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By Cristina

Negan on The Walking Dead played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Top 10 Reasons Negan is the Best Villain on TV (or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Negan)

10. He curses a lot but were still scared of him.

Normally, when a villain curses, its to compensate for something. This is not the case for Negan.

9. He killed fan favorites.

You hate him because he killed your faves, but you respect him because hes so good at being bad.

8. He has no special powers (hes human, not a zombie or any other fantastical creature)

We truly are our own worst enemies and he proves that by being as evil as he is.

7. He looks good doing what he does best.

Being evil takes a lot of work. Although we dont see it. He has to clean himself up after he dusts off his boots, and polishes his leather jacket.

6. He gives life to an inanimate object.

Ok. Maybe not literally, but he calls his bat Lucille and kind of treats it like a person.

5. No one makes spaghetti like that.

No one.

4. He makes everyone work for him, even though hes only one dude with a bat.

Seriously, he is always out in the open and his men have guns. Ive been waiting for a mutiny that might never happen.

3. He makes everyone call themselves Negan.

Talk about ego! He has a big one.

2. A society was basically created by him, because of him, for him.

His philosophy is to have people do things for the greater good. But whos at the top of this pyramid? Good old Neeg.

1. His origins are unknown.

Whats more terrifying? A guy who murders that has a dumb backstory, or a guy that has no backstory and kills? WHO IS THIS GUY??

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Page updated 4/9/17

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