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By Suzanne

Amber Stevens

Interview with Amber Stevens of "Baby Daddy" on ABC Family 8/14/12

ABC Familyís Q&A Session with Amber Stevens ĖBABY DADDY

Moderator Could tell me a little bit about your role coming up here on Baby Daddy and how you got approached about being a part of it?

A. Stevens Well I was originally approached because Iím part of the ABC Family alum. So I am also good friends with the casting director because she helped get me on Greek. So when the role came around, I guess she just had me in mind, thought that I could pull it off, and asked if I was interested. Without hesitation, I said yes; whatever you want me to do, Iíll do it. I trust youóand I had barely read what it was. And the characteróbasically, I just play a woman who is a young mom and sheís the head of her own Mommy & Me company. She comes over to the boysí house to help them one evening with Mommy & Me things and instead of doing her job, she maybe gets a little flirtatious and lets loose a littleóand hilarity ensues.

Moderator we miss Greek so much. Are you open to becoming a series regular again on maybe an ABC Family show or maybe another network?

A. Stevens Oh, always. Yes, I mean Iím open to anything. I mean, I had so much fun working with this network and going back to there and a lot of the same people were at Baby Daddy that were at Greek. So it was great to see everyone again and work with them for the week, and I have nothing but great memories with ABC Family.

Moderator Do you think this might end up turning into a full-time position for you on the show?

A. Stevens We joked about it when I was there, but thereís no way to know. I mean, when they give me a call, weíll see; but Iím not sure. That has not been discussed but I guess, potentially, anything could happen in the world of sitcom.

Moderator Youíre going to be playing sort of the love interest of Ben, which is played by Jean-Luc Bilodeau. Howís it been like working with him in that manner?

A. Stevens It was really fun. He and I had actually met years ago because he was on Kyle XY at the same time Greek was premiering, so we did some press stuff together. So as soon as we saw each other, we remembered each other and it was very easy going; from then on, it was a lot of fun. It was actually one of the best sets Iíve ever worked on because every single actor on that show is hilarious and super friendly. So I had a great week with everybody.

Moderator So like the cast of Baby Daddy, the whole group seems like really, really close. Was it easy like coming in and like sitting in with the group? Did you feel at home right away?

A. Stevens I actually did and I was worried about that because I know how a lot of casts tend to beóthey get very close to each other and then theyíre having a new person guest star every single week, then itís like people coming and going and like they may not want to engage as much as they do with each other, because theyíre all just best friends immediately. I didnít feel that way at all. I was included all the time. I sat at lunch with everybody. If they were all sitting around on set waiting for rehearsal to begin, they would always make sure that I was invited over. It does help that I baked cookies for everyone.

Moderator You baked cookies. Thatís definitely a plus.

A. Stevens I did. I was going through a phase at the time where I was baking like every day and I was joking around on set with everyone one afternoon, saying that I needed to give my desserts away because I was eating them all and it was not good. Theyíre like, weíll eat it, weíll eat it; just bring it here. So I just baked a bunch of cookies one night and I gave them to all the cast and crew and stuff; and I was well received after that.

Moderator So no trouble keeping up with Melissa Peterman?

A. Stevens I just idolized her; watching her work was such a learning experience. Sheís also super friendly and she didnít need to eat a cookie to have my friendship, but she was wonderful.

Moderator What is it like working with a baby on set?

A. Stevens It was so fun. Both those girls are so cute and professional and their mom is the sweetest and sheís so trusting with everybody. The babies are great; theyíre comfortable with anyone holding them really. So it was a lot of fun to work with them.

Then the two boys that I got to work with they were really cute and also their first time ever doing it. They were the coolest babies ever and I probably, if they would have let me, I would have taken one of them home because they were just the sweetest little munchkins that Iíve been around in a long time. I actually havenít had a lot of experience with babies period; so at first I was a little nervous and I got a little talking to about how to hold the baby, because I was holding it like a football apparently. But it was super fun. I loved it. I canít wait to do it again.

Moderator Was there any one baby moment that you have, that you remember from being on the set?

A. Stevens Well, we do a lot of pre-shooting with the babies. I guess because you never know what could happen. They could have a tantrum all of a sudden and then you donít want to hold up an audience. So we did all the pre-shoots and during one take, the little baby I was holding was having like a cold or he had a stuffy nose or something; so he was breathing really loud and there was like this bubbly noise and no one could figure out what it was. At the very end of the scene, I had to tell everyone. I was like the baby is making the weird noise. So they had to clear his nose and stuff because it was like a weird gurgling bubble noise. It was cute though; no one cares.

Moderator You were in this yearís amazing Spiderman movie as well. How was that experience for you?

A. Stevens It was really incredible. The whole process is so interesting because I auditioned with fake sides, not knowing what the character was. I booked the part not knowing what it was. They wouldnít send me a script because itís so, so private. They donít want anything to be leaked about the movie, so I literally like got to the set and still didnít know what I was doing.

Then finally, on set, they give you the pages that youíre going to read, so you have to learn whatever your lines are for the day pretty much there, on set; and then at the end of the day, you have to give your sides back to make sure that you donít take anything home with you that may have evidence of whatís in the script. So it was really interesting because Iíve never worked on such a high profile project like that, thatís so sensitive to people finding out what itís about.

