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By Suzanne

Sasha Roiz

Interview with Sasha Roiz of "Warehouse 13" on Syfy 7/19/11.

Sasha is a great actor, as he showed ably in "Caprica". I really enjoyed talking to him. He is another really busy actor, with this recurring role as well as the role on "Grimm" coming up on NBC. He truly deserves his success. This is a very interesting interview and he tells a lot about the shows.

Syfy Conference Call
Sasha Roiz
Warehouse 13
July 19, 2011
1:00 pm CT

Operator: Good day ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for standing by and welcome to the Syfy Warehouse 13 conference call.

During the presentation, all participants will be in a listen-only mode. Afterwards, we will conduct a question-and-answer session. At this time if you have a question, please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone.

For operator assistance at any time, please press star, 0.

As a reminder, this call conference is being recorded Tuesday, July 19th, 2011.

I would now like to turn the conference over to Gary Morgenstein. Please go ahead.

Gary Morgenstein: Welcome everyone. Iíd like to introduce Sasha Roiz who is going to start a guest star story line on Warehouse 13 beginning Monday, July 25, as the mysterious and sinister Marcus Diamond, and everyone knows Sasha from Caprica among other things, and the will be starring in the NBC series Grimm.

So welcome Sasha. Thank you.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you guys. Thanks Gary.

Gary Morgenstein: (Gabby), just start putting the calls through, please.

Sasha Roiz: Yes.

Operator: Perfect. Our first question comes from the line of Pattye Grippo from Pazsaz Entertainment. Please proceed with your question.

Pattye Grippo: Hi, Gary. How are you today?

Gary Morgenstein: Fine.

Sasha Roiz: Itís...

Pattye Grippo: You know, I meant Sasha. Iím sorry.

Sasha Roiz: Itís okay. Itís all right.

Pattye Grippo: Itís one of those days already.

Sasha Roiz: Oh, donít worry about it.

Pattye Grippo: Okay, hi Sasha.

Sasha Roiz: Hi.

Pattye Grippo: How are you?

Sasha Roiz: Iím well, thank you. How are you?

Pattye Grippo: Iím better now, now that Iíve done that.

So let me ask you, how did you get involved with this show?

Sasha Roiz: They were nice enough to offer me the role. And you know, we - it was a real treat for me because Iíve met some of the Warehouse people in the past couple of years through Syfy, through Caprica. Weíve just crossed paths and weíve really gotten on really well. And they were fans of mine. I was fans of theirs. And fortunately, the timing was perfect on this, so Iím very pleased that they did. I had a great time.

Pattye Grippo: Yes. I can imagine.

Sasha Roiz: Yes.

Pattye Grippo: And what was - yes, what was your most memorable moment from the show?

Sasha Roiz: Most memorable moment - you know what? I just - I had a great time. There was one particular scene where all of us got to work together with Eddie, Joanne, Jaime, and Aaron, and we had so much fun and so many laughs that we all kind of realized that we wished it was - you know, that we had more chances to work together in that capacity. It was really great fun and theyíre such a great bunch of people. So thatís probably a highlight. I think it was one of the - one of our last days together.

Pattye Grippo: Right.

And is there anything that you were surprised to learn about yourself from doing this show?

Sasha Roiz: To learn about myself?

Pattye Grippo: Yes.

Sasha Roiz: I think Iím a little comfortable playing these bad guys. (Unintelligible). Maybe a little too comfortable. Yes.

Pattye Grippo: Okay. And let me end with this. Beyond this particular you know guest starting arch, whatís next for you?

Sasha Roiz: Well, Iím starting production on Grimm in the beginning of August, which is a new show on NBC, and so Iím very much looking forward to that. Thatís going to pretty much take me through the end of the year. Weíre premiering in October 21st, and so weíre just going to get right to work starting in August, so thatís going to be a lot of fun.

Pattye Grippo: Okay. Well, thanks for talking with me today.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question is from the line of Jamie Steinberg from Starry Constellation Magazine. Please proceed.

Jamie Steinberg: Hi. Itís a pleasure to speak with you Sasha. Shalom chaverim.

Sasha Roiz: Shalom Jamie. How are you?

Jamie Steinberg: Good. Thank you.

I was wondering if you could tell us how Marcus arrived at the Warehouse.

Sasha Roiz: How Marcus arrived. You know what? Itís a little bit of a mystery which will be revealed later in the season, so I canít tell you specifically. But Iím definitely part of a - sort of the nefarious force thatís working against the Warehouse this season. So Iím certainly not alone in that. Thereís a few people that I work in conjunction with which are also some interesting guest stars that you'll see.

But, I canít tell you the specifics of it because thereís a little bit of a mystery revolving Marcus specifically.

Jamie Steinberg: Well, you mentioned earlier that you were friendly with some of the cast members. Did that add to the chemistry when you began working on screen with them?

Sasha Roiz: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. We had all - well, kind of met or crossed paths prior to working together, but we really got to know each other a lot on set.

Oh, does he have a question?

Jamie Steinberg: Yes, he does. (Unintelligible).


