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By Krista

Interview with Keith Urban of "American Idol" on FOX 2/20/13

Final Transcript
FBC PUBLICITY: The American Idol Conference Call
February 20, 2013/10:30 a.m. PST

Alex Gillespie
Keith Urban


Moderator: Welcome to the American Idol Conference call. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. Later, weíll have a question and answer session with instructions given at that time. As a reminder, todayís conference is being recorded. Iíd now like to turn the conference over to our host, Ms. Alex Gillespie. Please go ahead.

A. Gillespie: Good morning, everyone, thank you so much for joining us and welcome to the American Idol conference call with Keith Urban. Just to remind you that American Idol airs tonight and tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on Fox.

Tonight, the first group of female performers will sing for America and then tomorrow night the male performers will. Just a reminder also that our photos and our press releases can be found on our press website at

Without further ado, Iíd like to turn the call over to Mr. Keith Urban.

K. Urban: Good morning, everybody. Weíre in Vegas this morning and I just want to thank everybody for first of all joining us and hopefully I can answer all your questions.

A. Gillespie: Great. Julia, weíll open the lines for questions please.

Coordinator: Our first question will come from the line of Reg Seeton of the Please go ahead.

R. Seeton: Now that the show is in Las Vegas is it harder to be unbiased and not be emotionally invested in the singers? How do you see it?

K. Urban: I donít feel itís any harder. Certainly the audienceís reaction to our critiquing or opinions makes for a different kind of energy in the room, but for me Iím just trying to stay in the moment and just really give my gut reaction, the way a performance hit me. Iím just trying to stay on track with that and give them the best advice I can possible give them and hopefully they get to go through to the next round.

R. Seeton: And when you think about how you find confidence as a singer, whatís itís like to watch the singers find their confidence?

K. Urban: Itís tremendous. I never forget the environment theyíre working in too. Thatís an extraordinary thing, particularly when youíre young, 18 or whatever, and youíre standing there in front of us, in front of all about 1,700 people that were in the theater last night and countless millions watching at home, and there you are, right in front of it, but youíve got limited time to do your thing. So I have tremendous amount empathy for the environment that theyíre working in as well and I do take that into account.

Coordinator: Next weíll go to the line of Brian Mansfield of USA Today.

B. Mansfield: One of the things that Iíve really enjoyed watching this year is the chemistry between you and Nicki because the two of you clearly admire each other so much. Did you guys know each other at all before this and was there like a bonding moment where you realized that you were going to really get along?

K. Urban: Iíd never met Nicki before the show. We flew up to New York the night before the very first day of shooting and we all went to dinner, Ryan, and Nicki and Mariah and myself, Randy. We all went out and thatís the first time I got to meet certainly Mariah and Nicki. Iíd met Ryan and Randy before.

But the very next day when we got into shooting what I really liked about Nicki was just her straight shooting directism. For me, growing up in Australia I like being around people that are just absolutely raw and straight and tell it like it is. So I just kind of clicked with Nicki right from the get go.

Coordinator: Next weíll go to the line of Gil Kaufman of MTV News.

G. Kaufman: One of the things weíve definitely noticed at MTV this year is that the girls seem to be really strong. After six years where we havenít had a female winner it definitely seems like thereís been an emphasis on the female contestants this year. Do you think that this could be the year that that drought is broken and why do you think that so far the girls have shown so much more strength and versatility than the boys?

K. Urban: I think youíre right. All I can say is at least from what we just saw last night itís absolutely a girlís year to win, in my opinion. Thatís not to say the guys arenít strong because they really are. Its really more a testament to how strong the girls are this year.

I want to see the emergence of great artistry, male, female, it doesnít really matter, but definitely the girls are stronger. I donít know why that is. Itís just one of those things. We saw probably over 270 people all up to get it down to where we are today and the girls were just incredibly strong this year.

