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San Diego Comic-Con Programs Page

Souvenir Programs from the beginning

This is just an unofficial fan page, we have no connection to any conventions, shows or networks.

By Suzanne

Comic-con 2015 cover

Here are scans of all of the Comic-Con programs we have so far! We'll set up an easier way to view them, but for now, here is just the directory for each section of pics. Nowadays they're called "Souvenir Books" and the program schedule is online.

If you have any that we're missing from the 70's or 80's, please let us know if you can scan it in for us!

1970 Program

1971 Program

1972 cover

1973 Program

1974 Program

1975 Program

1976 cover

1977 cover

1978 Program

1979 cover

1980 Program

1981 Program coming soon!

1984 cover

1985 cover

1986 Program coming soon!

1989 cover

1990 cover

1991 cover

1992 cover

1993 cover

1994 cover

1995 cover

1996 cover

1997 cover

1998 Program coming soon!

1999 cover

2000 cover

2001 cover

2002 cover

2003 cover

2004 cover

2005 cover

2006 cover

2007 cover

2008 cover

2009 cover

2010 cover

2011 cover

2012 cover

2013 cover

2014 cover

2015 cover

2016 cover

2017 cover

2018 cover

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Page updated 7/23/18

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