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By Krista

Interview with Bree Turner of "Grimm" on NBC 12/8/14

Moderator: Akiva Griffith
December 8, 2014
1:00 pm CT

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by. Welcome to the Bree Turner Grimm press and media conference call. During the presentation, all participants will be in a listen-only mode. Afterwards we will conduct a question and answer session.

At that time, if you have a question, please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. If at any time during the conference you need to reach an operator, please press the Star followed by the 0.

As a reminder this conference is being recorded Monday December 8, 2014. I will now like to turn the conference over to Mr. Akiva Griffith. Please go ahead, sir.

Akiva Griffith: Thank you and thank everyone for dialing in today and weíre happy to have Bree Turner here with us to talk about our fall finale Chupacabra. For those of you that have received an advanced screening of the episode, of course please remember in writing your stories, not to spoil any of the key reveals and cliff hangers for your readers. But Bree will be here to talk freely for quotes you can use in your post mortems and also just to preview the episodes coming up.

Iíll now turn it back over to the operator to start question and answer. Thank you.

Operator: Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, if you would like to register a question please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. You will hear a three-tone prompt to acknowledge your request.

If your question has been answered and you would like to withdraw your registration please press the 1 followed by the 3. If you are using a speaker phone, please lift your handset before entering your request.

One moment please for the first question. And now our first question comes from the line of Jamie Ruby with SciFi Vision please proceed with your question.

Jamie Ruby: Hi Bree thanks for doing the call today.

Bree Turner: Hi Jamie. How are you?

Jamie Ruby: Good. You?

Bree Turner: Iím doing well, thanks.

Jamie Ruby: I was going to say, what a finale - or not a finale, but what a cliff hanger, I should say; right?

Bree Turner: Yes, thatís just such a strong episode. Weíre very excited about it.

Jamie Ruby: Yes, very good. So what - my question was, is there someone in the cast that you havenít maybe worked a whole lot with yet, that youíd like to spend more time doing scenes with?

Bree Turner: Yes, I would probably have to say itís Reggie.

Jamie Ruby: Sergeant Wu?

Bree Turner: You know, itís almost like thereís sort of three separate worlds happening in Grimm. Thereís the Adalind world and the procedural world and then thereís the Wesen world. And up until now - I mean I was lucky to - I would have said it would have been Claire, but we had that nice arc with her last season so really Reggie is such a beautiful actor and person that the few moments weíve shared - our time together has always been super enjoyable, but as you can see weíre on a trajectory with him, you know, in the loop and a part of the Scooby gang and Iím really looking forward to more screen time with him.

Jamie Ruby: Yes it will be a lot of fun. And then also a follow-up, is there any - either Wesen that you can talk about thatís either coming in the back half of the season or maybe just some that youíd like to see that havenít been on?

Bree Turner: Yes.

Jamie Ruby: Or I guess the type of Wesen, not that you can create one, but you know what I mean.

Bree Turner: Yes. I would say, you know, I like sort of referencing Wesen that we already know, you know. Kind of keeps the world familiar within - to the fans, within the story. And thereís a lot of (glutevaden) that are coming out, you know, that are against our marriage, our mixed marriage and to see sort of different kinds of (glutevaden) that I thought were really interesting that itís also compare it to how much Monroe has, you know, bucked the system in terms of his species and, you know, sort of what theyíre known for and to kind of see sort of a path that Monroe could have gone down if he wasnít reformed is interesting to compare.

Jamie Ruby: Great. Thank you so much.

Bree Turner: Yes.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Vicki Dolenga with Three If by Space. Please proceed with your question.

Vicki Dolenga: Hi Bree. Thanks so much for taking the call.

Bree Turner: Hi Vicki. How are you?

Vicki Dolenga: Iím good. How are you?

Bree Turner: Good.

Vicki Dolenga: So Iíve got so many different questions here but the first one I wanted to ask is, who is the cast member that you think most resembles their Grimm character? And you can say it's you, if it is.

Bree Turner: Well, you know, Russell is a pretty dapper, smooth, intelligent man in his real life and I feel like Hank is really on par. I think Russell is such a great actor and I love the depth he brings into his procedural portion of the show and Iím always very excited to see him be able to expand out of that role with the scripts and I say heís probably closest to his role, except that heíll break out into a dance party on set every once in a while. Itís always - he makes me smile when he gets goofy.

Vicki Dolenga: Well, and you used to dance, so do you join him if he does?

