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By Suzanne

Sendhil Ramamurthy

Interview with Sendhil Ramamurthy of "Cover Affairs" on USA Network 8/6/10

New Media Strategies / Electric Artists: 
USA Network Q&A Session with Sendhil Ramamurthy
August 6, 2010/1:00 p.m. EDT


Sendhil Ramamurthy Ė Jai Wilcox, Covert Affairs


Moderator  Welcome to the USA Network Q&A Session with Sendhil Ramamurthy.  At this time all participants are in a listen-only mode.  Later we will conduct a question and answer session and instructions will be given at that time.  As a reminder, todayís conference is being recorded.  I would now like to turn the conference over to Mr. Danny Christiansen.

D. Christiansen Good afternoon.  This is Danny Christiansen from New Media Strategies.  I would like to thank everyone for joining us for todayís Covert Affairs Q&A session and start things off by thanking Sendhil Ramamurthy for being with us today to answer questions.  So, thank you, Sendhil.

S. Ramamurthy Thank you.  God, that was all very official and everything.  I feel very worthy right now and nervous, all of a sudden.

D. Christiansen   No, no need to be nervous.  As you know, Sendhil play Jai Wilcox on Covert Affairs, which airs on Tuesdays at 10/9 Central on USA Network.  In a moment weíll begin the Q&A session.  Iíd like to remind all participants that you will receive a transcript of this session within the next 24 to 48 hours from either myself or Electric Artists. 

I would also like to remind everyone to please limit yourselves to one question and one follow-up at a time and then re-enter the question queue later in the session for any additional questions.  This will ensure that we field as many questions as possible within the allotted time.

I would now like to turn the call back over to our Moderator to begin the formal Q&A session.

Moderator   The first question comes from the line of Jamie Steinberg with Starry Constellation.

J. Steinberg    What exactly made you want to be a part of this show?

S. Ramamurthy It was kind of a roundabout thing, actually.  While I was still shooting here, they were shooting this pilot and I put a friend of mine on tape for the role of Auggie, for Chris Gorhamís part.  While I was doing that, I ended up reading the script and I really liked it, but I was already on a show and that was that.  I kind of read it and filed it away.

Then, I guess when the showís creators and USA decided to make a little change from the pilot and bring in the Jai Wilcox character they kind of approached me about it and I went in and I talked to the creators and I did a chemistry read with Piper Perabo and I got the job the next day.  It was a script that I really liked.  It was a very different character for me to play from what I had been doing before.

It was also one of those things where I was under contract to NBC and it was a way to do more work without having to try and get out of a contract and all of that and all the legalities involved with that and it was a chance to work with Doug Liman, so it was all kind of win-win.

J. Steinberg    Well, I hope Chris doesnít hold any ill will towards you.

S. Ramamurthy No, he shouldnít.  Heís doing an amazing job.  Heís doing a great job.  Iím really impressed with him and with everybody, really, on the show.  Itís really been an amazing experience so far.

J. Steinberg   Will your character get to get out in the field at all?

S. Ramamurthy My character does go out into the field, starting in Tuesdayís episode actually.  I think originally as conceived the character wasnít going to be going out into the field and once they cast me they saw some merit, some advantage to bringing me into the field.  And itís been a lot of fun.  Most of the stuff I do has been with Piper and a little bit of stuff with Chris.  Itís a lot of fun and itís also a great way to see Toronto because we shoot everywhere around Toronto, so Iíve gotten to kind to see Toronto just by virtue of shooting all around the place.

Moderator  The next question comes from the line of Matt Carter with

M. Carter   How would you describe your character and, most specifically, his relationship with Arthur because thereís some kind of hidden motive going on there?  At least there appears to be so.

S. Ramamurthy Well, my character, Jai Wilcox is a second generation CIA man.  His father, Henry Wilcox, was the Head of Clandestine Services, so heís CIA royalty, basically.  And, as weíll find out in Tuesdayís episode, I donít want to give too much away, thereís some baggage that comes with being Henry Wilcoxómy characterís fatherís name is Henry Wilcoxóthereís some baggage that comes with being his son and it kind of permeates through the CIA.  So, you see how Jai kind of has to deal with that. 

