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By Suzanne

Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell's Henry Zebrowski and Matt Servitto

Interview with Henry Zebrowski, Matt Servitto and Craig Rowin of "Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell" on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) 4/30/13

Craig RowinHere is the audio of my interview with the 3 actors (listed above). We had a hilarious call!

If the audio is not streaming well, please right-click on this link and save it to your computer. It should work better that way!


Our transcription here is not that great. Since there were 3 people, it was hard to tell who was saying what. You should definitely listen to the interview since it's hilarious.

Suzanne: Well, Matt, you were the one I wanted to talk to most (no offense, guys)

Henry: It's okay, we understand (sarcastically).

Suzanne: Only because...

Craig: We're used to it.

Suzanne: [Laughs] No, only because he was on "All My Children" years ago when I was watching, playing Trask.

Henry: I didn't know that!

Suzanne: And then on "One Life to Live", too...and lots of shows after that, but those were "my shows," you know, so...

Matt Servitto: Henry, I had a big moment, man. I had a big like '80s moment, and I came from like the wrong side of town, and I'm not even going to make this up. Literally, my first job on AMC, I was the pool boy for the rich family. I cleaned the pool without my shirt on, and this beautiful girl on the show asked me to put suntan lotion on her back. I kid you not. Yeah, 1989. It was Paige Turco. It was Melanie Cortlandt, Palmer Cortlandt's niece. She was gorgeous. She was in her bikini, and we're by the pool, and I thought, "Did this scene really happen?" And that was really a high watermark, so -- I was contracted. That was the very first professional job I ever had. I was in school, and the woman who did the casting came and saw, like, our final presentation at school, and they just happened to be looking for that character to kind of mix it up with David Rampal, yeah, kind of date Melanie and fight with Tad Martin.

Suzanne: You were a cop later on "One Life to Live," right?

Matt: Yeah, I was. Nick Manzo.

Suzanne: He's versatile. He can play a pool boy, a cop, and Satan.

(there's a lot of chatter here and jokes)

Matt: What you have to know, Suzanne, is if there is a Hell, this is Hell for Craig and Henry.

Suzanne: So, I hadn't seen the show, but I watched it last night on the website. I did enjoy it. I'm not really the target demographic.

Matt: I love you for saying that. We put a lot of love in it -- a lot of love in there. Henry started drinking about two hours ago. Now he's eating peanut butter and drinking whiskey.

Suzanne: You guys look like you are having fun playing these characters and dressing up in funny costumes, lots of make-up, is it fun?

Matt: Henry loves wearing make-up on and off-screen and he pushes us all to, after getting off of work, make sure that we were wearing make-up totally. I wore extended lashes for the first time.

Henry Zebrowski: There is no excuse to not be pretty. That's what I think. You can't just -- any man can take off his shirt, but I love rouges, blue eye-liner. I love it. I love when a man is beautiful.

Matt: I think all Hell is kind of metrosexual. I don't know. I think they've kind of pulled back on that. There was a point where it felt like that, at any point, Satan could go -- Satan basically would fuck?? anything in Hell. I think they've pulled back on that, so to speak. I thought it was there that Satan was like ambisexual.

Suzanne: Why aren't there any women in Hell or is there a separate women's Hell?

Matt: That's the worst kind of Hell -- where you can't interact with the fairer sex.

Suzanne: I looked online for more information about it, but there wasn't too much. Can you tell me how the show came about or how you guys got involved in it?

Matt??: The TV show was co-created by Dave Willis and Chris 'Casper' Kelly. One of them is the co-genius, co-creator of two shows, which include 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' and 'Squidbillies' and the other one is another great writer who wrote the first script of 'Squidbillies' and 'Harvey Birdman' and he wrote an insanely amazing short stories called 'More Stories About Space Ships and Cancer" and, if you like Sci-Fi, you'll very much enjoy that. And basically, they wrote this workaday comedy in Hell. And we -- us three buffoons -- auditioned for it and they -- against their better judgment -- hired all three of us and flew us to Atlanta for the summer to work on their show."

Henry: Yeah, I was living in a garbage can at the time; and thankfully, they weren't shocked by the fact that I was just wearing a bunch of garbagy?? clothes when I went in there to audition for it. And they thankfully gave me a job, because mostly I'd just been eating burr?? It was good of them to help me maybe get some meat in there and some vegetables.

??: The nice thing about working with Henry was that he was acclimating himself to solid food. He was very vulnerable, and in scenes, you could really feel the vulnerability come through.

Henry: The thing is I slept ?? my hotel room the first week. I didn't understand that the bed was the thing that you slept on. I thought it was the thing that you watched other people sleep on through the window.

Suzanne: Craig, you used to be head writer of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"? How did writing that show prepare you for acting in this show?

Craig: I had to wear pants to both jobs. I can't think of anything. They're so separate. Henry would submit all these questions that were specifically about Hitler, and that was the only thing that was like -- and he continued to do that while we were on the set of 'Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell' so it was preparation for dealing with Henry.

Henry: Yeah, I was like, 'Did you know that Hitler's favorite food was burritos?'

Suzanne: Henry, is it hard to play Gary, who literally gets shit on all the time by Satan?

Henry: No, no, no, no, no. I am a born victim. I'm fine with it. I use a lot of humiliation humor in my own personal comedy with my ??, so it works well with me. I take pain well. I was a goalie for many years for hockey. Maybe that's got something to do with it.

Suzanne: Matt, you're the most experienced actor of the three of you. What did you do to prepare for the role of Satan?

