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By Suzanne

James Roday and Dulé Hill

Interview with James Roday (Shawn) and Dulé Hill (Gus) of "Psych" on USA Network

What a fun show this always is, and these guys are part of what make it so great. The whole cast is pretty awesome, actually.  Listening to them talk on the phone is always a real hoot. Enjoy it!

"Psych" airs Wednesday 10/9 c  Official Site


Operator: Ladies and gentlemen thank you for standing by and welcome to the USA Network’s Psych conference call. During the presentation all participants will be in a listen-only mode. Afterwards we will conduct a question and answer session. At that time if you have a question, please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. If at any time during the conference you need to reach an operator, you may press star 0.

As a reminder this conference is being recorded Monday, November 8, 2010. It is now my pleaser to introduce Lynn Weiss, Director of Publicity with USA Networks. You may go ahead.

Lynn Weiss: Okay. Thank you. Good morning everybody. Thank you so much for joining. We’re gearing up again for the winter season of Psych. It premiers on Wednesday on USA at 10 pm and this episode is called “Extradition II” and our guest star for that episode is Cary Elwes and we have James and Dule on the line to answer any questions. So thank you very much and we’ll get started.

Operator: Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, if you would like to register for questions, please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. You will hear a three-tone prompt to acknowledge your request. If your question has been answered and you would like to withdraw your registration, simply press the 1 and the 3.

Our first question is from the line of Troy Rodgers with You may proceed.

Troy Rodgers: Hi James. Hi Dule.

Dulé Hill How you doing, Troy?

James Roday: What’s happening, Troy?

Troy Rodgers: Not too much. I wanted to know what’s it like to film in Vancouver as Vancouver.

James Roday: Well it’s easier.

Dulé Hill Yes.

James Roday: That’s for sure. We spend a lot of time running around and covering up signs and replacing license plates and moving fake palm trees. And...

Dulé Hill And flags, taking down flags.

James Roday: ...when we shot for actual Vancouver we didn’t have to worry about any of that stuff which means we could allow our minds and the minds of some of our crew members to drift in a good way.

Dulé Hill About Maple syrup.

James Roday: That’s right.

Dulé Hill And you also don’t have to frame out the ice capped mountains either. You can use that.

James Roday: Oh, that’s true. Good point, Dule.

Dulé Hill See what I’m saying?

James Roday: That’s sharp thinking for this early in the morning. I’m very impressed.

Dulé Hill That’s how I do it in the morning, you know what I mean?

James Roday: Yes, man. Like a farmer except you’re not.

Troy Rodgers: And what can you tell me about the “Twin Peaks” inspired episode?

James Roday: Well I can tell you that it is probably the most proud I have been of any of our achievements on the show, which as you know have been plentiful.

Troy Rodgers: Yes.

James Roday: It’s me basically being a fan boy. “Twin Peaks” was my favorite show of all time. And, you know, to be able to work with seven of the original cast and basically pretend like I was in an episode of “Twin Peaks” was unbelievable.

In addition to that, and I think it’s just something that Dule and the rest of the cast all got to enjoy as well, we discovered that several of the original cast members hadn’t seen each other in 15 or even 20 years. So we were basically doing a “Twin Peaks” reunion within our “Twin Peaks” show. And watching them sort of reconnect and reminisce was pretty special as well. So it was sort of like two unbelievable experiences for the price of one.

Troy Rodgers: Pretty cool. Thanks guys and good luck with Season 5.

Dulé Hill Thank you.

James Roday: Thanks Troy.

Operator: Our next question is from the line of (Anne Bailey) with You may proceed.

Anne Bailey: Good morning guys.

Dulé Hill How you doing, (Anne)?

James Roday: Good morning, (Anne).

Anne Bailey: I have two questions. Same question for each of you. First I want you to tell me the best thing about working with the other.

Dulé Hill Well I would say from my side the best thing about working with Roday would be I guess the challenge of working outside the box. That would be it for me. I mean he’s such a talented actor that his mind will go anywhere and sometimes keeping up and staying on the train is a challenge for me but I enjoy it. You know, it’s a muscle that I haven’t really used in previous parts of my careers. So I’m definitely enjoying the time right now.

James Roday: That’s it? That’s all you’ve got?

Dulé Hill Yes, that’s all I’ve got man. That’s it. That’s all I got.

James Roday: That’s very nice actually. Thank you.

Well I would say that in addition to, you know, the obvious which is that Dule is a very gifted actor as well and that he actually makes my job easier by keeping us on the tracks so that I can do all my crazy stuff. I mean that’s sort of what makes the show work and that’s why our chemistry has been so good from the beginning. It’s sort of a - pieces just really fell into place nicely and we’re very lucky.

But also he also says everything that we’re both thinking that have nothing to do with acting whether it’s weather-related or food-related or trailer-related or anything you can think of, you know, we’re always thinking the same thing but then he always says is out loud and then I don’t have to which is awesome.