He kind of has two father figures in his life.  Heís got his real father, Henry Wilcox, and then heís got Arthur Campbell, played by Peter Gallagher, who is somebody who, obviously, he looks up to and respects and he wants to impress the both of them and impress everybody else in his own right.  I think itís very important for Jai to feel that he is there at the CIA doing a good job on his own merit, not just because heís Henry Wilcoxís son or because Arthur Campbell trusts him with specific clandestine operations that not a lot of people know about.  So, the relationship with Arthur is definitely, you know, heís my boss and I look to impress him at every turn that I can.

M. Carter  Youíve been doing a lot of research about the CIA and about some if the inner workings for the show.  Was there anything that you found out that kind of surprised you?

S. Ramamurthy There was a lot that we found out through doing all the research, from the fact that the CIA encourages dating within the agency, which I thought would not be the case to kind of the way that things operate there.  I didnít know even the basic things, like you canít have your cell phone with you inside the CIA.  I didnít know that the CIA didnít carry weapons on U.S. soil.  So itís interesting, we actually just shot a scene where Iím chasing somebody and theyíre shooting at me and I have no gun, but I keep chasing them, like I keep going after them, even though I have no weapon.

So, for me, I found it really kind of courageous and heroic that these CIA operatives are going about doing their thing without a weapon.  It could also be looked at as, God, how dumb.  But I think itís pretty heroic.  Itís kind of like, well, I guess itís like with anything like this, like firefighters if you want to look at it like that.  While everybody is running out of the fire, theyíre the ones running towards it and I think it kind of speaks volumes for the CIA and the people kind of protecting our country.

Moderator   The next question is from the line of Stevie Wilson with

S. Wilson   The interesting part about your character is that you are the assistant to the director and you have access to him that other people donít, and how does that work in terms when dealing with Kari Matchettís character as, you know, sheís his wife, but sheís also got a job on the team, but she canít always get to him the way you can.

S. Ramamurthy Yeah, and that makes for a pretty interesting dynamic between Jai and Joan, Kariís character, Joan.  Itís pretty antagonistic.  Sheís not very fond of Jay and their interaction kind of shows that.  But what I love that the writers have done with the character is they put in moments where Jai, he does his job well.  Jai is really good at what he does.  Thatís not to say that he makes mistakes.  Everybody will make mistakes throughout any kind of mission, but heís so good at his job that Joan at certain points in certain episodes canít help but say, ďAll right, well done.  You did it right.Ē

Actually, one of the instances happens in Tuesday nightís episode, which I wasnít expecting because you kind of think in TV theyíll set up this one dynamic and just kind of go in that direction full tilt and that will be that.  But itís really nuanced, all the relationships between the characters are really nuanced and Iíve been really impressed with how they balance everything, from my relationship with Joan to Jaiís relationship with Annie to Auggieís relationship with Annie; itís a delicate balance and I think the writers are really doing it well.

S. Wilson    I agree, because the relationships seem real and itís interesting because I would think that your character and Auggieís character might beóand it seems to be that thereís a little bit, I donít want to say friction, but the dynamics.

S. Ramamurthy Oh, thereís friction, Stevie.  Thereís friction.  Weíre having a lot of fun with that actually.

S. Wilson   Well, itís interesting because he has a fondness for Annie, but he canít go out in the field like you can.

S. Ramamurthy No, no he canít and thatís probably part of the friction.  And then I think, well, without want to give too much away I think that Jai, as the season goes on, kind of becomes a little bit jealous of the friendship between Auggie and Annie.  They are best friends.  They really are.  Thereís a trust between them that Annieís character doesnít have with any other character.

She can be completely who she is with Auggie.  She canít do that with Danielle, her sister; she canít do it with me because, well, there are various reasons that will come out, but itís a relationship not entirely based on truth and so that kind of makes that impossible.  Having said that, I think thereís an attraction.  Thereís definitely an attraction between Jai and Annie and Annie and Jai and Iím having fun seeing how itís all playing out.

Moderator  The next question is from the line of Curt Wagner with RedEyeís Show Patrol.

C. Wagner  Gregory Itzin plays your father?

S. Ramamurthy Yes, he does.

C. Wagner    How is that?  Heís always so good in everything he does.

S. Ramamurthy Heís kind of just amazing.  I knew him from 24, obviously Iíd seen is work on 24 and thought he was just amazing in it and when I heard that they were bringing him on to play my father I thought, okay, interesting choice.  I didnít see that coming at all.