Sasha Roiz: Oh, I see. Heís got a follow-up.

And so, we definitely had a great time. I mean there was a lot of laughs. And you know, I think you all probably are familiar like how - you know, what a fun guy Eddie is and Joanne, and Jack Kelly (sic) too, who runs the show. He just kind of you know, has this - heís just a great show runner and keeps things really light and really fun.

And so yes, we were having a great time on and off set. It was just a seamless sort of project.

Jamie Steinberg: And why do you think people keep tuning in to watch Warehouse 13?

Sasha Roiz: Because itís a really good show. Itís well executed. Itís got you know, a perfect sort of blend of dramatic and comedic - I think itís also fun to tune in and have these self-contained episodes that for the most part kind of are completed at the end of the episode with these really nice character arcs that kind of sweep through the season.

I just - you know, I think they got a really great combination and formula, and they have a great cast and production team working on it. So itís one of those you know, kismet situations where just everything fell into place.

Jamie Steinberg: Great. Thank you so much.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you. Take care.

Operator: Thank you. Our next question comes from Troy Rogers from Please go ahead.

Troy Rogers: Hi Sasha.

Sasha Roiz: Hey, Troy. How are you?

Troy Rogers: Not too bad. Thanks for taking the time.

Sasha Roiz: Absolutely.

Troy Rogers: Can you talk about Marcus Diamond and how he compares to Sam Adama, since theyíre both kind of mean guys, right?

Sasha Roiz: Yes. Well, you'll discover in this season what Marcus - the little mystery revolving around Marcus is. So - and I mean I canít tell you specifically, but the main difference is that Sam Adama is very much is own man and he has his own moral code, and Marcus is - hmm, how do I dance around this?

I mean, Marcus - you know, theyíre very different characters. I think Marcus is a bit more of a henchman than Sam. You know, Sam really believes in sort of the world he lives in and his place in it, and Marcusí situations is not quite the same.

Troy Rogers: All right, fair enough.

And you mentioned the comedic side to Warehouse 13. What was it like on set as compared to Caprica?

Sasha Roiz: Oh, itís - I mean, we had a good time on Caprica, donít get me wrong, but itís just...

Troy Rogers: Yes.

Sasha Roiz: know, the second you work on something that has a comedic bend or element to it, itís instantly going to be a lighter environment because thereís a room for that playfulness. And you know you're not stepping on other actorís toes when theyíre preparing because thereís - you know, you're about to embark on something that has a comedic tone. And so itís fine to just be a goofball and have fun and laugh.

Whereas sometimes when you're working on something dramatic, even if you're feeling kind of goofy, and let me tell you, you often do, you just - you donít want to step on other peopleís toes and like interrupt their process.

So itís very liberating, especially for me. I love being a goofball. I love hanging out with people who are having a good time, so itís genuinely fun.

Troy Rogers: All right. Fair enough.

One more quick thing and Iíll let somebody else jump in.

Sasha Roiz: Sure.

Troy Rogers: What was it like working with Lindsay and Rene?

Sasha Roiz: I have not - I did not work with Lindsay and Rene.

Troy Rogers: Oh.

Sasha Roiz: I did not have a chance to work with them unfortunately. But - so yes. But I got to work with some other very interesting people who you'll see.

Troy Rogers: Excellent. Thanks again Sasha.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you. Bye-bye.

Operator: Thank you. Our next question comes from Michael Hinman from Airlock Alpha. Please proceed with your question.

Sasha Roiz: Hello?

Michael Hinman: Hello Sasha. How you doing?

Operator: Go ahead.

Michael Hinman: Iíve been here. Sorry.

Sasha Roiz: Oh, there you are. Hey Michael. How are you?

Michael Hinman: Pretty good. How are you?

Sasha Roiz: Iím good. Good. Nice to hear you.

Michael Hinman: I must have been on mute. Sorry about that.

Sasha Roiz: Itís okay.

Michael Hinman: Yes.

So can you at least tell us how many episode weíre going to see you in Warehouse 13?

Sasha Roiz: Iím not sure the specific number, but I mean Iím there for a good chunk.

Michael Hinman: Are you - I know back from the Christmas episode.

Sasha Roiz: I donít think Iím doing - no, not the Christmas episode. Thatís...

Michael Hinman: (Unintelligible). Okay.

Sasha Roiz: I think I - yes, I think thatís a different sort of - different vibe to that - that particular episode. But Iím there for a good - yes, all the sudden this just doesnít make sense you know.

But no, Iím there for a good chunk of the season, so you'll be seeing me.

Michael Hinman: Thatís actually - you know, when you've got on set, and even though you knew everybody ahead of time - I know you've been talking a little bit about your interactions. But, who was it that probably surprised you the most? When you got on set, was there anybody in particular that surprised you the most?

Sasha Roiz: When I got on set? I mean, I was - you know what, I - Jack, the show runner, I mean I met him before for lunch so I already kind of got a chance to get to know him and stuff. But I was still so impressed with how - you know, how well he runs that show and with the - you know, itís - with such commitment and yet itís such a light tone and heís so - heís on top of everything but yet heís having fun and having laughs and encouraging that sort of energy.

