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By Krista

The Voice

Interview with contestants of "The Voice" on NBC 3/11/15


Moderator: Shauna Wynne
March 11, 2015
1:00 pm CT

Operator: Welcome to The Voice advancing artists press and media conference call. During the presentation, all participants will be in a listen-only mode. Afterwards, we will conduct a question and answer session. At that time, if you have a question, please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. If at any time during the conference you need to reach an operator, please press Star 0.

As a reminder, this conference is being recorded Wednesday, March 11, 2015. I would now like to turn the conference over to Shauna Wynne with Voice Publicity. Please go ahead.

Shauna Wynne: Hi everyone, thanks for joining todayís conference call with The Voiceís advancing artists. If youíd like a transcript of this call, please email me at

Joining us today from Team Adam we have Nathan Hermida, Blaze Johnson, Deanna Johnson, Joshua Davis, and Tonya Boyd-Cannon.

From Team Blake we have Travis Ewing, Meghan Linsey, Sarah Potenza, and Brian Johnson.

From Team Christina we have Sonic and Joe Tolo.

And from Team Pharrell we have Hannah Kirby, Paul Pfau, and Mia Z.

Out of respect for all reporters queuing up, please only ask one question at a time. You will then have the option to queue up for additional questions. And if youíre asking a question to the group, please indicate who youíd like to answer first. And Iíll now turn the call over to the question and answer.

Operator: Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, if youíd like to register for a question, please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. You will hear a three-tone prompt to acknowledge your request.

If your question has been answered and you would like to withdraw your registration, please press the 1 followed by the 3. If you are using a speakerphone, please lift your handset before entering your request.

Our first question comes from the line of Joshua Maloney from Niagara Frontier Publications. Please proceed.

Joshua Maloney: Thank you. Iím sorry, did you say is Ashley on the call or no?

Shauna Wynne: Ashley is not on the call.

Joshua Maloney: Okay. My question is for Hannah. Hannah, how are you doing today?

Hannah Kirby: Iím good. How are you?

Joshua Maloney: Good. Obviously you were very good in the blind audition, but when we saw you in the battles, the coaches, I mean, they were practically, you know, stomping over each other to get you on their team. They were very, very impressed with you. What sort of did you learn or what sort of process did you go through would you say to have the improvement that we saw from the blind audition to the battle round?

Hannah Kirby: Well, Sarah and I just - we worked really hard on the song. And I think just spending so much time on both of us wanting to be in sync, like we both wanted it to be so good, not only for ourselves but for each other, so that the battle would be the best that it could be. And I think just all of that work just turned out a really fantastic product for both of us.

Joshua Maloney: Okay. Thank you very much.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Jonny Reinhardt with WCXT. Please proceed.

Jonny Reinhardt: So this question is for Brian, Brian Johnson. Now you were competing against Joshua Davis, playing guitar and performing a song that seemed to be in his wheelhouse, Knocking on Heavenís Door, but you guys definitely held your own. How do you feel about, you know, still being on Team Blake now and Joshua being on Team Adam? Do you think that gives you guys an advantage or gives Joshua an advantage?

Brian Johnson: Well, I mean, the song in general we were both really happy with. You know, Knocking on Heavenís Door, Bob Dylan is a very simple, you know, solid song. And we just worked really hard to make it the best song it could be, like Hannah was saying earlier.

You know, for both of us we went into this thinking the end goal has to be that one of us wins and one of us gets stolen and that was kind of our mindset from the get go. And I think that Joshua would agree that, like, it worked out best for both parties in this situation. And I think Adam was such a good spot for Joshua. And I mean, like I have loved working with Blake and Iím excited about, you know, working with him in the knockout rounds as well.

Jonny Reinhardt: Awesome.

Operator: All right. And we have Cody Wickline from Team Blake that has joined us. Our next question comes from the line of Al Howard from WKEY. Please proceed.

Al Howard: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. This question is for Cody. Cody, Big Al here from Covington, Virginia. I talked to you a couple of weeks ago via phone. Congratulations on your win last night over Matt.

Cody Wickline: Thanks man, I appreciate it. How are you doing?

Al Howard: Iím doing really well and How Country Feels seemed to be a good start for you with the battles. I think youíre winning over all the ladies last night, especially with Christina Aguilera.

Cody Wickline: Yes, thatís pretty awesome. Yes, it really was.

Al Howard: Well congratulations, congratulations.

Cody Wickline: Thank you.

Al Howard: My question is this. Now that youíve made it through the first round of the battles, where do you go from here?