But I was into it, I was really kind of impressed with it, that the writerís and USA and the studio, everybody, kind of really got behind it.  And the scenes that we did, especially in Tuesday nightís episode, which is Gregís first episode with us, thereís kind of one of my favorites scenes that Iíve done all season, is a scene where he kind of drives it where itís Jai, and Annie and him, just sitting at a table, having a drink and talking.

And it was an amazing experience to kind of just watch Greg work, because heís so good and heís so specific.  Iíve really enjoyed all my scenes with him.  Again, itís a very complicated relationship, the relationship that Jai has with Henry, with his father.  And weíre kind of getting more into it actually right now.

Thereís a great scene in the finale, which we just got, which Iím really looking forward to doing.  I think weíre going to shoot it next week.  Greg will be back up with us, so, yeah, itís been a real treat working with him.

C. Wagner  So, is this sort of the start of us seeing a lot more of you and Jai?

S. Ramamurthy Yes, like I said, I kind of came to the party later.  I was cast after they had shot the pilot and the show had been picked up for 13 episodes and I was cast after they had kind of broken the first four stories.  They had already written the first four episodes or done very specific broad strokes of the first four episodes.  So when I met with them they said, listen, weíre going to slot you in where we can in the first four episodes because weíve put out the structure already, we already know what weíre going to do in those episodes.

 For instance, in last weekís episode I wasnít even in it because that was actually the first episode that we shot after the pilot, even though it aired fourth we shot it first, so there was just no way for me to be in it.  And so, I kind of like am peppered through the first four episodes and then on Tuesdayís episode itís kind of like the real introduction to my character where you find out what Jai is all about, where he comes from, what makes him tick and, more importantly, what heís doing there and what his kind of general arc and mission will be throughout the season.

Moderator  The next question is from the line of Melissa Lowery with

M. Lowery   I was wondering if you could tell us if Jaiís relationship with Annie is going to be strictly professional or if he has interest aside from what weíve been shown so far?

S. Ramamurthy Again, itís very complicated.  I think one of the best things about this show is that all the relationships are really complicated.  Itís kind of the best thing that was written in the pilot is the note that the Ben Mercer character leaves for Annieís character.  It says, ďThe truth is complicated.Ē  And that doesnít just apply to Annie and Ben.  That certainly applies to Annie and Jai as well.

Like I said, everything is not what it seems when you meet Jai and Annie and the audience knows that Arthur has told him to get close to Annie in any way possible.  And you kind of see a few different tacks that Jai takes to kind of accomplish his mission and then he can try and go the romantic way, he can try and go the professional way; there are a few different avenues and Jai is pretty crafty and he kind of tries whatever works in certain situations.

And I think thatís all well and good, but in the end Jai and Annie, theyíre not robots.  There are emotions, there are feelings and when you get close to somebody it can complicate something that you want to just be a mission.  So, weíll see.  I have to be honest, Iím curious to see where it goes because I donít know yet.

M. Lowery   You were talking a little bit about Jaiís being a second generation CIA agent.  Are we going to see kind of a back story for him?

S. Ramamurthy Yes, you do.  You get a little bit actually in Tuesday nightís episode; you just kind of hear what heís about, what heís been up to, actually, just prior to coming to the CIA.  You get a little hint as to where he was and what it was that he was doing and a cool scene that we shot, it was me and Piper and Eriq La Salle, actually, which was a lot of fun.  He guest stars in Tuesdayís episode and heís terrific in it.  And heís such a nice guy.

I mean, I was a little in awe.  I was acting with Dr. Benton, like what do you do?  But he was really great.  And you do, you do find out kind of where heís from and as the season goes on you actually find out a little bit more about where he was and what it was that he was doing where he was, which is kind of important to the overall end game of the season.

Moderator   The next question comes from the line of Pattye Grippo with

P. Grippo    What do you find to be the biggest challenge in playing this particular character?

S. Ramamurthy For me, itís been a huge challenge just because itís a very different character than what Iíve been playing on TV before, which Iím excited about.  But itís an incredibly layered character and youíre always kind of second guessing because you donít want to give too much away in each scene and so thatís something that Iíve really worked hard at and you donít want to tip your hand too quickly.