Anne Bailey: There you go. That is awesome. And my other question is if - you’ve done so many pop culture references on the show and I am like a pop culture junkie. If there was one pop culture reference that has not been done yet that you would love to do, what is it? Both of you. I don’t mean to break your brains this early in the morning.

Dulé Hill Yes. I’m not really a pop - I mean I’m on a show that’s about pop culture references but that’s not really my forte. I’m not really that big into it. Maybe something about Emmanuel Lewis.

Anne Bailey: That’d be cool.

James Roday: Yes. You know, gosh, I think - I mean there’s still so many areas that are deep and plentiful. I wonder if there’s - if it’s not time that we did like a - I don’t know, like a major sort of Alf reference of some kind.

Anne Bailey: That would be awesome.

James Roday: Yes. I think he’s probably due for some love.

Anne Bailey: Oh, yes. Oh, yes. All right. Well that’d be really cool. Okay. Well good luck with the new season. I can’t wait to start watching it and I wish you guys both the best of luck.

Dulé Hill Thank you, (Anne).

James Roday: Thanks so much, (Anne).

Operator: Our next question is from the line of Traci Grant from You may proceed.

Traci Grant: Hi guys. Great to talk to you again.

Dulé Hill Same here, Traci.

Traci Grant: I’ve got one question for each of you. James, you guys left us with one heck of a cliffhanger with Juliet and Shawn at the end of the season there. Are there any kind of details you can give us about what to expect with the two of them?

James Roday: Well I can tell you that you’re not going to have to wait for long. I guess we all sort of decided that we had made you wait long enough and it’s addressed pretty cleanly and thoroughly in the premier on Wednesday. So if you can wait for two more days, then I think you’ll have all of the answers that you seek.

Traci Grant: Fantastic. And, Dule, any relationships on the horizon for Gus?

Dulé Hill That’s a good question. In terms of Season 5 I don’t think so unless I’m blanking out on something (Roday might think of).

Traci Grant: So are you guys then both happy with the course of the love life for your characters then?

Dulé Hill I mean I would say I think Gus is definitely kind of backed up. He could use a little bit of tender care, you know what I mean. But we’ll see what happens going into the Season 6.

Traci Grant: All right. Great. Well thank you so much.

Dulé Hill No problem.

James Roday: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question is from the line of Tami Gill with

Tami Gill: Hi there guys. Thanks so much for taking the time this morning...

James Roday: Sure.

Tami Gill: ...especially on my birthday.

Dulé Hill Happy Birthday.

James Roday: Oh, happy birthday.

Tami Gill: Well thank you. I’m a huge fan in addition to you two also of Cary Elwes and I’m excited about the “Extradition” episode and I just wanted to hear a little bit about the upcoming appearance and what he’s like on the set.

James Roday: We had a lot of fund with Cary. I think we had more fun with him the second time than we did even the first time because he, you know, he was sort of comfortable in the skin of the character. And he sort of got of better idea of what our set is and that it was going to be all fun and games all the time. And he just came up to sort of goof around this second time. And we spent more time with him off set as well and met his beautiful wife and unbelievably beautiful little girl. And he’s an all-around good guy and very funny in the episode.

Tami Gill: That’s great. That’s great to hear. Well in addition to Cary Elwes, what other guest stars can we look forward to seeing this season?

Dulé Hill Well beyond the Twin Peakers which come up, we have Ralph Macchio. He’ll come up - he’ll be in one of the upcoming episodes. We have the return of Ally Sheedy. And then we find out who Mr. Yin is. And then we have Mena Suvari who comes up in that same episode. Who am I forgetting?

James Roday: We have Tony Cox.

Dulé Hill Oh, yes, Tony Cox came up. That’s right.

James Roday: Very funny. Keshia Knight Pulliam, a little Bud/Rudy symmetry there. And Jacob Vargas, very good actor.

Dulé Hill That’s right.

Tami Gill: Great.

James Roday: I think we had a shorter winter season. I think that’s most of the highlights there.

Dulé Hill And we have...

James Roday: Although “Twin Peaks” you get...

Dulé Hill ...(Aggie) the Polar Bear.

James Roday: (Aggie) the Polar Bear.

Dulé Hill That’s right.

Tami Gill: That’s going to be great. Well that’s awesome. Well here’s my final question for you. I’ve got three words for you, “Mentalist” crossover episode. You’ve got to do it. What do I need to do to make this happen?

I have to say this too, my actual question because my husband and I both are huge fans of Psych and “The Mentalist.” My husband however turned his nose up at “The Mentalist.” He won’t watch it because he loves Psych so much. So what would have to happen? Could that ever be something we could get excited about and look forward to a crossover episode?

Dulé Hill I mean, you know, just talk to, you know, Les Moonves and Jeff Wachtel a little bit. You know put a call into both (unintelligible).

James Roday: Yes.

Dulé Hill I know you’ve got him on speed dial, right?

Tami Gill: Yes.