And thatís - it wasnít surprising, but it was just so refreshing to see that. And you know, so I had a great time in great part because of him. But you know, the cast is great and Joanne is like so much fun too. Like you donít see that side of her sometimes on the show because of her character, but sheís a real goofball and sheís like so much fun to hang out with and have laughs with.

And you know, I think maybe because her character is so - a little bit more staunch that you donít see that side of her, but sheís really fun.

Michael Hinman: Thatís excellent. And I mean, it was always great seeing you whether itís Caprica, this, in Grimm. I mean, what goes into you choosing a role though? Like what is it that would attract you to a part? Is there anything in particular that you look for? Is there anything that you like to have do? Does it always have to be something different?

Sasha Roiz: I like being employed. Thatís a big part of it, so that definitely goes into the equation. But I also like working with good people. You know, whether theyíre - Iíve been very lucky I think in the last three projects you mentioned, like Caprica, and Warehouse, and Grimm. You know, these are people of a certain pedigree and a certain reputation and theyíve proven themselves and they have a great body of work. And so that helps tremendously and that encourages me in making a decision and working with them.

So, Iíve always been very fortunate that the people in the last three main big projects Iíve done have been those kind of people. And in addition to that, theyíve all been wonderful to work with and Iíve had you know, very positive experiences. So Iíve been quite fortunate. Theyíve been tremendously successful professionals, and at the same time really engaging and gracious people.

Michael Hinman: Excellent. And one last thing. Are you going to Comic-Con this year?

Sasha Roiz: Yes. Yes. Weíre going to be there. The whole Grimm panel is going to be there on Saturday the 23rd. So weíre going to do (unintelligible) panels, around four and weíre going to screen the pilot for everybody that day as well.

Michael Hinman: Excellent. Good. Iíll look forward to seeing you there then. So, thanks so much...

Sasha Roiz: Thanks, Michael. Good to hear from you.

Michael Hinman: ...Sasha. Good talking to you again.

Yes, you too.

Sasha Roiz: You too.

Operator: Thank you. Our next question is from the line of Suzanne Lanoue with The TV MegaSite. Please proceed with your question.

Suzanne Lanoue: Hi, Sasha. Thanks for taking our time - taking the time today.

Sasha Roiz: Absolutely. Thank you.

Suzanne Lanoue: Letís see, you're character is mysterious and you said heís kind of a bad guy. Is there anything else you can tell us about him?

Sasha Roiz: He plays a ukulele and - no, Iím just kidding. I - what I could tell you? I canít. I donít think I can say much more than I already have without getting myself into some trouble. But he looks good in black. Letís just say he looks good in black.

Suzanne Lanoue: Needs a little color, right?

Sasha Roiz: That would be good for - yes, exactly.

Suzanne Lanoue: Okay. So you were saying that you enjoy being on a set where thereís a lot comedy. Have you auditioned for a lot of comedy roles?

Sasha Roiz: I have actually. Yes. Iíve auditioned quite a bit. And prior to choosing Grimm, I was actually auditioning for a lot of sitcoms and comedic roles. And ironically enough, I end up on a show called Grimm.

But you know, itís a huge part of what I like to do and I certainly hope to get a chance to do more of it. But I got to do a little bit of it this year too. It was good.

Suzanne Lanoue: And what can you tell us about Grimm? What would you say to get fans to tune in?

Sasha Roiz: Well, you've got David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf, Executive Producers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, so thatís already a certain you know level of expertise and fan base that you could rely on.

And then you've got a terrific cast. And as well, weíre kind of - you know, itís the first time you're going to see a police procedural mixed with a fairytale setting, and itís going to be Allison Nihiser interesting result. Itís a very dark and quite scary at times, and itís - itís quite beautiful actually. I saw the pilot. Itís beautifully executed. So I think the fans of this genre and the SyFy genre are going to be quite entertained.

Suzanne Lanoue: All right. Well thank you very much.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you. Take care.

Operator: Our next question is from the line of Karen Moul from Sci-FiVision. Please proceed with your question.

Karen Moul: Hi Sasha. Itís nice to speak to you today.

Sasha Roiz: Well, thank you. How are you?

Karen Moul: Good, thank you.

I was wondering if you could talk to us a little bit about how as an actor you approach this guest starting role where you only have one episode to create a character versus being a series regular.

Sasha Roiz: Well, yes. I mean - well, the character actually spreads over many episodes, but the - I think the main thing is I just got together with Jack Kenney and Drew, and you know they were both very enlightening as far as getting some information about the character because in many ways you know, the character is being established by both them and what I contribute to it.

And you know, a lot of the episodes arenít written even though thereís a vision for it. So, I think itís kind of - thereís some sort - thereís definitely a relationship in developing the character because you come in, you meet, and if you - if I had some ideas, they were very receptive to it. And over the course of the episodes, I think you know, they try to assist me in creating this character.

