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By Suzanne

Trevor St. John

Interview with Trevor St. John of "Seduced By My Neighbor" on Lifetime 11/8/18

I'm so grateful to be able to interview Trevor because he's one of my all-time favorite actors.  He was so wonderful as Todd/Victor on "One Life to Live," which I watched for over 20 years. On the phone he was very nice, and modest. I'm glad that he's doing so well in his acting. I hope you enjoy this interview!

Here's the audio of our interview.

Suzanne: Well, it's an honor to talk to you because I've watched One Life to Live from 1984 until the end.

Trevor: Oh, alright, well, thank you.

Suzanne: You did a great job. You'll always be Todd to me. (chuckles).

Trevor: Okay.

Suzanne: I'm sure you're probably glad that people know you from "Containment" and other things, too.

Trevor: Yeah, well, whatever people like, whatever moves them is fine with me.

Suzanne: Well, that's good. So how did your role in the movie come about - the Lifetime movie?

Trevor: You know, my representatives said, "You interested in this?" and I threw myself on tape for the producers, and the director, and they seemed to like it.

Suzanne: And had you done other Lifetime movies before?

Trevor: I had done one also in Louisville a few months before. I think it came out... it was called... they changed the title. I'd have to look it up... anyway, yes, I had done others.

Suzanne: And you filmed them both in Louisville?

Trevor: Yes, they were both Lifetime movies. A lot of stuff happening in Louisville. Oh, I did also one called The Wicked Moms Club, and that was also shot in Kentucky. That was in Lexington.

Suzanne: Oh, okay, I did not know that Kentucky was one of those places where they shoot a lot of stuff.

Trevor: Yeah, I think they got the rebate.

Suzanne: Yeah, the tax break, yeah. Nowadays it seems like Atlanta is where most people film stuff.

Trevor: Yes, that's gonna be going forever, I think.

Suzanne: Had you worked with any of the people in the movie before? Cast or crew?

Trevor: Never.

Suzanne: Never.

Trevor: Not a person, never, nobody.

Suzanne: Well, you know there are two other former soap actors on there.

Trevor: Right, let's see....

Suzanne: Don't mean to put you on the spot.

Trevor: That's okay.

Suzanne: Jill Larson, who played Opal on "All my Children." And Andrea was on "General Hospital" for a while as Abby.

Trevor: Oh, okay, I didn't know she had done that.

Suzanne: Just for a little while, a few years ago. I think she was a stripper, and then she was Michael's girlfriend. So, did you have to do any special preparation for the role?

Trevor: No, not at all. It was, I didn't really, not much other than the script.  They didn't really give me any information of what they were looking for or anything. So I went by the normal process that I go through and that was it. I just went for it.

Suzanne: I watched it last night, and it was pretty good. It had a lot of twists and turns... that's always good to see. The ending was interesting. I'm not gonna give it away, but it seemed like it could have left it opened for a sequel where you come back.

Trevor: Oh, really? I can't remember how it ends.

Suzanne: Well, they show you after everything that's happened and you're spying on her again.

Trevor: Oh, that's right, I'm spying on her.

Suzanne: Which made me think, why would you not replace the entire security system after... But I guess, people don't think about those things... I don't know. But otherwise, I liked the-- I thought all the actors did a great job, and like I said, the twists and turns made it interesting. So many times in movies like these, they hit the guy once, and they walk away, and you're like, "No, no hit him again!" 'cause you think he's gonna come back, but you didn't come back. That shocked me because how many times does that happen in these movies, you know?

Trevor: Right, right.

Suzanne: But the good guys can't do that.

Trevor: Did Lifetime reach out to you to do these interviews?

Suzanne: It was Sheri... I'm blanking on her last name, PR person.

Trevor: Okay. She's from Lifetime?

Suzanne: I'm not sure, I'd have to look it up on my e-mail.

Trevor: Curious... I wonder why this, 'cause I've done others, I wonder why this movie in particular.

Suzanne: I don't know... she sends me [invites] in e-mail, and I usually see them, and I don't know how they... I wish I knew. Sometimes I get them, and sometimes they ignore me.

Trevor: So it was pretty good, huh?

Suzanne: I thought it was pretty good... it was. It kept your attention, and it moved a lot; there was a lot of action and stuff. Now, your character got to do some strangling. Did you just-- did they just show you how to do it, or did you have a stunt person help you with that?

Trevor: No, I've done a lot of that before, you just kind of improvise it, but I made it really safe. Make it look clean... relatively real.

Suzanne: It looked real, and it looked like something that might actually happen, other than you know, something ... I thought the whole movie was fairly realistic in the dialogue, and the way it worked. You never know what kind of dialogue you're gonna get in a TV movie. I thought it was pretty realistic.

Trevor: Oh, good.

Suzanne: Now, that reminds me 'cause what you're saying, you've done a lot of strangling...You play villains a lot. Which would you rather play, a hero or a villain? Or some combination?