Cody Wickline: Well now, you know, it goes to the knockout round and everything and so that means, you know, weíll be paired up again and - but this time, you know, weíll do individual songs. So thatís what happens next.

Al Howard: Any idea what your next song will be?

Shauna Wynne: Heíll have to wait to answer that one until the next round.

Cody Wickline: Yes, I canít answer that.

Al Howard: Iím sorry, thatís twofold. Iím sorry. Iíll get you on the next round, thanks Cody.

Cody Wickline: Thatís all right. Thank you.

Operator: All right. So our next question comes from the line of Steve Gidlow with Please proceed.

Steve Gidlow: This is for Sonic. I just wondered if you thought you had it in the bag at the end of that competition or did you kind of feel this could be it.

Sonic: Wow. I donít know, honestly. I was really struggling in rehearsals so I honestly didnít - I didnít really know at that point. I just wanted to get up there and kind of give it my all and leave it all on the stage. And I worked really, really hard with that song and it ended up working out for me. But, you know, I like to stay pretty humble and just go into it with a positive mindset.

Steve Gidlow: Cool. Thank you.

Sonic: Thank you.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, as a reminder, to register for a question, please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. Our next question comes from the line of Al Howard with WKEY. Please proceed.

Al Howard: Letís go back to Cody again. Cody, question. What will be your next song in the knockout round?

Cody Wickline: I canít answer that right now.

Al Howard: Okay.

Cody Wickline: Iím not allowed.

Al Howard: Can I ask another question then?

Cody Wickline: Sure.

Al Howard: Can I ask another quick question? The question is Blake Shelton, I believe, is very much a Cody Wickline fan. He made that very aware last night. How does that make you feel to know that youíve got a superstar on your side?

Cody Wickline: It makes you feel - itís really surreal that youíve got somebody as big as Blake Shelton that has got your back and really believes in you, you know. Itís unbelievable, you know. I never thought I would actually make it this far. And to have, you know - for me to be able to make it this far and then to have somebody like Blake kind of in my corner, on my side itís really - itís remarkable. It really is.

Al Howard: Thank you Cody.

Cody Wickline: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Earl Dittman with Digital Journal. Please proceed.

Earl Dittman: Hey guys, congratulations everybody. All my favorites made it through. Itís fantastic.

Man: Thank you.

Woman: Thanks.

Woman: Thank you.

Earl Dittman: Yes you all deserve it man, it was incredible to watch last night. Travis, of course, you looked like there for a minute you were not going to make it but then Blake just took you at the final second. Did that really shock you? I mean, were you thinking you were going home?

Travis Ewing: I mean, that was a difficult performance for me because obviously The Temptations is kind of something that Anthony has been doing for a really long time and I hadnít heard the song before I was given it by Pharrell.

So being on that stage and Pharrell looking at me, you know, I was accepting my fate. And even though, you know, Blake had said in his comments that he would have picked me, I still wasnít sure that he would be putting up a steal for that. So yes, I mean, I said my thank yous and my goodbyes and I started to move forward off the stage and he hit his button which was - I think you could probably see it in my face. I was pretty surprised and pretty relieved.

Earl Dittman: Yes, well now youíve got some Motown soul in you now.

Travis Ewing: Yes a little bit. I learned something new for sure.

Earl Dittman: Well Paul, also yesterday we talked about Lyle Lovett. I did listen to it again. I almost have to agree with you. But were you a big Beatles fan before you did this; before the song last night?

Paul Pfau: Oh, of course I was a big Beatles fan. Like I said in the - you know, in my interview on the show, like that - one of the first moments I ever had that inspired me to really want to start playing guitar and even playing - even singing was listening to that exact song in my dadís car.

And so to be able to play that on national TV with one of my best friends, Meghan Linsey, you know, that was like one of the coolest moments so far. I mean, it was - yes, I just hope I made Paul McCartney proud. I hope heís not mad at me.

Earl Dittman: If you had a chance of doing a Beatles song, is there one you would like to do?

Paul Pfau: Oh man, thereís a hundred Iíd like to do. Thereís so many. While My Guitar Gently Weeps would probably be a good tune for me because like I said Iím a guitar player, I love shredding, I love that bluesier kind of sound and Clapton was the guitar player on that recording and heís one of my favorites. So I would love to do that. That would be super cool.

Earl Dittman: Great. Well thanks, guys. Iíll get back in line. Thank you much.