But I think you just have to make a choice and I made a certain choice and I hope it worked. I mean, I think it did. They seemed to be quite pleased with it, but you just have to make your choices really quickly because you know in this particular case, I was blessed that I had people who were really receptive to ideas and worked in conjunction with me. But you know sometimes, you donít have that luxury. So you have to make choices really quickly and thatís all you can do.

Karen Moul: Okay. Sounds like fun.

Sasha Roiz: Yes.

Karen Moul: Is Marcus Diamond chasing an artifact in the episode? And I was wondering if you've had a chance to think if you could look for an artifact, whatís your favorite artifact?

Sasha Roiz: If I could look for an artifact?

Karen Moul: Yes. Any artifact.

Sasha Roiz: I canít say if Marcus is chasing an artifact, but you know - I canít say specifically. But if I was looking for an artifact - huh. I donít know actually. Interesting. I have no idea which artifact I would chase.

Karen Moul: Okay.

Sasha Roiz: But I mean, Iím - you know, I would just basically I think - I donít know. Something that would be hopefully like meaningful, like you know kind of like a family heirloom more than some random artifact I think.

Karen Moul: Okay, well that was a hard question. Let me change gears and ask you - let me ask you about Grimm. I think you're going to play a cop. Are you excited to play a good guy for a change?

Sasha Roiz: Iím excited to - yes, Iím excited for this project, and it is a cop. Like I said, itís a police procedural sort of setting, but heís the Chief of Police and you know, thereís going to be a lot of layers to him too. So itís going to be an interesting character to watch unfold. Thereís definitely some interesting story lines that theyíve come up with.

But yes, itís going to be very exciting and very fantastical and very grand in nature in the show. So Iím looking forward to seeing what our writers bring, you know when we finally get a hold of the scripts. Iím very excited to see them.

Karen Moul: Okay. Well, thanks. Iíll make - Iím looking forward to seeing Warehouse next week, and thanks for talking to us.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question is from the line of Brandon Sites from Please proceed with your question.

Brandon Sites: Hi. Thanks for taking some time with us today.

Sasha Roiz: Absolutely. How are you?

Brandon Sites: Great. Thank you.

Now on Mondayís show, you're going to be featured with some wonderful Syfy royalty with Lindsay Wagner and Rene, and given that you worked on Terminator, the Sarah Conner Chronicles and Caprica, and now Warehouse 13, what is it about the Sci-Fi genre that you find appealing?

Sasha Roiz: Well, it was - you know, it was quite new to me when I first got involved with it. I was - I didnít really grow up on Sci-Fi, although I did really enjoy fantasy, but I wasnít specifically a Sci-Fi fan. But Iíve sort of grown to really appreciate it, especially as an actor because it allows you to delve into certain topics, whether social or political, that are often taboo or difficult to discuss. And you know, I often - I really appreciate having a chance and a platform to discuss these things.

So, I think itís a very liberating format because you could really approach certain topics whether directly or tongue-in-cheek and have a lot of room to do - to investigate them, which you canít really do often or as easily in conventional TV or mainstream television.

Brandon Sites: Okay.

And other than an employment opportunity, what is it that drew you to Warehouse 13?

Sasha Roiz: I was just being factious. But Warehouse 13, like I said, I met those people you know in my time in Caprica when we would share different events or weíd cross paths and we always got on really well. And, I always you know enjoyed my time with the cast and some of the producers. And we always said that weíd like to find a chance for me to get on board and work together with them.

And you know this timing was just perfect for it, and Iím really glad it worked out. I mean you know, they were just as much fun as I thought theyíd be.

Brandon Sites: Okay.

Now with Caprica, of course it didnít have that long of a run. If they were still on the air today, where would you see the Sam Adama character?

Sasha Roiz: I see him sort of climbing the ranks of the Haílaítha - the Mob, and becoming probably more of a, you know, presence. Like he - I think there was talk perhaps going back to Tauron, so I think he was going to become a presence maybe politically either back on Tauron or in Caprica. But definitely, a higher player in the Mob. More of a decision maker.

And, I think he was going to have quite a sway back in Tauron, which would influence things on Caprica. I think that was probably the direction I could see it going into.

Brandon Sites: Okay. And then my last question is do you find it more fun to play a bad guy, or do you prefer a good guy role?

Sasha Roiz: Itís fun to be bad in a sense because you know you're going to get a chance to do a lot of things you donít get to do in real life or say a lot of things you donít get to say. But generally like when Iím playing the role, I donít really think about it. I donít really think whether heís good or bad. I just kind of focus on what heís got to do and you know, you kind of try not to make moral judgments about your character.

But I just like a good role to be honest with you. I mean, thereís some really fun tough guy, good guys, or you know - and bad guys as well. So as long as itís sort of an interesting role, Iím pretty content.

Brandon Sites: Okay, great. Thatís all the questions I have today. Thank you very much.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you so much.

Operator: Our next question is from the line of Janel Spiegel from Please proceed with your question.

Janel Spiegel: Hi Sasha. Itís an honor...

Sasha Roiz: Hey, Janel.

