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By Krista

Emily Keener 

Interview with singers from "The Voice" on NBC 3/2/16

Moderator: Shauna Wynne
March 2, 2016 2:30 pm EST

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen thank you for standing by and welcome to The Voice Advancing Artists Conference Call.

During the presentation all participants will be in a listen only mode and afterwards weíll conduct a question and answer session. At that time if you have a question please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone.

If at any time during the conference you need to reach an operator please press star 0.

And as a reminder this conference is being recorded Wednesday, March 2, 2016.

And now Iíd like to turn the conference over to Shauna Wynne. Please go ahead.

Shauna Wynne: Hi everyone. Thanks for joining todayís conference call with The Voiceís Advancing Artists and thank you for standing by. 
Joining us today from Team Adam we have Laith Al-Saadi, Caroline Burns and Katherine Ho. From Team Christina we have Shalyah Fearing. From Team Blake we have Angie Keilhauer and Adam Wakefield. And from Team Pharrell we have Emily Keener and Jonathan Bach.

Out of respect for all journalists queuing up for a question please only ask one question at a time. You will have the option to queue up again. And if youíre asking a question to the group at whole please designate one artist to ask first.

I will now turn the call over to the question and answer segment.

Operator: Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen if youíd like to register for a question please press 1 4 on your telephone and you will hear a three-tone prompt to acknowledge your request. If your question has been answered and you would like to withdraw your registration please press the 1 followed by the 3. And if you are using a speakerphone please lift your handset before entering your request.

Our first question is from Jeff Dodge with Please proceed.

Jeff Dodge: Yes I have a question for the singers who were included in the montage last night. (Maybe) weíll start with Katherine. So can you talk more about your audition and kind of what we didnít see last night on the show?

Katherine Ho: Yes. So for my audition I sang - oh by the way this is Katherine Ho and for my audition I sang ďWildest DreamsĒ by Taylor Swift. And yes. It was a really cool experience. Like just like having them turn around - Adam turned first and then Blake turned towards the end. And yes it just all kind of went by in a haze and it was like so cool. Iíve never performed for like such a like a huge crowd before. And yes. I thought it was good.

Like of course Iím kind of sad I got montaged but like all the artists who were shown full length like they totally deserved it and Iím just happy for everyone and it was an incredible experience.

Jeff Dodge: Okay great. And how about Jonathan?

Jonathan Bach: Yes whatís up? Itís me. So yes it was absolutely mind blowing to go up there and sing in front of four superstars. I sang a really cool acoustic, I mean, in my own opinion a very cool version of ďBorn This Way.Ē It was like acoustic, very like clean and like kind of a more emotional take on the song.

But when Pharrell first turns around Iím like visibly shocked because like being on the show and just even auditioning in general has been like a whole, you know, process that I never thought I would ever be a part of. You know, music was never something that my family wanted for me. It was never something that they supported. Both of my parents are immigrants. They came here from Iraq.

And so for me to even be there and for a superstar like that to believe in me and think that he wants me on my team absolutely just blew my mind. And I fell to my knees by the end of my performance because I was just so in awe, you know, that he saw something in me that I was doubting I even saw in myself. And it was absolutely amazing. So definitely one of those highlights of my life for sure. But thatís - yes. Thatís pretty much what - how it went down.

Operator: Thank you. And our next question is from Jamie Steinberg with Starry Constellation Magazine. Please proceed.

Jamie Steinberg: Hi everyone. I appreciate you taking some time to talk with us today.

Jonathan Bach: Yes anytime. Gladly.


Woman: Oh of course.

Woman: Absolutely.

Jamie Steinberg: Oh you guys are going to be getting a brand new overwhelming fan base based on your performances last night on The Voice but youíre also going to be getting some celebrity love as well and last night and every night actually so far thereís been a lot of celebrities tweeting about the show. How does it make you guys feel -- and start with Caroline -- about your - gaining this new fan base on social media as well as having celebrity fans?

Caroline Burns: Itís really crazy. I don't know. It really shocked me like how many new followers I got and how many tweets I got just - and everyone has been, you know, pretty much really supportive and nice. And yes it was crazy and shocking when right after my audition everyone was like I got so many notifications and it was really nice and yes. Itís crazy, so.

Jamie Steinberg: (Anybody)...

Operator: Oh sorry. And - sorry. Our next question is from Mark Franklin with Voice Views.

Mark Franklin: Yes actually I wanted to go back to Katherine and Jonathan from - since we didnít get to really hear much of your story last night. I was hoping each of you could tell us a little bit about your own music. What type of music you prefer to sing, how you picked your audition songs, some of the biggest things youíve done to date as a solo artist? And if we could start off with Katherine please.

Katherine Ho: Yes so I like self-identify as a pop singer. Like I have - like my biggest musical influence are people like Taylor Swift and Sara Bareilles and I love Tori Kelly and Pentatonix. So definitely like kind of young pop I guess you could say.

And so I thought it was really fitting to choose ďWildest DreamsĒ for my blind audition because itís one of my favorite songs by Taylor Swift and it has so many like different dimensions to it and I just thought it would be a great song. It was like a little bit of a challenge for me. So I think I like grew as like a singer by doing - by choosing like a harder blind audition song and yes. Thatís pretty much like my - like what type of music I do.

Jonathan Bach: Yes cool.


