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By Suzanne

Interview with Renee Oteri of "The Bachelor" on ABC 2/13/14


Operator: Welcome to ABCís The Bachelor call with Cathy Rehl as the leader. This call is being recorded. By staying on this call, you are confirming that you consent to this recording. If you do not wish to be recorded, please disconnect from the call at this time. Thank you. Ms. Rehl, you may begin your call.

Cathy Rehl: Welcome, everybody. And I hope for anybody on the East Coast that youíre staying warm and dry. Iím in New York so you know whatís happening here. We welcome Renee Oteri, O-T-E-R-I, whoís calling us from Sarasota this morning, this afternoon. And we will be going in our usual one question and a follow up mode. Coming up are Ė is an actual visit to Juan Pabloís hometown of Miami. And she can sort of tease you a little bit about that. But obviously we just finished a pretty emotional run and she is now the only single mom left on the show.

So with that, Iím going to open it up for questions.

Operator: Thank you. Ladies and gentleman, if you would like to ask a question, please press star one on your telephone keypad. Again, star one to ask your question.

And your first question comes from Gina Scarpa from Thatís Your Reality.

Gina Scarpa: Hey, Renee.

Renee Oteri: Hey, Gina.

Gina Scarpa: So, you know, you come across as being one of the calmest women in the house who really trusts the process. And I was wondering when you watch the episode back this season, do you feel like you should have been more concerned about Juan Pabloís time with the other women?

Renee Oteri: No. I mean, you know, honestly, I feel like Iím definitely having a time with Juan Pablo, you know. But I donít know. Iím a mom. And it just Ė it just Ė I donít know, itís just natural for me to kind of play that mommy role in the house, you know.

Gina Scarpa: Yes. I hear you. And can you talk a little bit about the connection that you and Juan Pablo have especially considering that youíre both parents of young children?

Renee Oteri: Yes. You know, itís actually Ė itís great. I have never Ė Iíve never dated a single parent before. So itís huge. We can totally connect on a whole different level. And itís really, really sweet. I love it.

Gina Scarpa: Thanks so much.

Operator: Your next question comes from Carrie Bell from People magazine.

Carrie Bell: Good afternoon, Renee.

Renee Oteri: Hi, Carrie.

Carrie Bell: As you Ė you know, obviously when you watch the show when aired, thereís more Ė you see more than you did then of what happened with other people and things like that. And Iím wondering if as you watch it back, because of the position that you were in when, you know, with this whole Iím not going to kiss you at first since, you know, weíre parents of a (block). And then you declared (inaudible) declares (win) and all of that (stuff). As you look at it now, do you kind of Ė do you feel like wow, he has some explaining to do?

Renee Oteri: Yes. You know, honestly, I wish Ė the only thing I wish that he did was try to communicate with me upfront about the whole no kissing thing because had I known that, I wouldíve just Ė I would have just done it myself instead of waiting so long. But, I mean I totally understand why he felt that way and why he did that. And I do respect him a lot for that.

But, yes. You know, watching it back itís kind of like well, I kind of think, you know, you said no to me and then two minutes later, youíre making out with Clare. But I mean, I understand his reason, for sure, I do.

Carrie Bell: Thereís been a lot said. I mean a lot of people have had a lot of opinions about the whole not kissing you thing and Ė and Ė and the reason for it and sort of when you use it to some of the other girl (inaudible) and the more people, but then it really seems like they use it to (inaudible). You know ...

Renee Oteri: Yes.

Carrie Bell: Ö level, or do you feel like it was sort of an excuse or was something that you kind of hide behind?

Renee Oteri: You know, honestly, like watching it now, it is Ė itís hard to see because itís Ė it does actually appear, just watching it, that he doesnít seem as interested in me as he does with, you know, Clare and Nikki and some of the other girls. So it is definitely harder to watch now but, you know, in the moment, no. I mean, it totally felt real. I believe, you know, I believe his reasoning and as soon as I give him the go ahead, he planted one on me. So I donít think it was an excuse but Ė I mean, I don't know. Itís hard to say.

