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By Suzanne

Amy Smart and Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Interview with Amy Smart and Mark-Paul Gosselaar of "The 12 Dates of Christmas" on ABC Family 12/1/11

ABC Familyís Q&A Session with Amy Smart (Special Guest: Mark-Paul Gosselaar)
25 Days of Christmas/12 Dates of Christmas

Moderator What was it about the character of Kate that kind of endeared you to the project?

A. Smart I really liked Kate because first of all, she has such a three-dimensional character. Sheís still hopelessly in love with her ex-boyfriend and wants him back so badly. Sheís stubborn. Sheís work-driven and stubborn. She just wants what she wants. She kind of has that tunnel vision and doesnít see past that.

What I liked about this project is that I liked that Kate has to go through this transformational journey where she is pushed to her limits and has to keep reliving Christmas Eve over and over and over again until she can start to expand her horizons and see that maybe what she thinks she needs is not really what sheís going after. Sheís given this chance to explore other possibilities that are better for her and her life that open her up and humble her.

Moderator Which of the Christmas Eves was your favorite to film?

A. Smart I had such a great time working with Mark-Paul. Heís a wonderful actor and we had fun ice skating and being freezing at night walking down the street, and decorating Christmas trees, and picking them out. Itís hard to say because I really liked so many different scenes. I thought it was also fun when my character kept running into her ex-boyfriend and trying to fixóin order to fix her relationship with him so she can win him over and get him in the next night.

Moderator Could you describe the movie in your own words?

A. Smart Itís about this journey of Kate Stanton who is really set in her ways and trying to make her life right and get her ex-boyfriend back. She journeys and figures out that the way her Type A personality is not actually helping her get what she truly needs in her life. Through the journey she takes, it allows her to see other peopleís perspective and a window into how other people really are. Itís incredibly humbling and enlightening and fun, and a journey everyone takes where you think you know what you want and then something in your life makes you fall on your Ö and you can see clearer about what life is really about and what really matters.

Moderator Whatís one of your favorite Christmas traditions?

A. Smart I love baking little Mexican wedding ball cookies. I love cooking during Christmas, all smells like the hot apple cider, the hot spiced wine.

Moderator In the movie, your character relives Christmas Eve until she gets it right. If you could do over any one day in your life, which day would you choose?

A. Smart Wow. Thatís a good question. Itís funny, because in hindsight, we have so much fear and anxiety about our future, the next day, or whatís happening in our lives. When you have that 20/20 hindsight that everything was going to be fine, youíre going to be okay, I donít know of one specific day, but just trusting more in life and your journey.

I know that sounds airy-fairy, but really just knowing if I could go back and know everything was going to be okay in certain circumstances; not to stress out about it. I think if anything, the best gift we can have is living in the present moment and really enjoying it for what it is; and, not being in our heads and getting sidetracked.

Moderator There are a lot of scenes that are very similar but just slightly different. How did you all keep track of all of that?

A. Smart We broke it down into 12 different sections. Where is she at this point, this point, this point? It was definitely like a puzzle because each incarnation she changes sort of like Groundhogís Day where sheís back at square one with all this new information and these new purposes and drives. So, it was confusing, but we just broke it down into 12 dates Ö get through that.

Moderator Did it get complicated filming it?

A. Smart Yes, it definitely got complicated because at some points, more for continuity-wise, like figuring out okay she didnít go there first, and then she went here. So, maybe sheís not wearing her scarf here. But, as far as trying to gauge where this character was at each point got confusing at times, but weíre able to navigate it. That was challenging, though, for sure.

Moderator Well, I love the movie and you guys did a great job with it.

A. Smart Thank you. It was the first film that Iíve ever done where I was in every single scene. I really poured my heart and soul into this film. Honestly, I loved the script. I thought all the characters were so three dimensional and they all have their own voice. I like any story that starts one place and really takes a huge journey to a whole new place; that people in their life want to take that journey. They want to be able to find things in their life that arenít working and work through them to a new place of change.

Moderator How much of your own personality is reflected in your character of Kate?

A. Smart I think as an actor, you naturally bring a lot of yourself, as much of yourself as you can in different circumstances. So, I focus more on what the differences are because Iíll inherently bring what I can relate to more so. I feel like there are definitely parts of Kate that I completely relate to, but not necessarily the parts where she has lost her mom and sheís grieving the loss of that and trying to find someone in her life so she wonít feel alone.

But, there were definitely parallels in my life during this film because Iíd gotten out of a long-term relationship and fell in love with a new man who I married. So, I could relate to her on that place of spending so much time trying to make something work that wasnít meant to work.