It was also great; I got my scene that was completely cut from the movie, for the people who actually saw it and realized that now all I had to do was blow bubble gum. But I had a couple scenes; they were all cut from the movie, but I did work with Andrew Garfield for both my scenes. He was really nice and gracious and professional and just definitely an actor to admire, because he really like took it seriously and he wasnít messing around. It was a really great experience. Iím glad that I got it even though no one will ever see what I actually did.

Moderator Oh, thatís a shame.

A. Stevens Oh, thatís all right. At least I can say I did it.

Moderator You come from like a sitcom background more or less; which is more difficult for you, movies or sitcoms?

A. Stevens Well, sitcom actually just refers to like the live audience aspect of it and I havenít had much experience with that. Baby Daddy was my first like real significant experience with that. I was on How I Met Your Mother as well, but thatís not taped live. So itís a bit of a different animal.

Greek was a one-hour, single camera show. So the hours are much, much longer and youíre shooting a lot more scenes because itís an hour show rather than a 30-minute show, and so itís just a different animal. Sitcom, I would say, is the best schedule in the acting world. You work just a few hours a day in the beginning of the week and then, at the end of the week, you pre-shoot and then you film the episode live in front of the audience.

Having a live audience there gives you the instant gratification of having the laughs be live. You know youíre hitting your jokes. If youíre not, weíre going to rewrite them. Weíre going to like, improv a little. Itís so much fun. It really keeps you on your toes.

Then the in-between on set with the audience being there, they have like a hype guy in the audience thatís telling jokes and throwing out candy and giving out pizza to the audience, and making them sing and do talent show stuff. Itís hilarious. Itís really fun to get to watch the audience enjoy their time, also, while theyíre doing setups and stuff for the next scene. It was just a blast. I would love to work in sitcom; thatís pretty much my dream world.

Moderator Are going to be live tweeting during the episode of Baby Daddy.

A. Stevens I believe I am from my handle @AmberoniStevens.

Moderator Well, we know that youíre really hands-on with your fans and Iím wondering how being a part of Twitter and Facebook has allowed you to have a really close interaction with your fans.

A. Stevens I have; itís wonderful. Itís nice to get feedback on things that Iím doing and support from people. It really kind of helps me stay motivated and believe in myself and my abilities as an actor. Then to just share part of my life outside of acting a little bit with people is also kind of fun, because I know that I enjoy those kinds of moments from other people. Like Iím a huge Beyonce fan and when she put that tumbler thing up of all those private photos of her on vacations and fun stuff like that, I mean I just died over it. So I try to give at least a little bit of that to fans as well.

L Steinberg We know you also keep busy with your food blog and beyond Baby Daddy, are there any recent projects that weíll also get to see you in?

A. Stevens Yes, I worked on a film earlier this year called Jezebel. Itís a horror film. Iím not exactly sure when thatís set to release yet. It might be later this year or early next year. But that was really wonderful, so people could look out for that. Then Iíll begin filming on another project in a couple months, but I will be more specific about what it is once we get closer to the date. But itís a movie and Iím real excited about it.

Moderator How do youkeeping up with your fellow Greek alums?

A. Stevens Yes, everyone is staying really busy. Itís awesome. Iíve kept in touch with both of them; and some people more than others. I just had brunch with Dilshad on Sunday, and sheís doing really well and we caught up a little.

Then Scott, actually, has just moved to New York City to work on a new television show; so we had a little like going away kind of party, hang out session, for like three days in a row getting him ready to leave for New York. Then Spencer is doing well; she has her baby, which is amazing. Sheís just a happy family over there and yes, everyone is doing well. Jake was on his other show that he did for while, the Chelsea Handler show, and he was super happy over there. Everyone is happy and Iím so glad that weíve kept in touch.

Moderator What did you learn about yourself after taking on the role?

A. Stevens I definitely learned that sitcom is what I would love to do, ideally. I was a huge Friends fanatic and the director of our episode is Michael Lembeck and he directed a ton of Friends, and he actually directed some Greek, so I was familiar with him. But getting to work in that element with him, after knowing that heís directed the best sitcom cast on television ever, in my opinion, was just so exciting to be like let into that world a little bit. So I definitely know, now, that I love it and that I would, ideally, like to work in sitcom long term. And then that babies are cute and that I want a baby; but not right now, like in five or ten years.

Moderator At what point did they decide to get Ashley and Rusty together?

A. Stevens You know whatís so funny is that they didnít even realize that it was something that was happening until it was happening, because they realized that fans were asking for it. Because whenever Rusty and Ashley had scenes together, fans just were like, they should be together. Theyíre so cute; theyíre best friends, all this stuff.

I think they planted a seed like subliminally, I guess, to the writers that they started writing more and more stuff for us together. Then for the final season, they knew they had to wrap up everyoneís storyline somehow, and theyíre like this is the perfect opportunity to bring these two characters together. Arenít you glad they did? So cute.

Moderator I really enjoyed the last season, and I was glad you guys were able to wrap it up the way you guys did.

A. Stevens I know; and we were so grateful for that last order of episodes because we wanted to like really give a good ending to the show.

Moderator Do you miss working on Greek?

A. Stevens I do. We were all best friends and just like spending all those hours together were so fun and itís sad, now that weíre not together all the time. Weíve got to like make an effort to keep in touch because our lives have moved forward, but it was such a blast. I loved every second of it.

Moderator Yes, you guys really did seem like friends.

A. Stevens We really were. We spent all day at work together and then all weekend together; so like we couldnít get enough of each other.

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