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By Suzanne

Tamala Jones in Megchurch Murder

Interview with Tamala Jones of "Castle" on ABC and "Megachurch Murder" on Lifetime 2/5/15

This was a fun call. We all had a good time chatting with Tamala. There were only three of us interviewers, plus Dee, the Lifetime PR person, and Tamala's rep Darren.

Here is the audio of our interview. I hope you enjoy it!

If the audio is not streaming well, please right-click on this link and save it to your computer. It should work better that way!

Here is the transcribed version by Gisele.

Jamie Steinberg (from Starry Constellation Magazine): Tamala, what was it about "Megachurch Murder" that really drew you to this role?

Tamala: It was like any other script I have ever read, and it's a modern-day "Hamlet." So I thought that was very clever. A clever way of telling "Hamlet," and also the way the script was written kind of threw you off. 'Cause you're reading it, and in the opening, it sounds like it's going to be just another of those church movies, and it takes you for a twist immediately. So, I was intrigued.

Jamie: Well, you have been starring in a lot of dramas lately, and we know you have comedy chops as well. What is it about dramatic roles that have been sucking you in lately?

Tamala: I think in the beginning, my whole motivation for doing more drama was to show the audience and the people of Hollywood that I can do both. I know how to do dramatic stuff. I know how to be funny. I'm silly, anyway, so doing a comedy is like nothing for me. I just wanted to do something a little more challenging. Although I'm loving the dramas, I think it's time to be funny again.

Suzanne: I enjoyed the movie. It's very dramatic. Did they give you any special notes about the acting. I mean, the music and everything was very dramatic and the story.

Tamala: No, No. Darin Scott is a wonderful director, and he just basically told you to go for it. Of course, in rehearsal, we talk about what the scene is about and what he would like to get from it, but there was only a couple of times Darin stepped in and said, "Give me more." And you're like, "More?" And he's like, "More. More." So, you gave him more.

Suzanne: Your character, in the beginning, is a little bit meek, and we don't really know how much she knows, and then she sort of evolves over time. Was there anything special you did to sort of convey that?

Tamala: I wanted Martha to come off like she was Miss Picture-perfect -- just very innocent and your regular first lady of the church. Very poised, but I wanted to also show that she's human, and there is no one perfect. Martha has issues herself, and her issues are being connected to power. She wanted power. I just deferred to him a lot in that essence as far as giving him that. From me growing up in churches, I saw how the first ladies of the church would sit in the front row, their husbands would be at pew. A little bit of reality and a little bit of history.

Suzanne: There was a lot of great music in the movie, both singing and in the background. Did they tell you about any of that ahead of time or did you just sort of see it happen? And have you seen the movie yet?

Tamala: I have seen the movie, and the music is great, but you got Romeo Miller in the movie, and he's been doing music since he could talk, and Shanica Knowles, who is such a great talent. Her voice -- I remember the first day I heard her singing, and I was like, "What? Who is that?" I walk around the corner, and I saw it was her. And I was like, "Wow! Why don't you have a deal if you don't have a deal." So, we had a lot of talent in the movie, and I know Shanica did a few songs in the movie, and if Romeo had anything to do with it, I think he did. I'm not really sure, but I think he had a lot to do with producing some of the music there, 'cause he stayed in the studio. Let me tell you, I grew up watching Little Romeo, so yeah, he was in my era, so -- let me ask you a question. What do you think of Little Romeo now?

Dee: I was honestly in shock to see how grown up he is. How old is he, honestly?

Tamala: I don't know, but I felt like a pervert looking at him for like five seconds until I snapped out of it.

Dee: I did the exact same thing. I still, like, feel bad for a minute, because I'm looking at him like a sex symbol, and I'm like, "I knew you when you were a child.

Tamala: Ok, can we talk about, I don't know if you know who Master P is, but that's his dad. He looks great. Yes! So, Master P might have had something to do with the music, as well. Yeah, Romeo, besides him being a sex symbol, because that's exactly what he is, he's very intelligent and he's very much a professional and a gentleman, when it comes down to it. He had a late session, and it was running over, and he showed up on the set late, and he brought something for everyone, which I thought was so sweet. So, he's a really good person to work with. Really great.

Jamie: Well, the cast had so much chemistry. Was there an instant connection you all shared. Did you know each other from other things in the past.

Tamala: I knew Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Michael Beach and Dawnn Lewis. As far as Santana and Shanica, I knew Romeo, too, 'cause I worked with his dad many years ago in small projects that he was doing here and there. But, it was instant. It was like everybody wanted this to be great. For Shanica, this was something that was really big for her, and she said that to be working alongside of all these people that she grew up watching was really a great treat, and I have to say, she kind of reminded me of myself when I did "Booty Call" with Jamie Foxx, Vivica, and Tommy Davidson. That energy of, "Oh, my god." I'm really doing something. So, I'm really happy for all of them. It was definitely a natural chemistry that we had.

Jamie: We recently saw Vivica on "Celebrity Apprentice." Did you get to watch it at all while she's been on?