Jonathan Bach: This is Jonathan by the way and just for my song, ďBorn This WayĒ - just like as an artist Iím really into pop, radio. I kind of identify as pop soul recently. I feel like a two-genre name artist thing. It makes me really hipster so I was, you know, I was into that.

But when I was looking through songs and how I wanted to represent myself my music always really came from a place of trying to prove myself. So I was always trying to do a whole bunch of crazy (riffy), you know, like crazy stuff to show people that I can do it.

But when I took on ďBorn This WayĒ what - my goal is that I just gave justice to the song and the message that it represents, that, you know, nobody is meant to be, you know, exiled or judged or anything like that. The message of the song is that you are perfect exactly the way you are.

And growing up, you know, I was bullied a lot through high school and I always made it a mission to kind of inspire other people that, you know, just because other people might not like you, other people might not be on the same page as you doesnít mean that youíre any less of a person. It doesnít mean that you should be down. It means that, you know, you can just pick yourself up and you donít really need everybody elseís permission to be a badass. So - Iím sorry. I don't know if weíre allowed to say ďbadass.Ē But that was my story and thatís the reason that I did the song that I did.

Operator: Thank you. Once again if youíd like to register for a question please press 1 4 on your telephone. Our next question is from Eva Abreu with The Daily Record, New Jersey. Please proceed.

Eva Abreu: Yes actually I wanted to double check: is Joe Vivona on the call?

Shauna Wynne: Joe is not on the call.

Eva Abreu: Okay. All right. Iím sorry. Weíre a New Jersey paper, so. Okay. And Iíll step back. Thank you.

Operator: And we have a follow up from...


Woman: ...Jersey. Does that help? Oh never mind.

Operator: Sorry. We have a follow up from Jeff Dodge with Please proceed.

Jeff Dodge: Yes I have a question for Angie. How are you Angie?

Angie Keilhauer: Iím doing well. How about yourself?

Jeff Dodge: Good. So, you know, you mentioned on the show that you have been a cruise ship singer. So kind of - can you tell us about that? Kind of what do you like best about it and whatís your least favorite part, things like that.

Angie Keilhauer: Oh yes. Cruise ships is probably an incredible environment to really hone your chops as a musician and as a performer because the sheer volume that you have to play, like youíre - can start out being incredibly challenging. And I came into it really feeling like an amateur like I didnít know what I was doing.

And then I remember on the plane ride home after six months of playing four hours every day, six days a week I was sitting on a plane ride next to somebody who asked what do I do for a living. And I was like oh I just finished playing (guitar) on a contract for Carnival Cruise Lines. And they were like oh youíre a professional musician. And I was like uh yes. Thatís exactly what I am.

And it was probably one of the most (unintelligible) in my career, probably one of the biggest breaks Iíve ever had because I was able to build a significant fan base for touring on land without a big capital cost and I was able to save money to get my car and my B.A., all of the things that I needed to tour on land.

So I would say that playing on cruise ships is probably the single biggest thing thatís happened in my career besides of course, you know, making it here on the show. But is there something specifically you wanted to ask about life on a cruise ship?

Jeff Dodge: Just kind of what your experience was like and stuff like that, yes.

Angie Keilhauer: It was - itís pretty amazing because youíre stuck on a ship with about, you know, 1000 other employees and youíre - itís not like you can go home and see your other friends. So like the people that you work with, your coworkers are your only source of social activity. So like we end up becoming really close.

And being on the show like a lot of my, you know, closest friends on ships are reaching out and saying oh gosh Iím so happy to see you. And these are friends that Iíve made all over the world, from Romania to the Ukraine to, I mean, you name the country I probably know somebody there. And itís just been an amazing learning experience to learn so many different cultures and being able to share some of those beautiful places on Earth with them.

Operator: Thank you. And we have a follow up question from Mark Franklin with Voice Views. Please proceed.

Mark Franklin: Yes I wanted to ask two of the contestants about their coaching choices and that would be Katherine and Kata. Katherine, if we could start with you. Why Adam over Blake?

Katherine Ho: Thatís a good question. I had - actually before the blind auditions I thought I was going to - like Blake was actually like one of my top choices. But I don't know. I think Adam just like - he was pretty good at talking and I don't know. I just like got caught up in the moment.

And like now that I like look back on it I think Adam because heís like more similar to my genre. And I feel like he could really help like mold me better as an artist because Iím still at the stage where like Iím not 100% sure like what my like artist identity is. Like I know like generally what I want to do but I was hoping Adam could just like help me really hone in on what I wanted to do. So I guess Adam over Blake for that reason but honestly I donítí think there was a wrong choice.


Mark Franklin: Okay. Thank you very much (unintelligible). And then Kata, how about you?

Shauna Wynne: Kata isnít on but you can email me and Iíll make sure that...

Mark Franklin: Oh okay.

Shauna Wynne: ...questions are answered.

Mark Franklin: Sure. Okay thanks.

Operator: If youíd like to register for a question please press 1 4. And there are no further questions registered at this time.

Man: Alrighty.

Shauna Wynne: All right. Thanks everyone. Iíd like to - and again Iím sorry for the mix up. Again if you would like a transcript today you can email me at Thanks. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Man: AwesomeÖ


Woman: Thank you.

Jonathan Bach: Thank you.

Woman: Thanks.

Woman: Thanks guys.

Operator: (Unintelligible)...

Woman: Thank you.

Operator: ...conference call for today. We thank you for your participation and ask that you please disconnect your line.


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Page updated 3/11/16

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