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Classic Primetime TV Soap Opera Links

You can find many of these shows at TV Guide's Show Guide Site and

Note: These are fan sites unless otherwise stated. These are mostly US shows.

We are currently updating these links pages.

Beverly Hills 90210

Rex's Obsessed Fan Sanctuary

Fan Page

Beverly Hills 90210 TV Show Trivia and Episode Guide

Beverly Hills 90210 Heaven

The Beverly Hills 90210 Fan Page


Central Park West

TV Central

A Tribute to Central Park West


The Colbys

Fan Page

Another Fan Page



Return to Southfork

Dallas Fan Club Stuttgart


Dawson's Creek

picture The TV MegaSite's Dawson's Creek Site

Official Site

Official WB Site

The Unofficial Dawson's Creek Website

Chesky's Dawson's Creek Haven

EkeSqueaky's Dawson's Creek Site



picture Minal's Dynasty Site

Fan Page

The Dynasty Fan Network



Official Felicity Site

Felicity's Dorm Room

A Felicity World


Grosse Pointe

picture The TV MegaSite's Grosse Pointe Site

Television Without Pity


Hyperion Bay



Knots Landing

Fan Site

Another Fan Site


Melrose Place

The Place to Be


The Baddest and the Best of Melrose Place

Vidiot's Quick Reference Guides


Model's, Inc.

Model's, Inc. RP Site

French Site


My So-Called Life


North Shore

Official FOX Site


Pacific Palisades

picture The TV MegaSite's Pacific Palisades Site

Primetime Soaps Page

Pacific Palisades Dedication Page

Archie Medrano's Pacific Palisades Page



Soapnet Official Site


Queer as Folk

Official Showtime Site

Queer as Folk Addiction

The Queer as Folk Unofficial Fan Site



picture The TV MegaSite's Savannah Site

A Tribute to Savannah

Nicholas' Sizzlin' Savannah Page



The Original Titans Fansite

TV Central



Official MTV Site


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