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"The O.C." Review by Suzanne 9/9/03

The O.C. cast picture from have been watching The O.C. for about a month now. I missed the first two or three episodes, but I had no trouble picking up the story.  I liked the show so much that I started our website for The O.C.

It's a soap opera but it's not a typical one like "Melrose Place" or "Beverly Hills 90210".  The show does have teens, but it also has adults, so there are plenty of stories about the different generations.  It has good actors (not models-turned actors, for the most part) and the writing is way above what we usually see for primetime soaps.  It's not predictable and there is plenty of character development, and also action.  Things happen in every episode, but it's not melodrama.

Basically the show is about life in Newport Beach, a rich part of Orange County.  A rich family takes in Ryan, who is in trouble with the law and has been abandoned by his own family.  Ryan is adopted by The Cohens.  Sandy Cohen is a public defender, so he is representing Ryan when he gets in trouble for a crime that his older brother roped him into.  His wife was born rich and works for her father's company (they build property developments).  They have a geeky teen son named Seth who doesn't quite fit into the local rich kid social scene.  Ryan gets romantically involved with Marisa, the girl next door, but she also has a boyfriend.  Marisa's parents are having problems because her father, Jimmy, is an investment broker who lost lots of money and ended up stealing $4 million from O.C. investors.

The portrayal of Newport Beach is not entirely accurate (It's not all-white), but that's just the usual TV stuff.  The characters and their dialogue are very real.  This show has quickly become a can't-miss show for me.  It doesn't hurt that the young actor who plays Ryan is gorgeous (he looks and acts like a young Russell Crowe, sans accent).  Also, I have been a big fan of Peter Gallagher (Sandy) for many years.  He is great at playing the scruffy lawyer with a big heart.  He may be the finest actor in the cast, although he's certainly in good company.  Seth is a likable outcase and kind of reminds of Xander from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

Check this fun show out; you will definitely enjoy it!

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