Carrie Bell: Worth the wait the kissing?

Renee Oteri: Iím sorry?

Carrie Bell: Was it worth the wait, the kissing?

Renee Oteri: Oh, yes. It was Ė it was definitely worth the wait.

Carrie Bell: All right. Great. Thank you.

Renee Oteri: Thanks.

Operator: Your next question comes from Beth Kwiatkowski from Reality TV World.

Beth Kwiatkowski: Hi, Renee. How are you doing?

Renee Oteri: Hi, Beth. Iím good. How are you?

Beth Kwiatkowski: Good. So actually, Iím excited (inaudible) interactions with you. Going off a little bit about what youíre saying earlier. There has been a lot of criticisms about Juan Pablo using his daughter as a crutch or an excuse especially in situations when he feels uncomfortable or guilty. So I guess, you know, looking at other things going on besides your kissing situation with him, do you think thatís fair criticism or as a parent yourself, whatís your perspective on that?

Renee Oteri: No. I mean, I definitely understand where heís coming from, you know. I donít know if Camila is watching or not. I doubt it. But I mean, I understand that heís Ė I donít know. I mean, heís definitely more cautious at times. But in the heat of the moment, sometimes you just Ė I donít know. You just kind of just let it go. So I donít know. I think that he Ė sometimes I feel like he acts and everyone does this, they act on an emotional high or low. Thatís just Ė weíre human, you know. I donít think heís doing anything wrong. I donít think heís using, you know, Camila as an excuse. So I donít know. I think heís pretty responsible and I donít know. I think Ė heís kind Ė heís a class act. I donít know. I feel bad for the criticisms.

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK. So watching the episode back in which you girls took a trip to Vietnam, what did you personally think of Juan Pabloís decision to take Clare back to the suite pool and then have that late night swim with her in the ocean? Like many viewers out there, for example, they kind of got the vibe they did a little bit more than making out in the water although Clare defiantly denied that fact. But I guess, do you think he crossed any lines by making those choices especially when thinking about his daughter and everything?

Renee Oteri: You know, honestly, my only thought on that is I really felt bad for Clare. I feel like he didnít Ė honestly, I just feel like he didnít take full responsibility in that and just watching it, kind of pushed it on Clare. And so I felt really bad for her because she Ė obviously she was hurt by that. And so that was tough to watch.

But I mean, thatís my only thing. I just wish he wouldíve been, you know, hey we did what we did, whatever that was, and that we both participated, we both made that decision. And letís just Ė letís just drop it. But instead, it kind of really got blown up -- and between the two of them. And, you know, they still talked about it even in New Zealand. So it was Ė I donít know. I mean, I donít know. It was ĖI felt bad for her honestly.

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK. Thanks a lot, Renee.

Renee Oteri: Thanks.

Operator: Your next question comes from Cara Sprunk from Us Weekly.

Cara Sprunk: Hi, Renee.

Renee Oteri: Hey, Cara.

Cara Sprunk: So I just wanted to know Juan Pablo more. What were your impressions of him?

Renee Oteri: Honestly, he is Ė heís super kind. Heís super funny. Heís a great Ė heís a great guy. I knew not a whole about him. I didnít really do the whole letís stalk him on Instagram, letís stalk him on Facebook thing before I left. But getting to know him, I had no idea he was so funny. Heís hilarious.

Cara Sprunk: Really? Well Ė and then in your conversations with him, some of the conversations of him and all the girls seem a little bit superficial. With you, did he encourage you, you know, what we didnít see on camera to dig deep and to share stories about yourself?

Renee Oteri: Yes. I mean, we Ė well, he didnít encourage it, I guess. I mean, we just Ė it just Ė the conversation between him and I just flowed naturally. And obviously when you have kids, that Ė that Ė thatís what you talk about. And so our conversations were always pretty deep, I feel like, because we did talk about our children. So, yes. We definitely didnít have conversations like hey, howís the weather, you know, what sports do you like to play? It was Ė it was definitely more, you know, are we on the same page? Do we want to get married? Do we want more kids? And so, yes. I mean, our conversations are pretty serious and that just happened naturally.