Moderator As an actress, is there a particular comic inspiration for your work? Or, is there a particular actor that you draw influences from; especially in regards to taping this new Christmas classic, 12 Dates of Christmas?

A. Smart Honestly, there are so many wonderful female comediennes that I love. But, Iím not necessarily trying to copy any one. I feel like it really has to be an authentic experience yourself as an actor. So, I really find a lot of humor all over life. I love more than anything watching people be scared or trip and fall. I donít know why, maybe itís a bad thing. So, for me, itís not necessarily that Iím trying to imitate or copy other amazing actors. But, I just try to have the experience myself.

Moderator Is there a particular actor/actress that really makes you laugh out loud?

A. Smart Lucille Ball, who is so incredible and so over the top, but who could just hold that stage in all these funny, ridiculous scenarios. I think she was such a great woman to really bring comedy to females to start it off. There are tons of others. I thought Bridesmaids was such a funny, female driven comedy where all the women that you truly believe; they are such good actors because you really believe that they were living this hilarious journey.

Moderator If you had to tell viewers one thing to get them to watch the film, what would it be?

A. Smart I think whatís endearing about this film is two people keep missing each other, who are meant to fall in love, but things keep going awry. Itís like this funny tale about two people wanting to connect and they always keep missing each other.

Moderator Have you ever been on a date that you wish you could relive?

A. Smart Thatís funnyónot really. Thereís dates that I would have liked to pass on.

Moderator Did you have any issues with mixing up what you say in different scenes because they are so similar?

A. Smart Again, that got really technical because it was the director, myself and the script supervisors really making sure that we, yes it was hard because there were just so many, it was written really well. So in the story and in the dialog, itís all mapped out. But, as far as the attitudes and where she was at emotionally at that point, it was definitely challenging, too, to switch gears so many times.

Moderator This is your first married Christmas. So, I was wondering maybe what youíre looking forward to that going to be different from previous years.

A. Smart I really feel like this year, we had a gorgeous, beautiful wedding. Iím really looking forward to just enjoying the Christmas spirit, not about being materialistic, just about the celebration of friends and family and cooking and singing and enjoying each other; just using this time to really enjoy our new marriage. Thatís pretty much what Iím looking forward to.

Moderator How did you get involved with the movie?

A. Smart I actually got offered this role. I read the script and I really, really loved it and wanted to do it. Then, I was so happy that Mark-Paul signed on to do it afterwards because I think heís so talented. Everyoneís a huge Zack Morris fan. So, thatís kind of how I got involved.

Moderator Is there something about this character that you admire or a quality that you wish you had?

A. Smart I think that because of the film, it kept opening the character Kateís eyes to other people. She was pretty self-absorbed. Each time she opened herself up more and more to a different character in the film, and their lives, and their stories and how she could maybe make their lives better.

I admire that because I really do think that life is all about balance. You have to obviously take care of yourself. But, then itís so important to give back and find ways of being generous and thoughtful with other people. I really liked that about her toward the end of the film.

Moderator Whatís your favorite holiday film?

A. Smart I have a few that I love. I really like A Christmas Story.

M. Gosselaar (Surprise Guest Caller)
This is Miles Meyer from ABCís Family. I have a question. Can you elaborate further on how talented and handsome your co-star, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, was?

A. Smart Mark-Paul is one of the nicest people Iíve ever met. He is such a generous actor, so caring. He definitely is a male. Heís not a boy. Heís a man.

M. Gosselaar Oh, really? Heís a man. Yes. Oooh, that sounds so sexy. I mean the man has the nicest butt in Hollywood. Did you ever get a look at it?

A. Smart No. I did not. Iím sorry.

M. Gosselaar Was he wearing snow pants?

A. Smart No. He wore jeans most of the time.

M. Gosselaar Does he have nice feet?

A. Smart Honestly, I did not check out his feet.

M. Gosselaar Yes, heís got great hair, too. Heís just the perfect man.

Moderator What was it like working with James Hayman?

A. Smart He was wonderful to work with. He really has such a great sense of comedy. That helped me tremendously. I trusted him so much because what I like about this film is it is a romantic comedy. You want to laugh and you want to play and enjoy.

He just has such a great way of giving notes and expressing himself, and an eye for comedy. So, it was fun taking it to all these different levels. He helped to push me farther and farther. So, I hope I can work with him again.

Moderator Amy, I think we have a mystery guest. The previous caller was actually complimenting himself.

A. Smart Are you serious?!

Moderator Mark-Paul Gosseler has just surprised us on the line. Hello, Mark-Paul. How are you?

