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By Suzanne

Anna Silk and Ksenia Solo of Lost Girl on Syfy

Interview with Anna Silk and Ksenia Solo of "Lost Girl" on Syfy 1/7/14

Syfy always does a great job of promoting their shows and letting us speak with their stars. The stars are always very friendly and enthusiastic. These ladies are always very nice. I've spoken with them before and they're great. I love the show, although I don't always have time to watch it! I need to go buy the DVD's... anyway, hope you love it as much as I did.

Moderator: Gary Morgenstein
January 07, 2014
01:00 pm CT

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen thank you for standing by and welcome to the SyFy conference call for Lost Girl. During the presentation all participants are in a listen only mode. Afterwards we will conduct an answer session. At that time if you have a question you can press the one followed by the four on your telephone.

If at any time during the conference you need to reach an operator you can press the star followed by the zero. As a reminder todayís call is being recorded Tuesday, January 7, 2013. I would now like to turn the call over to Mr. Gary Morgenstein. Please go right ahead sir.

Gary Morgenstein: Welcome everyone I canít believe it but season four of Lost Girl begins next Monday, January 13 at 8 oíclock on SyFy and we are delighted to have the stars Anna Silk and Ksenia Solo. Hi guys.

Anna Silk: Hey.

Ksenia Solo: Hi.

Gary Morgenstein: All right. Letís get it going. (Tommy) could you put forward the first caller please?

Operator: Absolutely and before we proceed once again ladies and gentlemen it is the one four on your telephone to ask a question. And we will go with our first one from the line of Jamie Ruby from Go right ahead.

Jamie Ruby: Hi guys - both of you again it is nice to talk to you again.

Ksenia Solo: Hi Jamie.

Anna Silk: Hi Jamie.

Jamie Ruby: Hi. So try to think of something different and somebody from Twitter sent me this -- what do you think Bo and Kenziís resolutions for the New Year would be if they made them?

Anna Silk: Oh.


Anna Silk: ...Clean up their apartment?


Ksenia Solo: ...Stock their liquor cabinet.

Anna Silk: Yes stock the liquor cabinet, dust their apartment, maybe fix the walls. Gosh what would it be? Thatís a really good question.

Ksenia Solo: Maybe we would like make an effort to...

Anna Silk: I donít know...

Ksenia Solo: ...Have more like girls night like...

Anna Silk: Thatís what I was just thinking we would have more girls time like we would, you know, let the boys - lock the boys out for a while and just have more girls nights.

Ksenia Solo: Yes remember those days when we used to like shine our swords and our guns and knives and like over a glass of wine. I miss those days...

Anna Silk: Yes and throw the knives at the mannequins and all that stuff - yes. Yes. We would have more of those.

Jamie Ruby: Okay great. And then the other thing is I was going to ask what do you think it is about Bo and Kenziís relationship that makes it so important and so strong?

Anna Silk: Ksenia you do want to start or?

Ksenia Solo: Sure. I think that Bo and Kenzi were two lost souls, you know, in very different ways but I really do believe that they were lost and they found each other, you know, in this kind of crazy set of circumstances. And I feel like when you meet somebody - I mean I wouldnít know personally but I would assume when you meet somebody in like a life and death situation, you know, you are automatically bonded with them.

And in their case it was that, you know, plus a million and they have always been there for each other no matter what and I think it is very rare, you know, whether in the fantasy world or in real life to have a friend that would take a bullet for you and, you know, is going to listen to your crap no matter how many times you want to talk about your breakup or will teach you things or will be there for you absolutely no matter what.

You know, they found a home in each other and they found an unbreakable bond. So whatever makes it unbreakable I donít know if I could put it into words but I just think they have a connection that goes beyond anything. I think it is very spiritual. So...

Anna Silk: And it was instant too, you know, I mean from the very moment Bo and Kenzi met and they are also two pretty cool chicks. You know, like they are just cool. And they have a spark between them. You know? I was recently actually watching back on some old episodes looking for some stuff and I just noticed how much spark there is between Bo and Kenzi.