Janel Spiegel: speak with you today.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you.

Janel Spiegel: I just - I was wondering how do you think Warehouse 13 differs from other shows that are on today?

Sasha Roiz: Specifically on Syfy or just in general?

Janel Spiegel: Just in general.

Sasha Roiz: I think they really hit a beautiful balance between a dramatic and comedic I think. Itís highly entertaining from start to finish. And that magical Sci-Fi component of the artifacts and the story line just you know, is such a great sort of factor in it.

I think it just kind of touches upon so many elements that could appeal to such a broad audience. And they execute it really well. I think Joanne and Eddie are you know, terrific, and they have great chemistry. And theyíve got a great writing team that you know assist them in producing a terrific product.

Janel Spiegel: Right.

You mentioned comedy before. Are there any shows on television today that you would kind of like love to guest star and appear on?

Sasha Roiz: Specifically comedy shows, or...

Janel Spiegel: Just comedy.

Sasha Roiz: Oh, comedy shows. Yes, I watch a lot of comedy. I mean, Iíd love to do some Curb Your Enthusiasm. Iím a fan of Itís Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and I actually got a chance to do a couple episodes earlier this year and that was a lot of fun.

Thereís Modern Family. I think itís a fantastic show. I mean, thereís a lot of great comedy on TV, and I think thereís even more coming this season. But - and thereís a lot of great cable shows as well that Iíd love to take part in that Iím a fan of.

Janel Spiegel: Great. Well, thank you so much and good luck with everything. And, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question is from Ian Cullen from Please proceed with your question.

Ian Cullen: Hey Sasha. How you doing?

Sasha Roiz: Hey man. How are you?

Ian Cullen: Iíve been good. Iím good.

I just got a question about your role in Warehouse 13, Marcus Diamond. Does he (unintelligible)?

Sasha Roiz: Iím sorry?

Ian Cullen: Does he (unintelligible)? Oh, never mind. That kind of stuffís not - what I was going to say is you know, as someone whoís coming from Caprica whoís - you know, which is a very, very dramatic role and kind of edgy and gritty, and you're playing a villain in Warehouse 13, how are you (sort of like addressing) that balance between something like edginess of being the henchman and the more comedic element of being the henchman of that guy?

Sasha Roiz: Well yes, thatís a good question because it is a little tricky sometimes coming into a show and you feel like you're the heavy and everyoneís having so much fun around you. You know, you kind of feel like the downer at a party.

But you know, we have a lot of fun. I mean I think even in the process we just have a lot of fun you know. And, it doesnít matter if the role or the situation is highly dramatic or comedic. But I think for myself I just have to focus on you know, my storyline and what it is that I need to execute in the scene and what it is that this character really wants in the scene.

And then you know if I donít get the chance to engage in the comedic, then we do it in between takes and we just have fun. But it is sometimes difficult when you feel like you're - like I said, you're the heavy and everybody else is having fun you know, without you.

But luckily they - you know, we had fun throughout the whole process.

Ian Cullen: So would it be fair to say that Marcus is kind of like the straight man that all the comedy is actually playing off against?

Sasha Roiz: Well, I mean itís a darker role, so thereís - I donít know if thereís necessarily a lot of room for comedy in and around me, but thereís certainly moments. Thereís definitely moments of levity.

Ian Cullen: Okay. And I was going to ask you about Grimm, but you know so many people have asked you about it already and pretty much my question was already asked and that. But I noticed youíve done another project recently and itís in post-production right now. Itís called Extracted. Iím just wondering what you could tell us about that.

Sasha Roiz: Oh, Extracted is an independent film that I shot last fall and itís Sci-Fi based and itís such a terrific story, and we just completed the edit on it and are in the process of submitting it to the different film festivals.

Itís a really heartfelt piece about a man assigned to - I play called Tom Jacobs, who creates this machine to help assist people through trauma so he can go into their memories and see their memories and help them uncover certain things in their past. And in doing so, gets trapped in the memories of this one criminal. And, heís trapped in there for a year just trying to get out.

And so thatís basically the premise. Him trying to get extracted from the memories of this man. Itís a great piece and Iím quite happy with it. So weíll see what happens with it if it gets accepted to some of the festivals.

Ian Cullen: Well, Iíve got one final question...

Sasha Roiz: Sure.

Ian Cullen: ...and this is towards the comedy bit again. Who would you say is your comedy hero, you know from the sitcoms over the years. Is there anyone you know particularly that stands out that - you know, in comedy that youíd absolutely love to work with?

Sasha Roiz: Well, Iíve been a big fan of a lot of people in the last few years. Iíve been you know, Ricky Gervais and Sacha Baron Cullen. I love Larry David and you know, I love - thereís so many people who Iím just a fan of that it would be a real thrill to get to work with you know. So the list goes on and on. Iím a big nut for comedies. So hopefully itíll come around and weíll have a chance to - Iíll have a chance to work with some of these people.

Ian Cullen: Okay. Well it was great talking to you, and Iíll pass you on to some of the other people now.

Sasha Roiz: All right, thanks so much.

