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Gilmore Girls Episode Guide 

by Elizabeth, January 2005

Season Five ( 2004 - 2005)


1. Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller
Lorelai and Rory are still bickering over the Dean situation. Emily announces that she and Richard are separated. Rory and Dean attempt to discuss what happened between them. Luke is happy to learn that he and Lorelai will now be an item. Emily decides to spend some time in Paris and Rory agrees to go with her. Luke decides to help his sister in Maine.

2. A Messenger, Nothing More
Luke decides to go home to Stars Hollow after 7 weeks away. Rory calls her mother and admits that she may have screwed things up with Dean. Lorelai gives Dean a letter from her daughter which ends up being found by his wife. Emily and Rory come home. Lindsey’s mother confronts Lorelai on the town green. Lindsey throws Dean out of their home. Lane thinks that she may like Zach.

3. Written in the Stars
Lorelai and Luke spend the night together and their relationship is brought up at a town meeting. Rory bickers with Logan after he is mean her friend. Paris holds a wake for Asher.

4. Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too
Lane tells Zach that she has feelings for him. Jackson decides to run against Taylor as Town Selectman and gets Lorelai & Sookie to run his campaign. Rory is not happy when she finds out that Paris’s inheritance from Asher will remain in their living quarters. Rory and Dean have trouble finding time to be alone.

5. We Got Us a Pippi Virgin!
Lorelai and Rory try to get Richard and Emily closer. Jackson becomes annoyed with the requests of his constituents. Rory and Dean double date with Lorelai and Luke. Luke doesn’t think that Dean is good enough for Rory and makes it clear. Lane doesn’t get a response from Zach and takes back what she said to him.

6. Norman Mailer, I'm Pregnant!
Christopher enlists the help of Lorelai when Sherrie leaves him to care for their daughter by himself. Rory learns of a secret society at Yale which has Logan as a member. Rory finds out that Logan works on the Yale newspaper. An author spends time at the Inn and angers Sookie when he refuses to order any food. Sookie announces that she is pregnant again. Rory demands that her father stay away from Lorelai.

7. You Jump, I Jump, Jack
Emily finds out from Kirk that Lorelai and Luke are dating. Emily invites Luke to dinner, while Richard invites him to play golf. Logan takes Rory away for the weekend and convinces her to take a risk.

8. The Party's Over
Emily finds out that Rory is dating Dean. Emily and Richard host a dinner party and tell Lorelai and Rory that it is to introduce her to their alumni friends from Yale. It turns out that the dinner has been staged to find their granddaughter a husband. Luke’s sister moves to Stars Hollow. Mrs. Kim finds out that Zach and Lane have hugged. Luke makes Lorelai a romantic dinner that is interrupted by his brother-in-law. Dean decides that he and Rory aren’t a good match. Rory finds out that Logan knows her grandparents.

9. Emily Says Hello
Paris decides to fast for Ramadan. Jackson is the epitome of patience as Sookie goes through numerous mood swings. Emily decides to date again and goes to her daughter for help. Lorelai invites Christopher to the Inn for lunch and is surprised that there is an obvious strain between him and Rory. Luke pretends not to be bothered when he finds out that Lorelai and Christopher has lunch together.

10. But Not as Cute as Pushkin
Luke mourns his father’s death. Paris tries ‘speed dating.’ Rory finds out that she has two boys that are interested in her. Lorelai tries to do something special for Luke and it goes wrong. The Chilton headmaster requests that Rory show Anna, a current Chilton student around Yale. Rory goes to her grandfather in helping get back at Logan.

11. Women Of Questionable Morals
Christopher shows up at Yale wanting to make up with his daughter. Luke brings Lorelai a skating rink. Lorelai comforts Christopher when he suffers a loss in his life and spends the night. She fails to tell Luke about her night with Christopher. Emily & Richard spend some time with one another and find that they’re not arguing. Luke tries to cheer Lorelai up by building her a skating pond. Taylor thinks it might be time to include prostitutes in the annual Stars Hollow Revolutionary War reenactment.

12. Come Home
Emily & Richard decide to get back together with one another. Rory isn’t pleased when Logan, whom she helped write an article doesn’t invite her to his father’s book signing. Emily goes to Christopher and warns him that if he wants to end up with Lorelai that he had better do something about it soon. Lane and her band celebrate at Mrs. Kim’s Korean celebration.

13. Wedding Bell Blues
Emily and Richard renew their wedding vows. Luke feels out of place amongst Lorelai’s family and even more so after Christopher shows up. Lorelai ends up having to hastily tell Luke about spending time with Christopher when his father died. Logan shows up at the renewal ceremony and he and Rory become closer. Luke and Christopher fight over their place in both Lorelai & Rory’s lives. Lorelai vows that she is ‘done’ with her mother.

14. Say Something
Luke tells Lorelai that he needs space and the town assumes they’ve broken up. Rory tries to spend some time with Logan and it turns out to be something different than she expected. Taylor divides the town into pink & blue ribbons to show support for either Luke or Lorelai post – breakup. Rory returns home, with the help of Logan to support her mother.

15. Jews and Chinese Food
Lorelai is upset when she sees that Luke has taken his boat without so much as leaving a note. With the help of Sookie and Michele, Lorelai decides to spruce up the garage for herself. Luke agrees to do the set design for a school play in the hopes of running into Lorelai. Rory hangs out with Marty and they are interrupted by Logan. Marty doesn’t feel comfortable around Logan’s friends and confesses to Rory that he has feelings for her. Rory invites Logan to spend the night with her.

16. So... Good Talk
Airdate: March 1st 2005

17. Pulp Friction
Airdate: March 8th 2005

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Updated 3/2/05 

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