James Roday: You have to come up with that fool-proof argument for CBS of why it makes sense to cross their show that has 100 million zillion viewers with our show that has...

Dulé Hill They’re like, “We think not. You want to take our 100 million viewers to how many viewers? Oh, and what’s the name of the show? Oh, okay, okay.”

James Roday: And then we’d say, “Yes, but our 4 million are crazy, like, they’re foaming at the mouth. They’re like...”

Tami Gill: We are.

James Roday: “...the best fans of anyone on television. And a lot of your 100 million might be sort of, you know, they might fair-weather fans. This is a way to fuse those two ideas.” If he’s still on the phone at that point, then you should feel good.

Tami Gill: Well count me in the 4 million. Thank you guys so much.

Dulé Hill Cool.

James Roday: Thank you very much.

Operator: Our next question is from the line of Erin Galbraith with Pineapple Radio. You may proceed.

Erin Galbraith: Hi. Hi you guys.

Dulé Hill How you doing, Erin?

Erin Galbraith: Good morning.

James Roday: Hey, what’s happening, Erin?

Erin Galbraith: Nothing. Good morning. I’m not awake yet.

Dulé Hill Good morning.

Erin Galbraith: Okay. I have a question - or two questions but they’re both for both of you. The first one I know James that you’re going to be directing a play called “Greedy” with Red Dog Squadron. And skipping over that slightly, bordering the lines of greed perhaps, are there any characteristics of the characters that you each play that you envy and that you wish you possessed?

Dulé Hill I mean I think from my side I do wish I possessed a little more of the - I guess Gus knows a little bit of - he knows something about everything. Like he really has the most random trivia information stacked inside of his brain. And I think for myself I would love to be able to have that kind of information stored up inside my brain.

Erin Galbraith: Who wouldn’t?

Dulé Hill Right.

James Roday: I think Shawn sort of represents that person that I don’t know we may have all known or may not that, you know, we always say we wish we could be more like that person because they take so many risks and they sort of live life to its absolute fullest at any given moment and they jump without asking questions. It’s a pretty remarkable quality that some people actually do have. But then we remember that it doesn’t always work out in real life the way it works out...

Erin Galbraith: Yes.

James Roday: ...on television and that that’s probably why we’re not like that.

Erin Galbraith: Okay. My other question is speaking of Cary Elwes, I’m thinking about the Dread Pirate Roberts. Have you ever considered piracy? What would be your ultimate dream adventure atmosphere?

Dulé Hill I’m sorry. Repeat that question.

Erin Galbraith: I’m thinking about Cary Elwes in the “Princess Bride.”

Dulé Hill Oh, right.

Erin Galbraith: And he was the Dread Pirate Roberts.

James Roday: Yes, he was.

Erin Galbraith: And one of the questions posed in that movie is, have you ever considered piracy? So I’d like to know what would be your ultimate dream adventure atmosphere?

James Roday: As a pirate?

Erin Galbraith: Sure. It could be...

James Roday: Or just period?

Erin Galbraith: I mean like period.

Dulé Hill Ultimate dream adventure.

Erin Galbraith: Like in space or out in the desert with the mummies or in a jungle with a machete...

Dulé Hill Probably...

Erin Galbraith: ...or Oklahoma.

Dulé Hill Probably like, you know, in the Amazon somewhere like down in South America going through the rain forest, something like that. You know, but it might be (unintelligible).

James Roday: Yes. I’m not trying to mess with like insects that are bigger than my dogs.

Dulé Hill Well that’s what I was going to say, in my dream adventure, if it’s my dream, then there is no insects there. It’s just a nice paradise. You know, where the river is flowing and the sun shines through in spaces and it rains sometimes but not too much and...

Erin Galbraith: I like that.

Dulé Hill ...there’s definitely no bugs or anything like that. There’s a nice queen-size bed or king-size bed I can sleep in. It’s my dream adventure, you know what I mean.

Erin Galbraith: Exactly.

James Roday: I think I’m running around doing like high-end espionage stuff.

Erin Galbraith: Awesome.

James Roday: Like a gentlemen, you know, like in Europe and then I’m also somehow I’m in Morocco and then I’m back in the States and then I’m in Russia and I’ve got all kinds of cool money...

Erin Galbraith: A little James Bond going on.

James Roday: different kinds of money.

Dulé Hill Kind of James Bond-ish.

James Roday: Yes. But like less danger and more gentlemanly.

Erin Galbraith: Okay. Thank you so much.

James Roday: Just enjoying the finer things of life with like a small mission on the side.

Erin Galbraith: All right. Thank you guys so much. It was nice to talk to you.

Dulé Hill You got it.

James Roday: We’re really being thoughtful about our answers this morning, Dule, I have to say.

Operator: Our next question is from Jenny Rarden with

Jenny Rarden: Hi guys. Thanks for taking our calls.

James Roday: Of course.

