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Which TV Series You Should Watch This Year

TV Series You Should Watch This Year: Nostalgia, Comedy and High School


By Patri and Ona


With so much choice, viewers now have a buffet of great TV shows to feast on. Here are the most witty, gripping and canít-stop-watching-it TV shows you should sink your teeth this year.

Stranger Things

ĎThe Gooniesí meets itís sci-fi brother in this heart-thumping drama about a group of friends who investigate their friendsí disappearance. This TV show could have so easily been a flop, but with astounding acting from its young cast and a genuinely cool aesthetic, once you start Stranger Things, thereís no turning back.

Black Mirror

Ever been a little skeptical about technology? Pick up your phone and peer into itís dark reflection. There is your very own black mirror. Written by Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror is an exploration of the often-unwanted implications of technology on our world. Itís cynicism that resides with you, with plot lines that can play on your mind for years.

Modern Family

This mockumentary about modern family life delivers hilarity with poignancy. The humour lives in its scripts and Modern Family is known for itís laugh-out-loud one liners that catch itís audience off guard. Escapism for the non-fantasists, Modern Family will have you giggling one moment and sneakily dabbing your eyes the next.

13 Reasons Why

Based on the popular novel by Jay Asher, 13 Reasons Why is an exploration of high school student Hannah Barkerís suicide. With a series of voice messages left on tapes, she unravels the events leading up to her death. Itís tension and nostalgia make this show a very different creature to most - itís like a breathing YA novel that you watch on screen. A triumph for book to TV show adaptations.


Blunt, cold determination meets warm and dutiful logic. Perhaps the best success of this BBC adaptation of Sherlock Holmes lies in the character chemistry between Sherlock and Dr John Watson. Both actors bring their own personal twist on the role, and each is successful. At an hour and a half each episode, Sherlock Holmes in best enjoyed as a weekend treat. Each episode is rich in plot, character and pace. With only a small handful of episodes in each season, it might be best to savour them slowly.

Just One More Episode

The telling sign of a great TV show is the inability to wait for the next episode. Luckily, all these series are ready and waiting to be played so you can think Ďjust one moreÖí as many times a you please. All thatís left to do is decide which one to watch first...

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Page updated 4/14/17

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