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By Sara

TV actors who have changed their names

Name Changes For Professional Purposes

It's all about being successful. That's the bottom line. Name Changes for Professional Purposes is a tool that's been used for quite some time to help achieve success. That's due to the fact that people in all professions, and in many occupations increasingly are driven to view their own personal names as a factor that contributes to income. Entertainers who do this frequently end up in the news. However, most people who legally change their names for financial purposes are not ever seen on television. The reasons most of the time are for career advancement, job opportunity or for unifying Identification for the purposes of receiving benefits such as Social Security that they are entitled to receive. When your income is involved, Name Changes for Professional Purposes might be one of the things that need to be done.

Name Changes Of Entertainers Are Frequently Publicized

  An author, singer or actor might be able to perform and create using a name that they believe will help them be remembered, recognized, and seen. When the name that they choose receives sufficient economic footing, it might cause the artist to make the identity uniform by obtaining a court decree for changing their name and making their chosen name permanent for all purposes. That allows the artist to interact with friends and audiences, deposit checks, or get bookings and not need to change their name depending on what the situation is. The way that a court order for a Name Change works is to make all forms of identification the exact same Name. You can understandably see why Name Changes for Professional Purposes are so prevalent within the world of entertainment.

Some Real Life Examples of Name Changes For Professional Purposes

Destiny Hope Cyrus landed a role on a television show in 2008 under the Miley Cyrus nickname. It was Hannah Montana show, which became a mega-hit. So for one of the most classic and frequent reasons for professional name changes for entertainers, by an order issued by Los Angeles Superior Court she became officially Miley Ray Cyrus.

 However, it is mainly non-entertainers who use legal Name Changes. Regular people from every ethnic and socio-economic background feel at times that if they had a different name, that it would help to improve their job prospects. Consider JosÚ, who had his name legally changed to Joe to give him a better chance at interviews and to land a job. He was absolutely right! And for all JosÚs who change to Joe, there are Joes who have decided that JosÚ  would improve their financial situation. Name Changes for Professional Purposes are always quite personal.

The Process

There are some people. for the types of reasons that we have discussed, who simply adopt a new name and begin to use it. This legal process is referred to as Common Law Name Change or Usage. However, no one is required to legally accept it. Banks, the DMV, Social Security, Professional Licensing, etc. will not accept it. In order for your new name to be universally accepted, you must obtain a government-issued Certificate or a court order. The court order is the option that is most widely used. To obtain a court order referred to as a Decree Changing Name is a somewhat complex process involving the Superior Court. You either can do this yourself or get help to have it done for you. If you are planning on doing it on your own, then you will probably need to just prepare to spend a chunk of money and a bunch of hours of your time. Some people who try doing it on their own find all of the hurdles too time-consuming or frustrating to complete themselves. Alternatively, you can hire a highly rated service which would save you a lot of time and anxiety.

Name Changes Are For Everyone

At, EZ Name Change offers an especially smooth experience to help you with this which is called Full-Service Name Change. So if you don't have a lot of time to spend on a name change and would like to have it done right, but still affordably, then this is a good choice for you.

Some Examples

Legal Name Changes are obtained by many high-powerful business types. For example, an employee who worked at an international computer hardware corporation. Over the years his first name had been shortened to make communication easier. He became the CEO eventually. Since the name appearing on his birth certificate was different than the name that he used in the business, mistakes were made in contracts, banking, etc. Eventually, he had problems with his Passport also. He had his name changed legally to eliminate the confusion. Another high-powered executive at a Medical Equipment corporation had an important international hire hit a snag for the same reason. The Driver's License name and birth certificate name didn't match. He obtained a Decree Changing Name in order to legally adopt the name that he was already using all of the time. Problem solved!

Make Your Move - The Hard Part is Getting Started!

In almost all licensed professions and businesses, Legal Name Changes are driven by Professional Reasons. A woman who earned a lot of money and a name for herself in real estate sales accomplished this using her long-time nickname, despite the fact that it was not her Legal Name. She believed that her nickname was much more marketable compared to her given name. After having gone through enough aggravating situations where she was forced to explain have multiple names in financial and business settings, she obtained a Decree Changing Name. That made her Legal Name and Professional Name the same. She had all of her ID switched over to ner New Legal Name soon after. Problem solved.

Name Change for professional reasons is a true driving force in an increasing number of Legal Name Changes. Running a profitable company, getting higher-paying jobs, acting roles, commissions, ad more could depend on you having the right name!<

More TV actors who've changed their names

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Page updated 12/19/19

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