Jai is a charmer, or he thinks heís a charmer anyway, and everybody around him reacts that way so I guess he is and you donít what that to just be it, so there has to be something bubbling underneath it and the challenge was to not let kind of the end game, which, obviously, I know where it is, but you donít want the audience to know if the fifth episode of the series whatís going to happen, so it was a really tricky balance for me and, again, I hope I got it because we havenít seen a lot of it, we havenít seen a lot of the episodes, so itís going to be interesting.  So, for me, thatís been the most challenging thing. 

The other challenging thing has been itís a very physical role for me.  In Tuesdayís episode I was doing parkour.  Who gets to do parkour on TV?  They brought in a guy from Cirque du Soleil to work with me to kind of work the moves out and stuff.  And I saw the chase scene actually thatís going to air on Tuesday and itís really cool.  I was really excited when I saw it.  Itís a very fun thing and itís what you would expect from Doug Liman, from a show executive produced by Doug Liman.  Itís certainly worthy of kind of his previous spy stuff.

P. Grippo  Talking about you and the character of Jai, what would you say are your biggest similarities and biggest differences between the two of you?

S. Ramamurthy Well, similarities, I think he looks like me; thatís pretty similar.  But, listen, Jai is a bit of a flirt and you can see it as one way in that heís using it to help accomplish what heís supposed to be doing, but itís kind of in him to be a little bit flirtatious and Iíve been told that I can be flirtatious at times by people, so maybe thatís a similarity with me and Jai.

The kind of dissimilarities are Iím really bad at kind of not tipping my hand, basically.  Itís hard for me to lie about things or not lie, thatís the wrong word; not disclose everything upfront.  Itís very difficult for me to do that, but itís no problem for Jai.  I mean he kind of lives in that world.  Thatís what he does.

And he doesnít see a problem with it and other people might, people that heís not disclosing the information to.  It maybe comes across as dishonest, but thatís what he does.  Heís a CIA operative.  Thatís what you do.  Youíre required to not fully disclose things to people, like people close to you, your family, your friends and thatís kind of the world that these guys live in and itís second nature to them and itís not something they feel morally conflicted about at all, whereas I would.

 I would feel conflicted about it and I think thatís the major difference.

Moderator   The next question comes from the Lena Lamoray with

L. Lamoray  What are your thoughts on the tension that Jai has added to the show, especially between Arthur and Joan?

S. Ramamurthy I think itís kind of interesting because heís become an unknowing pawn in the marital strife between Arthur and Joan and I donít think itís something that he particularly wants to be involved in.   But I also donít think, because these guys are CIA operatives as well, Joan and Arthuróthis is what they do, too.  They donít really tip their hand too much, certainly to Jai and not to the rest of the people either as to whatís going on between them.

Yeah, obviously, everybody knows theyíre married and there can be a little bit of frostiness between the two of them, but when they interact in front of the rest of us, in front of Annie, in front of Jai, in front of Auggie, we canít see that.  And thatís another instance where these guys, theyíre able to compartmentalize in a way the me, personally, Sendhil, Iím incapable of doing that. 

 I canít kind of like say, okay, well, Iím doing this, but Iím going to shut this out.  Iím not very good at that, but all of these guys are very good at that because itís their job.  They wouldnít be doing what they were doing if they were bad at it.  So, as far as the tension, yeah, heís there and Arthur has put him into the DPD, a place where heís never been and didnít even clear it.  I mean, Jai, as we saw in the first episode I appeared in, Jai is the one who informs Joan that Arthur put him in.

And we actually did a different take of it where I was actually kind of ribbing her a little bit about it, but looking back on it, Iím glad that they didnít use that take because I donít think it was right at that time.  Thatís another thing, they were developing the character kind of after they cast me, so the first few episodes I was kind of like, okay, which direction am I going here?  I donít want to make him too arch.

And they were very helpful, Matt and Chris the creators of our show, were very helpful in holding my hand and kind of guiding me in the right directly while they figured it all out and they have, luckily.

L. Lamoray How do you feel Jai will develop as the series continues?

S. Ramamurthy I think for the first time Jai starts to have second thoughts; not second thoughts, but he starts to realize that okay, maybe this deception thing is a lot more tricky and a lot more difficult and affects people in a different, sometimes adverse way than he thought and I donít think he actually really thought about it that much and there are certain things, the relationship with Annie; there is one thing, in particular, that happens in I think itís the eighth or the ninth episode where I kind of made a choice.

