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Primetime Fan Fiction Page

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Simon and Simon Fan Fic photo

Fan Fiction by Willy

Simon & Simon  "New Blood"  Part 1

Simon & Simon FanFic Ep1

"New Blood"
Scene 1 :

Brothers A.J. & Rick Simon are walking alongside the waterfront pier while discussing their latest financial slump..

"I can't believe it. After all these years, our private detective agency may be having to shut its doors," states the younger sibling, A.J., wearing his comfortable winter green T-shirt and comfy Levi jeans.

His older brother, Rick, just muses at how different they truly are. He opted for a blue turtle neck and slacks, since the weatherss a bit dismal, as if it could rain at any moment.

Rick sighs, frustrated, hearing such sadness in A.J.'s voice.  He could never see this business they created simply fade away.

"I found somebody who wants to help us," he says, handing him a folded piece of paper.

"Emily Rann, the former cocktail owner at Roxy's?" A.J. asks.

Rick nods. "She's agreed to meet us in less than 30 minutes. It's enough time to grab us a quick bite, then meet a future partner," hints Rick, slowly swallowing his pride.

A.J. raises his hands up in frustration. "Sure , why not...It's not like we have a choice, right?" he asks, already regretting the answer.

Scene 2 : The bar downtown called Roxy's is more active than usual.

The woman, who looks like a young Melody Thomas Scott, who could change their lives, was a beauty all right.

Long blonde locks of golden hair and mesmerizing baby blue eyes.

She was wearing such a slinky little black tight skirt with a creamy white top.

Not to mention a slim figure any guy would step their feet over to get with.

Rick reminds himself to stay professional.

She smiles upon greeting them.

"I am pleased to meet you both i have been following your cases for years."she states.

A.J. couldn't resist to nab pick a bit..

"Oh is that so ?

Which one was your best case of ours that you liked ?"he asks curiously matching Rick's own.

She sits idly seductively with such poise.

her long hot pink nails hitting against the table.

Then after a mere few seconds her reply shocks both.

"Ah, yes , that would be when you yourself A.J. were dealing with your truck being possessed so naturally you picked the first client you could to save your prized possession.

How is that truck of yours doing these days anyways ?"she asks coyly.

He fumes but composes himself.

"Look lady , you obviously know that its in the repair shop at the moment since our business is floundering like the titanic at the moment.

Are you going to help us or not ?."

demands A.J. as Rick stays in awe of Emily's take charge attitude.

"Sure boys , deal me in as partners with a few stipulations."she teases.

Next : Fish Tale

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Page updated 10/27/18

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