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"Tru Calling" Review by Staci 8/13/03

Tru Calling cast picture from in "Tru"..

Eliza Dushku's new show on Fox is about an intern at a local morgue who meets a victim of some horrible crime long after its happened . Luckily for Tru Davies, Dusku's character, she gets to relive each day in order to find the victim and hopefully stop the chain of events which eventually lead to his or her death. Those who describe it as "Early Edition" meets "Quantum Leap" aren't wrong. It definitely has the feel of those shows, but it's a formula that works.

The show opens with Tru running, both figuratively and literally. She's late to her college graduation and we see her running. In fact, she spends a lot of time running. Luckily, Eliza is in great shape, but did she know that she would have to run so much? Was it in her contract? Does she miss the days of Faith when she ran less but punched more? Only Ms. Dusku knows for sure.

The other part of the story is Tru and her family. Again, the opening of the program shows a young Tru, around 10 years old, and her older sister and brother attending the funeral of their mom. Apparently, young Tru witnessed the murder of their mother and it's an underlying issue for all the characters later in life. Older sister, Meredith, grows up to be a lawyer with a slight drug addiction, while brother, Harrison, is a compulsive gambler. Tru escapes major addictions but is plagued by what she could have done to prevent mom's death.

In the pilot episode, Tru begins her shift at the local morgue, only to discover that her first dead body speaks to her, asking for help. Tru wakes up the next day and discovers it's the day before, but only she has knowledge of it. She spends the rest of the episode running and figuring out how to stop the poor blonde's death. I'm going to resist commenting on characters outside the Davis family unit because many have either been scrapped or recast. I did like Cameron, who is no more, because he reminded me of Xander, who Buffy fans will remember lost his virginity to rogue slayer Faith.

 Instead, I'll concentrate on Tru, Meredith and Harrison. I like Tru and Harrison, and the actors who portray them. Tru reminds me a lot of Faith. She's smart, capable and can kick ass. Harrison (Shawn Reaves) is sympathetic as a happy-go-lucky-kind-of-guy who needs a whole lot more luck than he's getting. My only complaint rests with Meredith (Jessica Collins). I don't buy her as Tru's older sister. She's an awkward fit and of all the recasts currently being considered, I would hope the producers would throw her in. No offense to the actress, but she doesn't seem to meld into the ensemble.

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