Thereís a conversation between Jai and Annie where they kind of mention past relationships and I think that thereís a past relationship in Jaiís life that deeply affected him and I donít think it ended up the way that he wanted it to end up and I think that Iíd like to see that explored a little bit more as to why heís able to connect with Annie in the way that he does.  I donít know if that will be this season or not.  I donít know if there will be the time to do that, but I hope in subsequent seasons, should we be lucky to get one, or two or three or four or five, I hope thatís something that we can look into.

Moderator    The next question comes from the line of Lisa Poirier with

L. Poirier   What was one of your favorite on set moments from Covert Affairs so far?

S. Ramamurthy Well, the actual filming stuff, the parkour stuff was the coolest thing for me.  That was a lot of fun.  I really enjoy the physical aspects of this part for me, in general.  Iíd love to have a really good fight sequence, which may or may not be happening.  I canít say.  But the hand-to-hand combat, that kind of stuff is something that would be really interesting to me and Iíd like to see that kind of explored a little bit more.

But the parkour was fun and then kind of the offset moments.  I mean like me and Chris Gorham and Piper Perabo have actually become really tight.  We genuinely enjoy each otherís company and we hang out quite a bit up here in Toronto and from a non-work point of view, thatís been something thatís been really fun.

Iíve been so lucky to work with a cast on Heroes that I was so close to and we all got along really well and we all hung out together and weíre still all in touch.  They all sent me e-mails when I got Covert Affairs and Jack texted me this morning saying congratulations about the numbers from Tuesday and it was a really tight cast and Iíve managed somehow, I donít know how, to land on another show with a cast thatís just as tight.

And I just really enjoy both Chris and Piper and Kari.  Kari and I donít have a ton to do together yet, but hopefully thatíll come and when Peter is up here and Greg as well, itís a really nice bunch of people to work with and Iím really enjoying that aspect of it, too, because itís nice to be at work.  When youíre at work for 17 hours with people itís a good thing when you get along with them.

L. Poirier    What other upcoming projects do you have, besides more Covert Affairs?

S. Ramamurthy I did a movie called Itís a Wonderful Afterlife.  It was written and directed by Gurinder Chadha, who did Bend It Like Beckham.  And itís released in the U.K. already and I believe a U.S. release is happening towards the end of this year.

And then I did another film called Shor, which I actually shot in Mumbai in January and February.  Itís like a really gritty crime drama.  It kind of follows my characterís descent into a kind of hell, if you like.  And that was probably the hardest thing Iíve ever done, just shooting, the physical toll of it was enormous.  The heat, I was shooting in the largest slum in Mumbai for a lot of it and it was, again, just a very different experience for me and working with a whole different crew and a whole different culture of filmmaking and Iím really excited for that.  I think thatís going to be released in October.

Moderator The next question is from the line of Karen Basista with 

K. Basista  You talk about all this tension that Jai just causes at the CIA and my question is there is a lot that I noticed between him and Auggie and with both of you being so flirtatious is a girl involved as far as why he dislikes you so much?

S. Ramamurthy I think when two guys have that much friction itís a pretty safe assumption.  Only a woman could do that.  But, again, what I like about what the writers have done in subsequent episodes, there are kind of events that happen that make Jai and Auggie work together.  And they actually, believe it or not, they work together really well.

Theyíre able to bounce off of each other and get ideas off of each other.  The episode weíre shooting right now, actually, Jai and Auggie get together for a very important reason.  So, while there is that friction, and also, a lot of the friction just simply comes from the fact that Jai is Henry Wilcoxís son.  A lot of that comes from that.  Henry was, again, this will come out in Tuesdayís episode so I wonít give too much away, but a lot of things that Henry did caused him to have a certain reputation and I think everybody at the CIA assumes that Jai must be cut from that same cloth.

And without wanting to try too hard, because Jai is a Yalie and an alpha male and all of that and doesnít feel like he has to prove himself to anybody, I think underneath he wants everybody to know that he is not Henry Wilcox, heís not that guy.

 Heís very good at what he does and Henry was very good at what he does, but I think thatís where the similarities kind of stop.  Heís nowhere near as Machiavellian as Henry Wilcox is and I think everybody at the beginning thinks he is.  And as the season goes on weíll see how that perception of Jai changes or doesnít change.