Jenny Rarden: Someone mentioned a love interest for Gus and I just have to say that my husband said recently, “Come on, the man is seriously deprived.”

Dulé Hill That is true. You can tell your husband that is a very factual thing.

Jenny Rarden: Well we’re running a contest right now on our site for Psych and we’re having people tell us what names they think Shawn should introduce Gus as. And so I have to tell you a little bit of my favorites.

Dulé Hill Okay.

Jenny Rarden: We think they should call him Carlton Lassiter. The reactions from Gus and Juliet and Lassy himself would be hysterical. And then we have Burton Chocolate Silk Guster.

Dulé Hill Chocolate what?

Jenny Rarden: Chocolate Silk.

Dulé Hill Oh, Chocolate Silk, okay.

Jenny Rarden: And then Henry McFly.

James Roday: Henry McFly.

Jenny Rarden: And then Burton I Like to Sing Spice Girls in the Shower.

Dulé Hill Oh, wow.

Jenny Rarden: And then Chocolate Thunder.

James Roday: Always.

Jenny Rarden: And then my personal favorite because I could totally see Shawn doing this is introducing him as Burton Ernie.

Dulé Hill Pretty crafty.

Jenny Rarden: Anyway so that ties in with my first question. For both of you, what’s the favorite name that Shawn has call - what’s your favorite name that Shawn has called Gus?

Dulé Hill For myself it’s always been the one I think from Season 1, which may have been the first or second episode, where he called me Gus “Silly-Pants” Jackson. You know, I - because when he first threw that out it kind of caught me off guard first of all because I believe that was one that was just off the top of his head. And it cracked me up. I just thought it was a hilarious thing. And, you know, we’re big fans of Stoney Jackson over here so that kind of...

James Roday: Yes, we are.

Dulé Hill ...(unintelligible) for Stoney Jackson.

James Roday: That’s the one that sort of...

Dulé Hill Stoney and the Silly-Pants, you know.

James Roday: ...kicked it all off. So I think it’s always going to be special for us since everything sort of sprang from that.

Jenny Rarden: Right. Now do you guys get a say in those or do they come already in the script?

James Roday: Oh, sure. They definitely come in the script now but any time we can top what’s there, we don’t hesitate. Everyone’s in on the fun now.

Jenny Rarden: Excellent. Well this is another quick question. Are you guys having a Christmas-themed episode and if so, can you tell us anything about it?

James Roday: Yes. We are returning to holiday Yule entertainment this season. I actually directed our Christmas episode and I can tell you that it’s pretty out there. It’s our sort of bizarro take on “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Shawn learns what everybody would be doing if he had never come back to Santa Barbara.

But it’s - but prepare yourselves because it’s not “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It’s something different and the only thing I can guarantee is that you’ll get to see the characters that you’ve grown to know and love in ways that you never thought you’d see them.

Jenny Rarden: All right. Excellent. Well thank you guys.

Dulé Hill No problem. Thank you.

Operator: Our next question from the line of Laura Tucker with Small Screen Monthly. You may proceed.

Laura Tucker: Thanks. Hi guys. Good morning.

Dulé Hill Good morning, Laura.

James Roday: Hey. What’s happening?

Laura Tucker: As a takeoff kind of on the - and one - on one of the previous questions, feel free to be as silly with the answers as you may want, but obviously you guys know each other really well from all these seasons. What would be - now James, what would be something that Dule does not know about you? And Dule what would be something that James does not know about you?

James Roday: Wow. You know, we’ve got to fill a lot of time over this - over these seven months that we spend together. Something that he definitely doesn’t know about me.

Dulé Hill Wow.

James Roday: Well our first season in Vancouver Dule was kind enough to let me tag along to a benefit that Diana Krall was having wherein I ended up getting to meet President Clinton which was certainly a highlight for me. Dule had already known President Clinton and played basketball with him and things like that, so less of a novelty there. But what Dule might not know is that I met President Jimmy Carter when I was a very young boy and that it was actually the second time I had met a president.

Laura Tucker: Okay.

James Roday: I don’t think I have ever told him that.

Dulé Hill That’s something I didn’t know.

James Roday: Boom.

Dulé Hill Let’s see. Well James probably doesn’t know being that he’s a native of San Antonio that I actually shot a basketball on the court of the San Antonio Spurs arena wherever they play down there.

Laura Tucker: Oh, wow.

James Roday: Look at that.

Dulé Hill (Unintelligible).

James Roday: After all these years we still surprise each other.

Laura Tucker: There you go. Okay. If USA was going to have a “Best of ‘Psych’ Week,” what would be the episodes that you’d want to make sure that they had on there?

Dulé Hill There’s so many of them. There’s so many of them. So if there was just going to be one a day I don’t think that would be enough.

Laura Tucker: Of course not. It’s a week-long marathon.

Dulé Hill Yes. One of my favorites has always been American Duos because, you know, just the fact of us being able to sing “Shout” and dress up like Roland Orzabal and Michael Jackson and, you know, Tim Curry and the guest stars we had there were just, you know, knocking it out of the park. I’ve always loved that episode.