You know, there just is. It existed from the first moment they met. And I think that the scenes between them are so lively for that reason there is just such a chemistry and a connection.

Jamie Ruby: Wonderful. Well we love them. So thank you very much.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Ksenia Solo: Thank you.

Operator: And we will get to our next question is from the line of Erin Willard from SciFi Mafia. Go right ahead.

Erin Willard: Hi ladies. Great to talk to you again.

Ksenia Solo: Hi.

Erin Willard: Iím sorry I donít - hi. Iím sorry I donít already know this but was there any reason outside of the storyline Anna that you were basically off the first few episodes?

Anna Silk: Because that I was what?

Erin Willard: That you were off - I mean you were missing. We never got to see you the first few episodes so...

Anna Silk: Yes yes I know. Well I had just - you realize I just had a baby.

Erin Willard: Okay.

Anna Silk: So that...


Erin Willard: ...Absent.

Anna Silk: That well you know...


Anna Silk: ...They were mad I was - I had just given birth so yes. I was a little bit busy. But I really thought the writers handled it so well and came up with this great idea that I love that there is like this - I love that there is this whole episode before they even realize that Bo is not there you know.

Erin Willard: Absolutely you know...


Anna Silk: ...Itís a great episode...


Erin Willard: ...It is a great episode even without you. Iím sorry but how soon can we expect to see the entire gang back together again because I know that I - we see them but we donít see them together for the first two episodes. Is that going to continue throughout the season that weíre finally...

Anna Silk: No...


Erin Willard: ...Or...

Anna Silk: No we definitely see the gang back together fairly soon in the season.

Erin Willard: Okay great. So then what I want to know from each of you is what you each like best overall about this season?

Anna Silk: Oh my God. Thatís a good question.

Ksenia Solo: Gosh. I think we take it to new extremes right Anna? Would you agree with me like we do pretty...

Anna Silk: We definitely do...

Ksenia Solo: Yes we do pretty like crazy things and we try to - I mean our writers try to keep our fans on their toes - on the edge of their seats I think but in season four...

Anna Silk: I think we were kept on the edge of our seats this year too, you know, we were...


Anna Silk: ...On our toes. And it was just kind of non-stop, you know, Emily Andras is our show runner sort of said it best and I think everyone can hear me right now that the highs are highs and the lows are low which I think is a really great way to describe the season.

Ksenia Solo: Yes.

Anna Silk: You know because it is just stakes are really high. Ksenia is totally right. It was really it was nonstop for all of us.

Erin Willard: Great okay I canít wait. Thanks so much.

Ksenia Solo: Thank you.

Operator: Thank you very much. And we will get to our next question and it is from the line of (Tim Oakland) from Press Pass LA. Go right ahead.

Tim Oakland: Hi. I have two questions that both of you can answer. We have talked in the past about Anne Dixon who was the showís original costume designer but I havenít talked fashion with either of you again since Noreen Landry has become the costumer. What has been different do you think she has brought to Bo and Kenziís style sense and wardrobe? Is she as collaborative with you all as Anne was?

Anna Silk: Absolutely she is.

Ksenia Solo: Yes she, you know, Anne created such a great look for our show and I feel like Noreen came in and Noreen is such a - has so much skill and talent just like Anne did. So, you know, she sort of brought things with her own flair and her own extra things and is - I mean Iíve always found her extremely collaborative and we are really fortunate. I like the way Boís look has evolved.

Tim Oakland: Yes. Me too. Okay and the first time we ever spoke on one of these SyFy calls it came up that the two of you were with each other constantly like just about every second for the first season. Considering that the last part of season three and the first few episodes of season four youíre really not in many scenes together at all and even in episode four when you finally do reunite you hardly spend any time together.

How would you comment on the change it has been for each of you? Was it a crushing change? Did it upset the chemistry that has been established?

Ksenia Solo: Can I just say honestly I thought it sucked that we didnít get to spend any time together and like any time, you know, Anne and I would have a scene together in season four I would literally look at her and be like I feel like I havenít seen you in like years. We just kind of pass each other by on set and go hey I remember you like didnít we used to spend like every, you know, waking moment together.