K. Basista   I had some help from Chris Gorham to ask this question.  He suggested that I ask if there was going to be a Heroes movie and can Gorham be in it?

S. Ramamurthy Can Gorham be in it?  You know what, if thereís a Heroes movie, Iím guaranteeing that weíll get Gorham in it.  Right here, you heard it here first.  I donít know if thereís going to be a Heroes movie.  Iíd love for there to be one.  I think that it would be great for the fans to have the story wrapped up properly because that finale was a season finale; that was not a series finale and I feel like we owe it to the fans who were incredibly loyal and supportive of us through all the ups and downs of Heroes, it would be nice to do it for them to have some sort of closure.

 I donít know if itís going to happen.  If Iím being 100% honest, I donít see how it can, just scheduling-wise itís going to be really, really difficult.  But if anybody can do it Tim Kring will pull it together somehow.

Moderator The next question is from the line of Christina Kovar with Maverick Media. 

C. Kovar     Weíve already seen Piper with a lot of accent and language work.  Are you looking for that with Covert Affairs?  Have you actually already done some languages and some accents that we get to hear?

S. Ramamurthy Boy, thatís a tough one to answer.  There might be some accent stuff coming up.  Iím not sure, to be honest, because there are some rewrites going on right now, but itís a possibility.

 As far as languages go, I havenít had to explore my unfortunately incredibly limited language skills.  Piper has a really great facility for languages.  Sheís great with it.  But me, Iím not so great with it, so if they happen to be reading this, the writers, and read this, they should feel free not to give me any language stuff.  Accents Iím good with; languages not so much.

C. Kovar   If you were to put your iPod on shuffle right now and press play, whatís the most embarrassing song that would come up?

S. Ramamurthy Wow, thatís a great question because I have a shared iPod with my wife.  I actually had it on shuffle just now in the gym and Iím trying to think what came on.  Oh, whatís that guy, it was an Enrique Iglesias song, which I would usually probably never listen to, but it popped on.  And I am not ashamed to admit that I listened to it all the way through.  I did not fast forward it.

Moderator  The next question is from the line of Clyde Johnson with

C. Johnson   I love the character of Jai.  I was wondering will we learn more about him through action scenes or more like in the office.

S. Ramamurthy You kind of learn, I think, personallyóthis is just my own personal viewóI think you learn the most about Jai when heís out in the field with Annie.  Because there are times in the field where you have a little downtime and you just have a little chat.  And I think those are the times where you see, where you learn more about Jai.

Now, what makes that more tricky is the audience already knows what Jai, like one of his missions is to get close to Jai, so when heís talking to Annie and kind of revealing stuff about himself or trying to find out stuff about her, how much of it is real and how much of it is part of his mission and thatís, again, thatís been the tricky thing for me is how much to give away in these conversations that I have with Annie.

And itís kind of the most fascinating and difficult and frustrating part of playing the character, which I love all three of those things.  Like, itís a good thing to have all those things happen in one character when youíre playing it because you donít want it to be easy.  You donít want it to be a cakewalk, like something you could do standing on your head.  Iím having to work really hard at it.

C. Johnson  Since you came to the show kind of late, how long did it take you to find your groove, to be relaxed on the show and everything like that?

S. Ramamurthy To be honest, like probably not until the sixth episode.  Yeah, it took a while because, you know, they were forming the character as we were shooting it really because, again, the character was a different person before.  This character is fulfilling the same role and has a lot of the same character traits as the Conrad character from the pilot, but it is a different character.

And so, once they cast me they were actually kind of writing the character to fit me, Sendhil Ramamurthy, and so that took a little bit of time and there are definitely some growing pains and there are a couple of things that I look back and I think, oh God, I wish I had done that because now I know this and I would have done it differently, but thatís just the way it goes in series television and I just feel fortunate to be a part of it and all that stuff gets ironed out and I think it takes a few episodes to settle in because in that second episode and the third episode where I appear, I think I only worked one day on the second episode and I think I worked three days on the third episode.  It took me a while to find my groove, definitely.

Moderator  The next question comes from the line of Michelle St. James with Daemonís TV.

