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By Krista

Sam Woolf

Interview with Sam Woolf of "American Idol" on FOX 5/2/14

Final Transcript
FBC PUBLICITY: American Idol XIII Interview Call
May 2, 2014/10:00 a.m. PDT

Molly OíGara, BWR Public Relations
Sam Woolf, American Idol XIII Contestant


Moderator Ladies and gentleman, thank you for standing by and welcome to the American Idol interview call with Sam Woolf. (Operator instructions). As a reminder, this conference is being recorded.

Iíll now turn the conference over to Molly OíGara for opening remarks. Please go ahead.

Molly Hi, everyone. Thank you so much for joining us today for the American Idol conference call with Sam. As a reminder, heís here to talk about his experience on the show and his plans moving forward. As always, if we feel anyone is harping on one particular subject, we do reserve the right to jump in and move the call along. With that being said, Kathy, letís go ahead and get started with our first question.

Moderator Thank you, and that will come from Jamie Ruby with SciFiVision. Go ahead, please.

Jamie Hi, Sam. Thanks for taking the call today.

Sam Cool, thanks, how are you?

Jamie Great. First I wanted to ask you, what did you think about the twist last night? I know you obviously probably arenít going to say what you voted, but were you surprised that they decided not to wait till next week?

Sam No, I wasnít really surprised. I think that was a better idea because I think we should have just stuck to the original having one person leave a week. I donít know why they suddenly want to change it.

Jamie Okay, and then my second question is I know you guys get kind of mentoring every week and everything, but I noticed this week it seemed like everybody really, really improved on the things that theyíve been telling and you seemed so much, in my opinion, less shy this week and you really seemed like you were singing out to the audience. Was there different mentoring this week or was it just that everybody seemed to finally get in that groove?

Sam Yes, I mean I feel like all the performances are getting us, each performance weíre more comfortable on stage and stuff. And I feel that Jason Mraz really helped with that too.

Jamie Okay, great. Thanks so much.

Sam Thank you.

Moderator Thank you. Our next question is from Michael Weinfield with the Associated Press Broadcast. Go ahead, please.

Michael Hey, Sam.

Sam How you doing, man?

Michael Oh, pretty good. You tweeted to your fans not to hate Alex and Jena for voting no. Why should they not hate them?

Sam Well, because they didnít know, I mean they didnít know. Anybody couldíve went home.

Michael And you did vote yes to keep the group together for another week. Is that right?

Sam Yes, I did vote yes, but after I voted yes I knew that the other people were voting no, so I was agreeing with them but I couldnít change my answer.

Michael Okay, so you didnít vote yes because you thought that you were going to be going if the low votes did count this time?

Sam Yes.

Michael Alright, thanks.

Sam Thank you.

Moderator Thank you. Next we have Katie Cafiero with The Spyglass. Please go ahead.

Katie Hi, Sam, this is Katie Cafiero from Braden River High School. How are you?

Sam Good, how are you?

Katie Good. Well right now Iím in the front office with several students and teachers and we wanted to let you know that we are so, so proud of you. We really enjoyed watching you. Back home we hosted viewing parties, we held up signs on the side of the road, your picture is all over school. How did the support you received from us really motivate you in the competition?

Sam Itís crazy, you guys, like seriously the support youíve given me means so much to me. I wouldnít be, I donít think Iíd make it this far without you guys, and so it just really means a lot to me.

Katie Well we had a lot of fun doing that. So what are your future plans about school? Will you be coming back to Braden River and are you going to Berklee in the fall?

Sam Yes, well my plan is to go to Berklee in the fall, but if something comes up then that might change. But, yes, Iím coming back to Florida today and then I donít know, and then Iím flying out Sunday to somewhere else. I donít know if Iím coming back to Braden River yet.

Katie Okay, well thank you so much. It was so nice talking to you.

Sam Alright, thanks guys.

Moderator Thank you. Next we have Beth Krakowski with Reality TV World. Go ahead, please.

Beth Hey, Sam, how are you doing?

Sam Good. How are you?

Beth Good. So America chose both songs that you sang Wednesday night and the judges kind of thought you struggled just a little bit with both of them. Howíd you feel about those song choices personally, and is it frustrating at all that you got eliminated the week when you couldnít even choose your own songs? I mean you must have kind of felt like that was out of your hands.

Sam Well, I mean I thought they were good song choices for me, it was just I had trouble pulling them off kind of.