Anna Silk: I know. I know. I know. Yes. I mean not that we donít have any scenes together in season four because we certainly do but it definitely has changed and I feel like it is because, you know, this - the storyline has changed and also you see more of the back story of different characters. But I definitely, you know, I definitely miss Bo and Kenziís core for the season for sure. But they definitely have stuff to do together. But it did change and you are right it sucks.

Tim Oakland: Okay. Thank you. If I have more questions I will get back in line again. Thanks.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Operator: Thank you very much. We will go with our next question it is from the line of Robin Burks from Go right ahead.

Robin Burks: Hi Anna, hi Ksenia.

Ksenia Solo: Hello.

Anna Silk: Hi.

Robin Burks: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today. I havenít seen any of the episodes from the new season yet so I am really really looking forward to it. Overall what can fans of the series expect in the season? What is the overall story and what can we look forward to?

Anna Silk: Well, you know, I have to say that this is probably the hardest season to talk about. I had the hardest time doing press for this season because everything I say is a spoiler. So it is really tough - a really tough question to answer. I donít know Ksenia if you have got something down but, you know, I think that because we got the group sort of torn apart at the end of season three any sort of resolution I say to that will give away too much of a plot point.

But we definitely see the gang come back together. It might not be in the same dynamic or the same - all with the same dynamic as it was before and itís got definitely more of an uphill battle this season.

Robin Burks: Okay. How about the individual characters like Kenzi or Bo do you have like an individual storyline that you can talk about?

Ksenia Solo: Of course. You know, with Bo disappearing at the end of season three and kind of leaving us all without her, you know, if I can speak about Kenzi I would say that her journey in season four is really all about finding her place and at the beginning itís especially hard because her heart and her rock and her home and her love is gone.

And that is an incredibly difficult situation to be in when you have a void like that in your life. So I think for all characters, you know, weíre all just trying to kind of find our way back home in our own ways.

Anna Silk: Yes we are. It is definitely about sort of finding our way home this season for sure. And for Bo, you know, Bo has a really big place in the Fae world and she never really knows what that is and I think honestly a part of her is determined to find out because I think she knows she is a key player and she knows she has consequences and they are consequences that can be really negative for the people she loves. So that journey is always part of every season for Bo and it certainly is this season as well.

Robin Burks: Great. Thank you.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Operator: Okay we will proceed with our next question from the line of Suzanne Lanoue of TVMegaSite. Go right ahead.

Suzanne Lanoue: Hi ladies it is nice to talk with you again.

Ksenia Solo: (Unintelligible) as well.

Suzanne Lanoue: Letís see I wanted to ask Ksenia what was it like when you worked with George Takei in the episode this season?

Ksenia Solo: It was a real treat. George is not only a gentleman and has a wonderful kind heart but he is one of the most professional individuals I have ever met. So we were so honored that he wanted to do our show and, you know, him and I had some really fun scenes and it was cool to be able to, you know, look up 10 feet and see George on this, you know, elevator in a green jumpsuit. We had some good laughs and it was just a real joy.

Suzanne Lanoue: Yes I enjoyed the episodes. I saw the first few that they sent and I really love that. It mustíve been funny like you said I was wondering how they did that with - I donít want to spoil...

Ksenia Solo: Yes they had a whole crane built that he was strapped to so he had a nice little roller coaster ride throughout the scene.

Suzanne Lanoue: Oh thatís fun. Did he say oh my while he was there?

Ksenia Solo: No he saved that for on camera. Although I am sure if I asked him and I think maybe somebody else did - I am not sure but I think maybe Kris Holden-Reid asked him to say oh my I think I heard (unintelligible) like this and he did. He is a very kind guy and Iím sure if he was asked he would do it.

Suzanne Lanoue: He is. And I met him very briefly and I just he was so - he just seems like one of those guys that just loves life you know...


Ksenia Solo: Yes.