Trevor: A villain, for sure.

Suzanne: A villain, really?

Trevor: Yeah, no question. They're always more interesting than the hero. Heroes don't interest me, especially the way that they're written. They're written to be flawless most of the time.

Suzanne: Right, and that's not as much now as it use to be, but yeah.

Trevor: I don't know, I still see heroes as kind of these forces... the anti-hero a little bit, where you can't really tell if he's the good or bad guy, and that's how I approach the villain. The villain never thinks he's doing anything wrong. Villain thinks he's the hero. So this character, this security guard character, thinks he's doing all the right things and helping people.

Suzanne: Mike.

Trevor: Mike? Was that the name of the character?

Suzanne: Yes. I know it's been a while. One of the things I like about regular series characters, especially on a soap opera... I mean, you played Todd, who was a great character. Sometimes you felt bad for him, and other times you hated him, so he was like sometimes a hero... probably more an anti-hero like you're saying.

Trevor: Exactly.

Suzanne: Well, I guess since he wasn't really Todd, he really wasn't a villain so much as I just thought he was. That was always a funny thing happening 'cause that same exact storyline happened on "Days of our Lives" in the 90s, and then they did it again recently on "General Hospital" where the actor left, and then they brought a new actor to play him, and then the other actor decided to come back, and so then they said, "Oh, it's not really him -- it's his twin brother implanted with his memories." It was the exact same story.

Trevor: That's perfect.

Suzanne: I know, right? I don't mind a little science fiction, though. So, is there anything interesting or funny that you can share that may have happened during the filming of the Lifetime movie?

Trevor: The scene in the car, in the end, when I'm driving them, I think it's at the end. It was the last day of shooting and we just kind of got the giggles and Andrea and... is it Sierra?

Suzanne: Yeah, I think that's it.

Trevor: Yeah, where we just got the giggles, and we had a hard time getting through the scene. I don't know how it turned out, but it was, that kind of sort of fun means you're really having a nice rapport with people. It was just kind of a, you wouldn't think that scene would be one where we'd kind of start to giggle, but we did.

Suzanne: It's kind of intense... So you're also appearing in the new "Roswell, New Mexico" series next year on The CW.

Trevor: Yes, exactly.

Suzanne: Will you be in quite a few of the episodes?

Trevor: I believe so, yeah. I'll be, I'm a series regular, so yeah, I'll be in several, yes.

Suzanne: Great, I look forward to that. Did you watch the original "Roswell" series when it was on?

Trevor: I never watched it. I know it was very popular, and I worked with one of the actors, William Sadler (I think he played the Sheriff, he was great). I know it was very popular. They're re-imagining it here, and I think they're doing a great job.

Suzanne: Yeah, there's a lot of actors I like in it and recognize. Is there anything you can tell us about that role?

Trevor: Yeah, again I play the antagonist in that one, the Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force who is definitely anti-aliens. I kind of propagate all the stuff that the heroes have to face. Yet again, yeah, another "villain". But this was really well-written, so there is some ambiguity as far as, is he really a villain, or is there another side to him?

Suzanne: Oh, that's good.

Trevor: Again, he thinks he's doing the world a favor, and he's almost compassionate then, and cares for people. Great part.

Suzanne: Did I read that your character has a son?

Trevor: Yes, he has a son, and we have kind of a complicated relationship, let's put it that way.

Suzanne: Did I read that the son just back from a military thing or something?

Trevor: Yes, exactly, and he was injured. And I forced him to go to the military against his will. He's fairly resentful about it, and resentful about other points of view I have.

Suzanne: Well, cool.

Trevor: It's a nice relationship for a drama, yeah.

Suzanne: And you just recently returned to social media, I noticed. What happened? You were gone for a while.

Trevor: I returned to social media?

Suzanne: Yeah, weren't you off Twitter for a while, and then you came back? Or did I read that wrong?

Trevor: Oh, I'm not really on, I tweeted something for the election, and that was about... Now I'll be gone, probably. I have a hard time doing social media 'cause it all feels like such hubris, it feels presumptuous that anyone then would care what I have to say.

Suzanne: But we do, we do a lot.

Trevor: Well, that might be so, it's hard for me to believe it. But I tweeted something about the election 'cause it just wasn't really self promotion, it was just something that I wanted... To encourage people to vote.

Suzanne: Well, you should tweet about the movie if nothing else. And your show coming out.

Trevor: Okay, when does this come out?

Suzanne: Saturday, I think. I don't remember the time off the top of my head, but I know it's Saturday on Lifetime. I'll tweet it and you can re-tweet it.

Trevor: I see, okay. Has anyone else that you've interviewed seen it, or have you not interviewed anyone else?

Suzanne: No, you're the only one I've interviewed. I usually just pick one person that I want to talk to, and they'll tell me if I can interview the person, or then they'll say, Well, what about this person?" For a movie--

Trevor: What's the name of your publication?