Beth Okay. There seemed to be clear front runners at the end of every performing show and they tend to be the same contestants week after week. Like, for example, Caleb, I donít think heís ever even landed in the bottom of the pack based on votes before. When you were competing, did you feel strongly that you could actually win this show or did you kind of unfortunately feel like there was a predictable pecking order sort of until the top two or three? Like how did you feel each week?

Sam Well I was just kind of focusing on each week. I wasnít really focused on winning; I mean I was just trying to get by each week and just trying to make it as far as I could.

Beth Okay. Thank you, Sam.

Sam Thanks.

Moderator Thank you. Our next question is from Jeff Dodge with Go ahead, please.

Jeff Hi, Sam. How are you?

Sam Good, man. How are you?

Jeff Good. Now a few weeks or so ago the judges used their one save of the season on you, so take us back to that night. Did you have any idea that they would save you and then once they did what was kind of going through your head at the time?

Sam Yes, I didnít think, I had no idea if they were going to save me. I just remember my name being called, that I had to sing. Yes, I was so nervous, but happy to be saved.

Jeff Yes, definitely. And then a couple weeks ago you know the theme was competitors pick, so you all got to pick songs for each other, so what was that like? I mean, you chose a song for Jessica and then she chose the song for you, I believe, so what was that like?

Sam I liked that theme because I got good song choices, but I was definitely, before when I first heard the theme I was really scared for it because I didnít know what they were going to pick.

Jeff Yes, and why did you chose ďGunpowder and LeadĒ for Jessica?

Sam Just because I know how much she likes Miranda Lambert, is that her name, right?

Jeff Yes, Miranda Lambert.

Sam Yes. I know how much she likes her and I thought she would kill that song so I picked it for her.

Jeff Yes, that was a good song, so great choice. Well, thank you.

Sam Cool. Thanks, man.

Moderator Thank you. Weíll go next to Janis Campbell with Yakís Corner. Go ahead, please.

Janis Hi, Sam. Congratulations for all your success so far.

Sam Thank you.

Janis I write for young readers in Michigan for a magazine in Detroit, so we consider you our hometown person, too, since you were born and spent your early years here, so youíre getting lots of support from Michigan. I wondered if you got any final advice from the judges last night. Keith seemed particularly disappointed when your name was called and put his head down, so I wondered if he spoke to you after the competition and what advice he shared?

Sam Yes, they all spoke to me and they were really nice. They were just saying how theyíve seen how much Iíve grown and that I have a good career ahead of me, and they were really supportive.

Janis Okay, great. You said youíre flying home today and then youíre only in Florida for a couple of days then heading back. Will you be going back to California to watch the end of the competition and get ready for the finale?

Sam Yes, well I go back earlier to rehearse for the finale, but Iím going to New York.

Janis Okay, great. Alright, well best wishes with all of that.

Sam Thank you.

Janis Thanks.

Moderator Thank you, and next we have Deanne McRae with Go ahead, please.

Deanne Hi, Sam. Thanks for joining us.

Sam Thanks.

Deanne I know Keith Urban told you last week you have fans all the way over in Australia. How does it feel to have such a widespread fan base already?

Sam Itís crazy, it doesnít seem real to me. I mean, having all this support and itís just like weird when I hear that there are other people supporting me in other countries.

Deanne Based on that, what is the best fan feedback youíve had so far?

Sam The best fan feedback?

Deanne Yes.

Sam I mean theyíre all, like I get really good feedback from fans and theyíre just really supportive and after each performances they always congratulate me.

Deanne Awesome. Well thank you very much.

Sam Thank you.

Moderator Thank you. We have a question from Elizabeth Collins with Reality Wanted. Go ahead, please.

Elizabeth Hi, Sam. Howís it going?

Sam Good. How are you?

Elizabeth Great, thanks. Okay, so I think you might the only person whose ever performed a David Gray song on American Idol and you did it twice Ė

Sam Yes.

Elizabeth Heís an unbelievable artist, but heís a very old soul and youíre so young, so Iím interested to hear what connects you to his music and his song writing?

Sam I donít know. My dad introduced me to him when I was really young and like ever since then I just started listening to his music and getting to know his music. Yes, those two songs ďBabylonĒ and ďSail AwayĒ have always been one of my favorite songs.