Suzanne Lanoue: Well thatís wonderful. And my friend Donna wanted me to ask you Anna if Bo and Dr. Lauren will be getting back together with each other exclusively anytime soon in the show and I know they donít in the first few episodes because I saw those...

Anna Silk: Well I totally canít answer that question but, you know, what it is a great question and, you know, the Bo and Lauren relationship is certainly not gone. I donít think it could ever be gone because they just have too much of a connection. And, you know, so we definitely - we will definitely see it continue. I just really couldnít say in what capacity.

Suzanne Lanoue: Right...

Anna Silk: But itís a great question. Really great.

Suzanne Lanoue: She wanted me to suggest now I havenít seen every episode so - Iím sure you know what she is referring to here more than I would -- she wanted to suggest that the show should do another new Bo car washing scene at the beginning of every episode.

Anna Silk: Well, you know what I will talk to the writers because that was actually a really fun thing to do. So I will put in her pitch for that.

Suzanne Lanoue: All right. Thanks a lot both of the guys.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Ksenia Solo: Thank you.

Operator: Thank you very much. Thank you. And we will get to our next question from the line of Ann Morris of Go right ahead.

Ann Morris: Hi Ksenia. Hi Anna. Thank you for taking the time to do this today. I have a couple of questions and they are a little not actually about the show itself which I really enjoy and I am totally outside your demographic. I am a grandmother...

Ksenia Solo: Oh wow.

Ann Morris: ...but my husband...


Ksenia Solo: ...Demographics. Our demographic is everybody...


Ann Morris: ...I can understand - it should be because the show is really fun and I - my husband and I both just really enjoy it. And one of the things I wanted to ask you guys is what kind of books and movies and television do you like when you have that spare moment or two for reading or watching?

Ksenia Solo: Oh good question. You want to go first Anna?

Anna Silk: Yes I mean it really, you know, I think the way people watch TV has sort of changed I mean you want to see your weekly show for sure but because of the way that we work I tend to binge watch television now. And so what have I been watching, you know, I was a big Breaking Bad fan. Right now I just started watching Scandal and I have to say even though like I donít want to watch this anymore I canít stop watching.

So whatever it is about that show it is bringing me back. You know, I have been a sci-fi fan in the past I love (unintelligible) back in the day. I was a big Alias fan. I donít know. I tend to be drawn to shows that have strong female leads, you know, I love The Good Wife. I love the first - yes I like kind of kick ass shows led by kick ass women. So yes that would probably be my answer right now.


Ann Morris: ...Strong woman.

Anna Silk: Yes exactly. Exactly.

Ksenia Solo: And I think - for me I think I have like four top shows that I absolutely adore. One of them being Homeland which I could literally set for a week straight and watch Homeland...


Ksenia Solo: ...Once but letís not talk about that. I love New Girl because it makes me laugh and I think itís - it goes back to the days of like Friends, you know, with obviously a modern twist and they really got me laughing every episode. I enjoy Girls on HBO a lot. I think it is, you know, kind of a revolution for young women in this day and age and I really enjoy House of Cards...


Ann Morris: ...House of Cards. That was good.

Ksenia Solo: Yes that was a show I got hooked on.


Ksenia Solo: ...Orange is the New Black is another good one.

Ann Morris: Oh Orange is the New Black. Yes. Havenít watched it yet but going to. It is in the queue. Okay my second question is about your relationship with fans. I know you have attended some conventions and I was wondering if you, you know, going to those conventions are they overwhelming or are you able to get out and enjoy it? And if you do go out and enjoy it what is your favorite thing about the conventions?

Anna Silk: I think for me it is seeing firsthand just how excited people are about the show. I mean, you know, being on twitter and getting fan letters and stuff I mean obviously people have this outpouring of love for the show and for these characters and I got the nicest fan mail and the nicest twitter messages to meet people in person.

And to actually be see them face-to-face and see the excitement and it is - it makes me so excited to. It is really that sort of one-on-one connection of why weíre doing this. And why these stories matter to people. It is nice to see.