Paul Pfau: Yes, thank you.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, as a reminder, to register for a question please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. Our next question comes from the line of Elizabeth Collins from RealityWanted. Please proceed.

Elizabeth Collins: Hi, how is it going?

Man: Hi.

Elizabeth Collins: Is Meghan on the line?

Shauna Wynne: Yes.

Elizabeth Collins: Hi Meghan.

Meghan Linsey: Hi, how are you?

Elizabeth Collins: Great, how are you?

Meghan Linsey: Iím good.

Elizabeth Collins: Okay. So you came on The Voice to launch your solo career and Blake didnít hit his button at first and then last night you lost the battle, but then all three judges hit their buttons to steal you. How did you feel when that happened?

Meghan Linsey: It was just surreal, you know. It was, you know - it was cool because Paul - I feel like everybody is saying this but Paul and I, you know, we worked really hard on our song, you know, trying to make it really hard for the judges so that one of us would win and one of us would get stolen and that was kind of the end goal. So, you know, Iím glad we accomplished that. And it was really exciting to, you know, have all three judges want me on their team was really, really cool.

Elizabeth Collins: Thatís awesome. And how did you end up choosing Blake? Was it because of your personal history with him?

Meghan Linsey: You know, he said some things that didnít really make the episode, but I just felt like he really got me and was - just really believed in me in that moment and so I just felt like - I just went with my gut and that was what felt like the right thing to do.

Elizabeth Collins: Thatís great. And Sarah Potenza, are you there?

Sarah Potenza: Yes, maíam.

Elizabeth Collins: Okay. Youíre selling it this season and I feel like you donít believe in yourself as much as other people do. I mean, I feel like youíre shocked at moments and now youíre going through to the knockout round. How did you feel last night after winning that battle which Iíve got to give kudos to Hannah too because it was unbelievable.

Sarah Potenza: Thank you so much. Well, itís not that I donít believe in myself. Iíve always believed in myself and Iíve always worked really hard to climb every mountain that Iíve climbed in my career.

But itís like every, you know, for every yes that Iíve heard, there have been like a hundred nos. There have been like a hundred times that Iíve been disappointed or been like, you know, I worked so hard and put my all into this and it was just kind of another more fuel for the fire of being like - of being, you know, an underdog.

So then to come into this thing on The Voice and then to, you know, turn four chairs and then to win this battle against this incredible, incredible singer, it just - it really was like I really didnít expect to hear my name especially after, you know, the coaches all had said so many great things about both of us, but they really were very, like, surprised with Hannahís performance.

And, you know, I really expected it to be like similar situations that Iíve had in my life where it was like oh, you know, you did a great job, but for whatever reason weíre going to go with the other person. And so I just didnít expect to hear my name.

Elizabeth Collins: Itís funny because I feel like people watching did expect to hear your name but weíre only seeing you now and so we havenít seen all of the nos that you got before. So for us itís like oh my gosh, she is so amazing.


Sarah Potenza: Oh thank you so much.

Elizabeth Collins: Youíre welcome. And Hannah, after they called Sarahís name for winning the battle, how confident were you that you were going to get stolen?

Hannah Kirby: Well, like I said earlier, Sarah and I went into the battle. And I feel like you - to give an amazing battle you have to go into it thinking okay, whoever loses is going to get stolen. One of us is going to win and one of us is going to get stolen. Therefore, you know, weíre both going to win in a way.

And so I just - I went in there with that belief that no matter what happened, one of us would be stolen. And so, you know, after Sarahís name was called, which - and honestly she says that she was surprised but I wasnít surprised, you know, because I think that weíre both fantastic singers and it could have been either one of us and our voices are really different. So itís just, like, you know, apples and oranges kind of thing.

But I was just happy to be stolen and I went in there with the belief that one of us would be stolen. And I kept believing that while I was standing there. And I think I had to, you know, or youíre going to break down and be a wreck and that would not be pretty. So, you know, I kept believing that and then that belief, you know, came to life.

Sarah Potenza: Yes, I think we both just believed that. From the very beginning we just were both just like thereís not going to be like a winner or a loser, there is just going to be like us doing everything that we can for the sake of the song to make this, like, an awesome performance, a piece of art, a piece of, you know, theater on TV and like we just really worked really hard on the song.

You know, every night for weeks leading up to it we would go out into the parking lot and practice our choreography, we would practice the song vocally for like two hours, like, every day.