James Roday: Yes. I think I go back to Season 2 which was also - that was the same season of American Duos where we did our Spanish telenovela episode where we infiltrated a Spanish soap opera. It’s some of the most ridiculous stuff we’ve ever done on the show. And I remember it fondly. I remember speaking two languages, looking ridiculous and probably the most fun I’ve ever had on set.

Laura Tucker: Okay. Okay. Well thanks very much.

James Roday: Pulling them out from the vault.

Laura Tucker: Thank you.

Dulé Hill Thank you.

Operator: Our next question from the line of Jim Halterman from You may proceed.

Jim Halterman: Hey. Good morning guys.

Dulé Hill How you doing, Jim?

James Roday: What’s up, Jim?

Jim Halterman: Hey. Hey, James, so I’m wondering, you know, the “will they, won’t they” thing has been always such a part of the show and if you guys are actually going there now with Juliet was there like just oodles of hours of discussion as to which way that should go or was it just the time to do it?

James Roday: I think there’s always been plenty of discussion. But I think, you know, first on the list is when is the time to do it. So I think those things sort of came to a head and everybody was on the same page that five years of “will they or won’t they” was enough and that it was time to throw a curve ball and mix things up, cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Jim Halterman: Okay. And I was actually at the WWE event last year with Dule and I know you were not able to be there, but any chance it’s going to be revisited this year?

James Roday: You know what, I think we missed our window for the winter premier since it’s on Wednesday. And I would have to be wherever they are tonight. But I’m certainly game to sort of do my part now that Dule has so dutifully done his and maybe return for the Season 6 premier or something. I would absolutely be down for that, yes.

Dulé Hill Don’t worry. I’ll be making some phone calls to try to make that happen and (to remind everybody). I think it’s time for Roday to get slapped.

Jim Halterman: Are you ready to do it again, Dule?

Dulé Hill No, no, no, this will be Roday on his own. Alicia Fox will be slapping James Roday this time.

Jim Halterman: That was a good slap.

Dulé Hill Yes, it was. Yes, it was. Yes, it was.

Jim Halterman: All right. Thanks so much guys.

Dulé Hill No problem.

James Roday: Thanks.

Operator: Our next question from the line of Travis Tidmore with The CineManiac. You may proceed.

Travis Tidmore: Hey guys. Thanks for joining us today.

James Roday: What’s up, Trav?

Travis Tidmore: I was going to see if you could tease some of the upcoming episodes and maybe tell us a storyline you haven’t come to yet that you’d want to maybe like zombies or something.

James Roday: Well, let’s see. Upcoming episodes first. We’ve spoken about” Extradition.” We’ve spoken about “Twin Peaks.” We’ve...

Dulé Hill We have “Police Academy.”

James Roday: ...spoken about Christmas. We do have a “Police Academy” episode which features Ralph Macchio who we mentioned. Shawn and Gus have to save a polar bear that may or may not be being framed for murder. We have an episode in a haunted house in an amusement park.

Dulé Hill Right.

James Roday: Probably the closest we will ever come to embodying the cast of “Scooby-Doo.”

Travis Tidmore: Excellent.

James Roday: And then we do - we bring home the Yin-Yang Trilogy. That will be our finale where everything comes out in the wash. Pretty packed, pretty solid winter.

As far as - I mean I can tease - I can actually tease that at some point next season we’ll be doing vampires.

Travis Tidmore: Awesome.

Dulé Hill I have a feeling Gus will have a chance to say, “Oh, Sookie.”

James Roday: Yes. We can probably work that in there.

Travis Tidmore: Any chance that...

James Roday: We’ve been talking about a musical forever. That’s up on the board. Baseball has been on the board for awhile. I think it’s probably time to make that happen as well.

Travis Tidmore: Any chance Larisa Oleynik’s character from the werewolf episode could come back in the vampire episode?

James Roday: Somebody has a little thing for Larisa Oleynik, huh?

Travis Tidmore: Yes. Yes, I have for years.

Dulé Hill Well there it is.

James Roday: There it is. Ah, no. We dug Larisa. That was a lot of fun. She had a fun character. She got to wear a nose ring. Not that many people who come on site can say that. But yes, I guess it could possibly work since they’re all into the occult and whatnot we could bring back Josh Malina too.

Dulé Hill That’s right.

Travis Tidmore: And then, James, I have one more question. All my wife’s family is from San Antonio and so one of her cousins asked me to ask you how often you get back to San Antonio and what your favorite Mexican restaurant there is.

James Roday: Well I don’t make it back nearly as often as I’d like because I do - I have grown quite fond of that city since I’ve left. When I do make it back my first stop usually from the airport before I even get to wherever I’m staying it Pappasito’s on I-10.

Travis Tidmore: It’s an excellent restaurant.

