pamela had the option of bringing 2 or 3 back into the boardroom with her and she choose 2, Rob and Andy. Though Trump thought that Pamela had a hard edge and that Andy was inexperienced he ultimately fired Rob citing that if he wasn't being used to his full potential that it had to at least be partially his fault.

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Updated 6/30/05  


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