Elizabeth Yes, theyíre great. Heís amazing. Heís a great artist. And last night we saw Randy Jackson sing ďYouíre ReadyĒ at the end of the episode. You performed an original song of yours earlier this season, and has David Gray been an inspiration to your song writing? And do you maybe have like a contemporary folk rock kind of album coming up?

Sam Yes. I feel like the kind of music David Gray makes is the kind that I kind of want to make so heís definitely a big influence and I think he impacts my song writing.

Elizabeth Thatís fantastic. Well, I look forward to your album. Thanks so much, Sam, and good luck to you.

Sam Thank you. Thanks a lot.

Moderator Thank you. And weíll go next to Tiffany Montgomery with Sky TV. Please go ahead.

Tiffany Hi, Sam, itís Tiffany here. Iím part of the team from New Zealand. How are you?

Sam How are you?

Tiffany Iím the other one, you havenít had a chance to talk to me yet, but someone else just said youíve got fans as far away as Australia, but also New Zealand, which is just that little bit further. So it must be a pretty surreal feeling, but I just wanted to ask you now that itís the day after, what do you think youíll miss most if youíve had a chance to think about what youíll miss most about the whole American Idol experience?

Sam Just being with all the other contestants. Weíre just really close and itís sad that one has to leave the group every week.

Tiffany Okay, thank you.

Sam Thanks.

Moderator Thank you. We have a question from Elizabeth Kim with Go ahead, please.

Elizabeth Hi, Sam. Thanks for speaking with us today.

Sam Sure thing.

Elizabeth Because Cupidís Pulse is a relationship website I kind of just wanted to switch gears and ask when it comes to dating and a relationship what qualities do you look for in someone? For example, would you prefer dating a fellow musician?

Sam I think a sense of humor is what is the main thing for me. I think it would be cool meeting a musician maybe, but I think a sense of humor is the biggest thing for me.

Elizabeth Great. And you mentioned in an earlier interview that you wrote you first song when you were 13 about a girl you liked. How do you think dating will change after being on this show? Has it given you more confidence?

Sam Yes, maybe. I donít know, I guess. Iím not sure, weíll see.

Elizabeth Okay, good luck.

Sam Thank you.

Moderator Thank you. Our next question is from Jack Olmsted with the Seattle PI Reader. Go ahead, please.

Jack Hi, Sam. Thanks so much for joining us and congratulations on your success.

Sam Thanks.

Jack Where do you see yourself in the next five years as an artist?

Sam The next five years, well hopefully making an album. I donít know, because my first album I want to be organic and kind of John Mayorie, like acoustic rock. So hopefully Iím still doing something like that.

Jack Harry said that you reminded him of Ď60s teen heartthrob Ricky Nelson. Did you watch the videos on YouTube and what do you think of the comparison between Ricky Nelson?

Sam Yes, I can definitely see where he says I remind him of him. Rickyís awesome; thatís a compliment.

Jack Alright. Thanks so much.

Sam Thank you.

Moderator Thank you. Our next question is from MJ Santilli with MJsBigBlog. Please go ahead.

MJ Hi, Sam.

Sam Hey.

MJ I was wondering how you felt about the show painting you as a teen heartthrob. Is that a goal of yours?

Sam No, I wouldnít really place myself under that category if I had the choice.

MJ Did it make you feel uncomfortable at all?

Sam Not really. I guess sometimes, itís just not who I originally was or who I really am. I donít think Iím really a heartthrob.

MJ So youíre a senior now, right? Or a junior?

Sam Yes, senior.

MJ Do you plan on maybe going to college after you graduate, maybe like to a music school like Berklee?

Sam Yes, I actually got accepted to Berklee Ė

MJ Oh, are you going to go?

Sam Yes, my plan is to go in the fall, but if something Ė

MJ Awesome, I live in Boston and love it.

Sam Thanks.

MJ Thank you.

Moderator Thank you. We have a question from Beth Krakowski with Reality TV World. Go ahead, please.

Beth Hi, Sam. So the judges always complimented your vocal skills and it seems like the criticism just tended to base on the performance and connecting with the audience. Can you talk a little bit about that, like is it just that youíre a shy person and still been trying to get really comfortable on stage or was it a matter, like the judges suggested once, that youíre just still kind of lacking life experience? I mean you are a young guy, obviously.

Sam Well, I think itís a little bit of both. Yes, Iím definitely lacking life experience, but Iíve been trying to just connect more and try to look more comfortable on stage, but I think itís each time I do it I get more comfortable.

