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By Suzanne

Rex Lee

Interview with Rex Lee of "Young and Hungry" on ABC Family 6/23/14

ABC Familyís Q&A with Rex Lee
Young & Hungry

Moderator: How was your character, Elliot Park, originally described to you?

Rex: David Holden [Executive Producer and Series Writer] was on the phone with me and he explained a little bit of the back story for the character, which had to do with other members of his family, who we have not met in the series at all. He explained how my character grew up with all these brothers and what happened to them and how that influenced his style of moving into the realm of Josh Kaminski [played by Jonathan Sadowski]. My character, Elliot, likes to be in control. Iím not going to say heís controlling; Iím not going to say heís a control freak, but he likes to rule the roost.

Moderator: Was there anything that you added to him that wasnít originally scripted for you?

Rex: I think any time that youíre called upon to perform a role, you bring things about yourself to the role that arenít necessarily there in the writing. So I canít say that I deliberately made this character like myself.

Sometimes when I go out in the world and people recognize me from work Iíve done, theyíre always a little bit surprised that I look and sound like the characters Iíve played. I sort of have to say, ďBut Iím me and I look like me, and I donít usually alter my voice to play characters, although maybe in the future I will.Ē But up until now, Iíve pretty much just used my voice, so I always look and sound like the characters I play. The characters end up being similar to me in a way that I might not have intended in the beginning.

Moderator: Could you describe the relationship between your character Elliot and Gabi [played by Emily Osment]?

Rex: Their relationship is definitely evolving. The thing about Elliot is he is not a monster, he has a heart. Therefore, the fact that his perspective of Gabi is that she doesnít always have it together, I think that he often has compassion for her. I certainly think that Elliot is a person who thinks that as long as you can take his guff, heís going to give you his guff. Any time that sheís feeling good, heís probably going to be razzing her a little bit.

Moderator: Will we see your chracter dating on Young & Hungry like we did with your character on Suburgatory?

Rex: Yes! I will admit that my character has not had a love interest in any of the episodes weíve filmed so far, but Iím certainly hopeful that in the future Elliot will have a love interest. Iím really hopeful about that for sure.

Moderator: Whatís it like working with Emily Osment?

Rex: Itís great! I might have been living under a rock because I had never seen an episode of Hannah Montana even though Iíve heard of the show, so I didnít really know who Emily was. When they told me she was the lead of the show, I had to look her up and find pictures and figure out what work sheíd done [laughs]. It turned out that I had seen part of a film sheíd done called Dadnapped. She played the daughter of the mystery writer, so I had seen part of that.

As we got to working, I thought this young woman is someone I can learn a lot from. Sheís just such a pro at such a young age, and I have to say that she really surprises me all the time. Sometimes Iíll be watching a scene thatís populated by other actors and Iíll think that actor really missed a joke there, and Iíll say to myself ďhow would I have delivered that line?Ē Every time Iím watching Emily at her work, sheís always doing and saying things in a way thatís completely surprising to me and is really delightful as a surprise. I never really worry about her, even though Iím constantly thinking ďitís really not how I would have delivered that line at all.Ē Iíll also think that she delivered it in a better way than I ever would. I just think sheís amazing and I have so much to learn!

Moderator: Are there any character traits that you share with Elliot?

Rex: I donít like to admit this at all, because I think itís a character flaw of mine, but I think to the extent that Elliot goes out into the world and has judgments about other people, I can relate to that. Iím not proud of it, but I can relate to that. I think that Elliot certainly has a desire for the world around him to be orderly and clean, everything right in its place, and I am like that. The hilarious thing as Iím looking around my place right now and if I just have order in things, I would be lost; Iím a slob that wishes everything around me was neat!

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Page updated 8/14/14

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