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By Jake Glazier

Jake with Naveen Andrews

Naveen Andrews: Awesome Dude

Everyone knows knows who Naveen Andrews is.

He starred in the 2002 remake of Rollerball- a film that had the tagline "The big thing in 2005 is a violent sport which can have some pretty serious consequences... like dying." It's a great movie. Just kidding. It's not. It has a 2.9 rating on IMDb, and that is amazing.

Aside from that cinematic masterpiece, Naveen was on a little known program on ABC called LOST. It was a TV show that came out in 2004 that took place on a tropical island that had mysterious supernatural qualities. Naveen played a man named Sayid Jarrah, Iraq's Special Republican Guard, Sayid was a skilled radio & mechanical engineer. On top of that, he was a total badass.

In a fight between Sayid and James Bond, Sayid would win.
In a fight between Sayid and Jason Bourne, Sayid would win.
In a fight between Sayid and Sayid, both Sayids would win.
Do you recognize the pattern here?

Of course, if you were ever to meet the man who played Sayid (Naveen Andrews) you would probably be very excited. It is an excitement which I have come here to tell you about.

It was a San Diego summer night. I was a little boat and Comic Con was the ocean in which I was sailing. As you might know, this entire Southern Californian city changes for this event. It is truly magical, and it's way better than that boat simile that I am done with already.

I had been wandering through the Hard Rock Hotel that's located directly across from the convention center. It's a bustlin' happenin' place. I had spent some time in the bar, and after I ate a few sliders, it was time to wander. That's how it works. Once I eat seven small burgers it is time to aimlessly walk around. I ended up in an elevator, going up. The other people riding it spoke of a party being held by Entertainment Weekly. "Sounds pretty good to me," I thought. I asked them if I could go. They said I could if I was on the list. I said I probably wasn't on the list. They said I probably couldn't go then. Well, guess who's gonna try to get in anyway?

We get to the floor, and sure enough, there's a huge party, allright. Much celebrating can be heard. After standing in a line, my fellow elevator occupants show their ID's and get right in. I show mine and get declined. I did not belong here, but something in my heart told me to not give up just yet. I approached the doorman again and made up some story about how I am actually some famous dude who is supposed to be inside that giant party with all those other famous people. It was apparently very obvious that I was telling a lie, so after being rejected again, I headed in defeat back to the elevator.

Just at this moment, at this precise moment that the elevator door opened, I saw a man. He was a man I recognized. I could not believe this man I was seeing. I looked at this man and said "You are Naveen". He said yes and shook my hand. I told him that I was a fan. I ended up talking about that for a few minutes and then he asked where I was headed to. I told him that I had been trying to get inside of this exclusive shindig. He smiled and said "Let's try again."

I walk again to the party entrance, but this time I have Naveen Andews with me. Naveen looks at the doorman and says "This is my friend Jake. Please let him in". And they do, immediately. His plus 1 had arrived at this moment, so before I walked inside, I thanked him profusely for being so cool. I took a picture with him and got a hug. It was an amazing evening. So much better than the film "Rollerball."

Because of Naveen I got to hang out with even more celebs... and eat even more food. I probably ate fourteen sliders that night. Thank you, Sayid.

What a gentleman. What a badass. Naveen Andrews: Awesome Dude.

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Page updated 8/1/15

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