Ksenia Solo: Yes I think we are very lucky that we get to kind of go out in the world and experience peopleís love and dedication to the show because I donít know if everyone gets to do that and I know, you know, specifically I remember me and Anna first season when we were, you know, filming we didnít know what the outcome would be. We didnít know how people were going to react, you know, itís a very different concept that we have never really seen on television before.

So I totally agree with Anna, you know, getting out there and being able to just be ourselves and say hi to people and just hear how, you know, whether it is the relationships on our show or whether, you know, for me like Kenzi funny lines or whatever it is that people are really crazy about and dedicated to it is very humbling to get to talk to our fans in person.

Ann Morris: Thank you very much and I wish you continued success with the show. I know I will be watching.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Ksenia Solo: Thank you.

Operator: Thank you very much. And we will go with our next question is from the line of Stephanie Beaver from Tuning in to SciFi TV. Go right ahead.

Stephanie Beaver: Hi ladies. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us. I was just wondering is there a relationship between your character and another character that you were excited to explore in a new way in season four?

Ksenia Solo: I think season four does a really great job of connecting characters that you wouldnít expect to develop a relationship whether romantically or just as friends. So for me I feel like I canít answer this because it would be giving away the surprises of season four.

But I would say that there were many characters that I wanted to, you know, have more scenes with and explore where we could go and I think the writers did a great job of doing that this season.

Anna Silk: Yes and it sort of takes that core group and all those core relationships and fine-tunes them, you know, it is like they get a little bit further explored and some new characters as well. You know, I totally agree.

Stephanie Beaver: And then Anna you often have scenes in which you have to switch from being just sort of regular Bo to being like dark Bo and possessed Bo very quickly. And I was kind of wondering how do you prepare for those moments? Is that something you find difficult or challenging?

Anna Silk: Well it is definitely challenging but I love it. I love sort of playing the dark Bo as well because, you know, what I love about Bo is that she is, you know, yes she fights for what she believes in and has this strong sense of justice and will, you know, defend her friends to the end but thereís she is also (unintelligible) a part of her that does have a darkness. And it is definitely - it is a bit challenging but of course it is really fun. It is really fun.

Stephanie Beaver: Well thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions today.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Ksenia Solo: Of course.

Operator: Thank you very much. And we will proceed with our next question it is another follow-up question from the line of Jamie Ruby from Go right ahead.

Jamie Ruby: Hi again.

Anna Silk: Hello.

Jamie Ruby: So this question is for Ksenia. Can you talk about kind of how Kenziís relationship with Hale is going to continue to develop during the season?

Ksenia Solo: Well if I was going to tell you that then I would be telling you about the entire season. And I - as much as I would love to do that I would just - Anna is so right this is like the worst season to talk about because everything we say is a total spoiler.

I do think that this relationship, you know, these two people coming together in a romantic way was expected and it has been leading up, you know, for quite a while and, you know, it has been kind of a joy to go from two people who annoy the hell out of each other to two people who really developed, you know, a deep care and love for each other.

So there is going to be a lot of, you know, fun and thereís also going to be some drama. Which of course every relationship has and because it is the Fae world and Lost Girl sometimes we take that drama to a whole different level. And I think he can definitely expect that with Kenzi and Hale and that is all I can say. I already feel like I said too much but that is all I can say.

Jamie Ruby: Okay. Great. Well thanks to both of you (unsocial) questions.

Anna Silk: Thanks.

Ksenia Solo: Thanks Jamie.

Operator: Thank you very much. And we will get to our next question another follow-up from Mr. (Tim Oakland) from Press Pass LA. Go right ahead.

Tim Oakland: Hi. I have a couple questions for both of you but two real quick ones for Ksenia. In the first few episodes of the season you got to incorporate some of your dancing skills into the role. Was that enjoyable for you and how did the boys and Rachel take to their respective choreography?

Ksenia Solo: It was definitely a very interesting experience. I could not be prouder of Kris and K.C. who have never really dance before and were presented with an incredible challenge. And I think when we all, you know, heard that we were doing this we all kind of assumed that we would just do a few poses, you know, walk across the floor and nothing too crazy.