Ian Cullen: So thank you for your time.

Sasha Roiz: Take care. Bye-bye.

Operator: Our next question is from the line of Kristyn Clarke from Please go ahead.

Kristyn Clarke: Hi Sasha. Thank you for talking to us today.

Sasha Roiz: Hey, how are you?

Kristyn Clarke: Good. Iím curious to know what would you say was one of the biggest challenges you faced with the character Marcus?

Sasha Roiz: The biggest challenge? Trying not to - I think whenever you're playing sort of you know, these villainous types, not to be too one dimensional, to try to find a little bit of life in them and you know, other side to them, even sides that the viewer can perhaps sympathize with. Because I think if you canít even - or empathize. If you canít even empathize with the villain or at least get a little bit excited for him to get on screen, then youíre not really going to care much for them or root for them at all.

I mean I think itís fun sometimes rooting for the bad guy.

Kristyn Clarke: Oh, definitely. And you know, you've had experience playing several villain-type characters, so in TV history do you have a favorite villain?

Sasha Roiz: A favorite villain?

Kristyn Clarke: Yes.

Sasha Roiz: Well, thatís quite a few I guess. I mean Jack Nicholsonís Joker. I just adore that. Whatís his name? Oh, gosh. I always forget the actorís name. Iím going to kill me, but in Superman II, whatís his name?


Woman: Can you hear me?

Sasha Roiz: Did we lose someone?

Woman: I think somebody answered the other line. Is everybody still on the line?

Woman: Hello?

Woman: Is everybody still on the line?

Kristyn Clarke: I think so.

Woman: Okay, great. Great. Just continue Sasha.

Sasha Roiz: Okay.

You still there?

Kristyn Clarke: Yes, I think so.

Sasha Roiz: Okay. Okay.

So what is that guyís name? Itís driving me crazy right now. Iím sure like everybody knows except me right now.

Yes, thereís - you know, thereís too many to name. I mean, itís so funny when I get put on the spot, all the sudden I forget. But I always root for the bad guy. I just love them. Theyíre so much far - you know, interesting to me for some reason. I donít know what that says about me or how much therapy Iím going to require. But whatever. It just is a lot of fun.

Kristyn Clarke: And you know, thereís been a lot of mention about the comedy roots and things in a show like Warehouse 13. What would you say is the formula for good, comedic TV?

Sasha Roiz: Well, you need to have some great writing combined with some you know, actors with some great timing. And theyíve got that for sure. And also, just knowing when to crack the joke, which I think I really appreciate with Warehouse 13. Itís like they know just when to come in with a little bit of levity and it seems to work quite well. Because you know, gratuitous comedy I think just gets under everybodyís skin.

Kristyn Clarke: And as a final question, what three adjectives would you use to describe your character Marcus?

Sasha Roiz: What three adjectives? Focused, and exacting, and complex.

Kristyn Clarke: Great. Well thank you so much. We look forward to seeing you upcoming in Grimm and then next week on Warehouse 13. Thank you.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you. Take care.

Operator: Thank you. Our next question is from the line of Erin Willard of SciFi Mafia. Please go ahead.

Erin Willard: Hi Sasha, how are you today?

Sasha Roiz: Iím well. Thank you. How are you?

Erin Willard: Good thanks. I missed Caprica. You were excellent in it.

Sasha Roiz: Oh, thank you. I miss it too.

Erin Willard: I bet.

Sasha Roiz: Yes. Itís been fun.

Erin Willard: Grimm sounds like itís - no, go ahead. Iím sorry. What?

Sasha Roiz: No. No. Please.

Erin Willard: Okay. Grimm sounds like itís a lot closer in talent to Caprica than the Warehouse 13. Is that a fair assessment?

Sasha Roiz: Iím not sure to be honest. You've - I think itís definitely dark. So itís got you know, totally - perhaps itís a little bit more akin to Caprica in that sense. But Capricaís darkness came from a different place I think. Grimm is just literally set in a very sort of dark environment. Itís the Grimm Brotherís Tales, and if you're familiar with those tales, they are quite you know scary in nature.

Erin Willard: Right.

Sasha Roiz: And so thatís the setting.

But, there is some lightness and quirkiness I think. Silas Wier Mitchell who plays a werewolf character in our show, heís got a very quirky storyline and approach and quite comedic, and I think itís going to lend itself to a few laughs for sure.

So, thereís a balance there, but you know Caprica was highly dramatic and in every sense of the word, and Grimm is not I donít think necessarily quite in the - I donít think that thereís a similarity in that sense so much.

Erin Willard: Okay. Thatís interesting to hear, because Iíd heard it slightly differently. So, thatís a good (stance).

Sasha Roiz: I mean, thatís my impression. Yes. But, itís definitely more scary dark than it is like those sort of - the high drama of Caprica.

Erin Willard: Okay, fine.

Now you're Warehouse 13 character is described as nefarious. Is the Police Captain in Grimm going to be somewhat nefarious too? Or not so...

