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By Krista

Randy Wayne of Lying Game

Interview with Randy Wayne of "The Lying Game" on ABC Family 1/27/12

Our interviewer Krista asked two questions below about working with Alexandra Chando and about which guest stars he'd like to see. She really enjoyed the questions in the conference call.

ABC Familyís Q&A Session with Randy Wayne Ė The Lying Game

Moderator When you first learned that you had landed the role in The Lying Game, did you have that moment of intimidation because of the success of Pretty Little Liars, which was also inspired by the books of Sara Shepard?

R. Wayne I was not too intimidated by the success of Pretty Little Liars. I thought it would only be helpful. And I knew that I wasnít the lead of the show, so that pressure was not on my back, on my shoulders. But I had worked with Alexandra in the past and I knew that she was a very talented actress, so I knew that she could handle the pressure and I would just go along with it.

Moderator Now that everything is out in the open about Justinís real motive for tracking down Ted, does that open a door for Justin and Laurel to pick up their romance again?

R. Wayne Yes, it definitely does. I think that Laurel gets a sense that Justin is actually 100% being honest with her. And not only does she get a sense, but she really wanted to believe him and she wants to trust him, so itís a big moment for their relationship. I guess the big question now is, I donít think Tedís going to accept them being together now after what his motives are. You donít want a kid around that wanted to come and get revenge on you, dating your daughter, even though itís out in the open now. So I think thatís the big controversy now is how is he going to deal with the kid dating his daughter that wanted to get revenge on him.

Moderator Whatís next for Justin? Is he going to continue to dig into Tedís past, or is Justin ready to let the past stay in the past?

R. Wayne Love conquers all, and in this situation I think he just wants to forget about it and just focus all of his attention on Laurel. As far as I know, Justin just wants to focus on her to make it work.

Moderator Originally you guest starred in an episode of Hot in Cleveland, you played a blind character. How did you prepare for that role and what was it like working with Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Joe Jonas?

R. Wayne You know whatís funny, I actually had to leave the set of The Lying Game and fly straight to LA and get to the set, I left the airport and went straight to the set of Hot in Cleveland, and I missed a day and a half of rehearsal because of The Lying Game, so I was a little bit behind and I was scrambling and there wasnít too much time to prepare. And it was cool because when it comes to playing a blind guy they just said look off, donít look too much at her face, and when youíre doing a scene just focus on where to go. They said heís used to being blind so play it normal, just donít look at her. And working with Joe Jonas and Jennifer Love-Hewitt was cool, because Jennifer Love-Hewitt actually is extremely funny and a naturally gifted comedic actress, and Joe Jonas, for all the fame heís had, heís a really down-to-earth guy.

Moderator Betty Whiteís also in that show. Is she as funny off-screen as she is on-screen?

R. Wayne Oh my God, she is one of the sweetest people Iíve ever met in my life. If you have a joke she pays attention and sheíll laugh at it and then sheíll always come back with her own jokes. Sheís definitely up there in age, but you would never know it by just talking to her. Sheís brilliant.

Moderator Now that Justin and Laurel are kind of back together, Allie actually revealed in a different interview that things are going to be rocky between the two of them for a while. Where do you see their relationship headed for the rest of the season?

R. Wayne Well, there are several ways to go, things with their relationship now. Ted obviously is not going to want them to date and they want to date, so they have to start hiding their relationship. And thatís going to be a whole new thing, where Justin doesnít want to do that anymore. He wants to be honest, but now he has to still hide a relationship and still, in a way, lie about it. And that means that Laurelís being brought into the lies, which she hasnít really been involved in yet. And also sheís in the band, and so being in the band causes a big distraction from Justin and Iím sure Justin will start getting a little jealous of the attention that the bandís getting over him.

Moderator Trust is a big issue for every character on this show. Who do you feel has the most to lose for the rest of the season?

R. Wayne I guess itís really a toss-up between Justin and Emma, because if Justin doesnít have Laurel he doesnít have anything. He moved to Arizona for a certain reason and then that reasonís over, and now heís only there for one more and thatís Laurel, so if he doesnít have her I donít see what his reasoning would be to be there anymore. Then obviously Emma, because without Ethan or without a family she has nothing to go back to, just like Justin, so theyíd both be on their own.

Moderator It seems like almost anything could happen on this show, so if it were up to you what would you like to see happen to Justin in the next few months?

R. Wayne Thatís a good question. And I hate to answer it this way, but if you want me to be honest I will, I think that Justinís always played the nice guy, whether his intentions were not, so heís always come off as a nice guy except for maybe a couple of scenes. And actually the scenes where he was a bad guy I enjoyed doing so I donít know, I wouldnít mind playing a bad guy on the show, I wouldnít mind Justin, if they did break up, Laurel and Justin, then heís in this town and heís going to cause some controversy, and I think Iíd like to see that happen.

Moderator What is it like being surrounded by so many beautiful and talented women at work every day?

R. Wayne Well, itís amazing. Itís not tough. The thing about the girls on the show is that yes, theyíre all really beautiful, but theyíre also really cool, so thereís no egos on set. And it just makes it so easy. You know that theyíre beautiful, but itís not intimidating at all and itís just fun. Itís like living the high life.