And what we ended up doing, you know, with the help of a very talented choreographer who really kicked our butts in ways that we never thought, you know, our butts could be kicked. And, you know, we ended up doing things that we never thought we could. And the fact that we only had about six rehearsals, you know, just kind of tells you how little time we had but it was incredibly enjoyable.

Of course it was hard, you know, all of us had blisters and sprained ankles, you know, I almost got a concussion. I had a cracked rib after the fact. There was a lot of pain involved because there was a lot of dangerous things that we did but I can proudly say we had no dance stumbles and the boys did an absolute phenomenal job. And then Rachel and I got to do some dancing which was, you know, not as dangerous.

But, you know, shaking your booty can sometimes be dangerous so I donít know. But I thought, you know, Rachel did a fantastic job as well and really brought, you know, this comedic charm to what she did. And so overall it was really great and I am very thankful to the writers that they incorporated that because, you know, it was something that was never done before.

Tim Oakland: And on the subject of your upcoming film costarring Kris Holden-Reid what can you tell us about Another You?

Ksenia Solo: At this point not - I canít give away too much. It was a film that my production company coproduced. And it is a love story with a sci-fi twist. And it is in post-production right now. And we will see what happens when it comes out in 2014 and it costars Diego Boneta who is an incredibly talented young actor.

LA Times I believe just named him one of the faces to watch in 2014 and he was fantastic to work with. Iím a big fan of his work. So, you know, just a film that I hope, you know, people can relate to and enjoy watching.

Tim Oakland: I look forward to it. So three successful seasons of the show under your belt in Canada and America. I was hoping you could talk a little bit about how your lives mightíve changed due to your heightened fame and notoriety. Is it harder now to do simple things like running errands and go to the store without being recognized?

Anna Silk: You know it is definitely changed. I feel like, you know, itís - we have such a specific audience so when the audience that, you know, knows us, you know, I can only speak for myself they see Bo (unintelligible). So that is pretty exciting for me that - to sort of connect with people on that level. But there has definitely been some changes. But all sort of positive.

Ksenia Solo: Yes agreed.

Tim Oakland: Okay. And (unintelligible) ask one of the executive producers of (unintelligible) recently credited Netflix with an uptick in their ratings and contributed to the fact that fans can now get caught up and discover the show because of that service. Have you ever seen some of an increase in ratings or fan recognition that you attribute to that - to Netflix?

Anna Silk: Due to Netflix? I, you know, I kind of have to say yes because a lot of people that I have been - that have been sort of recognizing me or recognizing the show has said oh I started watching it on Netflix. I have noticed that a lot of people are saying that to me. So I mean I can only say that for those specific incidents but it is definitely something that they mentioned a lot.

Tim Oakland: It is helping genre shows for sure. Well thank you so much for your time both of you it has been a pleasure.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Ksenia Solo: Thank you.

Operator: Thank you very much. And we do have another follow-up question from the line of Suzanne Lanoue from TV MegaSite. Go right ahead.

Suzanne Lanoue: Hi again. I was wondering - letís see you guys have been doing this for a while now. You have had a lot of great guest stars. Are there any guest stars in particular that you would like to see back again or some that you havenít seen that you would like to see him show?

Ksenia Solo: I...

Anna Silk: Well Iím really excited about - oh sorry. Go ahead.

Ksenia Solo: No. You go.

Anna Silk: No I was going to say Iím really excited that Linda Hamilton got back because I didnít really get to work with her the first time. So I was really happy that she came back with us in season four. So Iíve been really fortunate to work with her.

Ksenia Solo: And I would (unintelligible) that I would love to have Aaron Ashmore back since he was just so talented and such a great actor to work with...


Anna Silk: Yes. He was so good.

Ksenia Solo: Yes I know that a lot of people really miss Nate and so it would be great to have him back but weíve been so lucky over the years and it is hard to recall everybody. So...

Anna Silk: I know.