Cara Sprunk: It just seems like (inaudible) to do like with some of the girls make out instead of just talk. Or are you surprised (inaudible) he did?

Renee Oteri: It does seem like that, you know. But, you know, every relationship is going to be different, you know. No two relationships are ever the same. And the chemistry isnít going to be same either. So, yes. I mean, he definitely seems super hot and heavy for some girls. And others, itís more like letís slow it down and take things at a slower pace. And thatís Ė I think thatís just normal.

Cara Sprunk: Thank you.

Renee Oteri: A different appeal. Yes. Youíre welcome.

Operator: Your next question comes from Amanda Hamilton Sy from Your

Amanda Hamilton Sy: Hi, Renee.

Renee Oteri: Hey, Amanda.

Amanda Hamilton Sy: You somehow managed to stay out of the drama but not get lost in the eyes of the viewers. Has that been Ė was that easy for you to stay out of some of the more dramatic moments, to stay away from maybe some more dramatic women?

Renee Oteri: Honestly, I just wasnít really a part of it because, not necessarily by choice, itís just Ė I donít know. I feel like there were so many times were Iím where was I when that happened? Like I just Ė I donít know. I don't know how it happened, honestly. I donít involve myself anyway. I donít Ė thatís just who I am. I donít bad mouth people. If I say something about someone, I tell them to their face anyway. So I don't know. I wasnít really a part of those conversations just because Ė I don't know. Iím not drawn to that. I just Ė I donít do it anyway. I donít ever see it going on and get up and walk out of the room, it just Ė it just never happened around me.

Amanda Hamilton Sy: And what are your thoughts on will you think Charlene kind of be back and forth with her feelings for Juan Pablo and her feelings on her connection. Is it frustrating for you to watch the episodes that Ė is it surprising at all?

Renee Oteri: You know, itís frustrating to see now. I had no idea that she felt the way that she felt. And I had no idea that she was so confused this whole time. You know, so yes. Itís kind of frustrating. I mean, I get it. She really wants to give it a fair shot and not have any regrets, you know. That would be awful if she leaves and has, you know, no idea. Sheís up in the air. So I mean, I like that sheís Ė that she is sticking around and, you know, she wants to Ė she wants to know and be 100 percent on that.

And then like she said in the episode, you know, in the last episode, she Ė sheís going to just give it another shot and see how she feels and go from there. I mean it would be awful for her to leave with regret, you know. So I donít Ė I mean, itís frustrating, yes, because other people are going home that really wish we truly like him and want to be there. So, yes, itís frustrating. But I get her. I get her point of view.

Amanda Hamilton Sy: Great. Thank you.

Operator: Your next question comes from Evan Real from In Touch.

Evan Real: Hey, Renee. Howís it going?

Renee Oteri: Hey, Evan. Iím good. How are you?

Evan Real: Iím good. So do you think that Juan Pablo knows what he wants? He seems to change his mind a lot. Like about what heís comfortable doing and what heís not comfortable doing. Do you think he might be a bit confused about what he really wants?

Renee Oteri: Honestly, yes. Watching it, it does seem like that. You know, and I don't know what goes on when Iím not around, you know. So seeing these conversations unfold, yes, it does seem like heís a little bit confused. However, you know Ė I don't know. When heís with me, we are on like the family level, like thatís what we talk about, you know. And when heís with the other girls, itís just Ė itís just different.

So I think that each girl is bringing out something different in him. And Iím Ė yes, I mean he seems confused as to what he wants, you know. Itís just Ė itís a different lifestyle whichever way you look at it.

Evan Real: Right. Now you mentioned before that he seems like when Ė now that youíre watching it back, he seems to have found really strong connections with Clare and Nikki. They both have really strong personalities. What was like the most tense moment you witnessed between Clare and Nikki while filming?

