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By Cristina


SDCC: Living in a post-comic book world

Until 2010, I was unaware of the flurry that happened in downtown San Diego in July. How was I so oblivious? I do not know and frankly Iím a little embarrassed, given the fact that Iím a native. But once I had the front row Comic Con experience, I couldnít get enough of it. It has become ďmy thingĒ. I am one of them. Iíve gone every year since I discovered its eccentricities. Itís my Christmas. My - canít sleep all night - canít wait to get up in the morning - kind of Christmas. It is honestly my favorite time of year. Iíve had the pleasure of cosplaying, sitting at my favorite TV show panels, meet and greeting celebrities and TV stars.

While comics are what established Comic Con, TV shows are what fuel it. Now more than ever I find myself immersed in advertisements on busses, hotel windows, and even downtown restaurants that have themes for the day. But Iím not complaining. Iím being stimulated in the best way and discovering something I wouldn't have otherwise. Even standing still on the exhibition hall floor you can spot a celebrity or the cast of your favorite show. Through happenstance I ran into the cast of Walking Dead for a surprise visit on the floor. Norman Reedus stopped to take pictures and recorded a video of the huge crowd of fans waving. An hour later I saw the cast of Gotham signing autographs and Ben McKenzie doing a live interview. Even after a day filled with celebrity spotting inside, when you leave it might continue. Downtown is filled with after hour hosted parties. A few years ago at one of them I had the pleasure of meeting the cast of Revolution, including Giancarlo Esposito (below), who also starred in Breaking Bad. There, they had made an appearance for an hour and discussed their experiences with me and other fans. I even had an intimate conversation with Giancarlo. Only at SDCC do these things happen! Promoting shows whether inside or outside events is what gets people talking, as well as exclusive interviews and trailers. Itís not a new idea. But right now itís what works. Hall H and Ballroom 20 infamous for their lines, are almost always filled with programs like Game of Thrones and Walking Dead. Itís where everyone wants to be and is definitely a pop-culture target. This is where SDCC is at the moment. And Iíve had firsthand experience.


In past years Iíve dressed up as one of my favorite cartoon characters: Leela from Futurama. On a normal day, dressed as normal me, I might have an admirer. But as Leela (partnered with my boyfriend as Fry) we were stopped, as if celebrities, to take pictures. We were instantly recognized, praised and even made friends, from wearing our costumes. It is a form of interacting with people and it commands a conversation. As cosplayers the fans bring the show to you and keeps the spirit of Comic Con alive.

While comics are still a big part of it, I feel that we are in a post comic book world. With social media and the endless portals of the internet, we have plenty of shows at our fingertips. To me this opens up a bigger dialogue. What will be the future of Comic Con? Virtual reality stars. Drone viewing parties. Interactive robots. I feel like Iíve already Iíve had SDCC in its prime. But in this constantly stimulating and changing world Iím looking forward to see what happens. Whatever it may be? You know Iíll be there.

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Page updated 4/9/17

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