We just wanted it to be, like, really incredible and we wanted us each to leave space for each other to shine so that, you know - we both have big voices so that there was space enough for both of us to really make this on our own and really show off, but also do what was best for the song. And we just went into it thinking that if we did that, neither of us could lose no matter what the outcome was.

Operator: And our - we have a question from the line of Melanie Chapman with WSAZ. Please proceed.

Melanie Chapman: Hey, this question is for Cody Wickline. Blake talked to you about coming out of your shell on stage. How are you feeling as you do more on The Voice stage? Compare your battle round experience to maybe your experience during your first blind audition.

Cody Wickline: This is Cody. I feel like I was more open and put a lot more energy into it, you know, kind of coming out of my shell, you know, getting away from the guitar and kind of being able to move around and work the stage a little bit.

I really enjoyed that, you know. I kind of - I felt like it helped me focus more on getting connected with the lyrics and the performance and kind of helped me put a little bit more personality into my performance.

Melanie Chapman: Awesome, we thought you did a great job. Blake made a comment at the end that he had to go with the gut feeling of where he thinks you can go from here and he chose you. So what are your thoughts on that, that Blake is supporting you and may be interested in seeing just how far he can take you?

Cody Wickline: Yes, I think definitely, you know, from hearing that I think that, you know, itís really a blessing, you know, to be on that stage and itís even more of a blessing to have a coach tell you, you know, somebody like Blake Shelton tell you that he really, you know, he believes in you basically.

And I really - I think that, you know, regardless of what may happen as far as the turnout of the show and stuff I definitely think that me and Blake will be working together for a long time. You know, heís got that sincerity in his voice, you know, when he tells me something and I feel like heís really supportive of my career because he believes in me a lot.

Melanie Chapman: Okay. Thank you. Congrats.

Cody Wickline: All right. Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Jonny Reinhardt with WCXT. Please proceed.

Jonny Reinhardt: Is Mia around?

Mia Z: Yes, I am here.

Jonny Reinhardt: Okay. So a lot of you guys have a lot of great coaches and great mentors. I would say though your team having somebody like Pharrell and Lionel Richie with their enormous amount of talent but also their years in the industry. What sort of advice are they giving you not only about singing a song and being on stage but just the music industry in general?

Mia Z: Theyíre both very, very, you know, since theyíre that soul and R&B and that blues so, you know, they definitely understand it and they get it. So, you know, it was just the advice of, you know, staying Mia Z and like staying me and singing from, you know, my heart and going out there on the stage with Ashley and just, you know, giving it all together. So basically just that kind of stuff.

Jonny Reinhardt: Awesome.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Steve Gidlow with Please proceed.

Steve Gidlow: This question is for Ashley. She is there; right?

Shauna Wynne: Ashley is not on the line.

Steve Gidlow: She is not on the line, okay. Then Iíll jump back in. Thank you.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, as a reminder, to register for a question please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. We have a question from the line of Al Howard with WKEY. Please proceed.

Al Howard: Last question for Cody Wickline. Cody, last night during the battle round with Matt did you get any chance, I guess, at the end of the battle round and after leaving the stage to talk with Matt to see what he was going to be doing with the rest of his career?

Cody Wickline: I did, actually. You know, I got to talk to him for a little while afterwards, you know, because we had to record and everything together. And, you know, he really seemed really positive, you know. He said, you know, he said going into this he said I really - all I wanted was to be able to have the opportunity to let the, you know, nation hear my voice basically.

And so, you know, and heís such a respectful guy, you know, I mean, as soon as I seen him afterwards he come up and shook my hand and gave me a big hug. And he just said, you know, Iíve got your back, brother. He said, Iím supporting you all the way.

And he still does, you know. We still, you know - weíre still talking and everything. And I just talked to him last night, actually. I texted him and - but he seems really - heís a real positive guy anyways, you know; he has a real positive attitude about things. And, you know, I think that heíll definitely - I think something good will come out of all this for him.

You know, heís a very talented guy and it was a privilege to get the chance to perform like we did on stage. I mean, you know, it was really - we went out there and we put on a really good performance between the both of us and I think he was really pleased with that, I really do.

Al Howard: You guys sure did. You did a great job and again congratulations and wishing you the very best for the knock out rounds. Iíve got a question for Meghan Linsey. Meghan, Big Al with 103.5 Big Country, Covington, Virginia. How are you today?

Meghan Linsey: Iím good, how are you?

Al Howard: Iím doing great. We used to play your music a good bit when you were with Steel Magnolia.

Meghan Linsey: Awesome, thank you.