Bree Turner: Oh, yeah, Russell and I, we're right in sync. We have the same taste in music so we know all the old R&B jams. We break out into a little, you know - a little dance-off, he and I, often.

Vicki Dolenga: That's awesome. So the other thing I wanted to talk about, you briefly mentioned with Jamie. So the whole issue with this group that is against Rosalee and Monroeís marriage. How is that to play? Has it been difficult because of, you know, the obvious references and, you know, US history or - it's interesting.

Bree Turner: Yes, itís been very challenging. Very satisfying as an actress but yes, very uncomfortable. I mean just even seeing - a few episodes ago, seeing the wolf (Songold) burning on our lawn, I mean just that visual is so powerful, so upsetting, o deeply upsetting. And, you know, when you're filming that night, you donít have to imagine too much. You just sort of in the moment and youíre right there emotionally because itís an ugly truth to our history and for be touching on that - within this genre is to be able to sort of discuss social issues like this, really I think powerful.

And the episodes coming up where after Chupacabra where two episodes - two to three episodes are on this, you know, single handedly dealing with these group of people, the Secundum Naturae Order Nam Wesen, you know, it just gets so dark. It gets so heavy and Iím just so happy with - our writers are so good and Iím so happy that they didnít hold back at all.

They really went for the darkness and the ugliness of the subject matter and you know, if Rosalee and Monroe - itís life and death at this point.

Vicki Dolenga: Wow. Well thank you very much and Iím looking forward to seeing those, I think, and have a great holiday.

Bree Turner: Okay. Thanks, you too.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Stephanie Piche with please proceed with your question.

Stephanie Piche: Thanks. Hi, Bree. Iím really enjoying your character in the series.

Bree Turner: Thank you

Stephanie Piche: And one of the things Iíve been following and I thought was interesting that in the short time the series has been on, your character seems to have gone through the most transformation. The most changes out of all the characters that, you know, weíre watching.

What do you like about the changes, the evolution of Rosalee in this series?

Bree Turner: Itís been so - since that assigned to play, I mean she was already such a fully formed character from her first episode and which is the reason why I wanted to join the show. I was like wow this is - you know, from the gate, she is, you know who she is.

And to come to the scene you know guarded, very - so many walls up, distrusting, broken, and then to you know find this new way of living with being friends with the Grimm and sort of this brave new world that Nick and Monroe you know, were creating here in Portland. Sort of jumping into this you know, friendship and then the eventual romance that Monroe - to see her become vulnerable and to live a life she wanted to live but was scared to live and to feel like she now deserves to be happy, deserves to have this love.

And now - and the strength and as an apothecary, you know, her talent, sheís one of the best I think in the world at this point and her confidence professionally and with her talents are fully cooking now.

And then what I love about this next arc of the - of Monroe being in danger and Rosalee, where a lot of that will actually full circle in the way that she goes back to - you know, we see who Rosalee is inside and, you know, her street skills are definitely put into action again and her fearlessness and her scrappiness and her, you know, die for a cause, die for the man she loves.

You know, I think (unintelligible) a bit of domestic storyline and then sort of remind the viewers of how, you know, losing Monroe would absolutely kill her. And also to see the fire within her that she is - will kill anyone who stands in her way of the people she loves or what she believes in.

Itís - Iíve been so happy to see this kind of full circle exploration of who she is.

Stephanie Piche: Great. Well Iím personally enjoying it as well as the other characters in the series. But I also wanted to ask you, what are Rosalee and Monroeís children going to look like?

Bree Turner: I think thatís a $20 million question. You know, I donít know. I think thatís obviously something that people are interested in. weíre interested in and the writers talked about it and itís obviously something thatís in conversation and as you know, weíre way farther ahead than the episodes are airing. It comes back into conversation again, especially in light of this horrible event that is about to be happening.

Stephanie Piche: Right. Okay. So weíll just have to stand by.

Bree Turner: Yes I think you just have to stand by.

Stephanie Piche: No matter how long it takes.

Bree Turner: Itís something that theyíre very interested in finding out themselves, too.

Stephanie Piche: Awesome. Thanks for your time.

Bree Turner: Great. Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Courtney Vaudreuil with please proceed with your question.

Courtney Vaudreuil: Good morning.

Bree Turner: Hello.

Courtney Vaudreuil: Hi, so just to build a little bit on the last question, how is youíre feeling as an actress on the idea of making Rosalee a mother on this show? Because sometimes that can be an awkward thing on the show where the mother then doesnít have as much story time or the baby is just never seen.