Matt: Basically, I'm kind in the Daniel Day-Lewis school. I started abusing Henry and Craig the minute we got down to Atlanta off-screen, so I just continued to on-screen, and it continues to this very interview. But, other than that, I memorized the lines, and I said them, and unlike Craig and Henry who didn't, those two go off-script. So the thing is, the character of Satan is not the sort of traditional idea of Satan, so I really don't like -- you know, he is more of a character extracted like from -- since it is an office comedy, you know, it was more of a sitcom part, like a Lou Grant on 'Mary Tyler Moore' or like the sergeant who yells at, you know, Crockett on Miami Vice, who liked to get in his office and get him to turn in his badge and gun, so it's really -- it's not like I have to breathe fire and fly and do all that stuff. It really is -- I seem to be at home, doing my best work when I'm holding a cup of coffee.

Suzanne: How many parts were filmed?

Matt: Six.

Craig??: 666.

Suzanne: Will there be more?

Matt: I was told there would be, but it's probably not something that we can go on the record with, so I'm not sure.

Henry??: You know, people need to ask for it. You've gotta get your readers to write letters to the company, saying they need to have more or they're going to do a bad thing.

??: Hashtag need more, hashtag need more.

Suzanne: How long does it take to get into makeup and costume?

Henry??: It took about an hour in and an hour out.

Matt: I was a little longer. More like an hour-and-a-half in and an hour-and-a-half out, because I had to do the face and the horns, which is mad??, by the way. And then I had to also put on the legs that go past?? and kind of high-heeled boots that give me the hooves look, the hooven, the cloven look. It was tough getting out of there as quick. We finished a long 12-hour day in that make-up on a very hot set, and then you just want to get the stuff off and go home, and you really -- you've just got to get your mind ready to sit in the chair for another hour, hour-and-a-half, 'cause every time you thought you had it all off, it wasn't even nearly all off, 'cause the whole back of your head had glue on it and more clumps of red make-up and wax and spirit gum; and, sometimes, as Henry said, we just put on our baseball hats and leave and go to dinner. And then we'd all be looking at each other at dinner and we're like, "Do you realize what we look like right now? Most of your eye make-up is still on. You still have black nail polish on. You still have glue stuck around your forehead, but we figured, with the three of us together, it was okay, 'cause it looked like something --

Henry??: The ladies just kept still calling, you know? There's nothing you can do about it.

Suzanne: What else do you guys have going on or coming up?

Matt: I'm in Charlotte, North Carolina, right now shooting Season 2 of 'Banshee.' We're a couple of episodes into shooting. We'll be shooting through the summer. Season 2 will be on in January. It will come out on DVD in the fall probably, 'cause we did all the DVD commentary about a month ago. I'm sure they'll probably tie it in for Christmas, 'cause who wouldn't want to give 'Banshee' on DVD for the holidays.

Henry: I've got a film called 'The Wolf of Wall Street' directed by Martin Scorsese coming out in November. It's gonna be good. It's gonna be very good. It's a movie about Wall Street criminals with Leonardo DiCaprio who plays a big Papa Bear, Jordan Belfort.

Craig: You can check out my podcast. It's that episode where I talk about where I watch TV with comedians and then I'd also urge you to watch 'Banshee' on Cinemax and 'The Wolf of Wall Street' which is directed by Martin Scorsese, and it's about big Papa Bear.

Henry??: I'd like to point out that Craig is being ??, 'cause he has a very big project coming out in a couple of weeks. I think it's called his wedding?

Craig: Matrimony.

Henry: Yeah, sorry, ladies, he's taken.

Craig: Yeah, all the readers are invited as long they bring me a gift.

Suzanne: Matt, All My Children and One Life to Live just started back up again online. You were on both shows. Will you be watching them?

Matt: Gosh! You know, it's so funny 'cause I talked to one of the guys that worked on the crew. I ran into him in New York City who used to work back when we were on 66th Street at the ABC studios. Yeah, I'll probably take a peek just to sort of see what kind of production values they have. I think it's fabulous, the process of sort of rescuing a franchise like that and resurrecting it on the Internet, and I think clearly, I think, it's the future of television. I think a lot of things will start on the Internet and only, if hugely successful, move to television. I think, you know, some of these franchises and the soaps are 60 years old on television, so they go back to the radio days. So, I think it's kind of cool to kind of keep them going through all the different media that has existed over the last 75-80 years.

Suzanne: Anything else you'd like to say to fans of the show?

Henry: "Keep watching. If we do more, we'll get even better. Please, don't ritualistically kill me, and get messages to the office?? If they do that... Still, you know, it's good. Love the show. Laugh a lot.

Craig: I just want to say check out the show, 'cause we want to get Henry back on solid foods again, so this is his lifeline.

Henry: Yes, I'm doing this call from a halfway house. That's where I live. I sort of ??


Henry Zebrowski (THE WOLF OF WALLS STREET, White Irish Drinkers), Matt Servitto ("Banshee," "The Sopranos") and Craig Rowin (College Humor Originals) star in the new Adult Swim series YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL.

YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL premiered April 18th and airs Midnight on Adult Swim (ET/PT).

About The Show

Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell is a live-action workplace comedy about Gary, an associate demon, as he attempts to capture souls on earth in order to climb the corporate ladder of the underworld.

Gary hopes to advance in Hell, but he may be too stupid, lazy and kind-hearted to realize his dreams of promotion. Meanwhile, Gary's intern Claude is more talented, more devious and will do whatever it takes to impress Satan.

A Williams Street production, the show is created and directed by Dave Willis ("Aqua Teen Hunger Force," "Squidbillies") and Casper Kelly ("Squidbillies," "Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, Stroker & Hoop").

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