M. St. James    Iím wondering why Arthur chose you to get close to Annie.  Does Jai have some sort of history with the mysterious Ben Mercer that makes him a good choice?  Or is it just that he is so good at getting under other peopleís skin and is such a good operative in his own right?

S. Ramamurthy Arenít you a clever girl, Michelle.  Iím not going to answer that question in any way that youíre going to find satisfying.  Iím going to just say that upfront right now, but yes.  Thatís my answer.  Thereís a lot, like I said, thereís a lot there, which is why Iím so excited to play the character.  My parents, actually, were talking to me the other day and they were like, ďWhat the hell is your guy doing?  I donít understand.  Whatís happening?  Heís like kind of there, but not there?Ē 

And I was just like, ďJust relax.  Itíll come out.Ē  And, again, thatís probably one of the frustrating things for viewers of series television is you want all the answers right away, but then you donít.  You want something more and from a writerís point of view, they donít want to burn through too much story.  Theyíve got to crank out 13 episodes.

 So, the one thing I would say is itís a very slow burn for the Jai Wilcox character and as far as, you can probably tell how much Iím trying not to answer your question, there are definitely things in Jaiís background and what he was doing prior to arriving at Langley that make him a really, well, the only choice to be dealing with Annie and the Ben Mercer situation.

M. St. James   Is the spying leak story line going to be wrapped up soon, or is that going throughout the entire season?

S. Ramamurthy That is something that I think definitely kind of goes through and it grows in importance throughout the entire season.  And I donít even know whether it will be resolved or not resolved by the end of the season.  Again, should we be lucky enough to go more seasons, it could be something that is further explored.

 If you could read the 12th episode, which is sitting on my kitchen table right here and Iím looking at it, you would know that thereís an opening there for it to continue should the writers decide to go in that direction.

Moderator   The next question comes from the line of Rosa Cordero with Accidental Sexiness. 

R. Cordero For the record, I tweeted out that you said that Chris Gorham would be in the Heroes movie.  He just re-tweeted it for the win, so heís very excited.

S. Ramamurthy Oh, good.  Now Iím going to have people from NBC calling me saying, ďWhat the Ö are you doing?Ē  Iím going to be getting e-mails from Tim Kring in about five minutes.  My BlackBerry is going to light up.

R. Cordero    Well, weíre really enjoying seeing Chris and your co-star Ann Dudek and Peter Gallagher.  Theyíre all on Twitter.  We only hear about you through Wendy Lynn.  So, when are you going to make the move to Twitter?  We want to hear from you. 

S. Ramamurthy You can hear from me by talking to me right now.  The Internet scares me.  Iím not very Internet savvy, to be honest.  Iím not very computer savvy.  Iím not a big Web surfer.  Itís just not something I do.  I canít see why anybody would be interested in what Iím doing during my day.  Like Iím having a coffee at the coffee shop; like, who cares?

R. Cordero   Well, we care, like when youíre listening to Enrique Iglesias at the gym.

S. Ramamurthy After I said that, I just realized what a giant mistake that was because I shall never hear the end of that.

R. Cordero  And I sent it out to Twitterverse, so Iím sorry.

S. Ramamurthy Of course you would.  I would be disappointed if you didnít, quite frankly.  Because thatís a nice embarrassing bit of detail.  But no, I wouldnít count on seeing me on Twitter any time soon.  But what I do do, if I have something that I, on the rare occasions when I do have something that I want tweetered, how do you say it?

R. Cordero  Tweeted.

S. Ramamurthy Tweeted.  On the rare occasion when I want something tweeted out I pop Wendy a text and she tweets it out for me.

R. Cordero  Okay, well, maybe youíll change your mind in the future, but weíre loving you on the show.

S. Ramamurthy Well, thank you very much and maybe I will change my mind.  You never know; you can sometimes teach an old dog new tricks.

R. Cordero   Yes, Iím going to have a chat with Chris.  Iím sure he can get you going.

S. Ramamurthy Oh, heís been working on me and Piper already, donít you worry about that.

Moderator   The next question is from the line of Scotty Coppage with Cinemaniac.

S. Coppage  How much access do you guys have with the real CIA?

S. Ramamurthy The guys who did the pilot had access to the CIA.  Like I said, I didnít do the pilot so I had no access to the CIA.  I had questions, obviously, once I came on board and through Piper and Chris who had had; Valerie Plame, was our CIA advisor on the pilot, and so they had access to her and were able to ask her all sorts of questions.