Bree Turner: Well, I think, you know, Rosalee is such a strong character. I canít imagine sheís going to be putting her skills in the back burner if she chooses motherhood. Sheís already been juggling a lot. Iím sure she can juggle that, too.

But I actually - I think that there are, you know -if this is something that weíre going to go down I think it doesnít necessarily have to be straight forward. As most things in our show arenít and usually theyíre filled with twists and turns and complications.

And what I love about what we do on our show is we take these magical worlds, these two creatures, these two Wesen living - having real life problems and just because theyíre not wholly human, doesnít mean that they donít - and they live in this magical kind of world, doesnít mean that they - and they live in this kind of magical world, doesn't mean that they donít deal with the same kind of stuff that regular people deal with.

And I think you know if they choose to be pregnant, it might be interesting to have complications with that journey. I mean thatís something that a lot of people deal with and you know the fact that they are a mixed species, it might not be a straight forward kind of process having a baby, getting pregnant and sort of deal with those heavy issues might be interesting to see through the eyes of two Wesen.

Courtney Vaudreuil: They can always have twins, one of each.

Bree Turner: They could.

Courtney Vaudreuil: And for - because we are coming up on a break in this show, can you just briefly kind of give us a sneak peek on what we can expect when the show picks back up? Not just the Monroe storyline but anything else kind of interesting Wesen or any exciting episodes that stand out for you?

Bree Turner: Yes. I mean, weíre on a strong, you know - weíre on a bullet train down to some heavy, very dark territory with this mid-season finale. The whole - itís absolutely life and death for Monroe and Rosalee and for everyone, for that matter.

Juliet, her storyline is - gets so crazy good. Iím so excited for what the fans are going to see out of Juliet. It is going to be out of left field and no one will expect the straight shot that she is on with her new awareness of certain things in her life, her new reveals.

And then Adeline, you know, she and Victor, as youíve seen, theyíre teaming up. And you know, two bad guys are way stronger together, so - than they are apart. So theyíre joining forces and that connection Adeline has with Nick and Juliet just gets more murky.

So itís some very exciting stuff coming up once we come back in January.

Courtney Vaudreuil: Iím looking forward to it. Thank you.

Bree Turner: Yes, sure.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Sheri Block with Please proceed with your question.

Sheri Block: Hi Bree. How are you?

Bree Turner: Hello. I watch CTV when Iím in Canada.

Sheri Block: Well fantastic. Well I think Iím the only person that hasnít seen the episode. So Iím wondering if you can tell me a little bit about whatís ahead for Rosalee and Monroe and a little bit about the tease for the viewers; like what is this life and death situation thatís ahead?

Bree Turner: Well as weíve been teasing the last several episodes, thereís a group of extremist, fundamentalist Wesen called the Secundum Naturae Order Nam Wesen and they are basically, you know, the KKK and a group of horrible, despicable monsters that have targeted Monroe and Rosalee as an abomination of their union because theyíre mixed species couple.

And so theyíve been doing these sort of violent acts towards the couple, but in this mid-season finale, by the end of the episode, you see that thereís no more teasing, that they have now fully entrenched themselves into our home and our world and you know one of us is - has our life dangling in the balance and its very scary and the next several episodes back in January - this is a major story line for the second half of the season dealing with, you know - will they even physically survive this terror attack?

And how are they going to respond to being on the front line of change? And you known can their relationship really hold up to this? You know, Itís - this is isnít like the in-laws not liking you. This is very, very serious life and death stuff. So very scary, very hard to shoot and very satisfying so, you know, weíre thrilled and simultaneously sick to our stomach the whole time, but I think the fans are going to really enjoy it.

Sheri Block: And so would you say this is like the darkest place that Grimm's ever gone before?

Bree Turner: Yes for sure. I would say for sure. Yes. And I love it because I think about our writers, they always make that turn where it gets a little too light or a little too funny or a little too casual, the writers always - which is so great to give us some breath in the series, you know, so itís not all intense, you know.

But right when theyíre about to get a little too comfy, they just throw this nasty curve ball at us and I just I think itís constantly keeping the fans on their and they think itís really fun.

Sheri Block: Wow well I canít wait to see it, thanks very much for the views.

Bree Turner: Yeah. Sure.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Krista Chain with The TV MegaSite. Please proceed with your question.

Krista Chain: Hi Bree.

Bree Turner: Hello.

Krista Chain:I love the chemistry between you and Silas on the show, and I was just wondering, is it the same working with him in person? Whatís he like to work with?