Al Howard: Love your music and now that youíre breaking out to do your own thing, I guess itís a real pleasure to get back to working with Blake Shelton again.

Meghan Linsey: It is man. Heís awesome so Iím excited to be on his team. I think he really supports the singers on his team. And, you know, I think all the coaches are awesome but I do notice that Blake, you know, in the long run it seems like he really tries to help out the people on his team. And so I feel like heís a sincere guy and itís good to be on his team.

Al Howard: Well, you know, with Blake Shelton believing in the female country artists and knowing that there is a shortage of female country artists in Nashville today, youíre pretty much in the catbird seat right now.

Meghan Linsey: Yes, I mean, and Iím experimenting with all kinds of sounds on the show and everything too but yes definitely, you know, Iíve made a career in country music and I love country music and I love writing country songs. So yes I think Iím in a really good spot on Blakeís team for sure.

Al Howard: Well congratulations again on being stolen last night by Blake. Iím just sorry that it took him this long to figure out that you were a great voice for his team.

Meghan Linsey: Thank you so much.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Krista Chain with The TV MegaSite. Please proceed.

Krista Chain: Yes my question is for Meghan. Were you disappointed since you had worked with Blake before when he didnít press his button the first time?

Meghan Linsey: No I really wasnít. I was just glad that, you know, anybody pressed their button. And I actually walked out there really wanting to be on Pharrellís team and so it was really exciting when he turned around for me, you know, and the other two coaches as well. So yes I was just thrilled to just get on the show and to be on Pharrellís team. And, you know, Blake is awesome but I really, you know, it wasnít like a worry for me at all or anything.

Krista Chain: Okay great, congratulations.

Meghan Linsey: Thank you.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, to register for a question please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. We have a question from the line of Earl Dittman with Digital Journal.

Earl Dittman: Hi this is for Tonya. What is the best advice that you got from Ellie that we didnít see on the show?

Tonya Boyd-Cannon: Hi, how are you doing?

Earl Dittman: Doing great.

Tonya Boyd-Cannon: Her best advice was everything was amazing and great advice that she gave me. But the most important thing was just to never lose who I am as a vocalist in the song and to relax and just, you know, as Adam had also agreed with her was just to sing in the pocket more rhythmically.

So that has been a lesson for me and it continues to be a lesson to this day. So she is golden for that, her name is not Ellie Goulding for anything. So sheís golden for that tool and skill set that she supported me.

Earl Dittman: Yes, thatís great. And Brian what about your coach, what about Meghan? What did she say to you that maybe we didnít see on the show?

Shauna Wynne: Brian, make sure your line is not on mute.

Brian Johnson: That was what happened. Working with Meghan was incredible. She had so much positive things to say about Joshua and I. And at one point like, you know, weíre practicing the song and she made a comment about making sure that we have emotion in the song so that was my main intention and Joshuaís main intention when we were practicing.

And then, you know, as we get to sing the song to see her react emotionally to the song, it was just a huge honor to be able to sing in front of her and to see someone as successful as Meghan Trainor not just for her popular songs but she has been in the writing game in Nashville for so many years and written songs for artists that I look up to. So just to be able to work with her and to see that she likes the music and the voice that Iíve been putting out there is a huge honor.

Earl Dittman: Thatís fantastic. Well thanks guys, thanks again. I appreciate it.

Brian Johnson: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of (Samantha Boyer) with WBLK230 AM. Please proceed.

Samantha Boyer:: This question is for Tonya Boyd-Cannon.

Tonya Boyd-Cannon: Hi.

Samantha Boyer:: Hey Tonya. Congratulations. I want to take you back to your blind audition when you first performed on The Voice, you know, and we were all watching cheering down here in New Orleans.

But why did you pick Adam and did it have to do with the fact that he was the first one to push the button? Because I think there were a lot of people surprised that you sang a Pharrell song Happy for your blind audition and yet you chose Adam. Can you talk about that?

Tonya Boyd-Cannon: Sure, sure. Thatís the number one question I get from everyone. Thank you for all the love and support from New Orleans, you know, back home. Adam, it wasnít about the chair being turned first. It was about the message of who would work, you know, allow me to stay out of my comfort zone.

And all three coaches, you know, gave their pitch for me to choose them. However Adam made his comment in his pitch, you know, Tonya youíre bad, you can sing, you know, you can sing anything. However, there are some things that we need to work on with pitch and we need to work on with your rhythm of singing.

And that spoke to me because I could easily sing something as far as being in my comfort zone with some soul, some R&B, some rock, you know, some jazz. However I want someone whoís going to challenge me and take me outside of that.