Sasha Roiz: I think thereís certainly some room for mystery with him, absolutely. I think thereís going to be some you know, interesting stories unfolding in regards to him. You know, but I canít say too much right now, but I think - like I said, itís going to be a - definitely a layered character.

Erin Willard: Thatís great. Thatís great.

Sasha Roiz: Yes.

Erin Willard: And, will you be popping into the Warehouse 13 Comic-Con panel on Friday?

Sasha Roiz: I wish I could. I wish I could. Unfortunately, we donít get there until Saturday.

Erin Willard: Sorry.

Sasha Roiz: I know. I know. But itís - Iím sure itís going to be a lot of fun this year. They got Aaron Ashmore as well, whoís like great on the show, and a lot of fun to work with. And no, theyíll be just fine without me Iím sure.

Erin Willard: Well, what do you think about the whole Comic-Con experience? Is it too - is it a real challenge as an actor or is it fun, or is it something kind of in between?

Sasha Roiz: I mean itís certainly overwhelming. Itís just - just because of the sheer number of people. But beyond that, itís a lot of fun and people are remarkably supportive and gracious and respectful of your time. And Iíve had nothing but positive experiences, and itís really fun to be amongst the demographic that is genuine fans of your show and your genre. So, itís really nice to engage with them and get to know them a bit.

Erin Willard: Great. Well, Iím looking forward to seeing you on Saturday then. Thanks so much.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question is from the line of (Rosalind Aiken) from Spoiler TV. Please proceed with your question.

Rosalind Aiken: Hello. Hi.

Sasha Roiz: Hey. How are you?

Rosalind Aiken: Hi there. Iím fine thank you.

I understand that Kate Mulgrew is in Warehouse 13 this season. Did you have the opportunity to have any scenes with her?

Sasha Roiz: You know, Iím not sure if we work directly, but we definitely got to know each other a little bit.

Rosalind Aiken: Marcus, whoís correct - oh, really? Oh. So there is a connection between Marcus and the - Kate Mulgrewís character?

Sasha Roiz: Well, yes. Thereís some story line connections, but Iím not going to disclose too much. But I did get to know Kate and she is...

Rosalind Aiken: Sheís great. Yes.

Sasha Roiz: Sheís great. Yes. Sheís absolutely lovely, and it was a real pleasure to meet her. You know, itís definitely - you know, there are times on shows where itís just - itís fun to just be a fan of the people you work with.

Rosalind Aiken: Yes. Yes. Yes.

And Syfy, is it - the channel has had great success recently with their lineup. How do you feel about being a part of that? And do you have any more Syfy shows lined up, either that you've been asked to do or that youíd actually ideally want to take a part of?

Sasha Roiz: Yes. And besides - I think they had great success on Monday nights, and they got a superb lineup, and I think Syfyís been certainly distinguishing themselves as a network.

Rosalind Aiken: Yes.

Sasha Roiz: And it seems to be working out quite well.

Iím a big fan you know, of their shows. Iím a big fan of the network. Theyíve always been really kind to me, and Iíd be happy to you know pop in and out of different programs, because I seem to also over the last few years have befriended a lot of people and you know, been acquainted with a lot of people on the different programs. So, it does feel very familiar and it does feel like Syfy keeps a very tight knit family, which I think we all appreciate.

Rosalind Aiken: Yes. Definitely.

Sasha Roiz: So yes, Iíd always like to - I think for most of the viewers...

Rosalind Aiken: Itís nice to have that home feeling, yes.

Sasha Roiz: Yes. You know, so even as the viewers, itís a lot of fun to see some of your - you know, some of the actors that you've been following in other programs pop in and out of you know new and current programs that they have.

Rosalind Aiken: Yes.

Sasha Roiz: And itís fun for us as actors. So Iíd always - you know, Iíd be happy to keep popping in here and there if theyíd have me.

Rosalind Aiken: For sure. Good.

And one last question. I know you canít say too much about Marcus Diamond, but does he have any tattoos that we should be aware of, because I think you were quite well known to...

Sasha Roiz: Well, if he has - if he does, you wonít get a chance to see them.

Rosalind Aiken: Oh. Okay. Thank you very much.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you. Take care.

Rosalind Aiken: Yes. You too.

Operator: Thank you. Our next question is from Rachelle Thomas from Right Celebrity. Please proceed with your question.

Rachelle Thomas: Hi. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today.

Sasha Roiz: For sure. Thank you.

Rachelle Thomas: My first question is how did you get involved in acting? Has it been something of a passion of yours all along, or...

Sasha Roiz: I got involved a little late actually. I kind of enrolled in theater school I think when I was close to 25, and I was - you know, Iíd done (unintelligible). I played in a band for a few years, much to the chagrin of my father. And then, I got involved in acting.

I think itís something I always wanted to do but wasnít quite prepared to until later. So - and then I did a few years at theater school and just kind of started out in Canada and worked my way into Los Angeles, and itís you know, kind of been falling into place recently. So I think it was the right choice for me.

Rachelle Thomas: Do you have a dream role that you would love to play?