Beth Okay. The judges, like we said earlier, decided to use their one save this season on you. Because you were so close to getting eliminated at that point, did it kind of light a fire under you and then Ė

Sam Yes, it definitely pumped me and I realized that I had to do, just give it my all and go for it.

Beth So I guess then the following week were you especially nervous about getting eliminated and did it surprise you that you did end up surviving, I think it was, three more weeks since that point?

Sam Yes. I was definitely a little scared because I didnít want to get saved and then go home the following week, but Iím glad I made it to the top five, at least. So I made it a few weeks at least with the save.

Beth Absolutely. You seemed pretty thrilled to have met your celebrity crush, Ariana Grande there Ė

Sam Oh, yes

Beth Did she say anything to you after the show? Any plans to keep in touch there or?

Sam Yes. I really didnít get to talk to her that much after the show. It was mostly when we were on stage, but she was really nice. She was really complimentary and really nice.

Beth Okay, awesome. Thanks, Sam. Best of luck with everything.

Sam Thank you.

Moderator Thank you. Our next question is from Michele Angermiller with The Hollywood Reporter. Go ahead, please.

Michele Hi, Sam.

Sam Hi.

Michele You had so much high school support, did you know that a lot of kids at Manatee High School, about 20 minutes away, were voting for you?

Sam No, I did not know that, but thatís awesome Ė

Michele And a girl wanted to let you know that even though theyíre 20 minutes away they were voting like very hard for you, so you had support.

Sam Well, thank you, guys.

Michele So Iíve got a couple of quick questions for you. Alex tweeted last night about the twist, now what was the feeling with you kids on stage with that twist? I didnít hear if somebody had asked you about if you had voted in that direction. What were your feelings on that?

Sam Well, we kind of just huddled up as a group and were deciding and at first we were like yes we should do the save thing and have another week with each other. But as it came down to it some of us were kind of like realizing that two people then have to go home that next week if we go for this, so we just picked whatever we felt was right because we had no idea who was going home.

Michele Did you have a feeling that it might be you?

Sam Yes, I had a feeling just because my performance that previous night I wasnít too confident about it.

Michele Well howíd you feel during the [indiscernible] because that seemed like it was a little bit, it was about the [indiscernible] song, it was a little bit high for you, but itís Ed Sheeran, which Iím kind of hoping that he duets with you at the finale, thatís my secret wish, but Ė

Sam Yes, that would be awesome. Someone picked that song for me and I know the chorus is originally not in falsetto, so it was kind of difficult and different for me to have to do it an octave lower and it kind of took away from the song. I had fun with it.

Michele Well, good luck to you, hon. Weíll see you on tour.

Sam I appreciate that.

Moderator Thank you. And weíll go back to Michael Weinfield with The Associated Press Broadcast. Go ahead, please.

Michael Hi, Sam.

Sam Hey, whatís up, man?

Michael Dexter has promised to get back at you for zip tying him to that chair; he said heís going to do something to you on tour. Are you going to be constantly looking after your back?

Sam Yes. Definitely. I donít know, I donít think heís going to be able to prank me.

Michael What are you looking forward to most about the tour?

Sam For the tour I think just because Iíve never been on tour so Iím really excited to travel around the country and just meet all the fans and be up on stage with all the top ten.

Michael Okay, and a tip for if you go to Berklee; itís right across from Fenway park. You need to be a Red Sox fan there.

Sam Yes.

Michael Alright, thanks.

Sam Thanks, man.

Moderator Thank you. Our next follow up is from Katie Cafiero with The Spy Glass. Go ahead, please.

Katie Hi, Sam, itís Katie again.

Sam Hey.

Katie So how did you prepare and rehearse for your songs each week?

Sam We had a schedule kind of thing and on Fridays we would run through our song with the producers and stuff. Pretty much that would happen and Saturday weíd record the songs and Sunday, I donít know what we did on Sunday. Monday, Tuesday we would just rehearse the songs again Ė

Katie Alright. And we want to know are you going to prom?

Sam Am I going to prom?

Katie Yes.

Sam Oh yes, I forgot about that. When is prom?

Katie Itís May 17th.

Sam May 17th, oh gosh, I donít know if Iíll be there.

Katie Oh well, hopefully you are.

Sam I think Iím coming back to LA for finale rehearsals.

Katie Oh well, Iím sure youíll still have fun in LA.