 And I know that Piper went to the CIA before starting shooting of the pilot and met with them and got to meet with a CIA agent that was her age who was kind of her and got to ask her questions to help her with the role.  And thatís one of the disadvantages.  Youíre certainly at a disadvantage coming into a show and not being in the pilot.  Iím not going to sit here and pretend that youíre not.

Because itís hard to come in, and my character is really coming in the fourth or fifth episode of the season and so it makes your job a little bit more difficult, but challenge is good.  Iím into that.  And, hopefully, should we get another season I already spoke to the creators of the show, Matt and Chris, and said I would love actually some access to the CIA to be able to speak to somebody or to go down there, especially for this character because he is CIA royalty.

Itís his second home.  Heís been surrounded by the CIA from birth really and it would be really helpful to me to have that time at the CIA, but I flew straight from London from the premiere of my movie to start shooting on Covert Affairs.  There was just no time from the time I was cast to starting shooing on Covert Affairs to meet with them.

S. Coppage   Have you done any research or do you want to do any research on CIA just to help get your character beefed up or anything?

S. Ramamurthy Yes, we have definitely done all that and learned.  The CIA is about protocol and so a lot of the questions that weíll have are about the protocol.  Okay, what would a CIA operative be doing in this situation?  What are the steps?  Everything has to be run up the ladder, you know, run up the flag post and what are the steps to get what you need done?  Even the littlest things, you can call it bureaucracy I guess if you want.  There are certain things that need to be done and Jai is very conscious of the hierarchy at the CIA, of the protocol of the CIA and I think, and this is one thing, another thing one of the bloggers asked me this question. 

 Itís one of the things Iíd like to see explored in future episodes and seasons, is Jaiís pretty by the numbers as far as following the rules and all that and Iíd like to see there be some instances where heís faced with maybe having to do something, that yes is ďwrongĒ but will accomplish something that he knows is right and Iíd love to see what decision he makes and how he goes about making it to do that.  And I hope thatís something that we get to explore and it may be something that we get to see in the finale.  We just got some pink pages, so weíll see.  Itís something I brought up already, so weíll see.

D. Christiansen  At this time we are going to take one last question.  Thank you.

Moderator    And that question is a follow-up from the line of Curt Wagner with RedEyeís Show Patrol.

C. Wagner   So you say itís a very physical role, are you going to find that Jai has any kind of super strengths?

S. Ramamurthy I think Iím done with that for a while.  Iím very grateful to the sci-fi fan base for all the support that theyíve given me and Heroes throughout the past few years, but I think Iím going to pump the brakes a little bit on the sci-fi super strengths, walking through walls, being indestructible cheer leader, which I tend to be on my days off and take a step back and try and be a kick ass CIA operative for a while; kick ass spy sounds like a nice little change.

C. Wagner   A Twitter follower asked why you were sporting a professor beard last year?  They were curious.

S. Ramamurthy Professor beard?

C. Wagner   Now, I donít know if thatís true or not, but they apparently saw some photo of you in a professor beard.

S. Ramamurthy I did grow a beard there for a while.  Oh, professor as in my character on Heroes.  There was a whole storyline that I kind of pitched for Dr. Suresh to the writers of Heroes and Iím not going to go into it.  It involved being a mountain man with a grisly beard and I thought it was really fun and cool.  They didnít and I showed up on the set and they were like, ďShave immediately.Ē  And thatís kind of what happened.  And I actually did press where I said that the beard was part of the story before they wrote it so that they would be forced to write it and they so werenít forced to write anything.  Theyíre like, ďSendhil, go to make up and have Wendy shave you.  Thatís it.Ē

D. Christiansen  Ladies and gentlemen, that will conclude todayís session.  Iíd like to once again thank Sendhil for joining us and remind everyone to tune into an all new episode this Tuesday, August 10th at 10/9 Central on USA Network.

Also, just another quick reminder.  There will be a transcript sent out of this call within the next 24 to 48 hours from myself or Electric Artists.  Thanks, again, everyone and enjoy your weekend.

S. Ramamurthy Thanks a lot, everyone.  Thanks for chatting and please come and visit the set soon, hopefully on a day when Iím there.

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