Anna Silk: It would be cool to have Anthony Lemke back too because he really kind of just was like - really bugged Bo I think it was...


Anna Silk: ...Sometimes.

Ksenia Solo: Yes. Yes he was awesome.

Suzanne Lanoue: Great. Yes thatís one thing I love about the show itís just like oh that guy oh and they come on and do such a great job with their short-term characters and you guys seem to have chemistry with everybody so it works out well.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Ksenia Solo: Thank you.

Suzanne Lanoue: All right. Thanks a lot. And I appreciate it.

Operator: Thank you. And we will go to our next question it is another follow-up from Ann Morris from Go right ahead.

Ann Morris: All right. Thank you. Hi again. I have a question for you. I was curious about the time it takes to film a whole season, kind of what your shooting schedule is like and what you do with the part of your years when you are not filming Lost Girl or making another movie.

Anna Silk: Well I think itís about, you know, a typical season for us is 13 episodes and that takes us about 5 1/2 months I would say roughly to shoot. So that is about half our year. You know, for myself between other seasons Iíve done some other projects.

Between season three and four I had a baby and I wanted to take that time and just really get to enjoy that home experience which I did. So that was - that is kind of what Iíve been doing is some other projects and being a mama.

Ann Morris: Do you get to take your baby to the set?

Anna Silk: Yes I did. He was there almost every day. And he loved it. I mean it actually made him extra social because the crew. He became like the baby of the crew. So, you know, he was a very popular little addition to our Lost Girl family and that - it was obviously amazing to have him there every day.

Ksenia Solo: And let it be known that little Sam is the most wonderful child I have ever met. He was like always had a smile on his face, was never like crying, was just was like the happiest baby. So whatever Anna and Seth did I donít know what kind of magic voodoo they did but...


Anna Silk: ...He is -- he smiles from morning to night. It is true.

Ksenia Solo: Yes.

Ann Morris: Aww that is wonderful.

Ksenia Solo: Yes he is a very happy baby.

Ann Morris: Well that wasnít where I thought we were going yet I think that is the best answer today. Thank you.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Operator: Thank you very much. Our next question is a follow-up from Stephanie Beaver from Tuning in to SciFi TV. Go right ahead.

Stephanie Beaver: I was just wondering sort of what your process is getting ready for an episode is? I know you do table reads but do you tend to run lines with other actors or do you prepare a bit more privately?

Anna Silk: I would say it is a combination of both of those things. We - the pace of those - the shooting schedule the pace of it is so quick, you know, we donít - thereís not a lot of time for rehearsal. So you really kind of have to come pretty much ready to go. And then you are there to experience what you are going to experience for the other actor and the other character.

And, you know, Ksenia and I have always been very good about working together before a scene, you know, depending on what the scene is and talking about it. But thereís not always time for that. So - but I have to say everyone on the show really comes ready to go and honestly everyone has a slightly different process but we have all been very respectful of each otherís processes and itís been - it has come together really nicely. Itís a really good well-oiled machine at this point.

Ksenia Solo: And Anna is right, you know, sometimes when you are shooting a television show we are there really from morning to night and, you know, you have very little time at home to kind of unwind and rest and enjoy the day, you know, know your lines for the next day and just be prepared for the week ahead and the next day. And so sometimes what we do and have done in the past is a, you know, when we - if we are driving home together in the same car, you know, we will try to, you know, run some lines together in the car or...


Anna Silk: We will make ourselves car sick...


Anna Silk: ...On the way home.

Ksenia Solo: Yes. It is always a challenge but for the arts we...


Anna Silk: ...Nauseous but we are ready to go.

Ksenia Solo: Yes.

Stephanie Beaver: So I know a lot of fans are interested to see Kenzi and Laurenís relationship evolve, you know, they start out kind of frosty towards each other but it has been thawing over the season. And I was wondering Ksenia if you thought Kenzi being labeled a human terrorist at the end of season three if that perhaps made Kenzi a bit more sympathetic to Laurenís position within Fae over the years?