James Roday: It’s fantastic and it holds up even though many have come and went since it opened its doors. It’s where I would take anyone who was visiting for the first time.

Travis Tidmore: Thank you guys very much and I look forward to this season.

Dulé Hill Thank you.

James Roday: Thanks Trav.

Operator: Our next question from the line of Sammi Turano from TVGrapevine. You may proceed.

Sammi Turano: Hi. Good morning. It’s a pleasure to talk to both of you again.

James Roday: Thanks. It’s nice to hear your voice.

Dulé Hill Yes.

Sammi Turano: Well thank you very much. My first question is what do you think makes Shawn and Gus relationship work so well since they are such polar opposites?

Dulé Hill I think you just answered it right there. I think they fill each other out. They both bring each other to the center. You know, one is extremely to the right and one is extremely to the left and they balance each other out. I think...

Sammi Turano: Okay.

Dulé Hill ...without their relationship they would both be too far in either direction. I think Shawn would be doing something - I mean Shawn his life would be a long time ago spin out of control and Gus would be a hermit...

Sammi Turano: Okay.

Dulé Hill ...going to work, going home.

Sammi Turano: Okay. And my second question is, if Shawn and Gus can go on a reality show separately or together, what show do you think they would be cast on?

Dulé Hill “Amazing Race.”

James Roday: Oh, yes. Absolutely. And they would win.

Dulé Hill Yes, they would.

James Roday: They would win.

Sammi Turano: Absolutely. I can see them winning. But no “Bachelor” for Gus and giving out pineapples instead of roses?

Dulé Hill I mean sure that’s a possibility. Sure. But I mean the first show would definitely be “The Amazing Race.” But...

Sammi Turano: Definitely.

James Roday: If a character every deserved to go and be the bachelor, I think it’s Gus though.

Dulé Hill It would be Gus, right.

Sammi Turano: I think so too. And my last question is, how do you think your relationship with Lassiter is going to change now that, you know, they are working together more and he sees how well Shawn is working, you know, helping solve the Yin case and stuff like that?

James Roday: You know what, he’s watched us solve, what, 80 murders.

Sammi Turano: Something like that, yes.

James Roday: He hasn’t softened up to us yet. Something tells me he’s never quite going to.

Dulé Hill I think with Lassiter it’s less about - for him the issue is not about the outcome it’s more about the process. He doesn’t respect our process.

Sammi Turano: Makes sense. Makes sense. Well thank you to both of you. It was great talking to you again.

James Roday: Thank you.

Dulé Hill Thank you. Same here.

Sammi Turano: Thanks.

Operator: Our next question from the line of Lena Lamoray from You may proceed.

Lena Lamoray: Hi James and Dule.

James Roday: Hello Lena.

Dulé Hill Hello.

Lena Lamoray: It’s a pleasure speaking with you today.

Dulé Hill Same here.

Lena Lamoray: Now what character dead or alive would you like to bring back from (unintelligible).

Dulé Hill You kind of went out there. Dead or alive...

Lena Lamoray: Yes.

Dulé Hill What character dead or alive would I like to bring back?

Lena Lamoray: Yes.

James Roday: Well kick it off from Season 1, I think I’d love to bring back Adam Hornstock, Esq., a character played by Michael Weston. There’s bound to be a way that Shawn and Gus need legal advice. So I think that’s pretty easy to do.

Dulé Hill And I wouldn’t mind bringing back - I forgot his actual name on the show Malcolm from...

James Roday: Oh, Wally.

Dulé Hill Yes. Wally. Wally from the “Pimp My Ride” episode because I just enjoyed doing the scenes with him where he was just talking in circles. He wasn’t really making any kind of sense. That would be someone I would like to see come back.

Lena Lamoray: How about Jimmi Simpson?

Dulé Hill Well Jimmi Simpson (unintelligible).

James Roday: Well you’ll get another dose of Jimmi this season. I’ll let you try and figure out how we pulled that off but we did.

Lena Lamoray: I’m happy to hear that.

James Roday: So don’t miss the finale.

Lena Lamoray: Okay. Now what would you like to see Shawn and Gus do more of?

Dulé Hill I would like to see Gus obviously release some tension. Honestly, I would say I wouldn’t mind seeing Gus do a little bit more dating, you know, but expanding his horizon outside the Psych office.

James Roday: I would say I’d like to see Shawn and Gus use their wits like at a three-to-one ratio over their legs.

Lena Lamoray: Now Psych is filled with ‘80s references, so if you could change things up and switch to another decade for a season, which one would you choose and give me some examples of what the episode would cover.

Dulé Hill I would say the ‘70s and probably have something - you know, some references dealing with Melvin Van Peebles, something having to do with “Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song.”

James Roday: I second that.

Lena Lamoray: Thank you very much.

James Roday: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question is from the line of (Dru Morehouse) from E! Online. You may proceed.

Dru Morehouse: Hi guys.

James Roday: Dru.