It was an honor to be validated by Pharrell when I sung his song. And it gave me even more courage. And for him to validate that also confirmed my decision of who I chose because, you know, as he encouraged me and he told me he said Tonya youíre bad. You sung that song like no one else. I mean, that confirmation was truly rewarding.

And when after speaking with him and then knowing that my coach was there to support me and also to push me the more it confirmed my choice, my selection and to this day I stand on that. I stand behind my coach because I know my coach believes in me and he supports everything that he has given me and he supports also what Iím going to give back for my (unintelligible).

Samantha Boyer:: Excellent. Thank you.

Tonya Boyd-Cannon: Thank you so much.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Andrew Garcia with FanSite. Please proceed.

Andrew Garcia: Hi, this question is for Blaze.

Blaze Johnson: Hello.

Andrew Garcia: Hey, how are you doing?

Blaze Johnson: Iím good, how are you?

Andrew Garcia: Iím great man. So my question is coming from the Bahamas and moving to the United States at a young age, it seems like your family particularly your father was always in your corner. I just want to see if you can describe how your family and friends feel about you being on The Voice and like what do they say and how does that inspire you.

Blaze Johnson: Man, it inspires me a lot. You know, it means a lot when I hear, you know, my family is really happy. Because, you know, back in Bahamas thereís not a lot of big things that happen really in Bahamas, you know, in the Caribbean.

But just the fact that, you know, just to make my father and my mother proud, you know, they have worked so hard all their life and tried to do their best for me, you know, be able to give back to them and to show them that, you know, they didnít fail, that they didnít mess up or anything, you know, thatís the biggest thing for me to show them that like they didnít make a mistake, you know, that they made the right choice.

And I want to be able to give them everything they gave back to me. And, you know, itís a humbling thing and Iím very, very proud to say that theyíre my family. I want to make them proud. So yes.

Andrew Garcia: Perfect, thank you.

Blaze Johnson: Thank you.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, as a reminder, to register for a question please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. We have a question from the line of Jonny Reinhardt, WCXT. Please proceed.

Jonny Reinhardt: This question is for Anthony. Now you made the comment during rehearsals when you guys were doing the battle rounds.

Shauna Wynne: Jonny Iím going to go ahead and interrupt you. Anthony is not on the line either.

Jonny Reinhardt: Oh Anthony is not on the line, okay.

Shauna Wynne: Yes so if you want to ask a question to anyone else, thatís fine. Anthony and Ashley are not on the line.

Jonny Reinhardt: Okay Anthony and Ashley, okay. Okay then this question is for Sonic. Now you have had some challenges with having hearing issues and it seemed like you were struggling a little bit in the rehearsal. What did you do to prepare yourself for the actual battle rounds? Because it seemed like you blew it out of the park.

Sonic: Thank you.

Jonny Reinhardt: Is the hair a thing that may have given you an advantage?

Sonic: I donít think the hair was. You know, around The Voice (unintelligible).

Jonny Reinhardt: Right.

Sonic: I struggled a lot, I struggle a lot as a singer, you know, with only having one ear. And, you know, even my good ear is kind of like borderline normal. But I never like to make that an excuse. I drilled myself and you probably heard in the rehearsal, you know, Christina like try (unintelligible).

I just - what I did since everyone is really singing practicing their songs, you know, while filming or doing something like that, I would try to sing my song through on my part while people were singing because itís really distracting.

And I just - I worked really hard and I practiced a lot every day and I stayed up really late until I got it. I think, I mean, I was like hoarse probably two days before my battle and because I was singing so much. I actually had to go on vocal rest. But I just yes, I put in a lot of work.

Jonny Reinhardt : Well look forward to it and I also look forward to seeing the next hairstyle that you have.

Sonic: Thank you so much.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen as a reminder to register for a question please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. There are no questions at this time. I will turn the call back over to you Ms. Wynne. Please proceed.

Shauna Wynne: Hi everyone, thanks for joining the call today. Once again if you do want a transcript you can email me at Thank you and have a nice day.

Man: Thank you.

Woman: Thank you.

Woman: Thank you.

Man: Thank you.

Man: Thank you for (unintelligible).

Woman: Bye.

Man: Bye Brian, bye Nathan.

Man: Bye.

Man: I want to hug you all.

Woman: I know.

Woman: Hug over the phone.

Man: I loved answering all these questions.

Man: I love you (unintelligible), I love you.

Man: I love you man.


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