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By Suzanne

Aiden Turner

Interview with Aiden Turner of "The Perfect Boyfriend" 6/28/13

I loved speaking with Aiden. I have long admired him from when he was on "All My Children", and I'm glad he is finding other work. In fact, it sounds like he's doing really well! I hope you catch his movies that are coming out. He was such a nice guy on the phone - really down-to-earth.

Here is the audio of my interview with him. I hope you enjoy it!

If the audio is not streaming well, please right-click on this link and save it to your computer. It should work better that way!


Here is the transcribed version by Gisele. - I will be going through and adding more of it later.

1. How did your role in the movie come about?

The usual stuff really, I mean. You audition and then you're in a pool of people, you get chosen; or in the way this happened, my agent contacted me and said that there's a script that we've got and we're interested in you playing the role of Jacob. Take a look at it and see whether you like it or not. They sent the script on Friday evening, and then I took the weekend to read it and decide, and I said on Monday, "Yeah, I like it. It's great." This happened before Christmas 2012, so this was in mid-November. I thought this would be a perfect thing to do before going home to London for Christmas.

2. Was it fun playing the bad guy pretending to be good?

For a change? Yeah, it was. It was really good. It's good work. Jennifer Taylor -- she played a good crazy girl, a great mom, and a great trusting lady who's addicted to love.

3. What do you think people will like best about this movie?

Seeing it in a different eye. It's one of those movies that's enjoyable. It doesn't tax you too much. It's a light-hearted movie. It's sort of got a bit of romance. It's got a lot of courage in it. It's well put together and it's a fun movie.

4. I used to love watching you on "All My Children", but sometimes your accent was a little bit thick. Did you have to take some kind of diction lessons to work on that?

Years ago, I remember that I used to get called by the director, "Sorry. We can't understand you. You have to go again. You have to try to articulate." If they're in New York, LA, Chicago, Boston, you'll be fine, but we've got to look after the people down in the South and Texas area, 'cause they're just not used to that kind of dialect, so then I really had to watch how fast I spoke. I was just so used to speaking like that. So that's what I do. My family would make fun of me, saying, "Why are you speaking so slow?" Now, I'm very used to ??

5. Did you know that Jason Brooks (Chuck) was on Days of Our Lives for quite a while, too (93-98)?

Was he really? He never told me that. Wow. He's awesome. He's a great guy to work with -- professional. Yeah, he's a great guy.

6. I'm sure you know that All My Children is back in production and shows on Hulu and iTunes, and it will now also be on Oprah's network, OWN. Would you come back if asked?

I miss it. I miss the people. I miss the hard work. I'd definitely consider it.

7. I always felt like they didn't do a very good job at matching Aidan up with someone special. He was always with someone else's girl.

Right. It was not fair. They always fall back in love with Ryan. At the end, he was arrested. Kendall said, "I'm up for murder. I'm been stabbed. I'm now in hospital. I need you to come see me. I need you to get me out." So, she calls on her friend Aidan Devane to set her up. So, he's asked by Kendall to do this extreme thing -- to sort of get her out of Pine Valley, so that she doesn't go back to prison. So she'll be a fugitive, which means that I'll be harboring a fugitive, which is illegal. It's a big ask, so he does it and then, after three weeks, of course, he just somehow, all of a sudden, says "I'm not helping you." And then he says, "I'm kidnapping you." And then everyone gets caught. It was just a very, like, turn-around, from always being nice, to, all of a sudden, sort of being a nutcase or something and then just completely losing his mind. Then my character gets arrested right in front of Zach and Kendall. It would be nice to get out of prison and redeem the character. That can be being helpful, apologizing to the people and just being like he used to be.

8. You have another movie coming out, according to IMDb, "To Have and to Hold". What is that about and when will it be out?

It's coming out January 7, 2014. It appears to be set in the beginning of Jamestown when the English first colonized America. It's pretty much a love story between a princess, Jocelyn, and this local man who's the finest swordsman in the new world who falls in love with her not realizing that she is royalty. Basically, she is running away from a forced marriage in England and hopes that he doesn't come after her. She finds this man, Miles Cambridge, and basically asks him to marry her. So that all happens very quickly and he sort of keeps her safe from Lord Carnal, who ends up coming out and tries to claim her with a letter from the king, saying she's his property. Then my character sort of saves the day by having a 2-1/2 minute sword fight and almost killing him. The guy comes in and he begs off the fight. There are some pirates, you know, pirate ships involved, and Miles Cambridge saves the day, gets the girl and kills the goon. It's a triumphant romantic story with a lot of history at the same time, where the Indians attack the English just outside Williamsburg, outside the Jamestown fort. It's a very fine project.

9. Did you have fun with the swordfighting and all that?

You know, it was about 4-5 weeks training, 6 hours a day. It was sort of the intensity of "Dancing With the Stars." Just get to work with some of the best stunt teams in LA. There were about 6 or 7 guys and girls that were teaching us. Swordfighting was just not easy to do at first, but then, all of a sudden, you're at the end of the five weeks or six weeks, and shooting the movie for five months, really just -- Every day, you just start out and get your sword when you're in your wardrobe, and you don't even think about it, you know? It was amazing to be able to be with all these professional swordsmen and for them to take their time and train you. It was a great experience.

10. I don't watch "Dancing With the Stars," but my partner on the site Gisele does. She followed your work on there and read a lot about what you said afterwards etc. She asks how you feel about being on DWTS now and are you glad you appeared on it?

Yeah, it was a bit nerve-racking at first, and then when Cameron did it, I knew who she was and how hard he worked. I was a bit dubious. Dancing like that, especially in front of 20-25 million people, was really nerve-racking, and I thought I'd just face my fear and go out there and get it done. I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the intensity. I was going from zero to 100 learning a new dance every week. I loved working with Edyta Sliwinska -- that was awesome -- and just being a part of the "Dancing With the Stars" family, you know? It was a great experience.

11. Gisele also was curious about your daughter, whom you named Ciella. She wanted to know where the name came from.

Oh, really? Well, Emma and Amanda and Mia, and a lot of those names were really popular at that time, so it was really, you know, looking at the blue sky. The only way to see heaven is to look at the blue sky, so Ciella means sky and heaven, combining those two names. We just changed the ending to make it feminine. She's doing very well -- growing up too fast.

12. You've had your own website for quite a while, and you're on Twitter, Facebook and all that. Have you ever suffered from Twitter remorse?

I haven't had Twitter remorse, but I got hacked a couple of times, so I had to go in there and change my password. I'm not having Twitter remorse.

13. Anything else you have coming out that we should watch for?

I actually went on an audition this morning. It's for the awesome show "Homeland" and they're looking for a British sort of an MI6 agent who actually pretends that he is a reporter when he really is MI6, sort of undercover.

14. And finally, is there anything else you'd like to tell your fans?

Just, I thank 'em all, and I really appreciate the support, and follow me on Twitter.

15. Have you stayed in touch with anyone from "All My Children?

I still keep in touch with Jacob Young, Darnell Williams, Jeff Branson, Vincent Irizarry. That's about it. I'm glad the show is back alive. I have watched it actually, yeah, and it's really different. It's got a new edge, which I think it needs.

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