Dru Morehouse: Okay, hey. I saw the screener so the massive make-out session. My question is how Shawn and Juliet’s relationship is going to affect Gus and Shawn’s relationship.

James Roday: Well we deal with it right away and I think Shawn probably didn’t give Gus nearly enough credit for knowing that eventually something of that nature was probably going to happen. So it’s possible that Shawn sort of built it up in his head that it’s going to be a way bigger deal than it is. Although, I don’t know. I can’t really remember. Do you remember, Dule?

Dulé Hill Yes, I mean I remember how it affects our relationship.

Dru Morehouse: Yes.

James Roday: Yes. There’s not like a - there’s no major fallout.

Dulé Hill Yes. I don’t think there will be a major fallout (at least). We’ll see what happens going into Season 6 but Season 5, I don’t think you see any major fallout. It’s something that I think Gus has prepared himself for for awhile. I mean at some point he knew that Shawn and Juliet were going to get together.

Dru Morehouse: Now if we had to wait five years for them to kiss, how long do we have to wait until they actually go all the way?

James Roday: Well considering that we have been tagged as a family show and are constantly being reminded that key members of our executive team’s children watch our show religiously, I’m going to say that any all-the-wayness that happens will happen very discreetly and off-screen.

Dru Morehouse: But are we to assume that it happens this season?

James Roday: I guess so, yes. I mean talking about two grown adults, so yes that’s probably fair to say.

Dru Morehouse: And finally about the “Twin Peaks” episode because it’s my favorite show of all time too. Two questions, does David Lynch know you’re doing it? Have you tried to contact him?

Dulé Hill He does know we’re doing it.

James Roday: My understanding and I’m obviously both titillated and nervous about this is that he is aware of the episode. His dear friend Catherine Coulson, aka “The Log Lady”, came up and did the episode and called and left him a message while she was sitting on our set.

So I’m pretty sure that he’s aware and I can only hope that we did him proud. I feel like we did. You know, our whole hearts went into that episode and we had the support of, you know, about half of his cast. So if he doesn’t like it, there’s going to a lot of people in trouble.

Dru Morehouse: And finally about “Twin Peaks” since Shawn and Gus are so into food, will you be enjoying some cherry pie?

James Roday: We definitely enjoy pie.

Dulé Hill Pie, yes.

James Roday: But we made it our own and it’s not actually cherry.

Dru Morehouse: All right. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to see it.

James Roday: Yes, yes, yes. It’s a good time. Thanks Dru.

Operator: Our next question from the line of Sara Bibel from You may proceed.

Sara Bibel: Good morning.

James Roday: Good morning.

Dulé Hill How you doing?

Sara Bibel: Now my question is about Shawn’s dad. How does he feel about Shawn and Juliet getting together now that he’s working at the police station and how does their relation - Shawn and his father’s relationship progress this season?

James Roday: If memory serves, I’m not sure if he ever - I’m not sure he ever wizens up to Shawn and Juliet. I don’t think...

Dulé Hill I don’t think he does.

James Roday: I don’t think he does. I think that’s, you know, it’s - we’re sort of proceeding with great caution on that front. And then as far as our relationship, I will admit I was - I didn’t know how the whole moving him to the police station was going to work but I actually think it worked pretty well because it kind of renewed that antagonism that we had from seasons past where Shawn was always having to look over his shoulder and nothing’s ever good enough and I think it motivates both of them.

And it’s an energy that I thought, you know, always served the show very well and that we got away from sort of in the middle seasons. And I thought it was good to have it back. You know, those two guys are never going to be on the same page but they do find strange twisted ways of appreciating one another. And I think we get to see more of that with Henry in the police station than we did with him, you know, out on his boat or making sandwiches in the kitchen.

Sara Bibel: And Mad Man Roger Sterling is just came out - is just coming out with a book. I think Shawn needs - what do you think Shawn’s book would be called and what would it be about?

James Roday: I think it would be his memoirs starting from the time he left Santa Barbara probably and then taking it up to the present and it would be called I’ve Heard it Both Ways.

Sara Bibel: For Dule, what is Gus’s favorite pharmaceutical product?

Dulé Hill Oh, wow.

James Roday: Take your time with this, Dule. Don’t just rush out an answer.

Dulé Hill Wow. What is Gus’s favorite pharmaceutical product. Now if I could pronounce any one of these pharmaceutical products that I’ve had to say in the past five years, I would be able to tell you but maybe...

James Roday: Well we know it’s not Viagra or Cialis because he doesn’t have any use for that.

Dulé Hill Yes, it’s definitely not Viagra or Cialis. I think it’s probably maybe like - well I guess that’s not really a pharmaceutical product either but something having to do with, you know, maybe some type of a Rogaine type thing, something have to do with balding because he thinks there’s a lot of balding people in the world. You know, I don’t know. That’s a good question though. The funny thing about all those pharmaceutical products that I say, I have no idea what they are.

Sara Bibel: Well great. Well thanks. And maybe there should be an episode about, you know, Gus’s quest to heal the world from male-pattern baldness. I think that would be good.