Moderator How do the fans react to you when they see you? When they run into you on the street do they come up and start talking to you and treat you like youíre Justin, or are they finding it easy to separate Randy from Justin?

R. Wayne Thatís a really good question. Itís so funny, because on Twitter people would be like, "I love Justin, or IamRandyWayne," (@IamRandyWayne is Randy's Twitter handle) yada yada, theyíd go on about that, but then when the episodes came up where he was being rude to Laurel and making her cry, people turned and they were like, "I hate IAmRandyWayne. I want to slap you ..., why are you so mean," just not separating the character from the actor. People I donít think would come up to you in general because of your character , but in person itís nice and respectful and thereís separation, thereís a curiosity about whatís going to happen next, but online and in the Twitter world there definitely is not much separation sometimes.

Moderator Yes, is it a little concerning to you? When you go out in public are you a little, oh, I wonder if I should really go out incognito?

R. Wayne No, Iím not worried about that. I actually appreciate when people get frustrated with the character because thatís the point. If theyíre not frustrated then Iím not doing my job. The beauty of acting is making people like you and then dislike you and then like you again, because you can write something a certain way, but if you donít bring that to the character then itís not going to work. To see people change their mind about you and your character, itís entertaining and I love to hear it. I actually like when people approach me in public. Iím not so famous where itís annoying. So itís actually kind of fun.

Moderator I watched Alexandra Chando in As the World Turns; and I really enjoyed watching her. I was just wondering what she was like to work with, and how is she off set?

R. Wayne Sheís brilliant to work with because she takes her work very seriously. Sheís not the kind that actually comes to set and goofs around when she does a scene. She has no problem piping up and asking the writer and director and the producer and saying how can we make this work. Sheís very, very professional and very talented, of course. Then off set once sheís separated from the two sheís just a fun young girl and just loves life. Sheís always high on life. Itís great.

Moderator If you could have anybody on the show as a guest star who would you pick?

R. Wayne In the fantasy world, letís see, we could have Paul Giamatti play my dad; that would be interesting. But in the realistic world, I donít know, I think it would be fun to have someone like, I forget her name, the girl from Glee, the pretty blonde girl.

Moderator Have you read any of The Lying Game books? And if so, who do you think is behind the Lying Game?

R. Wayne I havenít read the books. But I was also told it wasnít really that important to read the books because itís so different from the show.

Moderator I know that youíre a big Tebow fan, but who is your Super Bowl prediction?

R. Wayne Yes, Iím a big fan. I know that Bradyís hot right now, but Iím going to have to say the Giants 28-23. I think they look unstoppable right now.

Moderator Youíre originally from Oklahoma, correct?

R. Wayne Thatís right. Iím actually here right now.

Moderator Is your accent something you have to be conscious about all the time to get the Southern accent out of your character?

R. Wayne You know Iíve actually played a lot of Southern roles and it makes it really easy for me. But when I moved to LA I realized that I had an accent, I didnít know that before, and yes, I had to focus on basically just enunciating and articulating instead of mumbling so much. But Iíve been home for about three weeks now, so the accent is definitely creeping back up on me. When I go back to LA in a week ... Iím going to have to work on it again.

Moderator You recently had a brief encounter with Helen Slaterís character and she was telling you to leave the party, so Iím feeling like she has the most to lose because she seems the most clueless out of everyone on the show. Would you like to work more with her

R. Wayne I would love to work with Helen a lot more. Sheís a very, very talented actress and she comes from such a genuine heartfelt place when she acts that it would be interesting to see, letís say it didnít work out between Justin and Laurel, thereís already friction between Ted and Kristin, so if Justin went back to his original plan, Kristinís the first place to start. I would love it. I would love to work with her. Iíd love to make her character question her relationship a lot more, and to be the instigator would be fantastic.

Moderator Itís only January and you already have this great guest appearance on Hot in Cleveland. What other projects have you been working on? Where else are we going to see you in 2012?

R. Wayne Actually, itís surreal a little bit, so Monday was The Lying Game, Wednesday was Hot in Cleveland, and I also did a movie that was on SyFy last night, and then I did movie called To Save a Life, itís a teen drama, and it premieres Sunday on the GMC channel. Also coming up I have a movie called Honey 2 by Universal. Itís the dance sequel to the original Honey with Jessica Alba. That comes out on DVD February 26th, I think, 28th, or something like that. So Honey 2 and then I also have a film thatís coming out called HARDflip. Itís a skateboarding family drama.

Moderator You recently had some type of knee surgery. Can you tell us about that and how youíre doing after the surgery?

R. Wayne I was in Thailand over Christmas, and actually on Christmas I rented a motor bike with my girlfriend and it was my first time to drive one and I thought I could handle it, and about 45 minutes into my drive I bumped the curb and it threw me off. She was fine, but I broke my leg and tore my ACL and my meniscus, and so I had surgery two days ago and now Iím on the rehab train. Itís not fun.

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