Renee Oteri: You know, honestly, like I wasnít really around a lot of the Ė I don't know. I mean, I didnít really see a lot of drama. I mean, honestly, off the top of my head, I couldnít Ė I couldnít think of a time.

Evan Real: Right. (inaudible).

Renee Oteri: Iím hearing a lot Ė Iím learning Ė oh, go ahead. Sorry.

Evan Real: Sorry. Why do think that they might see each other as competition?

Renee Oteri: I mean, well, theyíre both drop dead gorgeous, you know. You can tell Ė you can tell just by the way that he looks at a lot of the girls, that heís interested. I mean, you can Ė you can just Ė you can look at him and see that. So, yes. I mean, thatís just my personal opinion. You know, I think they can both sense that.

Evan Real: Right. Great. Thank you.

Renee Oteri: Thanks.

Operator: Your next question comes from Lesley Messer from ABC News.

Lesley Messer: Hi, Renee. I just Ė I noticed on a lot of your conversations with Juan Pablo, he mentioned not kissing you out of respect, not just for Camila but your son as well. And I Ė and I wasnít sure if there were things that maybe you had told him that your son would be uncomfortable seeing that we didnít see on television?

Renee Oteri: No. I Ė no, we never had that conversation. Actually Ė and I made this very clear to Juan Pablo in the Ė that I did talk to my son before I left. And he knew for the most part what I was doing.

Lesley Messer: Right.

Renee Oteri: Does he understand it? No. But I was honest with him. Thatís the relationship that I have with my son. You know, heís not like in a bottle somewhere. We definitely talk about everything. And I want my son to see love. Like I want him to see that. So I wouldnít be ashamed if he saw me kiss him, you know, on television. I just Ė I wouldnít Ė so, no. I didnít Ė I didnít have that conversation with him. I never said anything that would make him think that. But that was his personal opinion. Thatís the way he felt, you know. He didnít want to make Ben mad.

And so, once I Ė yes, I mean unless I told him no, Benís not going to come after you ...

Lesley Messer: Right.

Renee Oteri: Heís like, all right, cool. Letís do this.

Lesley Messer: Was that frustrating on some level because it seems like you were pulling at your hair and I Ė and I didnít know if you were frustrated on some level that he seemed to be more concerned about something that you, as you said, had already dealt with. Was that frustrating for you?

Renee Oteri: Well, honestly, I didnít know that was the reason at the time for the week leading up to it, you know. I knew at the very Ė I knew when he Ė when he confronted me about it Ė when he had had that conversation with me. And I said, listen, you know, Benís not going to care. So leading up to that, I didnít realize it was about Ben. I thought it was about me.

Lesley Messer: Right.

Renee Oteri: And so, yes. So Iím kind of like OK, well I donít think though heís interested because, you know, heís kissed a lot of girls, he hasnít kissed me, am I not kissable, you know, whatís going on? So I didnít Ė I thought I was Ė it was more of like Ė I don't know. It was more of an issue with myself, you know.

Lesley Messer: Right. So if anything, maybe it was a bit of a Ė I donít want to put words in your mouth, but it almost sounds like you werenít that relieved when you found out it was about Ben and not about something else.

Renee Oteri: Yes. No, I definitely was relieved. Yes, for sure.

Lesley Messer: Thank you.

Renee Oteri: Thanks.

Operator: Your next question comes from Lori Peters from New York Splash.

Lori Peters: Hi, Renee. How are you?

Renee Oteri: Hi. Good. How are you?

Lori Peters: Great. So when Nikki kind of got a hometown date with Juan Pabloís family in Miami, how do you react to that?

Cathy Rehl: She canít Ė excuse me. That hasnít happened yet.

Renee Oteri: Oh, yes. Oh, I know.

Cathy Rehl: So we really canít talk about it.

Lori Peters: OK. OK. So how do you feel that Juan Pablo would be with Ben?

Renee Oteri: How do I feel that he would be Ė how heíd be with Ben?

Lori Peters: Yes.