Dulé Hill You see what I’m saying?

Lynn Weiss: (Fran), we have time for one more call please.

Operator: Okay. Thank you. Our next question from the line of (Colleen Pinto) with The Voice of TV. You may proceed.

Colleen Pinto: Hi guys.

Dulé Hill Hello.

James Roday: (Colleen), that’s so much pressure being the official voice of TV. I would not want your job.

Colleen Pinto: Oh, it’s very difficult.

James Roday: Yes.

Dulé Hill I can imagine.

Colleen Pinto: We’ve talked a lot about the guest stars that you’ve had and sort of like your favorites. Do you have a wish list of (unintelligible) you’d like to see on the show?

Dulé Hill Of what? Of who?

Colleen Pinto: Like who you’d like to see on the show. Anyone who hasn’t been on who you’d want on?

Dulé Hill I would say I’d love to have Chris Tucker come and do a quick spot. I don’t know if he ever would but I mean, you know, he’s just hilarious to me and it would be great to have him come swing through the show one time.

Colleen Pinto: Okay.

Dulé Hill I doubt it will ever happen but, you know, you can always dream.

Colleen Pinto: Can always dream.

James Roday: I’ve been saying David Bowie since the first season so I’ll stick with that until he actually shows up which again may never happen.

Colleen Pinto: (Outside of) Twitter (unintelligible) it can happen.

James Roday: But it doesn’t cost us anything to hope, you know what I mean. Hope doesn’t cost like money. Hope is free and it springs eternal. It’s actually Dule who taught me that.

Colleen Pinto: That’s interesting. Your - you guys just finished up the college tour, correct?

James Roday: Yes.

Colleen Pinto: Did you have a favorite campus that you visited.

Dulé Hill I had a blast at each and every one of them. I mean I would say for myself each one that I went to I mean was the best one. I really enjoyed University of Georgia and then when I got to Boston I was like, “Oh, this is cool.” And then I got to University of Texas at Austin I thought that was even better. And then of course closing it out in Santa Barbara. So I mean I don’t want pick either one but I think they were all pretty good to me.

James Roday: Yes. The kids were great. I mean the bottom line is that we just got to hang out with a bunch of really, really cool kids, smart kids, bright kids, respectful. It was just a big love-fest and they made us feel so welcome.

And it was - we were pretty tired so the fact that we were able to kind of get up for all these is really a testament to how cool each stop was. I mean Texas is my home state so I should probably say that if someone pointed a gun at me I would say the University of Texas which maybe Dule would do too if we had gone to Rutgers. I don’t know.

Dulé Hill Yes, yes if we had gone to Rutgers, then yes. You know, being that I’m a Jersey boy.

Colleen Pinto: You’re a Jersey boy?

Dulé Hill Of course.

Colleen Pinto: I grew up in Jersey.

Dulé Hill You grew up in Jersey? Where?

Colleen Pinto: Somerville in Central Jersey.

Dulé Hill Where?

Colleen Pinto: Somerville. It’s in Central Jersey.

Dulé Hill Oh, Somerville. Yes, I know Somerville, of course. Yes, I know Somerville. I grew up in Sayreville. You know.

Colleen Pinto: Okay. I went to school in (Edison).

Dulé Hill Oh, (Diggins). Okay, yes, I know, yes. In fact J.P. Stevens is over there, that high school.

Colleen Pinto: That’s over there.

Dulé Hill Yes. I hear that.

Colleen Pinto: All right. I have one last question and it’s actually from my sister who almost peed her pants when she found out that I was doing this call. She was really excited. Do you guys believe in psychics?

James Roday: Is there any way to know for certain that she didn’t pee her pants because she probably wouldn’t have admitted it if happened.

Colleen Pinto: She probably wouldn’t have. And since she’s in Texas and I’m in Georgia there’s really no way to be sure.

James Roday: I think it’s more fun for us if she did pee her pants a little.

Colleen Pinto: I’ll let you know that you think that.

James Roday: Yes. And sure, I believe in psychics. I don’t believe in all of them. I think some of them are full of it just like Shawn. But I think there’s enough weird stuff out there and unexplainable things that there’s bound to be some people that have senses that most of us don’t have.

Dulé Hill I think there’s more Shawn Spencers and less Notradamuses. But either way I’m like don’t tell me. Let me be surprised.

Colleen Pinto: Okay. Well awesome. Thanks guys.

Dulé Hill All right. Thank you.

James Roday: Thank you.

Operator: This does conclude the Q&A session. Ms. Lynn Weiss, back to you.

Lynn Weiss: Okay. Well thank you everybody for joining in on the call today and we appreciate all your coverage and thanks for tuning in on Wednesday to see the winter season of Psych. And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thanks so much.

James Roday: Thanks everybody.

Dulé Hill Thank you all. See you all later.

Lynn Weiss: Bye James.

James Roday: Bye.

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