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By Thomas

Netflix top shows 

Top Ten Netflix Shows

10. Lilyhammer - The one that started it all. Netflix's first original series. Steven Van Zandt basically plays his character from the Sopranos, but  in a Nordic climate instead of New Jersey.., What else could you ask for?

9. Bloodline - A huge budget and great acting anchor this slow-at-times, but very-well-executed show about a family in the Florida Keys.

8. Stranger Things - It's campy, it's fun, it's Winona Ryder in a leather jacket. What else do you need?

7. Daredevil - While maybe not on the level of a Marvel film, this show packs one heck of a punch for action fans.

6. Orange is the New Black - Is it a comedy, is it a drama, or a trans-drama, perhaps? Hey, Amazon isn't the only one who can be progressive, right? Either way, this hugely popular show is a fan favorite for a reason.

5. The Crown - Sure, it just came out, but critics are loving this historical, big budget masterpiece, and you should, too!

4. Making A Murderer - Poor Steven Avery, the world's most unlucky man; or maybe just a killer who has tricked us all...  This true crime docuseries is easily one of the two best shows from the past few years about a murder trial that people were obsessed with.

3. Love - It's hard to do a 30-something show about romance that isn't like every other show about romance when you're 30-something. Judd Apatow's Netflix comedy does just that, and does it well.

2. Jessica Jones - Who said shows about women superheroes had to be the sidekick to bigger-name male-backed shows?  Jessica Jones kicks butt, and the steamy sex scenes aren't too shabby either...Is it getting hot in here, or is it just my Roku box overheating??!!!?

1. House of Cards - Lilyhammer may have been the first, but Frank & Claire Underwood are the auteurs who put Netflix on the map when it comes to original "television." Maybe the show peaked early on, but hey, so did most of your High School classmates. That doesn't mean this political thriller isn't the best thing to come out of 1600 Penn since the West Wing.

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Page updated 2/10/17

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