Suzanne: The TV MegaSite, it's TVMEG.COM

Trevor: TV MegaSite, oh, that's right. And it's an online?

Suzanne: Yeah, it's an online website. We've been around, actually, since the 90s.

Trevor: Oh, right.

Suzanne: So, when I first started it, was just part of my personal site, and I started writing about "General Hospital" and "Star Trek" (strange combination, I know.) And then I started--

Trevor: There's actually a lot of similarities.

Suzanne: I think so... And I started adding more shows, and then eventually, a friend of mine, that was helping me on it, said, "Hey, why don't we split it up, the TV site?". So the TV site got much bigger, and that's pretty much all I do now. But, it's a business.

Trevor: And you're in Arizona, is that right?

Suzanne: No, I'm in Arkansas.

Trevor: Oh, Arkansas, sorry.

Suzanne: Yeah, I've lived here a few years. My husband is Provost at the Southern Arkansas University, and we've moved a lot because of his job, but I'm from San Diego originally.

Trevor: Alright.

Suzanne: Do you live in New York still?

Trevor: No, I'm in Los Angeles (my phone just has a New York area code).

Suzanne: Yeah, that's what I figured. I figured you use to live in New York, back when you were doing the soaps, but you never know where people live. Okay, so let's see, anything else that you'd like to tell your fans?

Trevor: No, I appreciate that you continue to check with what I'm doing, and I wish you the best, and I hope that I'm entertaining them, which is what you're seeking.

Suzanne: Well, definitely, always.

Trevor: I admire and appreciate them.

Suzanne: That's great, I mean you're a really good actor, and I'm glad to see that you're still getting work because sometimes I think, "Why is that guy, who was on my favorite soap, he was so good, and he was so good-looking, why hasn't he done more work?" So I'm glad that you are. You're one of the lucky ones. It's not luck, I'm sure you work hard, and you are really good at what you do. I'm not just saying that, I don't say that to everybody.

Trevor: Okay, alright, well, I appreciate that very much.

Suzanne: I really appreciate you talking to me. I hope that "Roswell, New Mexico" does really well. I'll be watching it.

Trevor: Yeah, check it out. Probably should be early 2019.

Suzanne: Yeah, oh good. I love all the CW shows, they make good shows.

Trevor: Oh good, okay. Well thank you, Suzanne, appreciate your questions.

Suzanne: Well thank you, and you have a good day.

Trevor: Okay, you too, bye.

Suzanne: Bye.

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Beth Broderick, Andrea Bogart, Sierra McCormick and Trevor St. John star in the Thriller

Sarah Goodwin (Bogart, “Ray Donovan,” “Zac & Mia”) decides to move to the suburbs two years after the death of her husband, so she can raise her teenage daughter, Allie (McCormick, “A.N.T. Farm”) in a close knit community.

When they move in, they are welcomed by Mike Aaron (St. John, One Life to Live,”), leader of the neighbor watch.  Mike feels an instant connection to the mother and daughter as he lost his own wife and child years earlier in an accident.  He promises Sarah she will always be safe.

Sarah takes a job at a local nursing home where she can take care of her mother-in-law, Gladys (Broderick, “Safe Objects”).  Gladys encourages Sarah to start dating again and introduces her to Chris (Rocky Myers) a local firefighter and son of a fellow resident.

While Sarah and Mike are out one evening having a friendly drink, Sarah gets a call that there is a fire at her house.  The two rush out and find that Allie brought some friends home for a pool party and one of them put tin foil in the mircrowave.  Fortunately, the damage is minimal thanks to the quick thinking of one of the firefighters, who just happens to be Chris.  When Sarah thanks him for saving her home, he asks her to dinner and she accepts.  Mike overhears this and is wrought with jealousy.

Mike goes to see Gladys hoping to convince her to get Sarah to call off the date.  He wants to be the one taking care of Sarah and her daughter.  His temper scares Gladys who starts to call the police, but before she connects the call, Mike attacks her and winds up killing her.  He runs off before he can be discovered.

Chris gets a call from his mother who heard the struggles and realizes Gladys was murdered.  Before he can get to Sarah’s house, he is knocked out by Mike, who has been following him.  He stows the body in his trunk and drives over to Sarah’s house offering to take her and Allie to the nursing home.  But instead he drives them to a remote area where he intends to get rid of his rival and make a new family.  It’s now up to mother and daughter to save Chris and themselves from this obsessive murderous neighbor.

Trevor St. John was born in Spokane, WA. He began acting while attending Whitworth University on a jazz performance scholarship where he played the drums. He’s worked as a professional actor and musician in both New York and Los Angeles since 1993. He was recently seen on the CW series CONTAINMENT and will be seen next year on the CW reboot of ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO.  His previous television credits include The Vampire Diaries, The Mentalist and CSI:Cyber. He appeared in the films THE GRIEF OF OTHERS and DARK SKIES.
He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Sara and son Aidan.

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