G. Kaufman: Do you think that Mariah and Nicki have had any effect on that? That having them on the panel and having them have such strong opinions has made a difference as well in that score?

K. Urban: I certainly think having somebody like particularly MariahóInarguably one of the worldís great vocalists period. This is a global vocal powerhouse and any girl, I think, would love the opportunity to sing for Mariah and get feedback from her and get direction from her. I think thatís been a real plus for the show to have somebody like her on the panel.

Coordinator: Next weíll go to the line of Michele Angermiller of Hollywood Reporter.

M. Angermiller: Let me ask you something. I noticed that Angela Miller did an original song last week and I know that some of the guys have not exactly done originals. Is it totally up to them to do an original and do you think an original song gives them more of an advantage when theyíre performing for you?

K. Urban: Itís a good question. First of all, I think obviously the original songs area allowed if youíve got something that you feel confident with. Certainly in Angelaís case she rightly had the confidence in a song like that. I thought it was superb. Her performance was superb.

I think it really helped her, not just because it showed that she can write, because thatís not a prerequisite in my opinion, there are certainly an amount of great artists from Frank Sinatra on down who never wrote songs, but I think to see her confidence singing a song that she wrote was very helpful for her.

For me I like getting to see another side of who they are. Obviously, if they write a song, it speaks a lot about who they are as a person as well as an artist.

M. Angermiller: Iíve noticed that youíre really out there when you like somebody. Like when you were telling the contestants last week about how you really fight for them. I donít think Iíve ever heard anybody be that honest with the contestants and everything. Were you like that in Australia when you did the show?

K. Urban: Iím just like that in life. Itís hard. Itís the four of us up there and in the case of last night, if needed, we also had Jimmy Iovine to be tiebreaker. So thereís any amount of people weighing in. Iím one voce of quite a few and itís particularly hard if thereís somebody I really like and I vote for them. All it takes is the other three saying, ďNo,Ē and theyíre done. Thereís nothing I can do. And unfortunately sometimes, in the case of last night too, I might have to be the person who delivers the news to that specific person as well. So thatís particularly hard for me because I get connected with these artists and I see something in them that I wish got a chance to shine a bit more next week. Itís really disheartening to see them have to go.

Coordinator: Next weíll go to the line of Lucie Raftery of TV Guide. Please go ahead.

L. Raftery: Thanks for taking the time to do this. My question was whom do you see as the frontrunners, both from the guys and the girls, going into the Vegas round? And also as an alternative to that, just going off of what you were just saying, is there anyone who got eliminated in the Hollywood round that you were particularly disappointed to see go?

K. Urban: The first part of the question I still think itís too soon to tell only because itís just extraordinary what can happen from week to week, positive and negative. Iíve watched people emerge sort of unexpectedly.

I mean there were some people singing last night that a few of us are going, ďGosh, where did that come from?Ē That was an unexpected performance last night. And it can the other way too where someone has a lot of expectation from us and weíre like, ďHere they go. We love this one. Sheís fantastic,Ē and then they sing and weíre like, ďMmm, didnít quite get there tonight.Ē

So I think itís far too soon to get any sort of front-runner ideas. But I will say, certainly the audience reaction last night to Angela Miller and a couple of other girls was pretty obvious. I think the original song of Angelaís thatís been floating around the Internet, that you can find, has really resonated with a lot of people. So thatís pretty cool to see.

L. Raftery: And the other part about anyone that you were really disappointed to see go home after Hollywood?

K. Urban: Yes, there were a couple of people. Iím sorry to say that their names are eluding me right now, but there were a couple of people that I thought just needed a little more time, in the right way, because thatís a particularly tough week for people.

I think that environment is particularly tough. Having to learn songs in a nanosecond, dance steps in a nanosecond. Being with a group that you didnít choose to be in, etc., etc. Itís a really tough process. But at the same time, to see what we saw last night emerge from that, itís very possible to get through that and still be incredibly strong.