Ksenia Solo: I would definitely say yes. And in our season four premiere you see Kenzi, you know, reach out to Lauren and so I think that is kind if, you know, not something she would usually do but, you know, she realizes that they have a stronger bond than she thought, you know, because it is really hard for all these other Faes to really understand what a human is going through.

So I think she, you know, reaches out because she knows that they can connect on that level, you know, and when you have no one around I think you reach out to the people that can understand you the most so that is what happens with them.

Stephanie Beaver: Well Iíve seen the first episode and I know when Kenzi describes Lauren, you know, as shy and awkward and formal and a lot of people are like yes thank you Kenzi finally understands Lauren. So thank you...


Ksenia Solo: ...Finally.

Stephanie Beaver: Right. So I am really excited to see if their relationship develops a little more.

Ksenia Solo: Cool. Me too.

Operator: Thank you very much. And once again ladies and gentlemen it is a one, four to register a question. And we do have another follow-up from Ms. Jamie Ruby from Go right ahead.

Jamie Ruby: I have one more question. And this is for Ksenia again. After you obviously interact with a younger version of Tamsin in the second episode is that going to affect at all Kenziís relationship with the adult Tamsin? Iím not sure when she comes back but eventually when she comes back?

Ksenia Solo: Yes. It definitely has a major effect on her relationship with the adult Tamsin because they never really had a relationship and whatever they did have was kind of full of, you know, hate and loathing for each other for, you know, different reasons but you definitely see a different side of their kind of newfound bond.

And although Kenzi was very hesitant and didnít want to be the babysitter, you know, or spend any time taking care of little Tamsin she definitely developed a soft spot for her. So we will see how that grows and evolves as Tamsin age grows and evolves.

Jamie Ruby: Okay great. Thanks to both of you. Bye-bye.

Ksenia Solo: Thank you.

Operator: Thank you very much. We do have one more question in the queue from the line of Miss Ann Morris again from Go right ahead.

Ann Morris: Hi. I guess my last question is I know on your show the Fae world is represented in kind of wild and crazy ways and thereís an awful lot of mythology and various folklore that is used in the stories. And I was wondering if working on a show with all this kind of mythology has it made you curious to learn more about these mythologies yourself? This is for both of you.

Ksenia Solo: I can say that I am always shocked to find out that the mythology that is in our episodes is based on real mythology. I always kind of assumed that, you know, oh god there is this crazy creature that someone mustíve made them up. Like our writers are so, you know, crazy but then I find out that it is all based in truth. So or, you know, in the mythology so I always find that very fascinating and it does inspire me to find out more.

Anna Silk: Yes I think I definitely notice more. I am sort of more tuned into that just in anything I read. And I, you know, as a child I was given a book called Faeries and it was this beautiful book with, you know, picture book as well as sort of all the folklore about fairies. And it was a scary book.

You know, the pictures werenít all pretty little fairies they were like little creatures that lived under mushrooms and it was - I was extremely fascinated by this book. I still have it. It is completely falling apart. But it has always come with me and it has always been a source of wonder for me from a very young age.

Ann Morris: I think that is probably the Brian Froud Faeries book because I have one of those too.

Anna Silk: Yes. It is a beautiful book.

Ann Morris: Thank you. Yes. Well thank you very much.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Operator: Thank you very much. Thank you and Mr. Morgenstein we have no further questions at this time. I will turn the call back over to you.

Gary Morgenstein: Thank you very much (Tommy). Thank you Anna, Ksenia. Thanks everyone for joining the calls. Season four...


Anna Silk: Thank you guys.

Ksenia Solo: Thank you guys.

Gary Morgenstein: ...January 13 at 8 oíclock on SyFy. Take care everyone.

Ksenia Solo: Bye.

Anna Silk: Bye Ksenia.

Ksenia Solo: Bye Anna.

Gary Morgenstein: Thank you.

Operator: Thank you everyone. And ladies and gentlemen this does conclude the conference for today. We thank you for your participation and ask you to disconnect the alliance. Have a good day everyone.


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