Renee Oteri: Oh. I mean, he Ė you can just tell that Juan Pablo is a great dad. He would Ė he would be great with my son. I can already tell that.

Lori Peters: Yes.

Renee Oteri: Heís funny. Heís outgoing. Heís a great guy. And you can just tell. Some people are, you know, you can just tell. Heís as naturally good with people and naturally good with kids. And he has, you know, Camila and heís already been through that. So, yes. I definitely think heíd be good with Ben.

Lori Peters: And what makes you so grounded compared to all the other girls?

Renee Oteri: Well, I mean I feel like a lot of the girls are really grounded. I am one of the oldest ones there. So, you know, Iím 32. Some of the girls are a little bit younger to what -- Cassandra is 21. So I don't know. I mean, Iíve been through a lot. Iíve been married, divorced, have an eight year old, you know. So I kind of Iíve been through a lot and I don't know. I mean, Iím not Ė I donít think Iím any more grounded than anyone else there. Itís just I think Iím just older. Old.

Lori Peters: Chris Harrison just said like you were like the most (inaudible) around. Thank you.

Renee Oteri: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question is a follow up from Cara Sprunk from Us Weekly.

Cara Sprunk: Hi, Renee.

Renee Oteri: Hi.

Cara Sprunk: You know, everyone keeps talking about what a great dad Juan Pablo is. But does not really a relation Ė I mean, in your case, yes it is in relationship to the man-woman relationship. But beyond that, like why do you think (inaudible) and saying that instead of talking about other good qualities?

Renee Oteri: Why do I think everyone is just saying he is a good dad, well, you know, Iíve heard lots of great and wonderful things about him. But for me, thatís a super attractive trait because thatís something that stands out more is that he is dad. And, you know, he Ė we can relate and talk about a lot, you know, a lot more. So, I mean though, heís Ė I don't know. I mean Iíve heard lots of amazing qualities. Well, everyone compliments him. But thatís just Ė thatís an Ė a plus in my book.

Cara Sprunk: I mean, it definitely seems he could relate more to you again because you wouldnít have to (inaudible) because you both have children.

Renee Oteri: Yes, exactly.

Cara Sprunk: And you said he was really funny. He was always making you laugh?

Renee Oteri: Yes. Juan Pablo is hilarious. He is hilarious. I donít think he means to be funny. Itís more like a sound effect. And, you know, sometimes he says things Ė I donít want to say language barrier, but, you know what I mean. Heís Ė heís Ėheís just too hilarious. Heís a really funny guy. And, yes. Heís got a great personality.

Cara Sprunk: Yes. (inaudible) seems heís funny because he Ė because of the language barrier but heís intentionally funny sometimes?

Renee Oteri: Yes, he is. Sometimes he is but a lot of times, I donít think heís trying to be funny. Heís just funny.

Cara Sprunk: Thank you.

Renee Oteri: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question is a follow up from Amanda Hamilton Sy from Your

Amanda Hamilton Sy: Hi, again.

Renee Oteri: Hey, Amanda.

Amanda Hamilton Sy: Who do you feel like is your biggest competition in the house?

Renee Oteri: Oh, the biggest competition. I mean, honestly, theyíre all amazing women. But I Ė I don't know. I would Ė I would say Clare because just my personal opinion, I can see the way Ė Iíd personally seen it, just the way he looks at her. I would say Clare. But I don't know. I mean, he also Ė I mean he laughs a lot with (Chelsie), a lot with (Chelsie). And I don't know. At this point itís tough because you can tell heís got something for everyone.

Amanda Hamilton Sy: And youíre definitely a fan favourite this season. Everybody loves you. If this doesnít end with you receiving the final rose from Juan Pablo, would you ever consider being the bachelorette?

Renee Oteri: Yes, if it doesnít Ė if it doesnít end in my favor Ė you know, honestly, I do want to fall in love. I do want to get married. I do want to have kids and Ėmore kids. And thatís my ultimate goal. And you know, obviously Iím hoping that this does work out for me. So trying to not think too far ahead of that.