Coordinator: Our next question comes from the line of Alison Bonaguro of CMT. Please go ahead.

A. Bonaguro: I wanted to know if Janelle Arthur would always have a special place in your heart because she used a song from the Ranch when she auditioned in Charlotte? So is she a front-runner for you?

K. Urban: I love the fact that she did that. At the same time I always think itís an extraordinarily bold thing to sing one of our songs, particularly a Mariah Carey song. Iím always just Ö that someone will come on and sing a Mariah Carey song in front of Mariah Carey. Itís a huge honor. I think there are a few more of my songs popping up, apparently coming down the track. Iím looking forward to hearing that.

A. Bonaguro: You were so nice when she sang that and youíve been nice for so long. I feel like tonightís when youíre going to have to get a little bit more critical. How are you going to approach that?

K. Urban: I feel like Iíve been able to do that when I need to. I think every person handles critiquing differently. Iím trying to sort of get a feel for what I think the artist is comfortable hearing, what theyíre not going to be comfortable hearing. In most of the cases Iím just trying to think if itís something I can say that isnítósomething thatís just straight soul crushing and not helpful for them, I just donít see any worth in it.

Iím trying to give specific direction, if itís something they can work on. And again, itís just my opinion. Itís not to say itís a fact. They can take it. They can leave it. But I try to deliver it in a way in which Iíd like people to deliver it to me. Again, itís really based on the person.

Coordinator: Our next question will come from the line of Tia Montereal of OK Magazine.

T. Montereal: We are wonderingóAmerican Idol has millions of fans and are your daughters two of them?

K. Urban: They actually came down to the state yesterday for a little while. Nic and I love them being around that kind of environment, watching people sing, watching them perform and being around the music. Itís Ö being around that and being around the movie sets since they were born. Theyíre certainly music fans. They havenít watched the show yet, but I have a feeling they will be this season.

T. Montereal: So you mentioned that theyíre definitely music fans. Have any of them started singing a tune? Do you think they have that musical promise that you and Nic both have?

K. Urban: I donít know. It certainly wonít be through lack of access to it all. We have instruments around the house and I sit at the piano and play with both the girls.

Just this morning I had the music cranked up during breakfast and they would sort of eat a bit and then start dancing around the floor and then go back and eat a bit more and then dance a bit more. I just thought, ďWhat an awesome way to start the morning, having a little food and dancing.Ē

T. Montereal: Last question, whatís the secret to getting on Mariahís good side?

K. Urban: To getting on her good side, as a singer you mean? Like if someoneís coming out to sing or whatever? Is that what you mean?

T. Montereal: Yes, sure, and also as a fellow judge.

K. Urban: I donít quite know what you mean by getting on her good side. I think Mariah responds to people in her own way. I clicked with her the first time I met her.

I think thereís just sort of aófor me, Iíve always found this immediate connection with signers and musicians in general because Iím so used to playing in bands. Iíve been in bands where weíve had guest artists come up and sing. So for me, when I joined this panel I felt like I just joined a band, you know, Iím on guitar. Randyís on bass, weíve got two chick singers and this is our band. Thatís what it feels like to me.

Coordinator: The next question comes from the line of Russell Weakland of Hollywood Life.

R. Weakland: Do you take your work home with you and if so does Nicole have any favorites that you two talk about or disagree on?

K. Urban: Sometimes weíve watched the show, sat down and watched it. Particularly it was funny watching the audition rounds because they had happened so long ago. We would sit down to watch them and Nic would be wanting to know, ďDoes he go through? Does she go through?Ē

It was actually good to watch it like that because Iíd gotten a bit of time away and getting to see them and hear them like that was great. I wouldnít say I take my work home with me, but if someone really stands out I certainlyóNic is always curious if Iíve seen somebody that stands out.

Coordinator: Next weíll go the line of Elice Cuff of CMT Radio Network.

