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By Suzanne

Anne Winters

Interview with Anne Winters of "The Bride He Bought Online" on Lifetime 7/17/15

Here is the audio Part 1 and Part 2 of our interview. I hope you enjoy it! She seems like a nice young lady with a great future ahead of her. I also interviewed Alexandra Paul earlier today from the same movie; it was nice to get two different perspectives.

If the audio is not streaming well, please right-click on this link and save it to your computer. It should work better that way!

Here is the transcribed version by Gisele.

1. How did your part in the movie come about?

Well, I got sent the script from Christine (the director/writer) and by my manager. It was actually my first offer, which is pretty cool. And then I read it and then was super into it. I was, you know, looking up cyberbullying and the darknet, and just I really fell in love with the message and what it was saying to kids and teens and families out there, and I just I loved it and just took it on.

2. By "first offer" do you mean the first part you were offered without having to audition for it?

Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

3. You've been doing this a while for somebody so young.

Yeah, I know. I mean, when people say that, I say, "Yeah, I guess you're right, but it doesn't feel that way, you know?" It just feels like it just kind of gradually comes about, but when I look back at like every year, I really am blessed and happy with what I've done, and, hopefully, it keeps getting bigger and more as the years come. Yeah, it's great.

4. Did it take three weeks to shoot in LA?

Was it only three weeks? Is that what they told you? I feel like it was longer. Maybe like four and a half weeks or something. We filmed in LA, yeah, and different locations, different cool houses and it was cool. We only filmed on a sound stage one day out of the whole thing. The warehouse area was the bottom of the Herald Examiner building downtown, and I think they're actually closing it down soon. It's where they filmed, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." It's at the very bottom, and it was super like humid and dusty and bad for you down there, so we would have to wear construction masks between each scene and go take breaks, so we wouldn't get super lightheaded and dizzy.

5. Why do you think that some kids get into pranking or bullying?

I think it's just about their audience and their peers and everything, and it's so easy for everybody around you to kind of fall into like judging other people with the name bullying, and then it kind of eggs it on, and it's kind of easier to do that than to say, "Oh, that's mean" or "That's rude." It's so much easier for everybody to be like, "Ha, ha! Yeah, you're right. He's like this. He's dorky. He's that. So I think like just having a crowd of people behind you and, like, we have the blog, so we have this audience.

6. Your character, Avery, is the narrator and is sort of the heroine of the movie.  She's smarter and more compassionate than her friends. What makes you different from Avery?

Well, I think that I am more compassionate, and I do see things differently. I don't like to judge people based on what they're doing or their appearance and everything. I feel like, you know, when we capture John, I'm just trying to see the good in him, and trying to bring that about instead of just like going along with stereotypes and everything. I don't know. I just feel like me and Kaley are just different people. We grew up together and now we just have different views on things, and that's just how it goes with friendships, especially in high school.

7. Did you and the other girls, Lauren and Annalisa, get close while you were making the movie? 

Oh, yeah. That I think was the most important part was just to make relationships with them and become best friends with them, so that everything on set is super real. But, yeah, we just became best friends on set. We had so much fun together.

8. Did you do anything special before shooting so that you would look comfortable together as good friends?

Christine, our director and our writer, took us to a restaurant for dinner, and had us all kind of meet each other and do a little meet and greet, and say "Hi" and talk about our characters; and, you know, just have a little girls dinner and have fun, so that was nice. That was our first meeting. I mean, you're waiting around on set, and we're all there at the same time and everything, so we get super close right away.

9. You and Jamie Luner play mother and daughter. How was that?

I loved Jamie. You know, I like working with adults and like mom and daughter relationships and father and daughter relationships are so real and genuine. I really loved working with her. She was really sweet.

10. Have you seen her other work?

I have, actually. I mean, she's been on other Lifetime movies. I remember seeing the one like "Walking the Halls," I think it was, where she played the mom, and that was my favorite Lifetime movie. [Laughs] So, I was like, "Oh, my gosh. You're getting to play my mom this time. That's so cool." But, yeah, I remembered her.

11. Anything else you'd like to tell us about making the movie?

I mean, I just honestly liked being the lead character in this. I think it was my first like real movie where I was on set every single day of the filmmaking. I was there from beginning to end of every day. You know, if you're not the main character, you go and you're there for like maybe a few hours or half a day once every, you know, like twice a week or something, but I was on set for a month every day, and I got so close to everybody. Not even just actors, but everybody. You get close to the grips, and you get close to the ADs, and you get close to the producers and, you know, the lighting people and everything. Like you just kind of become a family, and that was something that I really liked.

12. You've done a lot of singing in your career, are you still singing now?

I mean, I sing a little bit. My boyfriend is actually in this new upcoming boy band, and he's like the singer, and I only sing for him if he asks me to, and that's about it. I don't really sing like a lot. If you asked me to sing in an audition or something for a possible acting role, then that's like a good fit for me, because I can sing, and I can also act, but I'm not going to pursue like a major singing career for that to be anything like over acting right now, but I still like to sing. Yes.

13. How is it going with Tyrant? Are you still on the show?

I am still on "Tyrant." I mean, the second season is still going right now, and I did four episodes of the second season, and my last episode was like last week, I think. So, I'm kind of done on "Tyrant" right now until, if it gets picked up for season three, then they'll have me back on it. So, yes. I feel like the second season got really good, so I'm a fan of it now, more than last year, actually.