Bree Turner: I love that man. He is funny, he is smart. He is a very good friend and we just have a blast together. Heís a fabulous actor and itís just always fun working with him. So Iím very lucky.

Krista Chain: Okay. And do you have a favorite episode so far?

Bree Turner: Honestly? I think this Chupacabra episode this Friday was one of my favorite this series. I think thereís so much packed into this episode, itís not confusing. Itís a tight episode, well written, well directed. Thereís a lot of pay-offs at the end of it and itís very emotional and I think it just got to - itís the best of Grimmís I think in the Chupacabra.

Krista Chain: Okay. Great. And Iíd just like to say that my husband and I love Grimm.

Bree Turner: Awesome. Thank you.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, as a reminder to register for a question, it is the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. And our next question is a follow-up question from the line of Jamie Ruby with Scifi Vision. Please proceed with your question.

Jamie Ruby: Hi again. Iím wondering what has been the scene youíve done has been like so fun? Not necessarily your favorite or most memorable, but just something that was a lot of fun to film.

Bree Turner: Well this Christmas episode you just saw last week was so fun and it was - we all had such a great time filming it. It was a bit of a departure from the tone of the show but I think Christmas episodes, you know, you can get away with that.

And itís like when the cast goes to Hawaii. Itís sort of like itís a separate kind of entity from a series. There's special episodes and Bitsie and I always have a blast working together and it was really fun to kind of be able to, you know, allow from working in the moment and physical comedy and there are Wesen creatures.

So many of our episodes are life and death and the stakes are super high and theyíre super scary - and itís kind of fun and refreshing to sort of deal with Wesen that werenít necessarily going to kill us, but were just annoying and gross and so I think that kind of element allows for a lot of comedic moments from everyoneís characters because it wasnít necessarily peopleís lives were in danger.

So yes I think that was one of my most fun scripts we shot.

Jamie Ruby: And have you - or I guess I should say, are you and the cast and crew and everything doing anything particular for the holidays together?

Bree Turner: Well, we just got together last week and watch the Christmas episode and hung out all night. And then weíre having - we like to throw an annual - the cast likes to get together and throw an annual party before our winter break for the crews. We had that coming up which was - itís always a very good time and a much needed release for the crew and for all of us, so...

Jamie Ruby: Okay. Great. Thanks so much.

Bree Turner: Yes.

Operator: Our next question is from the line of Steve Eramo with Scifi and TV talk please proceeds with your question.

Steve Eramo: Hi Bree, a pleasure to speak with you today.

Bree Turner: Hello, hi.

Steve Eramo: I had a couple of general questions for you. I wanted to find out first stop, did you always want to work in this industry while you were growing up or did you have other professions in mind?

Bree Turner: I was a - I grew up as a dancer. Started dancing at age 5 and that was my whole entire life and I actually came to Los Angeles to go to UCLA but I was also fortunate to get a dance agent and I actually worked as a dancer before I was an actress in film and television.

So that really opened up the idea of having acting be a career choice. But you know, the arts were always - it was always about performing and fantasy and entertainment for me ever since I was little, quite honestly.

Steve Eramo: And then as a follow-up - and I hope I phrase this question correctly - I also wanted to find out what would you say makes a career in this industry rewarding for you so far?

Bree Turner: Having a life outside of it is the only way to survive it. If - for many years, you know - I mean you have to singularly focused, especially in the beginning of your career. But, you know, to be a good actor you have to have lived the life you know, and you canít bring - thatís how bring depth to your roles, is the life that you yourself have live in and you can you know infuse into stories and experiences and use your imagination from a lot of your own life.

And you know itís not a coincidence that once I started having children that my career actually - I started working even more because I think I am so wholly satisfied as a person and as a mom and as a wife first and, you know, acting is just gravy.

Steve Eramo: Listen, thank you again so much for the time and thanks again for all your hard work on the show. I absolutely love Rosalee and I wish you continued good luck and success with it.

Bree Turner: Thank you very much.

Steve Eramo: Take care.

Bree Turner: Thanks.

Operator: And we presently have no further questions at this time.

Bree Turner: Okay.

Akiva Griffith: Thank you again, everyone, for joining. And thank you, Bree, for answer everyoneís questions.

Bree Turner: All right. Thanks, guys. Bye.

Akiva Griffith: Bye.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, that does conclude the conference call for today. We thank you for your participation and ask that you please disconnect your lines.


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