Sam Yes, sorry.

Katie And also, what is the first thing youíre going to do when you get back to Bradenton?

Sam Iím probably going to go see Skylar and Luke.

Katie Alright, well thank you. Hopefully weíll see you soon.

Sam Aright guys. Thanks.

Katie Bye.

Sam See you.

Moderator Thank you. Next we have Kylene Hamulak with Thatís Your Reality. Go ahead, please.

Kylene Hi, Sam.

Sam Hi.

Kylene We love you. We canít wait to hear more from you, but Iím curious, were you a fan of the show before you were on it? And what surprised you most about being on American Idol?

Sam Good question. Yes, I was a fan before, I watched it. I was kind of on and off. I was definitely surprised on how much behind the scenes stuff. Thereís a lot of waiting and a lot hard work that I didnít know would be there.

Kylene You also had some great artists reaching out to you, not only on the show, but through Twitter and things like that, social media as well. Who are you most excited about hearing from and do you have a dream collaboration that youíd like to work with somebody that maybe reached out to you while you were on the show?

Sam Yes, well Iím excited toówait, what was that first question? Sorry.

Kylene You did have a lot of people, I saw that there were different artists reaching out to you that you were having communication with, a dream collaboration with any of them? Or somebody you were most excited about hearing from?

Sam Yes, I would definitely want to do a colab with Ed Sheeran, just because heís one of my biggest influences.

Kylene Well, I hope that we get to hear that record. Thank you.

Sam Thank you.

Moderator Thank you. Our next follow up is from Jamie Ruby with SciFiVision. Go ahead, please.

Jamie Hi again. So do you have a favorite moment thinking back?

Sam Favorite moment, I think just like being with all the contestants, like all being together after every show or after every night weíd all hang out in one of the contestantís room and just all jam and not really try to worry about much.

Jamie Sounds like it was a lot of fun. So what did you kind of, what was running through your mind the first time you were on the big stage in front of everybody?

Sam I was really scared. I was just thinking what are the judges going to say or am I going to make it through to the live rounds, so it was crazy.

Jami Okay. Thank you so much.

Sam Thank you.

Moderator Thank you. And weíll go next to Jeff Dodge with

Jeff Hi, again, Sam.

Sam Hey.

Jeff Weíve seen over the course of these last several weeks how close you all are to each other. Is there anyone in particular that you kind of bonded with the most?

Sam Well, Alex and Caleb I bonded with a lot, and C.J. Pretty much every one, man, weíre all like so close. Itís really, and Jena, itís hard. I canít even pick; weíre all really close.

Jeff Yes. Was there one performance that you gave that sticks out to you as your favorite?

Sam My favorite, well I had the most fun either singing ďSail AwayĒ by David Gray or ďItís TimeĒ by Imagine Dragons.

Jeff Oh, yes, those were good ones. Thank you very much.

Sam Thanks.

Moderator Okay, thank you. And we also have a question from Jack Olmsted with The Seattle PI Reader.

Jack Hi, Sam.

Sam Hello.

Jack What inspired you to audition for American Idol in the first place?

Sam Well I originally didnít think I was even going to try out. I was at Berklee College of Music for their summer program and I heard that there were auditions and somehow there was a like a way that if you auditioned at Berklee, and you sent in a video to them, you could get past the line in the regular stadium. So I did that and ended up making the cattle call round and just kept going from there.

Jack What was the top pressure moment of your American Idol experience?

Sam Top pressure Ė

Jack The one that made you sweat the most?

Sam Oh, yes, I think definitely when it was rush week when they had to pick five guys and five girls to go to the live shows. I was the last guy called for the fifth one, so I was definitely, that was nerve racking.

Jack So you were the last one?

Sam I was the last one, but then there were three wild card picks.

Jack I see. Well okay, thanks so much.

Sam Thank you.

Moderator Okay, thank you. And our next question is from Marty Clear with the Bradenton Herald.

Marty Hey, Sam, how are you doing, man?

Sam Whatís up, man? How are you?

Marty Oh, good, but Iím really disappointed you got the hook last night. Somebody asked about prom, I guess youíre not going to your graduation, either, then?

Sam Well, I want to go to my graduation. Hopefully, well I come back after the finale.

Marty Oh, okay. So you might be able to make the graduation then?

Sam Yes. And then I go back for tour rehearsals, but, yes, hopefully I get to walk with everyone.