14. Did you have to travel for that show at all?

Yes. I mean, from booking the pilot, um, that was my first time out of the country, and it shot in Morocco. And then the first season shot in Tel Aviv, Israel, for a while, then we had to move to Istanbul, because there was a war going on in Israel last year. And then this season I went to Budapest, 'cause that's where they were filming it this season. So, yeah, I've been pretty much all over with this show -- all the Middle Eastern like cool-looking countries is where I've been.

15. You have a new show coming up on ABC, Wicked City.

Yeah, "Wicked City" on ABC is like a one-hour crime drama set in the '80s on the Sunset Strip. I decided to work on it, because Ed Westwick, who is from "Gossip Girl," is gonna be on it, and I love him. [Giggles] We haven't started shooting yet. I think we're supposed to start shooting at the end of this month. I mean, that's coming up, so maybe I should know by now. I don't know. Or the first week of next month, you know, somewhere around there.

16. You've really busy. Is it hard to juggle the shooting schedule between these shows and movies?

I mean, not really. Everything has its time, and my manager is doing a good job of kind of making everything super orderly and like easy to do. So, I mean, I only have one task at hand, and I do it fully, and then I move on to the next one. I don't really think about it in like a huge cluster of things. [Laughs] That's just a lot.

17. Anything else you can you tell us about Wicked City?

It is a good drama. I mean, it's just -- it's really old school about sex and the whole sense that it's set in the '80s, which I wasn't there for that, but I've looked it up, and it seems to be really crazy. So, we'll have a lot of drama and fun and, you know, murder. It's just -- it's really cool. It's a really cool show. I'm excited to start working on it. And it has big hair and cute outfits. Jeremy Sisto just got cast as my dad, so that will be fun. I liked him on "Clueless." [Laughs] That was a long time ago. I love that movie.

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The subject of cyber bullying is the topic of "The Bride He Bought Online," a thriller premiering
on July 18 on Lifetime.  It stars Anne Winters ("Tyrant," "Wicked City,") and Travis Hammer ("Dig",
What starts out as a harmless prank/blog takes a dark turn for 17-year-old Avery (Anne Winters) when her friends, Mandy (Lauren Gaw) and Kaley (Annalisa Cochrane), create a fake profile for an international dating site and begin to communicate with a lonely, socially inept computer programmer named John (Travis Hammer). Having lived a life of isolation and bullying, the humiliation he feels when he realizes he’s been duped unleashes a wrath that no one would have expected.  Jamie Luner and Alexandra Paul co-star. 

“The Bride He Bought Online” Explores the

Internet Bully Inside All of Us

Anne Winters, Travis Hammer star in Lifetime Thriller

Premiering July 18

Who is the stereotypical cyberbully?  A lonely, bitter adult with psychological issues?

Or your sweet, well-adjusted son or daughter, surfing the Net in their bedroom?  Truth is, cyberbullies can come in all shapes, sizes and age groups—as explored in
The Bride He Bought Online,” premiering Saturday, July 18 (8pm ET/PT) on Lifetime.

The thriller tells how three seemingly innocent teenagers cyberbully a vulnerable male computer programmer with devastating results.

Starring Anne Winters (“Tyrant”), Lauren Gaw, and Annalisa Cochrane (“Baby Daddy”), the story follows three teens who create a fake profile on an international dating site to gather fodder for their increasingly popular joke blog.

When a lonely, unstable computer programmer named John Bennett (Travis Hammer, “Dig”)) responds to their ad, the prank evolves into all-out cyberbullying as the teens decide to emotionally destroy Bennett in order to satisfy their increasingly ravenous fans.

Posing as a beautiful woman who is looking for a husband, they trick Bennett into falling in love with a fictional person, so seduced are they by the lure of internet celebrity.  “The scary truth is, we all have the ability to become predators if we want,” says writer/director Christine Conradt. “The anonymity of the Internet has created both crimes and criminals that never previously existed. Because people can hide behind a screen name, they say and do things online that they never would do in person. The Internet creates opportunities for crimes without consequence.

“The Bride He Bought Online” is a Shadowland Production.  Pierre David and Tom Berry are the Executive Producers.  Producers are Ken Sanders and Robert Ballo.  The film was written by the prolific.Christine Conradt, who makes her directorial feature debut.  Jamie Luner and Alexandra Paul co-star.

 Check out the movie’s Facebook page or watch the trailer at Lifetime Network’s website.

Anne Winters Biography
Anne Winters is originally from Dallas, Texas. She now resides in Los Angeles. At the age of four, Anne performed in her first musical production. And by ten, she sang her first solo to a crowd of over 24,000 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.  Throughout high school Anne split her time between LA and Dallas, appearing in over a dozen national commercials and several independent films. Upon graduating from Prestonwood Christian Academy (PCA) in Plano, Texas, Anne planned on attending the prestigious Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas. However, Anne made the decision to place SMU on hold, and pursue her college education in California where she could continue her acting career full time. The decision to move paid off as Anne has been working non stop after arriving in Los Angeles. This fall she stars as “Vicki” on the ABC Series WICKED CITY and she is currently airing on FX's critically acclaimed series TYRANT, from HOMELAND creator Gideon Raff.  She recently recurred on the ABC Family series THE FOSTERS, MTV’s AWKWARD and Disney’s LIV AND MADDIE.  Anne’s other feature credits include PASS THE LIGHT, FATAL INSTINCT, SAND CASTLES & ALL IS VANITY.

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Page updated 7/18/15

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