E. Cuff: I was just wondering, as the competition is kind of starting to dwindle down could you see the show taking on mentoring roles and is that something that you think would be interesting?

K. Urban: I absolutely think it would be interesting. That certainly is something I would enjoy. Itís a mixed blessing in some ways why I like it because I would like it from the standpoint of it not being recorded. That would kind of defeat the whole point of doing a TV show, but I love that mentoring dynamic. Itís why Iím involved in the Grammy Kids Camp and that sort of thing too because thereís just so much that we have to pass on.

There are so many questions young artists have and I think thereís just a lot of learning curves we can help them not have to go through, I would say this, without keeping them from their own journey. Everyoneís got to make his or her own mistakes too. Thereís never getting away from that. I do think there are certain habits and things that young performers do because of their age, because of the adrenaline, because of their inexperience, that you can actually be of help to them, but I would want to do it in a more quiet way.

I donít like people being too aware of that advice. I think itís a very dangerous thing when it gets too cerebral. I think itís just a quiet thing from one artist to another to help them and the audience shouldnít know anything about that. So I guess to answer your question that kind of thwarts that fact that it would be recorded, but I do love the idea of mentoring.

E. Cuff: I love it. I just have a quick follow-up question. If your North American tour were to kick off tomorrow, would you be able to name a few contestants that you might take with you?

K. Urban: No, itís too soon to tell, but there are certainly a few in there.

Coordinator: And going forward can you please limit your questions to one? Weíll go to the line of Ryan Gajweski of Wetpaint Entertainment.

R. Gajweski: Do you think that we might be in for another country singer win, kind of like a Carrie Underwood type? Do you have maybe a pick or two for someone who might fit that role?

K. Urban: There are a few in there for sure. Certainly Kree is an extraordinarily gifted singer in an unusual way because sheís so effortless in the way she sings. Thereís nothing over the top, sort of big theatricalóthereís nothing theatrical and large about her as a performer. She has this incredibly authentic voice in the same way that Adele has that incredibly authentic voice and I just believe her when she sings. So sheís definitely a contender.

Coordinator: Next weíll go to the line of Rodney Ho of the Atlantic Journal.

R. Ho: I actually interviewed you ten years ago when you performed at Wild Billís in 2003. I donít know if you remember that one. That was a decade ago. I was curious, have you discussed with the producers or with Mariah or Nicki to perform live on American Idol at some point either solo or with one of the other two or with Randy?

K. Urban: Weíve been asked that question earlier on in one of the press conferences if weíd be up for singing and I threw my hand up and said, ďIím up for it. Letís go.Ē We were met with arousing silence so I figured Iím the only guy. Iím going to keep poking Randy to see if we can put a little band together because I would love to do it. I think it would be fun and I thinkóI just think it feels quite natural for us to be able to do that.

Coordinator: The next question will come from the line of Hal Boedecker of Orlando Sentinel.

H. Boedecker: How are you feeling about the live shows coming up? Would you give me your impression of David Willis, whoís from my area?

K. Urban: Davidís got a good voice. I think itís just important that heówell, to some degree with everybody, obviously the song choice is very important, but I think David particularly because heís gotóhis tone is really suited to certain songs and I think if he finds those heís going to do really well.

What wast he other part of the question? Iím sorry.

H. Boedecker: How are you feeling about the live shows that are coming up? Howís that going to be?

K. Urban: I think theyíre going to be great. Performing is meant to be in front of people so already for me last night having 7,900 people in that theater and a live band Iím like, ďHere we go. Okay, now weíre doing this. This is what itís supposed to be like.Ē I love the live part of it. Randy shares that enthusiasm with me too. Itís what Iíve been looking forward to since we started.

Coordinator: Next weíll go to the line of Rita Sherrow of Tulsa World. Please go ahead.

R. Sherrow: I know that you are kind to the contestants and youíre very honest with them. What do you think would help Zoanette?

