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Freaks and Geeks Episode Guide

by Elizabeth, January 2005

Season 1 (1999-2000)
Complete Episode Guide

1. Pilot
Lindsay quits the academic decathlon team and begins hanging around with Nick, Daniel, Ken and Kim. Kim hates her and makes fun of her. Lindsay tries to be nice and ask Eli to the dance which ends in disaster. Sam asks a cheerleader to the dance. Sam, Neil and Bill are tortured by a bully, Alan, throughout the episode.

2. Beers and Weirs
Lindsay’s friends find out her parents are going away for the weekend and convince her to throw a party. Daniel has broken up with Kim. Sam and Neil worry about the party after a school assembly. Neal likes Lindsay. Neal, Sam and Bill switch the keg of beer with non-alcoholic beer. Daniel and Kim make up, in Lindsay’s bedroom. Lindsay turns to Nick for comfort. Neal breaks up the party. Bill gets drunk.

3. Tricks and Treats
Lindsay agrees to stay home with her mom to hand out Halloween candy and then later hurts her mother’s feelings when she leaves to go out with friends. Sam, Bill and Neil decide to go out trick or treating and get their candy stolen. Lindsay and her friends smash pumpkins & throw eggs. She accidentally hits her brother with an egg and tries to apologize. Jean’s homemade Halloween treats are thrown out due to a safety concern which upsets her.

4. Tests and Breasts
Sam, Neil and Bill joke around in sex Ed class and realize how uninformed they are. Sam borrows a porno from Daniel to try and help the boys. The film only leaves the boys more baffled. Lindsay agrees to tutor Daniel in algebra and ends up helping him cheat. The gym teacher decides to clue Sam in on come questions he has.

5. I'm With the Band
Lindsay tries to convince Nick to get more serious about his music. This results in the rest of the band getting mad at her. Lindsay and Nick kiss. Sam, Neil and Bill decide to buck against the rules when their gym teacher tells the class that they have to shower after each class. Sam accidentally streaks once he decides his ‘shower strike’ is over and gains the respect of some of his classmates.

6. Carded and Discarded
Sam, Neil and Bill become friends with a new student, Maureen. They enjoy spending time with her and all decide that they love her. Lindsay buys fake Ids for her, Nick, Daniel and Ken to get into a bar to watch ‘Feedback’ play. Once at the bar they realize that the lead singer of ‘Feedback’ is someone that they know from school.

7. Girlfriends and Boyfriends
Lindsay finds out more than she ever wanted to know from her guidance counselor when he finds out she is dating. Lindsay’s parents find out about Nick when he sends her a rose and they make her listen to details about her father’s first sexual experience. Millie lectures Lindsay about sex. Nick confesses to Lindsay that he doesn’t want to rush things. Sam becomes lab partners with Gordon and is surprised how nice he is. Sam and Cindy become closer. Sam and Bill argue.
8. We've Got Spirit
Lindsay debates breaking up with Nick, but decides against it when all of their friends beg her not to. Lindsay goes to her mother for advice about her personal life and late seems to regret it. Lindsay’s mother accidentally shares information with Nick that he didn’t know yet. Daniel, Kim and Ken get in a fight over the game. Sam tries out to be the school mascot and ditches his responsibilities when he finds out that Cindy kissed a school basketball player. Neil gets all the cheerleaders mad at him. Sam realizes that Todd might be a nice guy.

9. The Diary
Lindsey and Kim get caught hitchhiking. Lindsey’s parents decide to have Kim’s mother over for dinner. The Weirs decide that Lindsey isn’t allowed to hang out with Kim. Lindsey’s parents snoop in her room and read her diary, shocked to find out what their daughter thinks of them. Lindsey tells Kim what her parents said about her, which puts their friendship on ice. Daniel tries to help the girls out. Nick avoids Lindsey. Bill prank calls his gym teacher when he’s sick of being picked last for the baseball team. Lindsey’s mother takes what her daughter has said about her to heart and tries to change some things at home. Coach Fredericks finds out that Bill is the one who is making the calls. He listens to what Bill has to say and lets him be a team captain. Bill does well in the first play of the game. Lindsey stands up for Kim in pone of her classes and then ignores her parents orders to stay away from Kim.

10. Looks and Books
Nick & his band get a gig and want to borrow the Weirs car to pick up equipment. Lindsay borrows the car and gets in an accident. Lindsey is grounded and told not to hang out with her friends again. Lindsey is upset that her parents have seemed to have lost all their trust in her. Millie comes to visit Lindsey and Lindsey ends up deciding to rejoin the math-a-letes. Sam decides to try a new hairstyle. Lindsey argues with Daniel, Kim and Ken. Ken challenges the others into thinking about what they’re going to do after graduation. Nick is convinced that Lindsey is upset about them breaking up. Sam shows up at school in new clothes and is made fun of. Lindsey inadvertently gets Millie kicked off the starting math-a-letes team. Kim, Daniel and Ken arrive to cheer Lindsey on for the math meet. Sam gets a ride home from his guidance counselor to change and the two talk about what makes a person ‘cool.’ Lindsey makes up with Ken, Kim and Daniel.