Sasha Roiz: I think Iíd like to play something - I enjoy playing period a lot - period piece and things that allow me to go into the past and - I like the aesthetic of certain time and place. So, itís a lot of fun for me to just get dressed up and go into the past a bit.

But anything from - honestly, just kind of that mobster thing that I did with Sam Adama to being able to play something in Roman or Greek times. Something like you know, some of those great movies that theyíre making like The 300 stuff films. I really love those and I think Iíd enjoy wielding a sword at some point soon. You know.

Rachelle Thomas: (Unintelligible).

Sasha Roiz: Yes.

Rachelle Thomas: And then my last question then. How is it - you know, you're guest starting on a show where everyone sort of already has their own dynamic, and they have their own rhythm. How hard or easy was it for you to sort of just fit right in with the cast of Warehouse 13?

Sasha Roiz: Well, it was remarkably easy and you know, it says a lot about the cast. They make big efforts - huge efforts in accommodating and welcoming new characters and actors to the set. And you know, thatís something that I very much appreciate, especially when you're guest starting. You donít have a lot of time to - you just donít have a lot of time to get you know, warmed up and find your place and your footing.

So they were very gracious with me. And you know, it was just much appreciated and also helped me you know, working and feeling comfortable and producing some good work.

Rachelle Thomas: Thatís fantastic. Well, I canít wait to see the episode, and Iím also looking forward to seeing you on Grimm this fall.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you so much.

Rachelle Thomas: Thank you.

Sasha Roiz: Take care. Bye.

Operator: Thank you. And our last question is a follow-up from the line of Brandon Sites from Please go ahead.

Brandon Sites: Hello again.

Sasha Roiz: You got more for me?

Brandon Sites: (Unintelligible)...

Sasha Roiz: Yes. We can get - yes, we just (unintelligible).

Brandon Sites: Okay, got a few more questions to ask you.

Sasha Roiz: Sure.

Brandon Sites: Without giving too much away, what similarities do you see you have with Marcusís character?

Sasha Roiz: Me personally?

Brandon Sites: Yes.

Sasha Roiz: Weíre both tall. We both enjoy wearing jackets. Beyond that, what similarities? I think thereís like - I mean, thereís definitely - thereís - I mean, thereís real life to Marcus. You know, I think that itís just kind of very deep down. I mean, you'll get to know the character, but you know similarities? I canít say too much. I mean, at this point itís - I think Iím just going to have to let you see it.

Brandon Sites: Okay. Fair enough.

Sasha Roiz: Yes. Iím sure we both are tall. Iím not kidding about that part.

Brandon Sites: Okay. All right. Thatís refreshing to know.

Sasha Roiz: Yes.

Brandon Sites: Now who would you say is your favorite main character from Warehouse 13?

Sasha Roiz: My favorite main character?

Brandon Sites: Yes.

Sasha Roiz: You know, I think - Iím just going to be diplomatic about this. I think theyíre all great at their characters, and I genuinely mean that. I mean, Allison and Saul, theyíre all wonderful actors and I think they all do their - you know, I think they all do their job brilliantly and they portray their characters brilliantly. Because without all of them being equally strong and equally engaging, I donít think the show would be as successful as it is.

Brandon Sites: Okay.

Now you mentioned earlier about - you know, you wanting - you're wanting to star in a period piece. What would you say is your favorite period piece?

Sasha Roiz: My favorite as far as what? A film or just period?

Brandon Sites: What - I mean if you were giving a script, what period piece would you want to work in?

Sasha Roiz: Oh, I see. Thereís so many that I enjoy, to be honest with you. I mean, I think lately Iíve had it on my brain to - you know, to do one of those epic Roman pieces or something. For some reason, I just see myself in swords and togas or some - I donít know what it is, but I just feel I need to get that out of my system.

But anything from you know, Renaissance stuff to Middle Ages, to even you know, earlier this century. I just enjoy the idea of being able to go into the past. Itís one of the big gifts you have as an actor. You just - you're able to enter these worlds that otherwise youíd never have a chance to visit except in your imagination.

Brandon Sites: Okay.

And finally, my last question is whatís one thing about yourself that people donít expect?

Sasha Roiz: Donít expect?

Brandon Sites: Yes.

Sasha Roiz: I think probably that Iím you know pretty much a - like a comedian at heart, and I just you know, love goofing around and just having a great time, and joking, and thatís basically for me. Like if Iím on set and weíre not doing that, itís a tragedy. So I enjoy just having fun and laughing as much as possible.

Ironically, I play all these really dark sinister guys, but you know maybe thatís why I need to offset it with a little humor you know.

Brandon Sites: All right. Thatís all the questions I had. Thank you.

Sasha Roiz: Thank you.

Operator: Thank you. And Iím showing no further questions from the phone lines at this time.

Sasha Roiz: Okay. Thank you so much.

Gary Morgenstein: And please watch Warehouse 13 next Monday at 9:00 pm.

Operator: Thank you.

Sasha Roiz: Hey Gary, can I speak with you for a sec?

Operator: Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, that does conclude the conference call for today.

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