Tamala: Oh, yeah. She's had viewing parties for every "Celebrity Apprentice" where all of her friends show up, and we eat, we laugh, we watch. We're screaming at the TV like it's a game going on. So, I'm definitely seeing Vivica being Vivica A. Fox.

Jamie: Have you gotten to watch Vivica and root for her during her time on "Celebrity Apprentice?"

Tamala: Oh yeah! She has had viewing parties for every episode and all of her friends show up. We eat, we laugh, we watch and we're screaming at the TV like a game. I'm definitely Team Vivica!

Jamie: What did you think of cell phone incident with Vivica and Kenya Moore?

Tamala: I know that phone was taken by Kenya. I can tell. Everybody knows. Vivica would never, I'm telling you, ever tweet something so personal and use it so recklessly. So, I believe Kenya is by-any-means-necessary, while in competition (you have to remember she was Miss USA for a long time). You saw what happened with the Brazilian pageant where the loser knocked the crown off! That's in her bloodline. Everybody loves Kenya. Then, everybody hates Kenya because she is a by-any-means-necessary kind of a girl. You have to respect that. It's good entertainment. But I do believe she stole Vivica's phone and tweeted that. So, I told Ms. Vivica to put a lock on her phone. Put a lock on your phone so that never happens again.

Bill Vaughan of Tasty Clips -- L.A. Wave Newspapers: First of all, about the reference to "Hamlet," I'm just curious, in your career, have you performed Shakespeare? Have you done that on stage? Are you familiar with his works from reading?

Tamala: I'm familiar with his works from reading. I love playwright. I love how Shakespeare expressed himself, all of the subliminal messages in between, and I love how some of his stories have a lot to do with things going on in the present day throughout history, though. Not just today but throughout history, so it's just really entertaining to read Shakespeare and then look at the past and the present and see how many times you have seen this play out. So, I love Shakespeare.

Bill: When you mention doing a church piece, is there a point where you're reading or you're acting, and you say, "Wait a minute. That's not going to play well in my community." Does that moment come while making your movie or was everything pretty close to script?

Tamala: We did everything in the script. Nothing was switched up. I thought that the scene between Michael's character and my character when Hannah see us in the bathroom or in the bedroom getting ready to get busy, I thought that was going to be a little too much, but the way that they cut it was perfect. It let you know we were up to no good, and we moved on from there. So, that was the only thing that concerned me, but again I knew it was for Lifetime television, so it wasn't going to be too crazy.

Bill: Okay. You were talking about Vivica Fox on that show. Would you do a reality show like that? Is that something you'd like to pursue?

Tamala: Eventually, one day I'm sure I will be asked to do a reality show like that, and, if it's something like "Celebrity Apprentice" where you can be on there and win money for different charities that are important to you, I would love to do something like that. I have a lot of charities that I'm affiliated with, so if I can get on a show that I can win some money for my charity, of course.

Bill: And would you stoop so low as to get down with it to win?

Tamala: No, I would never steal anything from anyone. Now, I feel like when I watch that show that Donald Trump likes it to be real. He does not want any BS, wants the truth, so he'll go around and be like, "Okay, I'm not getting it out of you. What do you think, Geraldo?" I like that. I like that he is -- so I would be the snitch on the show. I definitely would be the snitch. I would tell and tell and tell, tell, tell if that's going to keep me on there winning.

Bill: You were a TV wife on a sitcom, and I'm wondering have you been in touch with Tracey Morgan? Is there anything you can tell us about his current condition?

Tamala: I have not been in touch with Tracey Morgan. I saw Tracey right before that incident occurred, and that was it. I have not spoken to him. I have only reached out over social media when he was in that accident, when it first happened to tell him he's in my prayers, and I know he's going to pull through because he's strong. That's a strong-willed man right there, so I knew he was gonna live. I heard that he suffered from some brain damage, which is a major concern for me, but I don't have any way to contact him other than through his agent, and I haven't done that yet, though. Just wait. Like everyone else I wanna know what's going on with Tracey.

Bill: Since you've been on "Castle" for so long, I'm just curious do you have any say-so in the progression of your character or twists or things that happen, or is it a surprise as you enter each season?

Tamala: It's just a surprise. I mean, it's been like secret ninjas in the night around there. We don't get the script until the day before we start the new episode. If we're lurking around the writers' room, you should see them. We just pop up over there, knock on the door. They're all talking, and then they see you, and it's like the record stops. Everyone gets quiet, and I'm like, "Hey, how are you doing? I just wanted to come by and pitch a couple of things to you." They don't mind you pitching at all, but they never let you know what is going on. You have no idea until you get the script.

Bill: What's coming up next? Any movies coming up that we should know about?

Tamala: I don't want to talk about it, because it's not for sure, but there is something I'm trying to get started right now. If it goes, I'll have Darren reach out to you guys again, 'cause I will be so happy to talk about it, but I don't want to jinx it, so --

Bill: Is there anybody famous you'd like to play in a biopic?

Tamala: [Laughs]

(At this point, her representative, Darren, ended the interview before she had a chance to answer the question)

Video Clip of Tamala #1       Video Clip of Tamala #2

Our thanks to Jamie Steinberg for transcribing part of this!

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Page updated 2/6/15

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