11. The Garage Door (a.k.a. Tries and Lies)
Kim gives advice to Lindsey about Nick. She advises her to be mean to him until he gets over her. Ken develops a crush on a girl in the schools marching band. Daniel gives Nick advice about dealing with Lindsey. Lindsey realizes that she may have a crush on Ken. Sam sees Neil’s father with another woman while he’s shopping with his mother. Dr. Schweiber tells Sam that the woman is merely a friend but asks Sam not to tell Neil. Bill convinces Sam to tell Neil the truth. Neil doesn’t believe them at first. Neil finds some incriminating evidence on his dad. Daniel and Kim find a new way to argue. Sam gets an Atari for being a good child and he realizes how lucky he is.

12. Chokin' and Tokin'
Sam and Neil decide to spend their Saturday with Maureen & Vicki instead of with Bill. Alan thinks that Bill is lying to him about his allergies and Bill ends up in the hospital. Sam and Neil bond while thinking about the fact that might lose Bill. Alan makes a startling confession to ill while he is unconscious. Nick argues that Lindsey shouldn’t judge him when she hasn’t experienced the same things he has. Lindsey smokes pot and turns to Millie for help.

13. Smooching and Mooching
Nick moves out of his parent’s house when his father sells his drum set on him. Nick ends up finding himself at the Weir house and gets along with Harold much better than Lindsey expected. Nick’s father comes to take him home and scoffs at Harold’s parenting advice. Cindy tells Bill that she has a crush on Sam. Sam, Bill and Neil attend a make out party. Vicki and Bill kiss. Sam and Cindy kiss.

14. The Little Things
Sam realizes that ‘pretty people aren’t always cool.’ Sam breaks up with Cindy. The vice president of the United States makes a visit to the high school and Lindsey gets to ask the first question. Her initial choice for a ‘hard hitting’ question is rejected by the vice president’s ‘handlers.’ Amy has some shocking news for Ken and he has a hard time dealing with it. Ken goes to the guidance counselor for help but ultimately finds the best advice comes from Sam. Lindsey decides to ask the vice president her own question instead of the pre written one that she was given.

15. Discos and Dragons
Nick has a new girlfriend, Sara and has taken up disco in order to impress her. Ken is convinced that Nick is trying to make Lindsey jealous and confronts him. Daniel gets sent to the AV Club as a punishment. Daniel plays D&D with Sam, Bill, Neil, and Gordon. Lindsey gets invited to an ‘Educational Summit’ and decides to follow the Grateful Dead around instead with Kim and some classmates (unbeknownst to her parents).

16. Kim Kelly is My Friend (Unaired – Should have aired AFTER “Tricks and Treats”)
Kim’s friend, Karen is in a bad mood and takes it out on Sam. Sam is ordered to pay for Karen’s mistake. Sam and Neil argue & end up hitting one another. Nick convinces Kim to be nicer to Lindsey. Lindsey goes to Kim’s house for dinner in order to help Kim keep her car. Kim gets into fight with her mother & step dad. Kim finds Daniel and Karen surprisingly close. Kim ends up having dinner with Lindsey’s family. Daniel shows up at Lindsey’s and he makes up with Kim. Karen ends up at school the next day and finds out that someone has gotten even with her. Sam begins to respect Kim.

17. Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers (Unaired – Should have aired AFTER “Chokin’ and Tokin’”)
Lindsey wants to join her friends at a concert. Kim and Lindsey accidentally run over Millie’s dog and don’t realize it initially. Millie and Kim bond. Nick writes a love song for Lindsey which Ken thinks is stupid. Bill finds out that his mother is dating his gym teacher and doesn’t like it. Bill ends up accepting the new man in his mother’s life after spending some time with him.

18. Noshing and Moshing (Unaired – Should have aired AFTER “Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers”)
Neil wonders whether he should tell his mother about his father’s affair. Neil’s brother, Barry returns to Michigan for a holiday party from college. Neil tells Barry about his father’s extra marital affairs and he isn’t surprised. Barry and Lindsey kiss at the holiday party. Neil tells his mother about the affair and she tells him that she already knew. Lindsey is given detention. Daniel doesn’t deal well with some of the pressures of his home life and it causes him and Kim to break up. Daniel asks out a punk rock girl and goes to a club. Daniel ends up returning to Kim when he needs some comfort.

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Updated 1/20/05 

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