Amanda Hamilton Sy: Great. Thank you.

Renee Oteri: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question is a follow up from Beth Kwiatkowski from Reality TV World.

Beth Kwiatkowski: Hi, Renee.

Renee Oteri: Hi, Beth.

Beth Kwiatkowski: So there have been a few different media reports there about Juan Pablo since the show began airing that are pretty negative. And from watching the show back or reading any of those reports, do you still feel the same way about him as you did when filming ended or you left the show? And if not, whatís changed? If so, what changed?

Renee Oteri: No, absolutely. I mean, I definitely know him. And you know, obviously people are going to write things and say things that may or may not be truly but I mean, honestly, you really do get to know each other really, really well. And yes. I mean, I still feel the same about him now than I did the moment, you know, I met him. And our relationship gets stronger and stronger. So yes, I donít have anything Ė I canít Ė I mean, I have nothing negative to say.

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK. Based upon what Juan Pablo told you and the other women he was looking for in a wife. And then looking back on his elimination decisions and his actions with girls so far this season, do you think he truly was looking for what he insisted to you girls?

Renee Oteri: Yes. I truly believe that he wants to get married. I mean, honestly, he wants that. And he wants more kids. And Ė and Ė and I do believe that. I mean, obviously itís Ė I mean watching it now, it does seem like heís, you know, kind of wishy-washy. But I don't know. Heís Ė I know deep down about that thatís what he wants. He wants to get married. And he wants to have a family. So ...

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK. And you mentioned earlier how, you know, you believe Nikki and Clare are gorgeous and what not. And obviously they seem to be front runners at this point. But theyíre also the least Ė the least liked women in the house. So, yes, do you think jealousy played a role in how the other women perceive them? Or do you think the bachelor who had issues with either Nikki or Clare were justified in feeling that way? I guess what are your general thoughts?

Renee Oteri: Well, honestly, I can only talk about my personal experiences with them. Thatís the one thing I really made sure that when I was Ė when I started this whole journey, that I really wanted to form my own opinion and not listen to gossip, not listen to anyone elseís opinion and just form my own. So thatís what I have done. Thatís what Iím still doing. And, you know, so jealousy, I mean, yes. Girls are always going to be jealous, you know. Itís just the nature of the (inaudible). But I mean I Ė I don't know.

Cathy Rehl: (inaudible).

Beth Kwiatkowski: Great. And you always hear how girls ...

Renee Oteri: I don't know. Say that again?

Cathy Rehl: Iím sorry.

Beth Kwiatkowski: You always hear how girls in the bachelor see themselves at the end, or they start to envision themselves being the women the bachelor picks and proposes to pretty early on. I guess at this point in the season, how confident were you that you could be the girl to end up with him?

Renee Oteri: Oh, gosh. You know, itís hard because when youíre Ė when youíre together and youíre on your one on one date and everything else, you feel that. And youíre like, yes this is Ė this really could be happening. This really could be it. And, you know what? Itís hard. Itís different Ė itís a totally different style of dating. So you kind of Ė itís like a rollercoaster, you know. You go up and down. And you go up and down with your emotions all the time. And itís hard. You got to kind of stay focused and hang on to your moments with him and hang on to your memories of him and, you know, whatís in the future. So I don't know. I mean, itís hard.

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK. Thank Ė Iím sorry. What were you going to say?

Renee Oteri: I don't know. I canít Ė I (inaudible) Ė I don't know. Did I even answer your question?

Beth Kwiatkowski: I think you did.

Renee Oteri: I (inaudible) Iím rambling. No, ask me again. Iíll answer it better.

Beth Kwiatkowski: Yes. No, I was just going with how confident you felt basically at this point compared to his connections with the other (inaudible).

Renee Oteri: Oh, yes. Yes. OK. So like I said, some days you feel super confident and on other days, you just donít.

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK. Thanks a lot, Renee.

Renee Oteri: Thanks.

Operator: Your next question is a follow up from Lesley Messer from ABC News.

Lesley Messer: Hello again.