K. Urban: What would help her?

R. Sherrow: Yes, go on, move on.

K. Urban: Well Iíve got a feeling that weíve done a pretty good job of helping her to this point in the sense of letting America see her extraordinarily unique gifts in full flight. So past that weíll see what sheís got in store for us because you never know. Sheís like a box of chocolates right? You never know what youíre going to get.

Coordinator: Next weíll go the line of Sharon Yee of Hollyscoop TV.

S. Yee: We know that Nicole Kidman can sing. I heard her on Moulin Rouge, love the movie. Will we ever see a duet between the two of you?

K. Urban: I think the only one that you can find is on YouTube when we inducted sort of Simon Baker into the Good Day USA Hall of Fame. We put a little song together and we both sang that for him, but past that, no I think nothing professional. We just enjoy singing at home.

Coordinator: And Becca Walls from Envision Radio.

B. Walls: I was curious, when you were on The Voice in Australia obviously the premise of that show is that itís all about the voice but we often hear about the whole package. Iím wondering, how much are you influenced at all by not only performance and voice and presentation but attitude, appearance and all those things? How much does that whole package play into your decisions about who to send through and who to not?

K. Urban: The reality is if it were only about the voice the chairs would never spin around. Thereís a certain point when the rest of it comes into play. It just does. The voice is very important, obviously, because thatís the vehicle thatís being used to carry the art and the expression and all of that, the creativity. But in this day and age thereís more to it than that.

Now having said that, Adele famously said, ďI make music for the ears not the eyes.Ē Thereís a lot to be said for just an extraordinary voice. It can make up for all the rest if itís not there, as far as the entertainment aspect or the dancing and all that sort of stuff.

There really isnít one rule across the board, but itís just got to be the right combination I think for each person. Someone who might have a lesser voice may have an extraordinary charisma and presence and way about him or her thatís just magnetic. As Jimmy Iovine said, ďIt just really comes down to feel. How does that artist make me feel? Do I feel something from that artist?Ē I think thatís really spot on.

Coordinator: Our last and final question will come from the line of Steve Summers. Please go ahead. Kat Hobza, your line is open.

K. Hobza: We kind of covered a lot of bases here so Iíll just round it out with this. Your schedule is crazy busy right now with concerts tours, appearances, being and Idol judge, husband and dad. Do you have plans to take it down a notch any time soon or are you in the zone for the time being?

K. Urban: I like the balance of it. Itís a huge honor that I get to do all of it. That includes being a husband and a father. I feel immensely grateful that I get to do all of these things. I think like a lot of the times it looks exponentially moreóit just looks more from the outside. I think the way it actually works from day to day is navigated a lot more peacefully than I think it would probably appear on the outside. Thatís not every day certainly, but most days itís balanced pretty well.

I have an extraordinary team around me because it really does take a village. Iím certainly not doing everything on my own. I just have tremendous thanks for all the help I have to make all of this happen. And I have an extraordinary wife in Nic whoís an amazing mother. She just does a beautiful job of helping keep it all in balance.

K. Hobza: Thatís great. You guys are a real inspiration.

K. Urban: A day at a time. Thank you, sweetheart.

Coordinator: Alex, Iíll turn it back over to you for closing remarks.

A. Gillespie: Thank you so much, Keith, for taking the time to do this conference call. We really appreciate the time.

For everyone else on the call we just wanted to again thank you for joining us today and a reminder that American Idol: The Sudden Death Round airs tonight beginning at 8:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on Fox. If you need press materials, photos and press releases they can be found at our Fox Flash Press website.

Without further ado, thank you all for joining us. We appreciate your time today.

K. Urban: Thank you very much, everybody, and thank you, Alex.

Coordinator: Ladies and gentlemen, this conference will be made available for replay after 2:00 p.m. today through February 27th at midnight. That does complete our conference for today. Thank you for your participation and for using the AT&T Executive TeleConference Service. You may now disconnect.

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Page updated 9/16/13

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