Marty Okay. Is there one judge whose guidance or coaching or whatever you want to call it helped you more than any others?

Sam I think they all really helped me, I think equally. I donít think I had a favorite or someone who Ė

Marty It seemed like Harry Conick Jr. was more technical with his advice?

Sam Yes.

Marty Okay, thatís all.

Sam Thank you.

Marty Thank you.

Moderator Okay, thank you. Then we have a follow up now from Deanne McRae with Go ahead, please.

Deanne Hi, Sam. Iím wondering what was the best piece of advice you were given during your time on the show?

Sam Just staying true to myself and loosening up on stage, and just not worrying about the audience or anything.

Deanne Would you also say that was your biggest challenge?

Sam Yes, for me I feel like each week it became easier and easier to perform and I was more comfortable on stage. But, yes, I had trouble, it was hard for me to connect and get loose on stage. I felt like I grew from the beginning.

Deanne Thank you very much, Sam. Good luck with everything.

Sam Thank you.

Moderator Okay, thank you. Then next we have Tiffany Montgomery with Sky TV. Go ahead, please.

Tiffany Hi, Sam. I just wondered if you had the opportunity to collaborate with one of the judges, who would you choose and why?

Sam Either, probably Keith, actually. Just because Ė

Tiffany Is there a reason why you would choose Keith?

Sam I donít know, just because I like his music and I think it would be cool to work with him. Harry is more of like jazz and J. Lo is more like pop, I guess, so I mean Keith would be the closest one to my genre.

Tiffany Okay, thatís great. Thank you.

Sam Thank you.

Moderator Okay, thank you. And next we have Andrea Dresdale with ABC News Radio. Go ahead, please.

Andrea Hey, Sam. Did you guys, all you contestants feel that you had somehow been backed into a corner by having to make that vote? Were you afraid that if you werenít voting unanimously there would be room for resentment or anger, not even a beyond you guys, but among the fans? Did you sort of predict, hmm, this might be trouble if weíre not unanimous?

Sam Yes. I mean, I donít even know what I was thinking. I was just like, letís just keep it as the original and have one person go home so I wasnít really thinking too much about that.

Andrea How much actual discussion was there? I mean like minute wise, or was it just like a split second decision, or did you guys actually hash it out for a while?

Sam Yes, well we kind of talked for like a minute and at first we were like yes, we should go for it and go another week and have two people be eliminated. But then we just realized two people in one week, that would be so much. We didnít know who was going home either.

Andrea Ultimately, do you think that it was a good thing to put in a twist like that, or do you think it was too much drama?

Sam I thought it was too much drama, thatís just my opinion. I donít think we really had to have it.

Andrea Okay, thank you.

Sam Thanks.

Moderator Okay, thank you. Weíll go back to MJ Santilli with MJsBigBlog. Go ahead, please.

MJ Hi again, Sam. Did you have some songs picked out for next week?

Sam I did. I was going to sing, I was either going to sing a Lighthouse song or like one of that new song by Rickstin, I think itís called or the band is called, I donít remember the name of it.

MJ Oh, okay. Alright, thanks.

Sam Thanks.

Moderator Okay, thank you. And back now to Kylene Hamulak with Thatís Your Reality. Go ahead, please.

Kylene Hey, Sam. Weíve seen on Twitter that youíve made it pretty much a weekly thing to visit Melís, what have you been ordering at Melís every week?

Sam Oh, thank you for that question. Usually I just get like eggs or pancakes or I donít know; it kind of changes. I always get chocolate milk, though.

MJ What are you going to do now that you donít have it right there? Youíre going to have to find a new place to go every night while youíre on tour?

Sam Iím just going to have to hold it off until I come back. Nine days without Melís, I donít know how itís going to happen. Thank you.

MJ Thank you.

Molly And with that, weíre going to wrap up the conference call for today. Thank you, everyone, for joining us. As a reminder, American Idol airs Wednesdays and Thursdays on Fox, and all artwork can be found on At this point, Iím going to turn it back over to Sam for a quick final remark, and then the Moderator will provide additional information and playback instructions. Sam, go ahead.

Sam Okay. I just want to thank you guys so much for all the support that youíve given me and I wouldnít have made it this far without you guys voting for me and just giving me all the support, so I really appreciate that.

Moderator Okay, thank you. Then ladies and gentleman, this conference will be available for replay after 11:30 a.m. today through midnight May 7th.

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