Renee Oteri: Hey.

Lesley Messer: I was just wondering if Ben is watching the show with you.

Renee Oteri: Ben is not watching the show. You know, my son watched (Desiree) and loved (Desiree) season. Loved it. We watched every moment of it together. And now heís just Ė heís too busy. Heís too cool. He doesnít want to watch mom on TV. So Iím like, OK.

Lesley Messer: Has he asked you any questions about it since you got home? I know youíve been sworn to secrecy but did you give him any hints just because heís your son?

Renee Oteri: No. Nothing. He Ė but honestly, heís really wrapped up in his own thing.

Lesley Messer: OK. Thank you.

Operator: Your next question comes from Lori Peters from New York Splash.

Lori Peters: Renee.

Renee Oteri: Lori.

Lori Peters: Do you feel really special on the date when Juan Pablo bought you the dress?

Renee Oteri: Oh, of course I felt special. You know, that was the cool thing about Juan Pablo is, you know, what he does is he kind of gets everyone out of their comfort zone. He knew Ė he knows Iím not a fancy person. I donít Ė I donít love wearing dresses or high heels or any of that, you know. He knew that would be a special thing for me. And it would totally take me Ė I don't know. It was Ė itís something I would never, ever, ever imagine doing. And so, yes. I think it was Ė it was all him. Heís very creative. It was meaningful.

Lori Peters: He seems like different, really sweet and sincere with you. Do you Ė is there a deeper, more serious side of Juan Pablo that weíre not seeing on TV?

Renee Oteri: Iím sorry. You said what? That heís Ė you donít think he is sincere?

Lori Peters: Do you Ė no, Iím not. Iím saying that Ė oh, do you see a deeper, more serious side of him that weíre not seeing on TV that maybe you have more insight to?

Renee Oteri: No. I mean, I think that Ė I mean, he is who he is. And yes, he does have Ė there are definitely sweet moments in Ė I mean, youíve seen him cry, you know. Heís very emotional. And so, I mean, Iíve never Ė Iíve never seen a man cry before. It was heartbreaking. You know what, it is. So I think that is Ė it is sweet. And he does have, you know, deep conversations with people. So I mean I don't know how much deeper you can get. But, yes, I think heís Ė I don't know. I think heís very sincere and has deep conversations.

Lori Peters: OK. It sounds like you have a lot of respect for him.

Renee Oteri: Yes, I do. I definitely do.

Lori Peters: OK. Great. Thank you.

Renee Oteri: Thanks.

Operator: And you have a final question from Beth Kwiatkowski from Reality TV World.

Beth Kwiatkowski: Renee, just one last question.

Renee Oteri: OK, Beth.

Beth Kwiatkowski: (Chris Harrison) recently dubbed (Andy the Dark Horse) of the group. And I feel like sheís gotten similar attitude this season in that itís positive but we havenít been all that much compared to say, Clare. So what did you think of (Andy) while you were on the show and what are your thoughts on her relationship with Juan Pablo now youíre getting to watch the episodes on TV?

Renee Oteri: Yes. I mean, (Andy) is a great, great girl. She is very strong, very independent. And, you know, I like Ė I like (Andy) a lot but it got hard, you know things definitely Ė it got hard for her, you know. Her name was on the date card week after week after week. And, you know, I totally Ė I get that. So, no. (Andyís) awesome. Sheís awesome. And sheís, you know, coming out of that (inaudible) she had her date last week. And itís all Ė itís all good.

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK. Thanks, Renee.

Renee Oteri: Thanks.

Operator: And Iím showing no further questions at this time.

Cathy Rehl: Thanks, everybody. We will be coming to you next week with another call. And if you have any questions, please feel free to email either (Mitch Messinger), myself or (Phyllis Liu) at Warner Bros. Thanks for your time and have a great day and a nice holiday weekend too.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, this does conclude todayís conference. Thank you for participating. You may now disconnect.


ďThe BachelorĒ airs MONDAYS (8:00 p.m. Ė 10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

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