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By Stephen

Stephen McGlone, wife Zina and friend

San Diego Comic-Con 2017

A Sea of Streams

     This year's Comic-Con. WOW. Hey, guys, look what we started!
     Quick recap: our mom saw this small ad in the newspaper about kids who love comic books.   My two brothers, David and Patrick McGlone, along with Gary Pagel and Michael Williams, 2 neighborhood friends we hung out with, checked it out.
     We met Shel Dorf, Richard Alf and the others of the San Diego Five (we couldn't afford the expenses of the trips to see Jack Kirby), Ken Krueger and the others...
     Mostly we were "gofers," running errands, guarding exhibits, escorting guests like Kirby...
     I remember contributing crude unframed artwork to the Artists Exhibit.
     We went to every scheduled committee meeting the first year, providing comments and watching Scott Shaw's cool doodles.
     My recollection is that David was the only one of us who continued to work on the committee for several years. I joined the Air Force,  while Pat, Mike and Gary got involved with other things. (My sister Suzanne was too young at that time to be involved, although she enjoyed attending Comic-Con with our mom and would later also get involved)
     Every year, I would come home on leave and attend, watching the neat thing we helped start grow...

     This year, 2017, my brother Patrick attended for the first time in ages with his wife --  them and David as my guests.
     My wife Zina went as press photojournalist for this website, as she has for quite a few years now.
     And this report is my first step of a new blog and possible website.
     My main excitement this year is the new "Doctor Who," the new "Star Trek" TV show, the new "Star Wars" movies, and of course, the movies that DC and Marvel are doing.
     I'm especially happy with the treatment of "Doctor Strange," an old favorite of mine (there were so many...); I'm also looking forward to the new iteration of "The Tick"!!

     Always, one of those things I think about as a fan of comics, was when would we see movies or TV shows about our favorite characters...
     Avidly we watched the Superman & Batman TV shows (hats off to the recent passing of Adam West and Noel Nielle), as well as the animated shows, the old movie serials, and even the old radio shows that are available now.
     For anyone who pooh-poohs the movies, etc. for how they changed things, just think of them as divergent universes.
     Sometimes wildly divergent (>cough< Alfred's revolving door to the Batcave)...

I still have to get caught up with some of the TV shows.  I'm especially excited about catching "The Defenders," after seeing the first season of "Daredevil."
     "Legends of Tommorrow" looks pretty good so far, although I'm really sorry they killed off Leonard Snart,.  His snarky character will always be associated,  in my mind, with the great examples of recurring bad guys who have to play nice with the good guys. For instance, Dr Smith from "Lost in Space," Mason from "Santa Barbara," Damon Salvatore from "Vampire Diaries," & Kerr Avon from "Blake's 7."
     I'm also looking forward to seeing the new "Spider-man." This one is more like a high school freshman, where the others feel like seniors, an impression I feel is reinforced by the graduating scenes in the other movies...
     I'm wondering if they'll eventually get around to showing Betty Brant, JJ's long suffering secretary...?

     Anyway, Comic-Con was great, even though I didn't see and do everything, or get all of the toys and tee shirts I wanted (I never do)!
     But then, there's always next year...

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Page updated 8/16/17

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