M. Gosselaar Hi, Amy. Itís ďMiles Meyer.Ē

A. Smart No way! I was like who is this crazy guy who wants to be Mark-Paul?

M. Gosselaar I love how you didnít want to take it at all. Youíre like, ďI have the feeling that youíre trying to get me to say really risquť stuff.Ē I was like, yes, I am. Oh, man.

A. Smart Oh, well, if itís you.

M. Gosselaar What do I call this? Itís like a photo-bomb, but itís like an interview bomb.

Moderator Mark-Paul, what was your favorite part about filming this movie?

M. Gosselaar Well, it was a pleasure working with Amy. My co-star that Iím currently working with now worked with her and always spoke very highly of her. Working with her was a pleasure. So, the reason I came on board with this film was because she was attached to it. So, for her to follow-through with all the high praise that sheís gotten from so many people that I know was something that I appreciated. Yes, I think it shows on the film, too, that we enjoyed each other. We had a great working chemistry.

Moderator What has been the best date that youíve ever had?

M. Gosselaar I donít know. I havenít dated a lot. I canít really answer that question, but I would say that the date that my fiancťe went on was pretty damn good and thatís why weíre still together now. Yes. I would say the date that I had with her.

Moderator What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

M. Gosselaar Usually decorating the tree after Thanksgiving. We just did that with the kids. I love the way the house smells during the holidays. We try to light as many scented Christmas-y candles as possible, the pine cones. Weíll put on the stove cinnamon and cloves and heat those up. I like the music, too. I just like the atmosphere of Christmas.

Moderator How do you deal with a bad date? Have you ever been on a blind date and do you have any advice for people that have gone or will go on blind date or a date and how to deal with it if it turns south?

M. Gosselaar I donít like confrontation. Iíve been on a few bad dates, but nothing horrible, but knowing there was no chemistry there. I have such a hard time letting that person know that this is not going to work, unlike your character in the movie who was very honest and said this isnít going to happen.

I tend to just put my head into the sand and hope it goes away, which sometimes makes it even worse. It elongates the issue. But, I tend to just turn my back and hope that the scary thing goes away.

Moderator Amy, how about yourself?

A. Smart I, again, havenít had as many dates because Iíve been in long term relationships, but I just remember this one date I went on that I had no interest. So, he was nice. But, I think itís worth being kind to the person that youíre on a date with, but also being pretty honest so you donít lead people on.

Moderator If you could portray any Disney character, animal or human, in an upcoming remake what character would it be?

M. Gosselaar Oh, wow. Amy, you got something off the top of your head while I think about that one?

A. Smart Iím sitting here thinking, you have The Little Mermaid.

Moderator Yes, Little Mermaid. Absolutely. You could be Ariel.

A. Smart I would be Ariel. I love her.

M. Gosselaar Iím trying to think. Theyíve done The Jungle Book, right? Theyíve made a remake of that.

Moderator Well, if you like Mowgli, you could definitely do that if you wanted to.

M. Gosselaar Yes. Mowglióno, Mowgli has his shirt off. I donít want to have to work out. Gosh. Weíll do The Little Mermaid together. You can be Ariel. I donít even remember what her name was though.

A. Smart You could be Prince Eric.

Moderator Ariel and you could be Prince Eric. How about that?

M. Gosselaar What was it? It was Eric, really? Wow, look at that.

A. Smart I have to say Iíve thought of my favorite Christmas movie that I love to watch almost every Christmas, which is Christmas Vacation.

M. Gosselaar The best. All right, Amy. Iíve got to go.

A. Smart All right. See you next week.

Moderator Thanks for talking with us, Mark-Paul!

M. Gosselaar All right. Cool. Thanks for letting me interview bomb you.

Moderator Amy- Youíve been in so many different roles. Do you have a dream role or part that you would love to play?

A. Smart I donít have a specific dream role that I would like to play. I just always yearn for new roles that have incredible actors and great writing that challenge me; that push me out of my comfort zone. So, for me, I really enjoy going back and forth through all the different genres from drama to horror to comedy to doing someóI always am drawn back to comedy to be honest. I love doing comedy. So, that would be probably my first thing. But, I would love nothing more than to work with the most incredible actors on some great piece of film.

Moderator Can you talk about any other projects youíre currently working on?

A. Smart I actually just finished working on a horror film that the Japanese director Takashi Shimizu directed. We did The Grudge. It was with Leslie Bibb and Ryan Kwanten and a bunch of other great actors. It all takes place in an airplane. That comes out next August, I think.

Then, I had a re-occurring on the second season of Shameless. Thatís really fun to work on.

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